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I train athletes in Powell Combat Arts ("PCA"); a blend of Western Boxing, Filipino Boxing, and JKD Kick-Boxing. PCA can be used for street self-defense or combat sports. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  • Florida State University (FL)

  • 7 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Teenagers

  • Kung Fu, Muay Thai, MMA, Jeet Kune Do, Arnis

  • Sweep, Blocks, Balance, Roundhouse kick, Kick, Jabs, Strikes


  • Florida State University (FL)

  • 7 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Teenagers

  • Kung Fu, Muay Thai, MMA, Jeet Kune Do, Arnis

  • Sweep, Blocks, Balance, Roundhouse kick, Kick, Jabs, Strikes

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More About Coach Roderick

I train athletes in my personal expression of martial arts called Powell Combat Arts ("PCA"). PCA is an empty hands system of realistic self-defense techniques drawn from Western Boxing, Filipino Boxing (Panantukan), and JKD Kick-boxing. Training is geared towards self-defense and/or combat sports, i.e., Kick-boxing or MMA, depending on the athlete's needs. I am the author of the book "Winning in Combat Sports: Strategies & Tactics."

I founded Powell Combat Arts ("PCA") in 2016. PCA is a martial arts system that combines Western Boxing, Filipino Boxing, and Kick-boxing.

I have extensive Western Boxing experience gained through training and sparring at numerous Boxing Gyms in the Atlanta area, including Delgado Boxing Gym, Team Octopus, Sweatshop Boxing, Decatur Boxing Club, UFC Gym, Knuckle Up Fitness, Buckhead Fight Club, and Title Boxing. I am a "Certified Boxing Coach" (bronze level) through USA Boxing.

The Filipino Boxing component of Powell Combat Arts consists of empty hand techniques from various styles of Filipino Martial Arts ("FMA"). I trained in Inosanto-LaCoste Kali at the Francis Fong Martial Arts Academy. I also trained with the Atlanta Kali Group (Chris Caban), Kuntaw Kali Kruzada (Rich Acosta), Minnesota Kali Group (Rick Faye and Andy Wilson), Richmond Balintawak (Jemar Carcellar), and Balintawak Seattle (John Soriano). I attended FMA training seminars conducted by Dan Inosanto (Inosanto-LaCoste), Daniel Sullivan (Warrior Arts Alliance), Zach Whitson (CTS), Tim Hartman (Presas Arnis), Bobby Taboada (Balintawak), Zac Taco and Eugene Nepangue (WOTBAG), Leo Gaje Jr, Apolo Ladra and Jared Wihongi (Pekiti Tirsia), and Ray Dionaldo (FCS). I have also participated in numerous full-contact FMA stick fighting events.

I have completed 136 hours of seminar training in Jeet Kune Do ("JKD") under Dan Inosanto (Bruce Lee's protege). I have trained and sparred in JKD (kick-boxing) at the Francis Fong Martial Arts Academy. I have also trained and sparred in Muay Thai (kick-boxing) at various UFC Gyms. In addition, I am a Certified Mixed Martial Arts ("MMA") Conditioning Coach through NESTA.

I trained in Parkour (overcoming physical obstacles) at Play Hard Gym, KSG Parkour, NinjaKour, and Ninja Quest Fitness. I completed the CP Journal's "Tactical Analysis Training Program" (detecting and neutralizing violent threats). I am certified in CPR/AED/First Aid by the Red Cross. I am a Certified Sports Psychology Coach through Spencer Institute. I also completed USOC's "Mental Training for Performance" course.

A typical training session starts with general conditioning, i.e., shadowboxing, light calisthenics, and stretching. Then the trainee works on stances, footwork, striking, e.g., punches, kicks, etc., against focus mitts, thai pads, kicking shields, and body protector, and defensive tactics. Training may also include work on the heavy bag, double-end bag and speed bag. We also engage in controlled, timing, and full-contact sparring depending on the skill level and goals of the trainee. My primary focus is on teaching realistic and practical empty hand self-defense techniques. I also provide training on tools and tactics that can be used for combat sports, such as Kick-boxing and MMA.

The core curriculum of PCA consists of three levels, i.e., Level 1 (basic), Level 2 (intermediate), and Level 3 (advanced). I do not issue colored belts or sashes to denote ranks. You are either a Coach or a Trainee in Powell Combat Arts ("PCA"). A Trainee must complete all three levels of the curriculum in order to become a Coach in the system. PCA is an empty hands, striking art; grappling and weapons are not in the curriculum. However, techniques to defend yourself against grappling and weapon attacks are taught. PCA focuses on being adaptable in combat so sparring is emphasized; prearranged forms/katas are not in the curriculum.

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Client Reviews

I appreciate coach Roderick, learned a lot in my session. I’ll be booking more

Great Coach to train with. Wants the best out of you and offers more value then what you pay for! Definitely recommend

Roderick is great. Technical, but practical. Good at explanation. Not just training how to use your limbs, but interested in making you stronger in practical ways. Would highly recommend.

My daughters recently started taking self defense lessons from Coach Roderick. Within just a few sessions, they have learned so much and I can see their confidence growing. They actually look forward to training. Coach Roderick is amazing, very personable, and definitely knowledgeable.

Coach Roderick is an excellent coach! He provided great feedback during my sons first lesson and taught him a lot. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great workout as well as defending themselves! I’ll be scheduling sessions for myself soon! Thanks Coach see you soon!

Coach Roderick was great to work with! He is very personable and it was easy to see that he enjoys teaching the sport! I’m looking forward to continue working with him.

Great coach gets the best out of you

Awesome coach !

Coach Rodrick is great at working with new people. I was gifted a few sessions and I’m now signing up for more. It’s a good work out and pretty fun go do it y’all

(no details provided)

Coach Roderick is a good coach. Today was my first session and I felt that he was able to meet me where I was. He was very patient with me and his teaching style is very concise.

I really enjoyed training with Coach Roderick. I can definitely say I haven’t had a workout like that since I left the military and that was only a light workout he did but he is definitely very accommodating to your fitness level and your goals.

Coach roderick has a good way of showing you boxing technique. Effecient coaching that will help you become better

(no details provided)

This is not your typical flashy fancy martial arts session. Coach Roderick teaches practical, useful techniques that prepare you for real life situations. The training is direct, his techniques are affective , his experience is undeniable. If self defense is what you're looking for you won't find a better coach.

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