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I'm the #1 ranked running and track coach on COACHUP in Florida. You can't maximize ability without proper technique. I train athletes to run fast. View all coaching experience

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3 session package with Coach Mike. 60 minute session length

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  • University of Florida (FL)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Sprints, Middle Distance, Long Distance, Cross Country

  • Pacing, Form


  • University of Florida (FL)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Sprints, Middle Distance, Long Distance, Cross Country

  • Pacing, Form

More About Coach Mike

What makes me unique: I get results in 3 sessions that others may take 12 or more. I am a high level speed/sprint coach and a high level distance/speed coach/trainer. CHECK OUT my current athlete improvements at the bottom of our coaching experience. All of my sprint/speed athletes have dropped their 40 times by almost a half a second in a short time. Many of my distance runners drop a minute in a month or less as well. I have a proven proprietary system that I have developed focused on technique. Without technique, you cannot maximize your ability. Running fast is a skill that CAN be taught and developed. I LOVE to teach others the many secrets that I have learn through the years to develop speed.

I train sprinters (track), distance runners (cross country runners), soccer players, softball/baseball players, football (speed) and basketball players. I have also trained athletes to pass military and FBI pt test and military testing protocols. I have had 3 boys run 11.5 in the 100 meters in the 8th grade. I have a proven system of training my athletes.

My schedule is beginning to fill up. Sign up today, before I run out of availability.

Avery 13 6.45 40 yard dash to 5.8 in 1 session
Autumn 13 6.8 40 yard dash to 6.59 in 1 session
Sammy 10 baseball player
session 1 6.6 40 yard dash
session 2 6.5 40 yard dash
session 3 6.4 40 yard dash
session 4 6.2 40 yard dash
Julie 15 soccer player. Non-starter on her club soccer team to starter with her increased speed
session 1 6.6 40 yard dash
session 11 5.9 improvement in Soccer player
Lana 11 6.29 40 yard dash 5.86 improvement 2 months Soccer player
Ava 10 7.4 40 yard dash 6.80 improvement in 4 months Soccer player
jj 6 6.9 30 yard dash to 6.38 improvement in 4 months basketball and baseball player
Kara Robinson 17 22:22 5k improvement to 21:40 to start this season cross country/track 5 sessions The following week ran 20:00.1 ranked 66th in the state and won her first cross country meet by 50 seconds. She just won the St. Pete City championships by 30 seconds in her best time of 19:54 10/3/18
Lara 10 14:20 for 3000m ranked 22 sixth grader in the in the state 9/18/18 6:48 mile
20:18 cross country improvement 14:48 to 12:51
Finished the season ranked 132 for 6th grade cross country runners.
Tyler 14 21:38 to 20:20 after 1 session 5k
Andrew Fredericks ran 10:24 for 3000 meters is ranked #1 in state of Florida in 2018 season as of 9/18/19
10:12 for 3000 meters Finished 8th at state meet 2018 cross country
Finished the season ranked 78th in the country for middle school athletes
Brooke Mason 15 24min to 22:20 in 2 sessions, Brooke was the 4th girl on the varsity team to #1 in 2 sessions.

Past Athletes

Jada McDowel (11) 15:00 14:25 2 miles
1st in Charter School Middle School Cross Country Championship 2016
Currently ranked 19th in the state
Jada is now one of the top middle school x country athletes in the state at 12 12

Alina Stewart (17) 12.57 12:06 100m FSU track
8th in Florida State Track Meet 2015

Sharielle Ransome (13) 29.7 27.7 200m Stewart middle
5th in Middle School County Meet 2015
2week improvement

Cameron Woods (14) 58.7 55.1 400m Randall Middle
Hillsborough county 400 meter record holder and Champion 2009
8 week improvement

Isabelle Saunders (15) 21:57 21:30 5k Shorecrest Hs
4th Pinellas County meet and 2nd at Districts as a high school freshman 20:16

Tyler Clontz (12) 2:39 2:23 800m Farnell Ms
Improvement after 2 weeks

Corin Sanchez (13) 2:47 2:36 800m Wilson Ms

Spencer 12.7 12.5 100m
Improvement After 3 sessions

Khaleb 10 1:19 1:08 400m
3 week Improvement 3:01 2:43 800m
6:15 5:51 1500m

Rebecca 16 13.43 13.19 100m
2 session, 2 week improvement

Angelo 9 2:52 2:44 800m
3 week improvement

Lara 9 6:43 6:25 1500m
2 week improvement 3:19 3:06 800m

Andrew 12 13:01 10:40 2 miles
13.01 last year pr 17:59 5k 2018 Gasparilla
3 months summer work

2019 track season
Tyler (15) 525 to 507 1600m 221 to 217 800m
Lara (11) 6:44 to 6:22 1600m
Aida (14) 13:18 to 12:10 3000m
6:10 to 5:40 1600m
5:35 to 516 1500
2:46 to 2:37 800 meters
Janee (16)12.48 to 12.32 100m
Anila (24) 26.81 to 25.57 200m 61.5 to 58.13 400m 229 to 224 800m
Isabelle (16) 6:07 to 5:48 1600m 245 to 230 split in 4x800.
Michael (17) 52.2 to 51.84 400m
Carolyn (15) 18.98 to 18:11 110m hurdles

I had 5 district winners in Hillsborough county this 2019 track season and a runner up by .09
Mary Ellen plant high school 1600, 2 mile
Elizabeth plant high school 800
Sara Dunn Robinson high school 2 mile
Naheem Prater Newsome high school 100 hurdles
Keleigh Scallon Newsome High school 800
Michael Bradford Newsome high school 400

Athlete of the year in Hillsborough County in track and Cross Country in 1988-89 school year

15:37 5k Kinney Regional 21st
State of Florida cross country state meet 7th in the State
14:59 3 miles cross country
4:19 mile in Hs 3rd in state
9:40 2 mile in hs
1:56 800 in high school

In finished 4th in USA at Junior USA nationals for 19 and under athletes

Scholarship athlete at University of Florida for track and Cross country
Personal Records
400 relay split 49.5
800 1:50
1500m 3:43 equivalent to 4:02 mile
3000m 8:09
5000m 14:20 road race
10000m 30:51 road race
After college, I competed in road races and won prize money

I start with assessing runner's technique with video to analyze what a runner does well and what we need to work on to become efficient. Everything I do is based on progressions. I progress and athlete from where ever they start to increase demands as their body is ready.
Next, I put athletes through a series of drills that will promote proper technique which includes a dynamic warm up.
Technique sessions takes 1 to 3 sessions to begin to master technique
I begin to implement strength drills (Normally, I begin introducing them the 1st or 2nd session) for sprinters
phase 2 I add more resistance training and light bounding as well as adding light workouts and my strength plan for homework.
Each phase duration depends on the level of the athlete and how long it takes their body to adapt different age athletes progress at different rates.

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Client Reviews

Coach Mike is excellent with kids. He knows his stuff and is very professional.

(no details provided)

My kids are in middle school and we thought that they were showing more commitment to XC. My son plans to run in high school next year. Coach did s full evaluation, provided a series of quality warm ups for them to use in addition to what they do with their team coach. He also provided coming on how to run more efficiently.

My kids were not good about following up even with strong encouragement from Mom and Dad. This is not coach Mike's fault at all. You can tell that coach has a ton of experience with coaching runners as well as his own running. He watches great runners and uses that analysis as well as his own extensive successful experience to improve his athletes. I can recommend him highly.

Coach Mike is both very knowledgeable and patient.
In our first session - he coached and pushed my daughter (who doesn’t enjoy running) into a hard working dedicated runner.

Great first session. Looking forward to doing the work to get the improvements I’m hoping for as a brand new runner.

Coach Mike is a great and I would highly recommend! He is working with my son to increase his speed as part of his football training.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Excellent teacher!

Coach Mike is a very friendly, knowledgeable and professional individual. He takes his work very seriously.
He has exceeded my expectations thus far.

(no details provided)

After just my 1st session, Coach Mike has helped me realize & correct my running form errors. Looking forward to future sessions to get me where I want to be. This guy is the real deal & he has his whole heart into doing this.

Coach Mike is working wonders with my daughter. She left her session asking me to make sure I buy more session. Coach Mike makes working hard fun. Nobody is better than Coach Mike!!! Feel very blessed to have found him.

We have been training with Coach Mike for just a very short time (completed our 3rd session) but we already see a big improvement in our daughter’s running form and her speed. Coach Mike is not only experienced in the running field, he is knowledgeable in the mechanics and in form and literally measures each step along the way. He is a very personable coach and by understanding my daughter’s particular goals, he is tailoring a specific program that utilizes both her strengths and her weaknesses..... while making the training sessions fun.

(no details provided)

Some people may look for results and see that as success. We were looking for someone my son would enjoy working with who had the right combination of motivation and skill. Found them both with Coach Mike.

Coach Mike really knows his stuff. Very high energy and motivational. He’s really helping my son with his running form.

Coach Mike worked with our son for the first time today, and I was amazed! Not only did he start to analyze his form from the very beginning, he worked on drills that by the end of the hour completely changed how our son runs. Besides the actual drills, he explained why he was doing them. To top it off, our son was so happy after an hour work out and that was due in part to the progress he made but specifically in response to Coach Mike’s positive, energetic attitude! He’s already looking forward to the next session!

Coach Mike is what I’ve been looking for to train my 2 boys. He definitely has tons of knowledge of proper techniques to take your child to next level. I would recommend Coach Mike to any track athlete that wants top notch.

(no details provided)

Coach Mike was very knowledgeable and informative. The kids enjoyed the session and are excited to learn what Coach Mike has to teach at the next sessions.

(no details provided)

Coach Williams on first meeting was not only friendly, knowledgeable, but also very good at his task using both scientific methods for speed and an encouragement for improvement. By the end of the first session, my daughter changed her form and was showing a much more fluid running style. Can’t wait to see what is in store for the upcoming sessions!

(no details provided)

Excellent training methods, professionalism, and information. Truly an expert in the field of athletics.

(no details provided)

Coach Mike is absolutely superb! Excellent coach, wealth of knowledge and very intuitive ! Highly recommend !

My 14 year old son worked with Coach Mike for the first time today. Based on his reviews, and background, I had very high expectations. Coach Mike met, or exceeded, all of them. I could see that he was very passionate about helping his athletes attain their goals. He is a great communicator.

Importantly to me, Coach Mike keeps up-to-date on his training methods. My son is a baseball player and has worked 1 X 1 with many coaches over the years. I have found that many continue too teach with what they did X number of years ago. My son enjoyed working with Coach Mike and sees great benefits in working with him.

I recommend Coach Mike to any athlete, or parent, looking to improve their speed.

Coach Mike is awesome. My daughter love the training session and can’t wait for more. He explained and taught basic mechanics in running, made it fun and engainging throughout the training session. Most importantly, he knows how to motivate and build her confidence. Great Coach, great person. Go Gators.

I was preparing to leave for military training and had very specific running goals related to the two mile run required for the fitness test at officer candidate selection. My goal was to run at an eight minute pace for two miles and I started at just under a ten minute pace. In three months Mike was able to get me down to just under an eight minute pace and increase my endurance. He gave me specific directives to accomplish when I was training by myself in between sessions and this culminated in me being able to endure a sustained 50 minute run at a ten minute pace and the fastest mile I was able to run was 07:30. I saw a lot of improvement in the span of a few months and felt really prepared to re-enter active duty.

I had my first session with coach Mike. It was exactly what I needed. I look forward to continuing my growth with him.

Coach Mike certainly knows his stuff! He evaluated my son's abilities and made great observations...giving him the correct path to move forward! I will use him in the future!

My son is very pleased with his training

Had my first session with Coach Mike. He was polite, professional, and very informative. He gave me some useful tips to help enhance my running speed. Thanks, Coach Mike.

Coach Mike....Has a wealth of knowledge that clearly translates into results. We actually took a break after 15 sessions because of time restraints, school, sports etc... and 6 months later we are back. There is no denying the significant difference and level of improvement my son experienced while training with Coach Mike. Hopefully, this time around we can squeeze him into our hectic week permanently. As usually, Thanks....for the great job!!!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Mike has been awesome working with my daughter. She has been struggling with running and after only a few sessions I can already see improvements in her stride and her times. He has a good personality to work with kids which can be hard to find.

Coach Mike is awesome. As of right now we have 2 sessions left and my daughter is interesting in taking more. He has a great personality and works well with kids. I was excited to see him and my daughter instantly click. He had her working the whole hour, encouraging her every step of the way. Excited to see what future lessons will bring.

Very knowledgeable and patient. Thanks for the help, looking forward to future sessions. Highly recommend.

(no details provided)

Coach Mike is a great coach. I'm an old man learning to sprint and I'm really glad I signed up. There's way more to learn than I thought but Mike is a great teacher.

Amazing!!!! We bought the package of 3 and have completed our first session but I can already see improvement

I enjoyed the passion , patience, and knowledge that was displayed . We plan on signing up for more sessions in the near future .

Mike was awesome! Worked on sprinting mechanics and advise on how to improve my sprint time.

Very knowledgeable and patient! Great personality and my son enjoyed his first workout with him and is ready for the next!!!

Coach Mike has done an outstanding job working with our son! We can see significant improvement in not only his performance but also in his confidence and mental focus. We knew from the beginning that Coach Mike was the perfect choice for our son and we are delighted we've made this investment in his future.

We are ensuring that our son will keep training with Coach Mike over the long term as he continues to progress as a young track athlete!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Mike is an expert in his field. He is professional but keeps the sessions fun and enjoyable.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Mike is very knowledgeable. I had confidence in his ability the moment he responded to my inquiry. He is methodical and thorough. I have no doubt my son will succeed, with Mike's guidance.

(no details provided)

Coach Mike is a fantastic coach! After 3 sessions my son is already noticing a difference in his running form and speed while playing soccer. Coach Mike is very patient and encouraging. My son is working hard, learning a lot and at the same time, really enjoying his sessions.

(no details provided)

It is quite apparent that Coach Mike knows about the mechanics of running. He jumps right in and evaluates his students very quickly, gets them to understand why they are not improving, and shows them the correct techniques to get them to improve their times and their confidence. After only 1 session, I can see an improvement in my child's running form. That's what it's all about--maximizing their potential and giving them the knowledge to do their best. Can't wait for the next race!

Before coming to Coach Mike, my son was ready to give up running track because he was not seeing any results. Now after 3 sessions he has renewed confidents to pursue his goals.

In just one hour Coach Mike had erased a couple of years of incorrect middle school coaching and had my daughter on new ground.
His great personality combined with years of coaching really shined through and has my daughter excited about track again.
We had planned just one session since we are passing thru the area but have decided to get a couple more and gain more knowledge.
Highly recommend you try one session and you'll find out the same.
His session on starting blocks will change my daughter's season.
Thank you Coach Mike.

Coach Williams has been wonderful! Our daughter is 9 years old and our family is new to the world of running. He has been very patient, professional and encouraging to us. He certainly knows his stuff (there's a whole science behind running that I wasn't even aware of). Our daughter gets weekly feedback and practice assignments. He is working on her posture, technique and strength. We are very happy with our choice to work with Coach Williams!

Very knowledgeable and has the technology and ability to observe and analyze running technique and break it down in order to help you improve your form

(no details provided)

Great instructor. Coach Mike assessed my current level and provided direction on how to technique to achieve my goals. He promptly followed up with a workout plan for me to follow.

Today we had our first session with Coach Mike. Coach Mike was very detailed with his evaluation of my son. He identified strengths and weaknesses during this session. I believe Coach Mike and my son definitely clicked during this session. Coach Mike demonstrated techniques in real time as well as video. You call tell Coach Mike has custom training techniques and not regular same ole routines. This was evident due to the fact this was my son's third (Soccer, Track, and Coach Mike) training session today. Coach Mike tweak workout due to the earlier training. Coach Mike showed expertise and knowledge as it pertains to individual one on one training.

Coach Mike was a real help to me. I don't come from a running background, and therefore lacked a lot of the basics. Coach helped me to make up for that, and taught me how to be a more fast and efficient runner, in addition to being friendly and easy to work with!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Mike is in the evaluation stage with my son. In the first lesson he noticed needed changes in form and after the second has a plan to get things corrected. He works great with my son, gives recommendations on exercises and communicates very well with me to assist. I feel he will take him to the next level and higher in time.

Coach Mike was fantastic. He worked hard with my son, and the kid loved it. He is clear, knowledgeable and has great charisma. We are looking forward to his next session!

Coach Mike has been wonderful to work with. My son started running track this year and I thought he could use some help with his stride. After his first session with Coach Mike he improved immediately and after a few training sessions with Coach Mike he has really made great progress. His times in the 800 have dropped dramatically in a short time. Coach Mike even made time to attend one of my son's school track meets, the look on my son's face was priceless as he had another personal best. Coach Mike has a lot of knowledge and really wants his students to succeed.

(no details provided)

Mike was great. He gave us a ton of information. Only going to get better from here. Really looking forward to working with him. Good guy.

Coach Mike was great. My son had a great time and learned a lot in just one session. I would definitely recommend coach Mike to a friend. We also plan on using him for future sessions.

(no details provided)

Truly passionate about his spot let and inspirational in his approach. I've run marathons, triathlons climbed mountains, skied big mountains and numerous other events...his approach to running transcends all these sports and is making all my events better

Mike is amazing! My daughter learned more in one session than she has in 2 years of running. He started with her stride and we went from there with drills, strength training and more. He is extremely knowledgeable and we are so thankful we found him!

Definitely saw an improvement with my run after just one session.
Would recommend Coach Mike to anyone who needs assistance with their running.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Exclent, A+ Good Coach. My kid have 7 years and the coach had excellent training

Coach Mike is a great coach for those looking to build great technique and form. Every minute was spent being working and getting better. Looking forward to working with him again and getting my 5k and 10k times down significantly

Coach Williams is not only a phenomenal track coach but a super fantastic coach at basketball as well. My shooting percentage and everything else has gone up extremely. Learning the game of basketball through him makes it easier to understand and his training to be a freak of an athlete is outstanding. Amazing personality and will always look out for his students/players. The only bad I have to say is I wish I met him when i was a kid.

Coach Williams has truly been amazing with my son as he is just coming back from a knee injury. With just 2 sessions in Coach analyzed and immediately started to improve on areas that needed work. His training methods are awesome my son said never had that type of training before which speaks for itself. His dedication,guidance, support and enthusiasm goes beyond expectations and I know with continuous training and support my son will exceed his goals to be a great collegiate runner.

Mike Williams has completely transformed my daughter from a below average sprinter to one of the fastest on her Soccer team. And the most amazing part of this transformation is that so far we've only done three one hour sessions. I knew that my daughter had it in her but something just didn't look right with her sprinting form. Her mechanics just didn't seem right. Well, Mike Williams taught her a few things and now she can outrun others in Soccer and she's suddenly able to run away with the ball. Thank you Mike, we're looking forward to more sprint coaching from you.
Under Coach Williams assistance, I went from a 12.57 to a 12.06. He is very flexible, supportive, dedicated and committed to his athletes.
In just a few short weeks Mike has been able to show advanced improvement for all 3 of my kids. He has all of the necessary equipment and knowledge to maximize a kid's potential. My wife & I are overjoyed with the progress of our kids!
Over the years I have watched Mike transform from a division 1 NCAA competitor into a knowledgeable, passionate, results driven and dedicated coach. His work ethic as an athlete, his research and his workouts will help his clients maximize their skills.
Coach Mike has helped my kids develop better technique and form. I can see a big improvement since my children started working with him. I appreciate all of his positivity with the kids and his hard work.
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