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Providing tennis lessons, both private and group, for over 25 years with extensive experience teaching players of all ages and skill levels View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  • University of Maryland--College Park (MD)

  • 25 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Point Strategy, Backhand, Drop Shot, Forehand, Lob, Serve, Slice, Topspin, Volley, Footwork


  • University of Maryland--College Park (MD)

  • 25 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Point Strategy, Backhand, Drop Shot, Forehand, Lob, Serve, Slice, Topspin, Volley, Footwork

More About Coach Roger

I have been providing tennis lessons, both private and group, for over 25 years. I have extensive experience teaching players of all ages and skill levels. During my time as a certified tennis instructor, I have served as a teaching pro for the Ft. Washington Pool and Tennis Association (MD), Washington Tennis Services International, City of Falls Church (VA), Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, and as an independent private instructor. Over the years, I have directed summer tennis camps and served as both a men’s and juniors’ team coach through the Greater Washington Tennis Association, National Junior Tennis League, and First Serve Tennis Academy. Although I specialize in and especially enjoy teaching beginner and intermediate players of all ages, I teach players at all skill levels, including those with special needs. I conduct lessons in the Carlyle section of Alexandria, VA.
I teach only private (1 student), semi-private (2 students), and small group (3-4 students) lessons. This allows for individualized instruction which is absent in large group lessons. The lessons are more enjoyable and productive because I can work at a pace that is comfortable for each individual. If a student needs more focused attention on a particular stroke or movement during the lesson, then we have the flexibility to spend more time in those areas.
My teaching style involves breaking down the strokes in a way that makes them easy to understand and execute, while also clearly explaining the function of each step in the process. I incorporate the use of fun and innovative drills, games, and match play to strengthen skills.

As a player, I competed on varsity tennis teams throughout middle school and high school. I played on club teams in a men's league and competed in numerous club tournaments over the years in both singles and doubles.

I teach only private (1 student), semi-private (2 students), and small group (3-4 students) lessons. This allows for individualized instruction which is absent in large group lessons. The lessons are more enjoyable and productive because I can work at a pace that is comfortable for each individual. If a student needs more focused attention on a particular stroke or movement during the lesson, then we have the flexibility to spend more time in those areas.

My teaching style involves breaking down the strokes in a way that makes them easy to understand and execute, while also clearly explaining the function of each step in the process. I incorporate the use of fun and innovative drills, games, and match play to strengthen skills.

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Client Reviews

Roger has a great wealth of knowledge and a great ability to explain simple and complex concepts.

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Great session!

Roger is an excellent coach! He does a great job of analyzing your game and tailoring his style to your strengths and weaknesses. He gave me a lot of great feedback and tips that I could implement to use right away.

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We greatly enjoyed our first session with Coach Roger! He was very responsive to all of our questions during the booking process, and made the lessons very accessible to beginning players. Highly recommend.

Great lesson with Coach Roger! Our daughter had a great time and can't wait for her next lesson!

Showed me how to hit topspin. good times

Great. Am certainly looking forward to our next session!

Very informative and patient!
Had a great session and will continue the session with him. High recommend!

Working with Coach Roger was like working with a good friend. Coach Roger started by evaluating my current game and then reviewing what he noted, with me, in a constructive and pro-active manner. He focused on both the positive and negative factors that he witnessed. His coaching style is "hands on" and very appreciated. Any student looking for an honest partner to help elevate his/her game to the next level, needs to enlist the assistance of Coach Roger.

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Roger is very experienced and knowledgeable. He is a great teacher who will actually take the time to demonstrate and show you what he wants you to learn. I look forward to more lessons with Roger and I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve your tennis game.

June 6, 2020: I had 2 lessons with Roger so far and it has been a great experience. Roger really took the time to explain the details and break down the steps for every move. With just 2 lessons, I can feel my improvement on my ground strokes and serve already.
May 3, 2020: Roger is awesome! I had no prior tennis experience whatsoever and he took the time to break down step by step the correct grip, form, motion, etc. Highly Recommended.
March 7, 2020: Roger is an excellent coach, very patient and knowledgeable. My daughter enjoys every lesson and always cannot wait for the next one. ·
December 17, 2019: I have been working with Roger for several months and I have been very pleased with his coaching and my progress. Roger is very knowledgeable, patient and an excellent coach. He really knows the mechanics and helps you understand the why behind many of tennis' swings, moves and playing strategies. I would recommend Roger without any hesitation.
July 21, 2019: My daughter really appreciates the way he breaks down the game and in particular strokes. We’re seeing the benefits after two lessons.
June 27, 2019: Roger immediately diagnosed the technical issues to focus on that were holding back my tennis game and consistently used drills to up my skills. Working with Roger, my game and appreciation for tennis has improved dramatically. I highly recommend him!
June 12, 2019: I've enjoyed playing tennis since I was a teen, but I'd never really had any coaching, so while I could hit an occasional good shot, my overall game was very inconsistent. Roger helped to break down my strokes and build them back up the right way. Thanks to the lessons I got from him, I now have a much more solid foundation for my game. In addition, Roger is friendly, knowledgeable and fair. I had a good experience with him and appreciate everything I learned.
June 7, 2019: I’ve been taking tennis lessons from Roger for a little over a year. When I first started taking lessons, I had never played tennis before. Roger is really great with teaching technique and the fundamentals. And as you get better, he works with you on various drills and game play situations. Roger is also early to lessons, willing to drive to a tennis court that’s convenient for you, and responsive to text messages. He’s flexible about days/times for scheduling lessons. Overall, I’d recommend Roger to both newer tennis players as well as those who are more experienced and want specific feedback on how to improve their game.
June 6, 2019: I took up tennis roughly 3-4 years ago and decided I wanted to really learn the fundamentals of the game and to be competitive. About a year ago, I searched for a tennis instructor and was about to contact someone else I found thru an online tennis portal when a friend referred Roger to me. Roger's rates were competitive (and most times lower) with other instructors (many of whom did not have the length and depth of his experience). Roger is a great instructor who takes the time to work on fundamentals where needed, answers my questions, and works on advanced skills. Roger has taught both my mother and myself and we have both learned a lot and our game has improved immensely. Roger is also great at working on an area I have found lacking during previous play (for example, if I found I was having trouble with changing shot direction during a match or with handling a specific shot that the opponent was particularly good at, I can bring that up to Roger and we will work on that to see what I was getting wrong and where I could improve). I highly recommend Roger as a tennis instructor.
June 6, 2019: Roger teaches me (39) and my two children (ages 9 and 11) and has been our instructor for 2 years. We all have different skills and request/require different drills to accommodate our needs. Roger is extremely responsive and well-suited to cover all levels; our development has been remarkable over the past two years. He has very good character and is very professional each lesson. We highly recommend him.
June 6, 2019: Roger has been a great instructor. My fourteen year old daughter has learned a lot and has a great time. He is a very patient professional and has been flexible with scheduling. I highly recommend Roger and will continue my daughter's lessons.
May 24, 2019: Coach Roger is very professional and experienced. He works well with our talky and easily distracted kid. Coach Roger tailors his teaching based on our kid's skill and personality. He uses many ways to keep our boy focused and able to actually understand and remember things. Coach Roger always communicates with us parents very well. We exchange messages in a timely manner when weather is changing. He is always very willing to talk with us about the progress and answer our questions or concerns. When we miss a class, he keeps us well informed when there is an open spot so that we can choose to make up. Coach Roger keeps his schedule very organized, he is always early on the courts and well prepared for the class. Overall, we feel super lucky to have Coach Roger and we would love to recommend him to every tennis player!
May 6, 2019: Roger is always encouraging and is willing to work to improve all aspects of my daughter's game. He is professional and has integrated different drills/hitting exercises that have resulted in remarkable gains.
May 2, 2019: Roger is a great coach. He quickly identified areas of improvement and is helping me work on the next level in my game.
May 2, 2019: I've taken several lessons with Roger on a weekly basis. Roger is very professional in every aspect. He's willing to travel to a court that's close to me, which I appreciate. In the first few sessions, he spent many efforts correcting the mechanism of my strokes. I like that he explains why we did this and that, rather than just telling me what to do. In recent sessions, he started teaching me the strategy of playing. After just a few lessons, I feel more comfortable and confident playing. I highly recommend Roger.
October 4, 2018: He's terrific. None better.
January 24, 2018: Had a great lesson. Learned a lot!
January 18, 2018: Great follow up and scheduled for tonight.
December 31, 2017: First lesson is yet to come, but his follow up and dedication are impressive.
October 21, 2017: Excellent instructor. Great at explaining the mechanics of the game and teaching how to do them.
November 21, 2017: Roger is a great tennis instructor. I was having problems with my backhand and my forehand was lacking height and depth. Roger was able to pinpoint exactly what my problems were and how to fix them. Now my ground strokes are much more solid and my games have improved tremendously. Thanks Roger.
November 20, 2017: Roger’s been a great instructor. Excellent communicator. Very knowledgeable. Fun to work with.
October 2, 2017: Great experience and good value. Roger explains everything in a way which is easy to understand and apply. He has a modern technique, and what's also very good, he recommends what to learn or improve. His tips greatly improved my game and I trust his advice. His lessons are a good investment because I wanted to improve my game in the long run and to have a sound basis. Another good point is that he was helping me improve my game by working on fundamentals and on what really mattered. I always walked out with a clear understanding of what and how I needed to improve.
September 26, 2017: Roger is a great instructor! My game has greatly improved and he is very good about breaking down all the basics, teaching strategy/ scoring / rules, etc. I cannot recommend him enough!
Sep 21, 2017: Roger is a wonderful tennis coach! He has a fantastic ability to break down your strokes, footwork, and the way you hold your racket into small details that help you correct your errors. Roger also puts together challenging routines to help you improve different scenarios. I highly recommend Roger!
Sep 9, 2017: Roger has been great. We have 3 kids taking tennis lessons and he has been great with each one of them. The kids respond to him and are excited to go to each lesson. We would definitely recommend him for kids who are just starting out. He is technical and explains what to fix or improve with each child.
Sep 9, 2017: Roger had a good rapport with our 8 year-old daughter and taught her all the basics. Always on time and professional.
Jun 28, 2017: Roger is an extraordinary tennis instructor. He breaks the game down into bite-size pieces that makes getting better very accessible. I've taken four lessons with him so far and the results are impressive. I can't recommend him highly enough. I'll certainly be continuing with lessons.
June 27, 2017: Great tennis instructor. Roger breaks down why and how to do the shots and makes sure you get it. Highly recommend - great value
June 27, 2017: Roger is a very good tennis coach. My son learned a lot from him.
Jun 27, 2017: My husband and I have been taking lessons with Roger over the past few months and have really enjoyed it. We have had quite a few tennis instructors but he is by far the best; he's an excellent teacher, very professional, and reasonably priced. He has helped build my confidence in tennis skills and has provided extremely helpful feedback and pointers. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a standout tennis instructor.
Jun 21, 2017: Roger was great!! Looking forward to our next lesson!
April 2, 2017: Highly recommend Roger. Roger did a great job in our kick-off class and we look forward to continue working with him moving forward! He made it very easy to connect and schedule with and my brother benefited from his initial lesson.
It's Never Too Late to Learn! October 20, 2016: I played tennis off and on for many years, and developed a number of bad habits which ultimately served me poorly, as I had plateaued in my game and very much wanted to improve. Roger broke down the grip and strokes for me into serviceable units, and discussed strategy. I began slowly but steadily to incorporate these changes and suggestions, and to see real improvement in my game. I wish I could have learned from a "Roger" some 20 years back.
October 20, 2016: Excellent Tennis Instructor Roger is a fantastic instructor. He is a talented tennis player and a patient, encouraging teacher. My husband and I have been taking lessons from Roger together and he makes it fun to learn and improve our game. Highly recommend!
October 19, 2016: Total Pro I am a total beginner, but after three lessons, I am a pro! Ok, slight exaggeration ... but Roger is a wonderful instructor. He is a natural teacher and explains the "why" behind everything, so his instructions make sense. I am progressing quickly (it's all relative) and I look forward to learning more at each lesson. Highly recommended!
October 3, 2016: If Roger can teach me, he can teach anyone. Roger is a great tennis instructor. He is very patient and thorough. I enjoy my lessons and am continuing to take them. He is very reliable and easy to learn from. I started from scratch and have improved immensely.
September 17, 2016: I really enjoyed the lessons with Roger, and learned more in 6 lessons than I have done with previous coaches (in Norway). I especially appreciated his pedagogical skills and the way he connects technique with the strategy and goals of the game. It was easy to schedule lessons, and he was always on time.
September 7, 2016: Roger is a fantastic coach! I've recently come back to the game after a very long hiatus and Roger's patience, focus on technique, and friendly demeanor have helped me to feel comfortable jumping back on the court. He thoroughly explained the physics of the shots and guided me through the strategy of the game from the very first lesson. As someone who has had to essentially start over from the beginning, and who has seen a major improvement in just 6 lessons, I can highly recommend Roger as a tennis coach.
September 5, 2016: Highly recommend Coach Roger!!! Coach Roger is knowledgeable, patient, and communicates well during lessons. I'm a 4.5 level player and he helped me improve my volleys to the next level. He is also great with kids. He was great in introducing the basic shots to my 5 year old. I would highly recommend Coach Roger to any player, beginner to advanced!
Aug 31, 2016: Roger is a great instructor. Patient, precise, encouraging but also pushes you to learn and develop as a player. He is a consummate professional and I will continue lessons with him because he reminds me why I love the game and I have gotten so much better. I would recommend him to anyone, beginner to more advanced player, without reservation.
July 27, 2016: Roger is very knowledgeable and thorough. He is an excellent teacher and he has great patience to teach challenging students such as myself.
April 4, 2016: The best instructor. Always makes sure the player leaves well instructed!
April 4, 2016: Roger is probably one of the best tennis coaches my daughter and I have had lessons with. I highly recommend Roger for anyone who wants to learn or improve their game of tennis.
January 11, 2016: He is working with my two daughters, very patient, very experienced. He has an amazing personality.
December 11, 2015: Roger has been my personal trainer for the last 6 months. And he is amazing. I highly recommend him!
November 21, 2015: My 12 year old son has been taking regular tennis lessons from Roger Compton. We met Roger by chance on a local court and he was very friendly and open to taking on the coaching assignment. It was the second time my son had regular lessons in a 1/1 coaching situation, and in a matter of 6 weeks, he was ready to start playing level 7 tournaments under USTA. Roger taught my son in detail about the basic strokes and helped him focus on fundamentals before trying to perfect those strokes. He taught him how to volley and gave him confidence to attack the net. He taught my son how to use his feet and how to use top-spin on his forehand. All in all, a very good experience for getting my 12 year old's game on track.
November 14, 2015: I've taken lessons from Roger for more than two years. The instruction has been awesome. My game has improved in all aspects. The sessions are vigorous but fun. Great guy. Highly recommended.
November 12, 2015: Roger is an outstanding Tennis Pro who is capable, knowledgeable and personable. He made the lessons enjoyable and worthwhile at an affordable fee. As my lessons and my game progressed, Roger became a good friend as well. I unhesitatingly recommend Roger to anyone, regardless of age, who would like to improve his or her game in an enjoyable atmosphere.
November 11, 2015: Roger was extremely helpful in the lessons that I participated in with him. He helped me improve my form to correct the imperfections in my game. I'd strongly recommend him as an instructor.
October 13, 2015: I started from ground zero with absolutely no tennis experience, but I have done a lot of fitness training in the past and I can spot a good coach when I work with one.
October 16, 2015: Our kids, 12 and 10 years old, have had a great time learning tennis with Roger for the past 4-5 months. Roger is good with kids and he made a game competition which my kids always look forward to. I can see a lot of improvements in their tennis play. Another great thing is you can meet at the court of your choice.
October 15, 2015: Roger coaches my nine year old son. He is patient and provides specific feedback that has really helped him grow and love the game. We are really pleased!
October 3, 2015: Roger is an excellent instructor. He explains and demonstrates tennis techniques in a way that you can understand how to execute the various techniques. He is very knowledgeable about tennis and professional. Roger is also very flexible in working out a time and day that will fit your schedule. I would highly recommend him as an instructor.
September 11, 2015: Roger is teaching my 11-year-old daughter to play tennis. He's kind, patient, but insists on high standards. She's making great progress and enjoys her lessons with Roger very much.
September 22, 2015: I am an intermediate player and I am taking semi-private lessons with Roger. I have taken many tennis lessons in the past and I've never had as dedicated and as fabulous a coach as Roger. I greatly appreciate Roger's detailed explanations and breakdowns of all strokes and strategies. After all these years of lessons, it's finally clicking! I also love all the drills - they are repetitive enough to gain muscle memory, but Roger changes it up enough to keep things fun. Roger is energetic and cheerful; I always feel like staying longer to play or chat.
August 8, 2015: Excellent communication skills, good patience, connects well with young students and understands the pace at which a student needs to and wants to progress. I would highly recommend, and we are very pleased with the improvement that we have seen in our daughter in just a few lessons.
September 7, 2015: Simply outstanding! As a tennis novice, Roger has me learning basics in an easy to understand and enjoyable way!
August 13, 2015: My 7 year old daughter really enjoys her lessons with Roger and is making visible progress each week, while having fun.
July 4, 2015: Roger is an excellent and dedicated teacher who is focused on his students' learning.
June 27, 2015: Roger strengthens his students' technical skills with a wonderful ability to teach and set high expectations of performance yet do so in a nurturing and patient way. My 11 year-old has responded incredibly well to Roger's approach, significantly improved his ability, and grown in his love for the sport. He looks forward to each lesson.
June 17, 2015: Roger is a great instructor. I've gotten so much more out of my lessons than I expected. He explains the how and why behind changes to my strokes and my game strategy. He's also positive and encouraging - very helpful to someone returning to tennis after a long hiatus.
June 11, 2015: In the summer of 2012, I was a 42 year old guy recovering from knee surgery resulting from a soccer injury. I had decided to quit soccer and take up tennis instead, after only playing sporadically since my teens. So I joined a tennis league at the level I thought I was at - intermediate. The results were less than impressive. So I found Roger and started taking lessons. The results have been outstanding. Not in the sense that my game was transformed overnight, but what Roger was able to do was diagnose my swing and footwork and provide a lesson plan that corrected them from the ground up - rebuilding my incorrect form. What Roger does so well is he is able to pick the one or two things to work on that will improve your game the most. This allowed me to focus on specific mechanics until I achieved the expected improvements and apply them to my league games to see real game-time results. Over the past three years, we have had an exciting partnership that has yielded gradual, but significant and measurable results. After being relegated to a 3.0 in the TennisDC.com league, and justifiably so back in 2012, I reached a 3.75 last summer. It also doesn't hurt that he has a personality that makes every lesson extremely entertaining. I would recommend his tennis coaching services to anyone at any level, as long as you don't take my weekly Saturday slot. :-)
June 7, 2015: My two kids (9 and 5) started lessons with Roger a couple of months ago. He has been very patient with them. He is focused on technical details, and he tries to make the lessons fun at the same time. We are very satisfied with his lessons.
May 23, 2015: I've been taking tennis lessons from Roger for a year. He gives great instruction, the lessons are fun and my game has improved! He's by far the best coach I've ever had!
May 21, 2015: Roger has been a blessing for my grade 9 daughter who wasn't very excited about tennis in the first place. She started last summer once a week and tried out for the high school tennis team and she made it. We were thrilled. Not only did Roger give her great techniques but he was also excellent in being positive and encouraging her. We found a gold pebble in the sand. Thank you, Roger.
April 9, 2015: Roger is a great tennis instructor. He is very enthusiastic and full of insights. He is very flexible and gears his instruction to the customer's needs. I am learning the basic forehand and backhand strokes and footwork, and Roger has done a very good job of working with me to correct bad habits and teach me proper form.
April 3, 2015: A fantastic instructor. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced player, Roger is the perfect coach, with the ability to help hone specific strokes or develop a strong baseline game. Call Roger, you won't regret it!
December 24, 2014: Roger takes effort to explain his techniques to his students. My child has benefited from understanding why he instructs certain techniques of strokes for certain situations. He has been instrumental in increasing the level of interest for the game in my child.
December 19, 2014: Roger emphasizes strong fundamental techniques combined with a mastery of tennis strategies to bring out the best in a variety of skill levels. I recommend him to any serious student of the game.
December 11, 2014: My game has definitely improved thanks to Roger! I feel much more confident on the court now. Roger is very professional and knowledgeable. Roger will keep you moving on the court and uses each minute of your lesson to the fullest, which I really appreciate. Highly recommend!
December 10, 2014: My girls have been taking tennis lessons with Coach Roger for 3 months now. I'm very impressed with his professionalism and his efficient way of teaching. He is very patient with the girls and makes it fun for them to learn. It is amazing what they have already learned in such a short time. I would recommend Roger to friends and families.
December 10, 2014: Roger helped my game tremendously after just a few lessons. His tennis knowledge is expansive and his passion for the game makes every lesson a valuable one. I highly recommend Roger regardless of age or skill level.
December 8, 2014: Roger breaks down the strokes in a way that is both understandable and allows you to become a proficient tennis player quickly. After just a handful of lessons I am able to get out on the court with friends. Even though I have a lot to work on, it's nice to get to that proficient baseline quickly so that you can play while you are still learning.
December 7, 2014: I benefited from my lessons with Roger. He helped me improve strokes at the baseline and the net. He is very professional at his job and works well with people. He listened to what I wanted to practice and at the same time suggested how we should spend the time based on what he observed during our lessons together.
December 7, 2014: Roger Compton helped me with my fear to be at the net in the doubles game. Also he improved my turning the body when I hit my forehands. His approach with the students is good and understanding of the people's shortcomings. The only issue was I didn't take enough lessons with him. But this can be fixed in the near future.
December 6, 2014: Roger has been coaching my son (7 years old) for the last 18 months. My son started with not being able to get the ball across. He can now play a full court game with perfect serves. Roger is very patient with him and knows exactly when to be coach and how much to coach. I would highly recommend him to anyone...
December 3, 2014: This past fall, we introduced our 6 and 8 year old daughters to tennis. Roger was very patient and took the time to understand how to connect with them to make the lesson more fun and relatable. The 6 year old is extremely shy and usually doesn't want to leave my side. But I was pleasantly surprised to see her really enjoy tennis. I would recommend Roger to family and friends!
December 2, 2014: Great coach. My son has really improved in a few months.
December 1, 2014: Roger has been a great tennis teacher, both technically and socially. He is very reliable and very kind with my child. I can recommend him highly.
December 1, 2014: Excellent teacher with all-around knowledge of the game; without him I would hardly have increased my skills as I have.
November 24, 2014: I'm a slightly more advanced player and thought I'd give Roger a chance. He didn't disappoint. Roger was able to take an objective look at my overall game and really focus on the areas that needed specific improvement. Admittedly, I had initially walked onto the court thinking that he would tell me my game was great with little need for improvement. However, he was able to expose weaknesses in my game that were unbeknownst to me. We took a hard look at those areas of needed improvement, and now when I play "competitively" against my friends, I (and I believe they) notice how much more comfortable and effective I am. He has made me a stronger player. Thank you Roger!
October 20, 2014: Roger has been great. He's very patient with me and gives good advice and encouragement. I'm really pleased to have him as my instructor.
June 9, 2014: Roger had a great deal of patience with my daughter, a newbie at 12 years old. He made her feel very comfortable and approached her about her other interests in order to related it to the game of tennis. He was very focused but also very willing to answer any questions. We have our next lesson this week. She is pretty excited about tennis now.
April 7, 2014: Roger was great with the three 9 year olds he taught. He explained the move, showed it to them, and then they practiced it. I was very impressed with what all 3 have learned in just 1 lesson. He kept them focused an entire hour, and most importantly, they loved it.
March 22, 2014: Roger Compton has been giving tennis lessons to our 13-year-old son for four months. We are very pleased with the results, and we plan to continue the lessons. Roger is a very patient teacher who knows the technical details as well as the strategy of the game. He has a very well-organized lesson plan, and his style of teaching works very well with our son. Roger is able to motivate our son to try to improve with positive motivational messages, while at the same time keeping him focused. We highly recommend Roger as a tennis instructor. In fact, based on our recommendation, one of our son's friends has also begun taking lessons with him.
March 11, 2014: Roger is an absolutely outstanding tennis coach!! WARM and inviting personality. He provided me with guidance and unique tennis processes that I had never heard with previous instructors...he really broke down the power vs precision vs technique arena and how and when to apply...just OUTSTANDING!!! I feel I hit the lottery of tennis coaches!!!
January 16, 2014: Roger is an excellent, intuitive teacher who works with your skills. He is also very personable, professional and creative. Would recommend him without reservation.
September 7, 2012: Roger has GREATLY exceeded my expectations as far as improving my game. He is excellent at diagnosing problems in my various strokes, and at explaining and demonstrating how to fix them. He is superb at showing how to overcome weaknesses, and how to maximize strengths. He has valuable insight into both the technical (physical/mechanical) aspects of the game as well as the tactics and strategies to win points and matches. His portfolio of drills and exercises is extremely effective, and throughout the lesson he remains acutely attuned to the needs of his student(s). He clearly enjoys helping tennis players be "all they can be," and is as delighted at our progress as we are. His skill and "courtside manner" merit every superlative I can think of, and lessons with him are a delight.
September 24, 2012: Roger is an outstanding tennis coach. As a beginner who had some experience in badminton, I had some habit from badminton that was affecting my tennis learning. Roger very quickly diagnosed the problem and gave me tips on how to improve my tennis skills and not revert back to old habits. He is also very kind and friendly, so it is always easy to ask him questions. He is also very focused on your needs and caters his lessons based on what you need to learn, not what he wants to teach. Another thing that I really like about Roger is how respectful he is of my time. I have worked with personal trainers and other private instructors in the past, and some of them tend to cut the lessons short. Roger gives you exactly an hour of his time of quality tennis teaching. I plan to stick with Roger as my tennis coach for a long time.
March 31, 2013: Roger is terrific with my son. Two lessons in and my son is already getting the swing of it. We look forward to many more lessons with Roger. He is a terrific coach and if you're in the market for a coach, he's your man.
June 28, 2013: My girls' first lesson with Roger was great. He seems to be a very patient and caring coach.
August 7, 2013: Working with Roger was the best experience ever. He was able to take my skill level to the next level, and because of his training, my tennis game improved tremendously. Roger consistently displayed professionalism and patience. He made the lessons fun and insightful. I enjoyed working with him and will refer him to friends and family. Thanks Roger!
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