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Natalie J.


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I ran competitively for both Division I and Division II colleges (Cross Country/Track) and I have taken that fervor of running and started my own business in 2012. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  • LIU Post (NY)

  • 3 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Marathon, Middle Distance, Long Distance, Cross Country

  • Pacing, Form


  • LIU Post (NY)

  • 3 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Marathon, Middle Distance, Long Distance, Cross Country

  • Pacing, Form

More About Coach Natalie

I have been privately coaching adult athletes (20's - 60's) since 2012. I was the assistant coach for the FrontRunners NY, and currently I am the assistant coach for the Bucks County Road Runners. I am a certified running coach through RCAA, a certified personal trainer through NASM, USATF Level 1 certified, and CPR/AED/First Aid certified.

I ran competitively for both Division I and Division II colleges (Cross Country/Track). In my post college years, I have trained myself in mostly road racing from 5k – marathoning.
1500m (Indoor) – 4:56
2000m Steeplechase – 7:29
3000m Steeplechase – 11:42
5000m Cross Country – 18:19
5 miler – 31:01
10k – 38:45
10 Miler - 1:05
Half Marathon – 1:25
Marathon - 3:25

Depending on fitness level this will hugely vary, and will be completely individualized. Running sessions (intervals/speed), we would start with a warm up jog, followed by mobility drills such as knee hugs and/or leg swings, some running specific drills such as high knees and butt kicks. Also, add some lunges to fire up the muscles, and lastly end with a few striders to work on cadence and get the fast twitch muscles raring to go! After the warm up, we will do the workout that I have scheduled for that day, followed by a jog cool down. After the jog cool down, we will do a post workout stretch.

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Client Reviews

Coach Natalie is a great coach and full of knowledge. I highly recommend her.

My son Samuel enjoyed the first session with Natalie. She helped him on his running positions. Most imporantly, Natalie was warm and patient and Samuel felt easy and relaxed with her.

Natalie was great--exactly what I was looking for--helped both me and my son with our running techniques.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Natalie is a fantastic coach! She is so personable and knowledgeable. I'm so glad I got to work with her and I highly recommend her.

(no details provided)

Coach Natalie helped my Son with some good solid fundamentals to help him increase both speed and endurance. I would highly recommend her.

Coach Natalie is warm, effective, motivating, thoughtful & fun. She pushes and challenges me yet she respects my capabilities.

Based on feedback from my son, coach Natalie focused on key areas of improvement during their coaching session last Saturday. My son looks forward to their next training session.

Natalie worked with my 15 year old daughter and they immediately hit it off. Loved that she took the time to get to know her and her running goals to customize a plan for her. Had immediate feedback that was helpful, looking forward to more sessions.

Natalie walks you through each step of the session and finds ways to make you feel at ease. I found the session super useful and I see how it can help me reach my goals.

I went to Coach Natalie following an injury with the goal of improving my running form and getting back to recreational running. Within the first session, Natalie provided expertise on my biomechanics, cadence, form, strengths, areas to improve, goals, and even my specific shoe selection! I learned more in one hour with her than I had in all coaching sessions prior. Just a week after working with her, I have noticed drastic improvements in my stability, comfort, and energy levels while running. From the weekend warrior to the competitive long distance runner - Natalie is simply the best in the business.

Extremely knowledgeable and patient with a glowing personality!

Natalie took videos of me running and analyzed my form, pointing out areas that needed improvement and providing me with drills to work on.

(no details provided)

This is the first time that we have utilized Natalie's service. My 11 year old needed some training for an event. Natalie is very knowledgeable and assessed my sons running techniques. She provided input on what to try to help improve. Also she got along with my son which is the first thing needed before you can expect anyone to learn or be mentored from a complete stranger!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Natalie was overall a really energetic and very educated when it comes to running. I learned quite a bit of information during our first session. I can tell she really cares about running and her passion is even stronger. We went over some basic mechanics and she offered me a lot of tips and advice. I look forward to our next session and improving my running. She even was gracious enough to give me eggs from her own chickens.

My daughter had a great experience with coach Natalie and she is looking forward to training with her even more.

She is amazing.

She was phenomenal! She drove to us and encouraged my daughter even when they were running in bad conditions!

I couldn't have been happier with Natalie. She worked with my 10 year old son for five sessions and the improvement was dramatic. He smashed his 1600 meter PB. I would definitely recommend her for young kids. She was a great motivator and was always positive (without being easy--she worked him hard).

Natalie was amazing helping me realize I had to work on a few things with my form and gave me tips on improving them. She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Can't wait to continue working with her and see my progress!

Nat was awesome! Knew exactly what my kids needed to improve! She quickly had a great rapport . She made it fun and exciting!

We had a great experience with coach Natalie. I wanted her to assess my nine-year-old son's running fundamentals and to offer some advice how we can continue to have a great time racing while also being healthy and building the foundation of a future runner. She quickly offered us a diagnosis of areas we could work on and gave us great advice and exercise approaches in each area.

Natalie is full of energy and encouragement and quickly built a great rapport with my son. He loved the experience and looks forward to continuing to work with Natalie over the course of the summer.

A great experience and I would highly recommend Natalie for all future runners!

Today I had my first running session with Natalie...at first I was really doubting that I would be able to do this but Natalie changed my thinking on that. I am so motivated now and it was great to work back into running again. Natalie is awesome, you won't regret having her as your coach. I am looking forward to my next session 😃

Signed up with Natalie to coach my 15 year old son who's a XC & Track runner. He never ran prior to freshman year so he was looking for that added guidance on technique, training, form, and mental toughness. Natalie has been a fantastic addition to his running plan. My son has had fantastic things to say about her approach, personality, and communication style. He is planning on continuing to utilize her coaching skill throughout the spring and summer to elevate his progress and get his running career where he wants it to be. Highly recommended!

Awesome coach, energy, and personality! Natalie provided excellent advice on my first day. Looking forward for more sessions.

Coach Natalie is a great coach. She is very thorough with everything and is very energetic. Her communication is top notch and her words of motivation will keep you working harder wanting more. I am looking forward to booking my next session with her!

Patient, Kind and Understanding -- this all just after one visit. I can tell Coach Natalie is going to be a great coach and an inspiration!

Natalie is doing an amazing job motivating and training my 13 year old daughter!!

Just had our first session with Natalie. She's Awesome!!! Full of energy, knowledgeable, and knew how to connect with my 11yr old son instantly. Glad we found her and can't wait for more sessions!

(no details provided)

Excellent first training session. Natalie is extremely knowledgeable and patient, so I believe she's the right person to guide me along the comeback trail.

She is the best. Works you hard and she is the best trainer/coach I have ever had. Also she is very nice and patient and always makes sure you do your drills right! Can't say enough about her.

I love her energy. Her instructions are impecible. I have just started by I am confident that I made a great choice for a coach.

(no details provided)

Coach Natalie is fantastic. I'm a 59 year old male. I'm coming off of a knee injury that required surgery. Natalie has put together a "return to running" program for me that began on April 2nd and has me on track to complete the Chicago Marathon on October 9th. Natalie will be my running and strength coach for as long as I'm a runner...hopefully for at least another decade.

(no details provided)

Our introduction to Coach Natalie went very well. She is very personable and made our son feel extremely comfortable during his assessment. Coach Natalie is very knowledgeable and passionate about running. We look forward to future training sessions with Coach Natalie. We feel her support and advice will be extremely valuable to our son's success in track.

My daughter had one session with Natalie and like her a lot. My daughter found her to be very positive. She was able to give constructive feedback on her current training program. My daughter plans on working with Natalie over to the summer as she prepares to run XC her freshman year in college.

(no details provided)

We only had one session with Coach Natalie before track season started for my daughter. It went very well and I look forward to working with her more over the summer.


Natalie was amazing!! She is not only a supercharged coach, but a technical goddess of running. Look No Further!!

Coach Natalie is awesome!! She motivates you to try your best!! I enjoy training with her.

LOOK NO FURTHER!!!!!!! WOW, positivity radiates from Natalie like I've never seen! Even before we met, she answered all of my emails, getting to know me so we could start doing workouts right off the bat. She didn't waste time, always keeping me busy, even on the way to the bathroom! She is refreshingly youthful, but has the knowledge and wisdom of someone twice her age. She didn't hesitate to spill her secrets on picking a pair of running shoes, very important! She works to bring out the best in you because she truly believes you can do it! So people, what are you doing?! Book your appointment now! Greatness is only a click away!!

Natalie is awesome. She worked with our boys, ages 9 and 12. She kept them focused while still letting them be kids and they had a great time. Our goal was to improve speed and after just a few drills she made some adjustments that immediately helped.

I am writing this review after solid two months of working with Natalie. As I got serious about running, I decided that I needed a good running coach to teach me proper form and technique and to guide me through my first two half marathons, less than a month apart. Not only Natalie created a program based on my evaluation and my goals, she was very sensitive to the results of each of my training session and offered suggestions, listened to my feedback and changed the program if needed. Some of her suggestions were intuitive, some suggestions only made sense to me after I have seen their positive effect on my training, but in just these two months I learned way more about running than I can put in writing. Subtle exercises for improving form, core exercises, interval training, importance of recovery and easy pacing (my weakest point), dealing with pain, proper nutrition, race strategy and more. Natalie pushed me when I was slowing down and slowed me down when I was going too fast and was hurting myself. In the end I did both races way better than I expected and I am very grateful to Natalie for that. Natalie is a great coach and a wonderful person - I am looking forward to achieving BQ under her guidance. Thank you, Natalie!

I represent the runners that aren't in competitions--I run solely to be healthy, and I hired Natalie to keep myself accountable and as injury-free as possible. It's wonderful to witness a coach train a marathon runner in one session, go right to slow, old me in the next session, and then move on to a competitive high school athlete in the next. Natalie carries a genuine enthusiasm with her that makes you feel welcomed no matter what experience you bring with you. Even better? She knows her sport, inside and out.

Natalie is a great coach and has helped me improve my running a lot. What I appreciate most about Natalie's coaching style is that she adapts my training plan not only to my preferences, but also to my individual progress, focus, issues and goals. She also has a very collaborative approach to coaching and works with you on your training, and is not just telling you what you should do. She has incorporated my input into my workouts and plans which I very much appreciate. She is also a very positive motivator, and provides positive feedback and encouragement. Working with Natalie, for only a short time I have improved my marathon PR by over 10 minutes and I feel I am on my way to achieving my goal of running a Boston Qualifying time.

I am a casual runner looking to get better and had my first session with Coach Natalie. I felt at ease instantly. She has a natural way of putting you at ease and is very knowledgeable. Our first session was all about mehcanics; how my feet are placed, what type of sneaker is appropriate; my hip placement; all the way down to the strength in my toes. She gave me a few tips to get me started. I recently completed a sprint triathlon and used those pointers on the run portion and shaved off some time. I am looking forward to seeing my improvement over the next few sessions.

Stupendous! Dedicated, encouraging, constructive. I am very much looking forward to our next session.

Coach Natalie cared deeply about my daughter. She had incredibly high standards, and she had the highest level of knowledge about running. Upon returning to competition, my daughter was asked how she got to be so much better than she was the year prior. Her response was: "Coach Natalie."

Coach Natalie was great: punctual, insightful, and enthusiastic. Thanks!

Coach Natalie is quite a talented coach. She got my 11yr old son excited about running and core strength development which was not something I'd ever thought he would embrace. He had a lot of fun at the assessment and can't wait to continue.

Great coach! She is very friendly and welcoming. She helped me figure out a training routine, and taught me new techniques and drills. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for an awesome trainer and a good workout.

Coach Natalie was great to work with. Very responsive during scheduling. I had her work with my 11 year old daughter. She was fantastic. High energy, positive attitude, knowledgeable, and great rapport with kids. I would recommend her to anyone.

Natalie is amazing and so knowledgeable. I got a lot out of our session and am looking forward to more.

Natalie has had only a few coaching sessions with my 16 year old son and I already know that we are on the right path for improving his training for success in his senior year cross country season this fall. Andrew has special needs and Natalie has been open to thinking "out of the box" and has researched training methods in order to help Andrew to be at his best. She is a true professional, a great motivator and a highly skilled running coach! We highly recommend Coach Natalie!

Amazing coach! Very relaxing atmosphere. Incredibly nice and understanding. She focused on me doing everything right and made a personal plan for me with realistic goals. She corrected my form and pointed out things I was doing wrong. I would go back in a heart beat. If you want to learn how to run right then send her a message. I am a beginner with a knee injury and she was outstanding.

Natalie is the first personal running coach I have ever worked with and I feel lucky to have found her! Nat has a great, very positive personality and has been fun to work with since the first time we met. She is super responsive to my short-notice schedule changes and makes adjustments right away so my workouts work around the rest of my life. Natalie is coaching to create lifetime, healthy runners, so she is also always considering how I'm feeling and reminding me to take care of my body (easy to ignore). I easily recommend working with Natalie as a coach to anyone considering it!

Coach Natalie is happy, passionate and high energy. Her enthusiasm and knowledge was immediately noticeable and the first session was fun and hard work!

During our very first session with my daughter (13), Natalie did an exceptionally brilliant job at getting her excited about track and working on her balance and form. We eagerly look forward to our upcoming sessions with Natalie and would wholeheartedly recommend her.

Natalie has been a great coach and motivator for me. In our first session, she spent a lot of time assessing my needs. She then put together a workout plan that we've been tweaking to get the best results. I would recommend her whole-heartedly!

You have transformed my running. I will recommend your service to anyone. It is a perfect storm with your passion is expressed through your work. Se you on June 27th Coach. You are a bright Star. - Corey S. (Letter from a client)
What can I say about Natalie??? She is honestly one of the most energetic and inspiring people out there. I had reached out to Natalie last year as I was planning on training for my 3rd marathon and realized I needed something more than an on-line training schedule. What I got from Natalie is more than I ever thought possible. Every Sunday I received customized schedules based on my prior week and how my body was feeling which helped me have a consistent and thoughtful training. Natalie also provided a fueling plan based on me and a 3-day carb loading plan all based on me and my body. There is a lot of information out there but it's generic. Don't get me wrong it's great, but when you make the extra commitment to a coach and it's customized you feel it. Natalie was and is encouraging and picks you up when you need it. She is a total rock star, super fast and amazing. And she helped me beat my time by 11 minutes! After the marathon I decided to continue with Natalie, because she gives you the extra boost you need with tempo runs, speed runs and mixes things up which keeps you motivated when you are not specifically training for something.
Natalie has consistently helped me achieve what I have set out to do and more! She motivates me, inspires me, and keeps the fire to succeed constantly aflame. I have ran over 15 marathons, so I know a bit about long distance running; however, Natalie teaches me so much more, things that I had no clue about! Having Natalie as my coach is the best thing that I did for my running! - Howard M.
I met coach Natalie less than a year ago in central park. Her friendly outgoing nature had us talking in no time, focusing on running history and goals etc. In the year since then, I have gone from being a part time recreational jogger to a regular competitor at NYRR events with distances ranging from 1M to half marathons both on and off road. Her ability to program an efficient and effective regiment allowed me to train smart and start each race with confidence in my ability. The variety of training methods ranged from fartlek’s to tempo runs, track workouts and distance runs, they each built on each other and I was always well prepared. It was hard work but as a result of sticking with the program coach Nat wrote up, I was fortunate enough to meet or exceed all the goals we had for set for my performance. Even more importantly, I was in one piece when the race ended. I am lucky to have her as a coach and proud to have her as friend. - Gregory N.
Natalie is an amazing coach on many different levels. As a runner herself, her technical knowledge is exceptional! With her guidance my running technique and form have improved dramatically. More importantly, she understands the challenges runners face and designs training programs to ensure success. I look forward to our weekly runs whether it is attacking hills, running tempos or doing mile repeats on the track. She is truly a supportive coach. - Meredith B
I would like to share some random thoughts about working with you these last 9-10 months…Most important, it has been a blast. I genuinely enjoyed everything about it -- the physical challenges, the mental work, your incredible support -- it really has been an amazing experience for me. Your workout plans were really well thought out -- you seemed to know what my mind and body were capable of pretty much every day! I truly learned so much -- not just about the physical part of running and training, but understanding perceived and real limitations, finding the extra strength, and failing from time to time. When I did well, you celebrated with me; when I faltered, you helped me get back up. So thank you for all of that…(Email from client)
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