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I have been coaching quarterbacks for over 25 years. I have coached 8 all league Quarterbacks and 4 have gone on to play at the college level. View all coaching experience

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  • Central Michigan University (MI)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Quarterback

  • Throwing, Footwork


  • Central Michigan University (MI)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Quarterback

  • Throwing, Footwork

More About Coach Perry

31 years of Coaching at the high school and college level. I have spent the last 18 years working specifically with quarterbacks. Highlighted by winning the 2013 State Championship at Coronado High School. As a personal Quarterback trainer , I have mainly worked with kids at the high school level, I generally only work with kids 10 years and older. I spend much of my time studying the throwing mechanics of all the top quarterbacks from high school, college, and the NFL. I have learned and studied from the National Football Academies/QB Collective as well as observing the Elite 11 Quarterback competition. I wrote my Masters Thesis on steps and movements of the Quarterback. Much of my research was done by studying Bill Walsh and all the quarterbacks he developed, with the most well known Joe Montana.

My playing experience includes High School Football (Quarterback ) at Mt. Pleasant high school in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. (1976 State Semi Finals) . One year as a Quarterback at Olivet College, in Olivet Michigan. I Then transferred to Central Michigan University and graduated with a degree in Physical Education.

We would first see where the athlete's skill level is. We would then start with the throwing motion and explain the why behind how the throw works. We will film the athlete at the beginning so we can focus on a plan that is specific to each individual athlete. We are not looking to find fault in their throwing mechanics, but simply to give them some competitive advantages. We won't change the athletes throwing style which is signature specific, but some of their throwing mechanics regarding the arm path may feel different. After looking at the video, we will begin to incorporate some drills so the athlete can begin to feel the correct motion. I have video of many of the top Quarterbacks in the game today. I want my athletes to first hear what I am saying, followed by seeing what I am looking for, and finally feeling what I am looking for. What is exciting for me is when I have an athlete that turns to me and says "Coach I can really feel this" along with a change in the ball they throw. We would then begin to add the footwork that would include agility to develop their feet. Next would be to develop the drop steps from under center and in the shot gun. pop step, 1-step, punch 1-step, 3-step, 3 quick, punch 3, the 5-step, and quick 5 . Finally we would put the Athlete in some pressure situations to simulate a game environment. A session would start with, a warm up, with some agility work to develop movements specific to the position. We would then film the athlete's throwing motion to see where he is along with drills that would be appropriate to the improvements we would make. We would address the eight key positions of the throw. 1) Pre-pass, 2) Drive, 3) Separation, 4) Transition, 5) Turn, 6) Elevate, 7) Extend, 8) Finish. Each session would build on the session before to eventually build a complete Quarterback. Also, one of the most important things for a Quarterback is to build confidence in playing the position. ( You can go to my Facebook page. “Peak Quarterback Training” to see some of the things that are done during the workouts.

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Client Reviews

My 16 year old has been working with Coach Perry for just over a month now and has seen significant improvements in his form and abilities. Past coaches have said fix this or fix that, but never gave instruction on how to fix the problem. Coach Perry fixed most of the problems in minutes...my son just needed to know what to do. My son really enjoys working with Coach Perry, he finds him very friendly and professional.

Thanks for helping son develop a good foundation.

Coach Perry is the best coach I could of asked for Wyatt. He is knowledgeable, kind, patient, and most of all encouraging! Hi wisdom brings confidence and leadership to the athletes game. Thanks Coach

Knowing that Jaren is young, Coach Perry helpedJaren with some basic things to help Jaren become a QB. I am greatful

Coach Perry did a great job working with our son! He explained what he was teaching, then he showed him on a tablet, then he had our son experience the techniques first hand. I would highly recommend Coach Perry to anyone.

Thank you for teaching me the mechanics. - Tom

Coach Perry really took the time to explain all drills and practice exercises with our son. He was very patient. Extremely knowledgable and knows what to look for when working with aspiring qbs. We are very happy we chose him as our sons coach.

(no details provided)

Coach Perry is awesome

Coach Stancato is incredible. Patient, encouraging, and helped my 8th grade son in a huge way. Bring a receiver or two, makes a big difference.

Coach Perry is a true academic of the game. He absolutely elevated my son’s game. He was understanble and precise in his instruction. My son responded well to his positive reinforcement coaching style. His schedule was extremely flexible. We plan on continuing to work with him. Thank you coach Perry.

We’ve only had one lesson with Coach Stancato thus far but if the first lesson is any indication, wow...I can’t wait to see the results after many more! Coach Perry cares about the details, communicates clearly, has an established process that builds on key components and is patient. It’s early but I’m impressed!

We had an awesome first session! Thanks Coach!

Coach Perry is awesome patient very detailed in what he wants out of a QB

May 21 Coach Perry is great! I have been coaching football just about 20 seasons and have been around lots of coaches and Coach Perry is among the best I have been around. He is a great communicator, teacher, has exceptional technical ability and expertise and is also very good at motivating with both correction and encouragement. My son (who is an 8th grader about to begin high school) has only been working with Perry for a short time and we both have seen fantastic improvement in accuracy, and arm strength, footwork and most importantly the confidence to play QB at the next level. My son and I highly recommend Coach Perry to anyone wanting to improve at QB, especially for those at the intermediate and advanced level.
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