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  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Defensive Back

  • Catching, Cutting, Hand Placement, Route Running, Tackling, Throwing, Footwork


  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Defensive Back

  • Catching, Cutting, Hand Placement, Route Running, Tackling, Throwing, Footwork

More About Coach Royce

2003-2005 – Coached 6th and 7th grade Football (boys) Eisenhower Elementary School (Lawton, Ok.)
2003-2005 – Coached 6th and 7th grade Basketball (boys) Eisenhower Elementary School (Lawton, Ok.)
2011 – Coached 5th – 7th grade Recreation Basketball (boys) Jacksonville Commons. (Jacksonville, NC.)
2012 – Coached 6 and 7 year old Pop Warner Football. (Jacksonville, NC.)
2013 – Coached 13 – 15 year old Recreation Basketball (Jacksonville, NC.) Won Championship
2003 – Coached 6th and 7th grade football team to a Division Championship after team went 1-8 the year before. Eisenhower Elementary School (Lawton, Ok.)
2005-present – Work with athletes teaching the basic fundamentals needed to help them prepare for sports at the High School and College Levels by mentoring and conducting personal workout sessions.
Worked with athletes such as: Derrick Cunningham one of rival.com top college prospects in the state of Illinois.(Danville H. S. Danville, IL.) 2008.

While in high school I was a member of the schools Track and Field Team where I lettered for two (2) years in High and Low Hurdles, 400m relay team, and the 1 mile run. While in the Army I’ve participated in all sports available to soldiers to help promote strength and conditioning (Football, Basketball, Baseball 23 yrs). While stationed in Oklahoma, I was a member of the Oklahoma City Boom, an amateur Flag Football Team. (ISSA). While a member of the Boom our team won three City Championships.

Over the last Six (6) years I have mentored several high school student athletes in the area of sports and self-motivation to help build confidence and improve character.

I have no College or Pro experience in sports.

My sessions always begin with basic stretching exercises, warm-ups, a few aerobic type exercises to get the body ready for training. Next we determine the child’s area of weakness. We start with simple easy to understand and by the numbers steps to ensure the child gets a complete understanding of how to perform the drills needed to help increase their athletic abilities. This almost ensures the child will get better in their area of sports. By using cones, parachutes, agility ladders, weaving poles, and numerous easy to use sporting equipment my clients will reach the top of their game in just 5-10 sessions. Guaranteed!

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Client Reviews

Mr. Pettus, I would like to take this time to thank you for your participation in our son’s life. Derrick Jr. has really grown as an individual since you’ve become a part of his life; Derrick Jr. has had a change in attitude and character. Although his athletic abilities were already established his skills were greatly improved with your assistance through private workouts in catching, route running and hand and eye coordination which we believe made him a much better football player. Derrick Jr. has often spoke of how much he appreciate what you’ve done for him in the area of motivation, confidence building, and basic life challenges. It is very rare that someone of your character and love for children comes alone to create change in the life of a child. Mr. Pettus, you could have chosen any kid in the community to work with because that’s just who you are. A lover of children, but you chose our son to mentor and we thank you. Children often make a lot of bad decisions in life and when they do, some never recover. Some end up in jail, special facilities for special needs kids, or even dead. We truly believe that due to your constant involvement in our son’s life he was able to avoid most of life’s temptations and become a successful person in life. Derrick is now in a serious relationship with a wonderful young lady, they have a child together and both are working in a successful career jobs. My wife and I have worked hard as parents teaching him to do what’s right in life. What you’ve done as a mentor is just as important and has worked tremendously in building his character. In closing, if there is anything our family can do to assist you in your future endeavors please don’t hesitate to call. Again thank you and may God bless you and your family. Good luck to you guys.
This is a letter of recommendation for Coach Royce Pettus. I met Coach Pettus in the winter of 2011 as the recreational basketball coach for my son who at the time was eleven years old. Mr. Pettus was very organized and prepared. He handed out instructional materials, his resume and individual as well as team expectations at the first team meeting. Coach Pettus took his position as coach very seriously and was always professional. Regardless of a child's skill level he gave them each the attention required and found assets in each player to help them gain confidence in their play. Mr. Pettus volunteered his time above and beyond the time allotted by the city recreation department. He attended school functions of the kids to show his interest in them in other areas not just basketball. He attended a Christmas band concert of my son. At the end of the season Mr. Pettus recognized each player for their contributions to the team over the season. Coach Pettus did an excellent job with my son’s basketball team. He is a truly dedicated coach who always wears a smile. It was definitely a pleasure working with Coach Pettus and I appreciate the time he dedicated to coaching my son.
Coach Pettus is a coach in our community who really enjoy mentoring and working with kids. This year coach Pettus coached my son Montrell in Recreation Basketball. Through coach Pettus’ mentoring and coaching, Montrell’s basketball skills increase tremendously. Coach Pettus was excellent in allowing the boys on the team to play to their individual strengths and he worked hard at helping them improve in the areas in which they needed improvement. Coach Pettus was very professional, courteous, and fair in his coaching and mentoring techniques. The boys were always treated with respect. If they made a mistake, he corrected them without the use of belittlement. When they performed well he rewarded them for their efforts. During the season our team won six (6) games in a row and took over first place in the league, coach Pettus ordered pizza’s for the boys to celebrate and honor them for their hard work. This gave the boys a since of motivation and drive that sparked them to play harder for the remainder of the season which ended in a League and Tournament Championship bringing their end of the season record to 14-0. They are the Recreational League’s first overall champion for boys 13-15 year olds in more than four (4) years. At the end of the season coach Pettus organized a Basketball Banquet for the boys. During the ceremony, the boys were recognized for their individual accomplishments. Each player received two championship trophies, one individual achievement trophy, and a plaque. My son has been playing recreational sports for several years. He’s been coached by some of the best coaches in the community and in comparison coach Pettus has been the most professional, most persistent and most dedicated in performing his overall job as a coach. He’s truly an inspiration to the kids in our community.
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