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Former Collegiate Coach with over 25 years Experience.Social and Behavioral Science,Kinesiology,Health.NASM Certified Personal Trainer. View all coaching experience

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Online Training
Online Training for a single athlete

Video analysis.Motivation and stategies.

Session Length: 1 hour

$45 1 session + applicable fees

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Elite 1
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Evaluation proper warm-Up,technique and drills.Analyze biomechanics.Recommend training program.

Session Length: 1 hour

$60 1 session + applicable fees

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Elite 2
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Speed and agility.Flexibilty and Mobility.Speed Endurance.

Session Length: 1 hour

$300 5 sessions ($60/ea) + applicable fees

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  • Tougaloo College (MS)

  • 25 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Throws, Sprints, Middle Distance, Marathon, Long Distance, Jumps, Hurdles, Cross Country

  • Pole Vault, Javelin, Discus, Decathlon, Triple Jump, Sprinting, Shot Put, Running the Curve, Passing, Pacing, Long Jump, High Jump, Form, Baton Handoffs


  • Tougaloo College (MS)

  • 25 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Throws, Sprints, Middle Distance, Marathon, Long Distance, Jumps, Hurdles, Cross Country

  • Pole Vault, Javelin, Discus, Decathlon, Triple Jump, Sprinting, Shot Put, Running the Curve, Passing, Pacing, Long Jump, High Jump, Form, Baton Handoffs

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More About Coach Noah

Former Collegiate runner. I have over 25 years experience coaching at the youth to collegiate level. Working with track and field, Cross Country, Football, Soccer,Rowing,Lacrosse,Bootcamp,Flexibility Increases muscle strength, toning,

All Conference in track and field(800-1500m) and cross country.Regional champion in 800/1600m school record holder. Compete collegiate at Merritt College and McNeese State. USATF(800m) sub master Nat champ.

Session plan dependent on clients needs. Each session begins with a warm up. Dynamic stretching-drills, proper running techniques.Goal -setting.

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Client Reviews

Coach Noah has really helped my grandson to run fast as well as improve his confidence. There is a remarkable change in my grandson’s ability to play defensive football. I’ve been amazed at how quickly he moves and records tackles. We will renew this training in the near future.

Coach Noah did a great job with my daughter. Prior to him working with her she only threw 77 feet. After 1 session she PR twice in the AAU District Championship Meet. First she threw an 81 then, she PR again and threw an 83 in turbo javelin. She placed 1st in all her throwing competitions.

Coach Noah is exactly what my daughter needs ! He seems to know how to reach her without being too harsh but he is firm and detailed with his training! I also like that fact that he’ll get his hands dirty! We really enjoyed this coaching experience! Seems to be promising!

Coach Noah has great experience, insight and skill. Highest recommendation.

(no details provided)

Coach Noah is a great coach! His knowledge, techniques and most importantly his patience made me a better running after my first visit. I look forward to more productive sessions with coach Noah and I would recommend coach Noah to anyone.

My son's soccer coach wanted him to work with Coach Noah to give him an extra bust of speed and to improve his top end speed. Initially my son was reluctant and nervous going into the session but Noah put him at ease immediately. After running around the track and watching my son sprint he began working to change my son's sprinting technique. When we climbed into the car on the way home my son exclaimed, "That was fun!". He's already looking forward to his next session with Coach Noah!

Coach Noah is awesome! He worked with my 7.5 year old son to help correct his running form, conditioning, coordination, and rhythm to give him a boost for competitive soccer! He is patient, positive, and encouraging and my son was eager to continue his training. I would highly recommend Coach Noah. He is extremely knowledgeable-- I saw improvements in my son's running (and soccer playing) immediately!

Our almost 8 year old daughter was new to track and field and Coach Noah was very encouraging and gave great instruction on the fundamentals. He was also very accommodating to our schedule. We look forward to training with him on a regular basis. Thank you Coach Noah!

My daughter had a great experience training with Coach Noah! She's looking forward to her future lessons to come! 😍

Coach Noah,
Is a really good attention to detail coach. He took time to evaluate my son’s flaws in his running style and made corrections right away. Coach Noah timed my son’s 200 time after making some corrections and my son ran his best time in the 200.
Coach Noah, provided me with some feedback at the beginning and end of practice. My son really enjoyed the workout and we will be continuing to work with coach Noah.

Great first session - looking forward to next one !

It is clear that Coach Noah is wayyy over qualified to be working with my daughter - but we are so grateful that he is! It was exciting to see a change in her form in just the first 15 minutes. Coach Noah strikes the perfect balance between supportive praise and high expectation. Looking forward to working with him again.

Coach Noah is an excellent coach. He has opened a new door with our son. His strength and conditioning training is top of the line. During and after each session he encourages him to continue to work hard at achieving his goals. It is amazing to see his improvements. We truly enjoy training with Coach Noah.

I seen results in my son and we are all so happy!
Coach Noah is an expert and very knowledgeable. He guides our son perfectly. He feels accomplished and determined with the insight and advice Noah has given him.

Coach Noah is a very personable person, he related well with my child during training . Noah was able to bring the best out of my daughter, using different techniques to get properly conditioned. I highly reccomend coach Noah if you want proper techniques and conditioning.

Coach Noah is a fantastic coach. Justin learned a great deal, even at the first session, and we have already scheduled more,

My daughter is a U12 club soccer player. She has a decent sprint, but she's rough around the edges technique-wise.

Coach Noah worked well with my daughter. He quickly identified the flaws in her sprint and simply taught her the fixes. He also mixed in encouraging words and pushed her. In 1 hour he taught a lot and ran a nice workout. No doubt my daughter came away a better sprinter after just 1 session. This is just what I saw at the session.

It's 2 weeks later and it shows, her sprint is MUCH better. Got way more than our money's worth. Noah is a gifted coach. The reason I say this is that he is WAY overqualified to be coaching the likes of my daughter. Yet he was diverse, flexible and knowledgeable enough to adjust to my daughter's level and really deliver.

Bottom line, consider yourself lucky if you get this guy as a coach. A+

Coach Noah is a great person with his eyes and goals set on helping the athlete. We had very good conversation and he’s very keen on respect and communication between the parents and athletes, definitely would recommend.

I really enjoyed meeting Coach Noah. He is great with my 9-year-old daughter. Not only is she learning a great deal, but she is also really enjoying it. He is that perfect mix of encouragement with guidance. I highly recommend him.

I learned how to run the 800m from the champ you were-real talk!!!
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