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Has trained NFL, overseas, college, high school, and grade school athletes View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. Pub at the Max, McCook, IL
  2. 1000 W Wood St, Bensenville, IL

Coach is willing to travel up to 10 miles

  • St. Xavier University (IL)

  • 13 years

  • Qualified Private Coach

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Aerobic, CrossFit, Nutrition, Weight Loss

  • Core Conditioning


  • St. Xavier University (IL)

  • 13 years

  • Qualified Private Coach


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Aerobic, CrossFit, Nutrition, Weight Loss

  • Core Conditioning

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More About Coach Paris

I have a Bachelors degree in Biological Science/ Fitness Specialist. I then went on to achieve my Masters in Health Administration. I have created fitness articles and have been featured in articles and several blogs. Even though I have several locations across Chicago, Elite Fitness in Forest Park, IL is facility where I train. There. I have trained NFL, overseas, college, high school, and grade school athletes. I conduct group training and individual training for all ages, races, and genders including park districts, sports teams, and companies(wellness programs). I provide large amounts of consulting for dieting, fitness coaching, and fitness marketing.

When training with me, you will definitely have fun. Muscle confusion is something I truly love. This includes changing workouts every 2 weeks or so, so the muscles will have a hard time adapting. Incorporating music in the workout definitely increases the workout and intensity. Short effective workouts is my goal. This allows you to focus more on your daily task and makes exercising easy to fit into your schedule. I like to focus on flexibility, strengthening the major muscle groups, and cardio. I specialize in developing knowledge of being and staying fit. Without knowledge, how could you do the right things? So my job will be to inform and educate.

2005- Best Defense (High School)
Top 100 in the State of Illinois (High School)
Division I basketball scholarship
Player of the week (College)

Warm-Up (Mode will change depending on interest) Ex. bike, elliptical, and stairs
Stretch(Very important! I will show you different stretches to improve flexibility)
Strength and Conditioning Phase (will include cross training and combo training to help burn more calories)
Cool Down (To help removal by-products from the body)
Stretch (See above stretches)

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Client Reviews

Coach Paris is a great coach. Great with kids. Really pushes them to get the best out of them.

(no details provided)

Coach Paris was started an ended the session my son attended on time and ran an efficient practice. Adapted his coaching skills to the student. Will continue to work with him in the future.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Great Group Training Session

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

My son had a great training. He truly enjoyed it. Coach Paris is awesome with kids. He challenged every single player according to each of their abilities.

Coach Paris worked as hard as he pushed my son to work. He was very professional while accurately identifying my son's weaknesses and putting in adequate time and work in those area.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

My Son first session was very beneficial. I look forward to more

My daughter enjoyed her first session & was very excited about basketball. He gave great tips to improve her game.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Was great training great intensity. If his schedule went with mine I would def order more sessions.

(no details provided)

Paris is a great coach and he did lot of efforts in teaching my boy through the basics vey patiently. I would recommend Paris if any one is looking for a coach. Thanks

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Paris has been a great mentor on my son. He is now utilizing the skills he is learning and putting them to work on the court. My son is motivated every time he attends a session. Thanks Coach for making a difference for our youth.

Coach Paris got my 10 and 8 year old boys fully engaged through reps with a real nice breakdown of techniques.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

The coach is really good, it's just he has so many clients, so I wasn't able to schedule sessions with the coach soon enough.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Paris was very personable and knowledgable of the game. Zach really enjoyed his instruction.

Very great coach. Great with my daughter. He worked on everything she needed help with.

(no details provided)

My son has been training with Coach Paris and his team of excellent basketball coaches for the last few months. I can already see his game improve. Coach Alex and Paris both have been excellent coaches and are very skilled. Extremely happy and I hope to continue training with them!

Coach Paris and his team are top notch, and very knowledgeable about the game of basketball!

I would definitely recommend using Coach Paris. He's not only teaching my son about basketball skills but also about basketball IQ. He pulls out the best in you, so you can reach your full potential. I highly recommend you check him out.

(no details provided)

My son got a great workout and learned some fundamental techniques. Both he and I thought Coach Davis was very good and we will be scheduling more sessions.

I definitely give Coach Paris a thumbs up. My son (15 y.o.) enjoys going and has nothing but good things to say.

Coach Paris is definitely a focused professional! Even after one lesson, we see improvement in not only play, but also confidence! He worked so well with our son! We look forward to seeing more improvement with each lesson to come!

The coaches/trainers are all knowledgeable and very accommodating, look at my sons deficiencies and work from there...I will definitely recommend Coach Paris and his team to my friends, and will surely sign up again in Coachup.....

Coach Paris was a great coach! His training and techniques are like none I've had seen before-definitely top notch. That was my son first time and it was great. He pushed him hard for the whole work out. Definitely will be booking more sessions. I would recommend coach Paris to anyone.

Coach Paris is very gifted when it comes to my children. He is very creative and crafty when it comes to communicating with them in regards to understanding the purpose on why they need to do a specific drill a particular way. Coach Paris patience with them is phenomenal and I love the fact that when they are doing something incorrect he will stop them dead in their tracks and correct them instead of continuing to allow them to proceed with the improper mechanics and focus because that behavior develops bad habits which are very hard to break in the long run. Coach Paris is an excellent trainer and I would refer him to anyone looking to become a better athlete because his skillset and attention to details are undeniable!

Coach Paris's team of coaches have been friendly, professional and knowledgeable. My son reports he gets an excellent work-out from these training sessions. I have already seen improvement in his performance.

Coach Paris was a excellent and professional coach! I would definitely recommend Coach Paris to everyone.

Coach Paris is a great coach. Very knowledgeable, patient, talented and super nice. My son was very happy and felt confident after just one training with Coach Paris. I would highly recomend him.

Excellent coach... highly recommended... Really enjoy his coaching technique and have registered for additional sessions!

Coach Paris is one of the best coaches I have ever had. He has a great way of teaching sternly but kindly and making you feel fine if you miss a shot.

(no details provided)

Coach Paris is great! After one session my son felt more confident. He can't wait till the next session.

Coach Paris is an excellent coach. His training on day 1 was excellent. Looking forward to more sessions with ASAP.

I really enjoyed my first session with Coach Paris' staff. Very professional and immediately helped me improve my game by showing me the basics. I look forward to booking more sessions with him.

Jack had great time working with Coach Paris, and improving on his skills

Coach Paris is a good trainer. My daughter is very excited and ready for the next session. He knew right away what she needed to work on to take her to the next level.

First session was great. He made my daughter actually think about what she was doing and needed to correct, and not just telling her. He then proceeded to give her strategies to for doing it better/more efficiently. I really enjoyed the "self-evaluation" piece where she had to actual verbalize what she needed to work on. He is very in tune with the athletes and she had his full attention during the entire session. We were quite impressed with his skill and style.

My daughter was very nervous for her 1st session; however, after working with Coach Elwyn (Coach Paris's Associate), she's excited for basketball season again. She can't wait for her next training.

Coach Paris is the greatest coach out there he isnt one of those coach's that's gonna give you what you pay for he breaks everything down so that you can get a better understanding of what your doing and how you can get better. If your having a hard time on a drill he wont skip over it instead he will break it down to a simpler process so that when you attenpt to do that drill you can suceed at it. He brings the best out of you and when your working with him your working with the best

I had a great session with Coach Paris. Him and his team really pushed me during that session, in a good way. Explained to me my weaknesses and other things I need to work on. He was really helpful also during the session and explained to me step by step how to do things. I've only one session with him so far but I will book more because I know I can be the best I can be with Coach Paris' help.

My son needs a lot of help with his dribbling, shooting and different moves in court and coach Paris is exceptionally patient with him. My son never felt intimidated with his methods of teaching , how he shares various techniques and most importantly how to have fun in court. We tried different camps before and I have never seen my son this excited and enthusiastic to come for the next session until we found coach Paris. Definitely, I would recommend coach Paris to anyone looking for non - intimidating, fun and quality coaching. Thanks coach.

Coach Paris is a great coach he is extremely patient and actually takes the time to explain the technique in depth. My son really enjoys the program he has learned so much and is more confident. The feedback after each session is awesome.

(no details provided)

In just one session my son had better handle of the basketball and gained strong knowledge to build his IQ, I'm definitely going to continue with Coach Paris and his team to advance the skill level for my son. Highly recommend this Coach and his team!! Thank you!!!

He's a great coach, he understands alot about the game and is very friendly.

The first session with Coach G was very intense. My son cannot wait until the next session. This has been a very positive experience. The coaches really work with the children to bring out their best. Very impressed so far.

Had a great session. Coach Paris keeps me working hard and consistent.

Great coaching skills, motivating, and team builder. Definitely has the experience and patience to work with players coming off a major sports injury.

My son Allan is going into his junior year and I wanted to find a coach that can help him take his game to the next level. I was highly impressed with Coach P, he immediately identified Allan's areas of improvement and went to work on them. We only had 2 sessions so far because of my son's summer ball schedule.. I highly recommend Coach P!!

Coach Paris is an excellent coach; a true professional. He quickly evaluated my daughter's skill level and identified areas for them to work on. He provides feedback to the athlete and parent. We look forward to more sessions with Coach Paris.

Coach Paris is an excellent teacher and motivator. I dropped my son Julian off for his first session, with the intention of watching a few minutes and then leaving. I got so wrapped up in what I was seeing that I couldn't leave! Paris' patience is exceptional. Julian's response was immediate. He's already made progress after only 3 sessions. Sign me up for more!

Coach Paris is definitely a good coach to go to for in depth evaluation and growth in basketball. After the first session, I knew what to work on and how to approach certain drills much better. He's also very motivational, overall an amazing coach!

(no details provided)

Coach Paris a great coach! The way he refers everything to life really makes basketball easier to understand. The self evaluations he makes you do after drills are really helpful and he really takes time to make sure you get it right. He pushes you to be great and after two sessions I feel like I've learned a lot. I would recommend Coach Paris to any player at any level.

Coach Paris is an amazing trainer and is very knowledgeable of the game. He works with you at your level and brings out your best in every session. You develop something new in each session that you can use on the court instantly. My daughter and I are blessed to have met him. Try him out, you won't be disappointed!

Coach Paris is a great coach! My daughter has had 2 sessions and I can already see the difference his coaching makes in that short amount of time. He is patient and knowledgeable. He is also good at motivating athletes to push them to their highest potential. I am looking forward to more sessions with Coach Paris. I am extremely pleased with his coaching!

Coach Paris coaches my son on specific fundamentals skills of basketball. He does a great job explaining, demonstrating skills, and providing the players great practice drills. He provides positive and corrective feedback to allow players to improve their skills. His professional training techniques in shooting and ball handling along with his insight in speed and other training sets him apart from other basketball trainers. His attention to detail and patience while running though the various skills is excellent as well.
My son is gaining confidence and asking to practice more outside of regular scheduled basketball practice sessions. He's very encouraging and taught my son a lot in only a short amount of time. He is prompt and professional and I highly recommend him to take your child’s skill to the next level.

My son has had 2 sessions with Coach Paris and they were great. Paris has the ability to develop the skill and push with conditioning all while keeping motivation level high. I’m already seeing results in his playing. Looking forward to the future lessons. I highly recommend Coach Paris.

You get more than you pay for.

Coach Paris has been fantastic so far. He has been professional and easy to communicate with, and on the court he has done great things with our kids. Couldn't recommend him more!

Coach Pares was a wonderful coach to my son! I wished we found you at the beginning of my son league season! My son told me after he was done with first session, that he was very tired and worked his hardest and that he learned alot of new things that day and he was thankful of the rigid training that they contributed in it. He look forward for more sessions with Coach Pares team.

Coach Paris was awesome!!!! After just 20 minutes into the training session, I could see the improvement with my 12 year old son's overall skills. I highly recommend Coach Paris. PLEASE sign up with him today, he is worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My son had his first practice and I can tell we will have many more. It was intense 40 min basketball workout. Coach knows how to work with kids and how to push them to work harder. Very impressed and definitely recommending him to everyone.

Here's how I would describe my first session: intense, insightful, and challenging. I liked how Coach Paris and Coach Elwyn took turns training me with different workouts. They were very motivating throughout the session, making me push pass my limit. The best part was being able to speak with both coaches afterwards and realizing how passionate they are about basketball and training others who enjoy this sport. They are very knowledgable and humble at the same time. I look forward to future workouts because they offer a truly unique 1-on-1 training session. I've used other coaches before on CoachUp but these guys delivered on what I wanted: a private 1-on-1 session that focuses on improvement in basketball. Would highly recommend these guys!

Our two sons truly enjoyed working with Coach Paris. They benefited greatly from his instruction and gained so much knowledge about basketball. Coach Paris is clear with his guidance and exhibits great patience as young players learn the sport. He reviewed the basics and introduced new ideas to our sons, while making basketball fun! We highly recommend training with Coach Paris!

You can tell that Coach Paris loves basketball and is a great teacher and trainer to young kids. My 11 year old son loved his first 2 sessions with him and in just those two sessions it increased his confidence and he started playing so much better. Coach Paris worked on his footwork and dribbling skills and he pushed him to try his best. I wish I found coach Paris at the beginning of the basketball season and not towards the end. My son is looking forward to his next sessions and I would recommend Coach Paris to anyone who is looking to improve their basketball skills.

This was my son's first session with coach Paris and I must say that I was very impressed. Coach Paris verbally expresseed his passion for what he does and it definitely reflected in his techniques used for teaching. He was very nurturing to my son's needs that will ensure progression in becoming a better ball player. I definitely recommend Coach Paris, as my son and I are both excited to see what lies ahead.

Coach Paris, My daughter just had her first session and absolutely loved it. He was professional and was very thorough in the skills he was teaching. Thank you for a great experience and she looks forward to her next practice

Coach Paris is a great coach because he pushes people to their limit but not past it, He focuses on fundamentals first as well

(no details provided)

Coach Paris is very instructional and ensures your kid will know the basics of basketball and build from there.

Coach Paris was an excellent coach. We could definitely see he means business and expect his trainee to work hard. In the one session, My sons and I believed this was the best training for their basketball needs. My sons looks forward to their next training. After two sessions, my sons are completely looking forward to the next sessions. In my eleven year old son, we see many of new improvements!!!!! Thanks, Vonzell, Phoebe, Jamarrio and Jaylen Rule

great coach! helped me improve alot in basketball

(no details provided)

Coach Paris has been an exceptional trainer. Always ask if I'm in pain while working out because I've had knee pain in the past. He makes sure I never over do it and worries about my well being. Paris has been very supportive during this journey of weigh lost and pushes me to do better every time. I look forward to future fitness sessions with Paris.

Coach Paris is a great coach! I have worked with up for a few weeks, and am very happy with the progress we have made so far. He is polite, punctual, and very dedicated to his clients. He is always prepared and has a great attitude. I would highly recommend him to all looking for a great coach!

Very pleased with the experience and his professionalism is second to none. My athlete got a great workout and skill development.

I spend a lot of time research the best coach that will interact and catch my son's interest. Coach Paris has definitely impress my entire family on the outcome of my son so far and its only been 3 sessions. We look forward to many more and the outcome. Couldn't find a more better coach then Coach Paris, the confidence, skill billing that my son has develop in these short sessions. Awesome job Coach Paris, I would recommend you anytime, thank you so much for providing this service to my son. We will be spending a lot more time developing my son's skill! Thank You for being a excellent coach that see through what my child need to develop in order to be an excellent basket ball team player. Thank You Again!!

I contacted Coach Paris because I needed someone who could work with an adult and who would be very sensitive to their fitness level and needs. I carefully explained what I needed and Coach Paris delivered! After the first session, I believe my goal of finding someone who can use the love of basketball to get my husband in shape has been met.

Paris was great with my 9-year-old son! My son loved it and felt like he learned a lot. Paris was friendly, patient and professional. He adjusted the lesson to a level my son felt comfortable with but also challenged him.

Coach Von is an extremely motivating and encouraging coach. He has a genuine interest in making each and everyone of his students into better athletes. I have taken two lessons with him so far and my game has already significantly improved. Not only a great coach but a great person. He made me feel comfortable right from the beginning. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to improve on their game at any skill level and at any age.

Will is so excited to be with Paris - mostly for the basketball, but also his genuine interest in teaching him. Absolutely recommend Paris to parents of a child who wants to do the best of his ability for age, etc.

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