Molly D., Marble Falls, TX Yoga Coach
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Molly D.

Certified Balance Yoga trainer with years of experience

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    Marble Falls, TX
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    Mon: 6am-10pm
    Tue: 6am-10pm
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    Fri: 6am-10pm
    Sat: 6am-10pm
    Sun: 6am-8am; 3pm-10pm
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More about me

I am a newly certified Balance Yoga Instructor,
I am a well-practiced yoga enthusiast with seven years practice and 15 hours instructing experience.

Body warming Vinyasa, Hatha yoga, focusing on strength and flexibility, and technique of postures, followed by brief meditation and relaxing syvasana.

Body warming vinyasa, Connect with breathe, then releasing the serpent inside; an energizing method for a full body workout and spinal alignment. 1HR

1 Hr Meditation session

Simple syvasana for relaxation, 30 min.-1 HR sessions

Vinyasa or repetitive sun salutations, 1-2 HR sessions, great for overall strengthening and spinal stimulation

Flow, body warming vinyasa, Connect with breathe, variety of poses designed for overall strength and conditioning, followed by brief meditation and relaxing syvasana. 1 HR

Flexible schedule with ability and availability to modify to meet your needs or practice.

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Client Reviews

Favorite part: Meditation/relaxation-abdominal work was very good. Thank you so much, Molly!

Ann J.*

Instruction was terrific...I'm excited to be one of your students.

Carrie R.*

This was my first yoga experience + I was pleasantly surprised! The relaxation portion was nice.

Tena H.*

I liked the ambience of the class. Also, I liked the ab work and the stretches.

Sara D.*
* This testimonial provided by Molly.
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