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My 15 + years of coaching has enabled me to work with athletes of all ages, at all levels and I have developed a history of successfully coaching athletes to perform better. View all coaching experience

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Trial Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Roosevelt. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$50 1 session + one-time fee

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Elite Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

10 session package with Coach Roosevelt. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$420 10 sessions ($42/ea) + one-time fee

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Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

5 session package with Coach Roosevelt. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$225 5 sessions ($45/ea) + one-time fee

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  • Azusa Pacific University (CA)

  • 20 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Teenagers

  • Cross Country, Hurdles, Jumps, Long Distance, Middle Distance, Sprints

  • Baton Handoffs, Decathlon, Form, High Jump, Long Jump, Running the Curve, Sprinting, Triple Jump


  • Azusa Pacific University (CA)

  • 20 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Teenagers

  • Cross Country, Hurdles, Jumps, Long Distance, Middle Distance, Sprints

  • Baton Handoffs, Decathlon, Form, High Jump, Long Jump, Running the Curve, Sprinting, Triple Jump

More About Coach Roosevelt

Coach youth, high school, college and olympic athletes (Junior Olympic, State and National Champions)
Certificates: USA Track and Field Level One, USA Weight Lifting, 24 Fitness Personal Training
Track coaching Positions (Azusa Pacific University, Oklahoma Baptist University, Rocklin High School, Revolution Express Track Club, Woodcreek High School, Oakmont High School, Granite Bay High School, girls basketball strength and condition coach and track and field sprint coach)
I have experienced winning a Collegiate National Track and Field Championship as an athlete and a coach.

High school basketball and football Most Valuable Player Awards
Member of collegiate National Champion Track team, 3 years in a row (Azusa Pacific University)
3 time collegiate track and field All-American (Triple Jump)
Member of a USA Track and Field team at the Republic of China National Championship

My workouts consist of a Warm-up, Drills (designed for your athletic events), The training session and a Cool down. This can be altered based on the athletes needs.

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Client Reviews

My son has really enjoyed his initial lessons with Coach Roosevelt. He is very knowledgable and is able to effectively translate his observations into effective drills that improves technique. He's also very personable. We really like him as a coach!

My daughter (12 yo) enjoyed her session with Coach Kent and we plan to book into the future. He was very approachable and positive. She’s looking forward to her next session.

(no details provided)

Communication and technical knowledge is key to coaching an athlete. My daughter has run track for three years and did not understand what was needed to improve. Coach Roosevelt’s professional individualized approach has motivated her to want to focus on doing her best. The feedback he provides during and after completing a session was clear and motivating. I would definitely recommend him for beginning to advanced levels

Great technical coach with excellent knowledge. My son learned a lot in his first session, he's looking forward to having additional sessions with Coach Kent!

Coach Roosevelt has been able to provide my daughter with both drills and big picture concepts, which has quickly led to improvement. I chose Coach Roosevelt because I noticed his athletes seemed to be the best prepared going in to each event. It is a pleasure to watch him coach because of his unique ability to communicate and work with each athlete to bring out their best.

(no details provided)

We were excited to find someone w experience helping distance athletes in both cross country and track to help our daughter achieve her goals.

Coach Kent has been wonderful with my daughter! He really knows what he’s doing and focuses on ensuring proper technique and form from the very start, which will allow her to be a better athlete in the future. He keeps the sessions positive and my daughter really looks forward to the sessions. Thanks!

Coach Roosevelt was thorough and helpful in our first session. We look forward to working with Coach R going forward.

Coach Roosevelt was great. He’s very knowledgeable and obviously committed. My son liked him a lot and he related to him very well. I highly recommend.

My daughter had her first session with Coach Kent yesterday. He accomplished more in one hour than I've seen in three years. He connected with her immediately. She is flying again. We are going back for more. I would recommend Coach Kent to any athlete who has the desire to improve. Thank you Coach Kent!

Coach Roosevelt is an exceptional coach! After one session with my son, he identified fundamental flaws, but more importantly, strategies to correct them and improve my son's performance. In one session, he accomplished more with my son than his school track coaches did last season. This is a case where you truly do get what you pay for, but in the case of Coach Roosevelt, you also get a coach that takes the time to fundamentally understand both your mental and physical approach to preparation and competing and then provides an highly individualized plan for you to succeed based on your objectives and your definition of "success". Highly recommended!!!

Coach Roosevelt provided an analysis for my son. My son gravitated toward him during the first session. Coach Roosevelt demonstrates the ability to be an influential coach for my son. My older son attended my youngest son session that day. He currently high jumps for Fresno State. My oldest is also looking forward to training with Coach Roosevelt.

Jean Gelpi

Coach Roosevelt was very helpful for my son in track. He not only gives good critiques but breaks down what down the mechanics of what is good and what is not so that the athlete can improve. I highly recommend Coach Roosevelt.

Coach Roosevelt has been working with my daughter. Within the first couple days he has already been working on her form and giving her techniques and exercises to improve her form. I’m confident with more sessions he will help my daughter improve her times! My daughter really enjoys his coaching style and his knowledge of training techniques! Looking forward to continuing training sessions!

Coach Roosevelt has been working with my daughter to improve her time and form so that she can strive towards her full potential in running track. After just one training session we can already see a difference in her performance. Kyla is extremely excited to continue to train with Coach Roosevelt.

Coach Roosevelt was great even though I was limited due to leg pain he showed me easy to train to help it.

We completed our evaluation with Coach Kent. He did a great job of identifying her strengths and weaknesses and went right to work on helping her improve. He took the time to explain things in a way that my daughter understood. She really enjoyed working with him. We scheduled additional training and look forward to seeing the results.

Great experience with Coach Kent. He is friendly, professional, and very experienced at coaching teens. He motivated and inspired our reluctant 13 year old at his first lesson. Our son even came home and ran on the treadmill after Coach’s workout. Coach taught him new warm up and training exercises specific for track and field events. We are looking forward to more lessons and a strong event season.

We were looking for a MD coach to improve technique and time for indoor season. We found coach Kent's profile on CoachUp and recognized him from our years competing with USATF and his Revolution Express athlete's success.

Kent is comfortable teaching all levels athletes and honest on reporting athlete's strengths and weaknesses.

Kent's a super knowledgeable coach of many track & field events. Although we focused primarily on mid-distance training this last month. We hope to get back on schedule and incorporate steeplechase training later this spring. We enjoyed nine workout sessions last month and know it will pay dividends through the indoor and outdoor season likewise.

Kent has a flexible schedule and communicates promptly to requests through CoachUp profile and text.

I strongly recommend Coach Kent Roosevelt to any athlete or team who is considering taking their training to the next level.

We have been working with Coach Kent since last summer to get our daughter ready for track season. He is so good at structuring our daughter’s training to fit her needs!

Coach Roosevelt has been very helpful refining my daughters running technique and form. She has shown improved speed and quickness. She enjoys working with coach, he has a positive coaching style. As a parent I've found coach to be easy and reliable to work with.

We found coach Roosevelt through coachup and we couldn't be happier with the awesome training my 13 yr old daughter received!! Not only did my daughter receive great instructional training, she had a great time with coach Roosevelt. Near the end of my daughters lesson she looks at me and said " dad, I really like this coach!", that's when I new coach Roosevelt would be the coach for us! Thanks again coach!!!

Coach Kent is the real deal, within 30 minutes he corrected some major problems with my son's technique and to top it off he's a great guy!

My son met with Coach Roosevelt yesterday afternoon in-spite of the recording breaking heat wave. He took the time to get to know my son better, as well as, watched him complete jumping/sprinting drills to gain a better understanding of his current level. My son felt comfortable with Coach Roosevelt's training style and knowledge of the sport. He looks forward to more sessions with him.

(no details provided)

Awesome Coach! Knows the sport and all the individual events involved. My son feels good about his sessions with Roosevelt and looks forward to the remaining sessions together!
Learning more about his legs and positioning then he actually has learned from his high school Hurdle coach!

We had our first session with Coach Kent yesterday. Both my 14yr old son and I were impressed and found him very knowledgeable, patient and great to work with! I especially appreciated his positive attitude and encouragement. My son can be hard to read sometimes and for him to tell me he really liked him and got a lot out of their session says a lot. He worked with my son on teaching him how to come out to the blocks, worked on his running technique and evaluated his long jump. He also taught my son the importance of warming up and stretching and helped him understand why it is so important. They got a lot accomplished during their session. We look forward to working with Coach Kent again soon. Thanks coach!

(no details provided)

My son absolutely loved his sessions with Coach Roosevelt, and with track season over at school, he is asking for me to set up more training with coach so that he can work on conditioning through the summer. Coach Roosevelt clearly has a knack for working with teenagers, and runs a great, focused session that makes the time seem to fly by. As a parent, I appreciate the way he is able to put new concepts into terms that my son can work with. At the same time, he explains the "why" behind technique which really drives it all home. I would definitely recommend Coach Roosevelt!

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