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1 session package with Coach Michael. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$70 1 session + applicable fees

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3 session package with Coach Michael. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$210 3 sessions ($70/ea) + applicable fees

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10 session package with Coach Michael. 60 minute session length

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  • Texas Tech University (TX)

  • 22 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Forward, Guard

  • Agility, Attacking the Rim, Ball Handling, Defense, Footwork, Moving Without the Ball, Passing, Pick and Roll, Post Moves, Reading the Floor, Rebounding, Shooting


  • Texas Tech University (TX)

  • 22 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Forward, Guard

  • Agility, Attacking the Rim, Ball Handling, Defense, Footwork, Moving Without the Ball, Passing, Pick and Roll, Post Moves, Reading the Floor, Rebounding, Shooting

More About Coach Michael

I am a private coach in the field(s) of Basketball, Volleyball and Football. As a coach, my passion is to work with those who have the same level (if not more) passion for their sport of choice. I am a goal driven coach who believes, you MUST master the basic fundamentals. Then and only then will you become a STAR performer in your sport. If you choose me for your coach, I can assure you with our time together and your dedication to your sport; our team work will help you to achieve your desired results.

As a coach I have held many coaching positions within my community through volunteer work. In addition to this, I have established my own sports academy, named "All-Star Sports Academy". Through this sports academy I have the experience of 1x1 private training/coaching, group training/coaching and competitive team training/coaching. Age groups for these teams have ranged from 7 years old- 18 years of age.

My specific belief is to Master the Basics. From there I will monitor your skill level and provide honest feedback. Once we have narrowed down your areas of needed improvement, we will concur those areas, while continuing to blend your areas of strength. This will help you to become or enhance your position on any team as a Star Performer.

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Client Reviews

Had a great experience, definitely recommend his expertise.

Great fundamentals coach! My daughter was able to improve her volleyball skills in just the first session. He is a top-notch coach!

(no details provided)

Works great with kids

Coach Michael was great. I've worked with several coaches, and he is, by far, the one I've been most comfortable with.
I would recommend him to anyone who's interested.

This is the coach you want. We appreciate you!

Coach Michael helped my son to improve his overall basketball game, he was very patient but persistent in getting across his methods. My son really enjoyed the sessions and feels it has really worked for him.

(no details provided)

Great coach, very understanding of the game of basketball.

Great coach, very patient and knowledgeable, my kid really enjoyed the session

Coach Michael has been instrumental in the growth and progress of my daughter’s volleyball game. He approaches each skill methodically and customizes his coaching to fit her understanding of it, both from a mental and physical perspective. He actively pushes her to strive for consistency, while ensuring her mental game stays on point.

(no details provided)

Easy to communicate with very knowledgeable and patient all-around just a good person

Coach B was incredible! He really laid out the basics for my son and got him loving basketball! I would highly recommend him to work with anyone that is interested in improving their basketball game at any level.

(no details provided)

Coach Michael is a great coach. He was patience with my son and very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend him!

Very professional and has great knowledge about basketball

Coach Michael did a great job with daughter on her first volleyball training session. He teaches good fundamentals which is key in any sport. I would most definitely recommend Coach for any of your sports needs!!!

(no details provided)

Lailan is growing to love volleyball more and more. She is becoming more confident in her skills thanks to Coach B !

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach is awesome! My son loved him and gained so much confidence and knowledge! He exceeded my expectations. Thanks coach!

Excellent coach, I truly recommend. My daughter had no experience whatsoever in volleyball and after our sessions I can see that a lot has improved. He used different techniques that made it easier for her to understand. He encouraged her to become better every single practice.

Awesome first workout for my son. We are looking forward to learning more and training more.

Coach Michael was an amazing coach and worked on the fundamentals and conditioning. I had a great practice with him and I am looking forward to booking Coach Michael again in the near future.

Micheal is a great coach and definitely knows what he is doing. He took the time to explain each drill and movement so that my 9 year old son could understand and carry it out properly. Looking forward to our next session.

Coach Beall is a great coach! He had a lot of tools to help my son get back in shape for football season. My son worked hard but had a great time while doing so.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Great experience! He was well equipped and gave solid feedback. My son enjoyed his session. Thank you!

Amazing helped me realize what i need to work on in order to be a successful basketball player

Micheal Beal is a amazing Coach, dedicates his self to his players he coaches.He helping me get back into the flow for college volleyball.He the best at what he does.

Coach Michael is very professional, knowledgeable and kind to my daughter. I am very pleased with the first session and look forward to him working with her going forward. God bless him and what he does for his clients!

It was a great first session with coach Michael! His techniques and training are amazing! We are looking forward to more sessions with him!

Coach B Is the GOAT! Very knowledgeable about the game of Football. After one session with my brother, he has the tools he needs to be successful at the QB position! We will continue to work with Coach B to perfect his craft!

Coach Michael is a fantastic coach! After the first lesson with him, my daughter already feels more confident in her volleyball skills. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their volleyball skills.

Coach Michael is a great coach! Today was my sons first Football session with coach and it turned out Great. Coach Michael pays a lot of attention to details enhancing fundamental skills that I witnessed today! I will be booking more sessions looking forward to more training for my Son! Thanks Coach!!!!

Michael is coaching my 8 year old son for football. I've coached and been around a lot of coaches, but I will tell you he knows what he's doing! Started with a first practice with a lot of fundamentals which is exactly what I wanted to see. He has a great attitude and makes it fun for the kids as well. I would and will recommend him to anyone!

My daughter's first session was on a Wednesday in between club volleyball practices on Tuesday and Thursday. She improved her basic skills and strength in that one hour lesson than any of the club practices! Coach Michael really connects and hones on a specific improvements for each facet of the game and then progresses through different activities to reinforce the learning. We will continue with Coach through the summer as I feel he help my daughter transition to high school ball.

Coach Michael is an excellent coach. After only one session I can see great improvement in my son’s performance. His techniques, my son lamented, had never been taught before in years of football, but definitely give my son the edge. I’m extremely happy with him, and highly recommend him to anyone.

My son had the session with coach Michael B. today. The session went very well. I could see immediate improvement in my son’s game. Most importantly, he was super happy with the results!

I was pushed hard and I already learned something new the first day.

Coach Beall is truly a master coach. He knows how to earn the kids trust, identify problem areas, and work on implementing the correction. My son looks forward to the next session from the minute we leave the current one. His mastery of basketball is evident in his coaching technique and his ability to prove that what he teaches actually works. Looking forward to working with him for a long time.

(no details provided)

This was my daughter's first practice and my husband and I were sold. His coaching style is mild, uses constructive criticism, and allow the player to identify their mistakes. We were so pleased that we scheduled our next training. Thank you Coach.

With just one session, my daughters confidence was boosted tremendously by Coach Michael. He kept the atmosphere light hearted, he was patient, helped her understand her weakness. We'd recommend him to anyone and look forward to more sessions with him.

(no details provided)

Coach Michael was exactly what new 12 year old needed. She is brand new to the sport of volleyball and was a little nervous about a private lesson. He was fantastic, and we all could see improvement after just one lesson. We will definitely be signing up for more with Coach Michael

(no details provided)

Coach Michael was awesome!! He took his time to explain things and was very patient with my 12yo daughter. He definitely knows his stuff. I would recommend Coach Michael to anyone looking for a volleyball coach.

My daughter showed instant improvement. Very impressive what individual coaching does. Coach Michael worked at my daughters level but still gave that encouragement to expect to be pushed for improvement... She was proud to say she found him on CoachUp.😊

Very friendly and patient , helped my daughter find what she’s going to be best with and what she needs to work on! Will continue working with him !

Coach Mike is very knowledgeable in bringing out the best in your child. He made sure my daughter warmed up adequately and was their to do WORK. He made her sweat for sure, but he analyzed her mechanics and ensured he coached her up in her biggest areas of opportunity while strengthenening her already strong areas of the game. He shared with her his knowledge and I saw improvement after just one session. He focused on all aspects and positions of the game not just one certain skill/area to ensure her over all game improved. Looking forward to the next sessions.

Coach Beall is very knowledgeable and was very professional. My 13 year old boy really enjoyed the session. Will definitely be scheduling more sessions soon...

Thank you

Coach Michael was a great coach. I booked private sessions for my 12 year old daughter. We could already see her progress after the first session. Coach Michael is very nice and professional. We really appreciate his tutoring. I would recommend coach Michael to anyone who wants to improve volleyball skills. Thank you so much, coach Michael!

(no details provided)

Coach B is awesome!!! He is passionate and determined to help my daughter get to the next level!! We are so grateful to be working with him!!!

Today was my daughter's first lesson with Coach Michael. I was so impressed with his knowledge about volleyball technique! He had her doing drills that I've never seen in any practice before and she has already improved. He was hard on her, but also encouraging and she had a smile on her face the whole time. I'd recommend Coach Michael to anyone that needs to take their game to the next level. We can't wait for the next lesson!! 🏐😊

Coach Michael is great coach. he treated his trainee as his own and make them comfortable. I would recommend him to anyone.

thank you

(no details provided)

Coach Michael is an awesome coach! In only 2 lessons I already feel like I have improved a lot. He is exactly what I needed and it shows.

(no details provided)

Coach Michael is a great coach. My daughter really enjoyed her first lesson. We are looking forward for her next lesson. Coach Michael takes the time to explain everything in detail.

Coach Michael is an AMAZING coach! He is very professional, experienced, and absolutely great at what he do. After just one session with my girls (ages 12 and 13) practicing with him, I’m absolutely positive that we have found a permanent coach. The training and techniques he use I have never seen before. It is exactly what I have been looking for in a coach. I would definitely recommend Coach Michael to anyone interested in volleyball training.

First session was great!!!! Exactly what my daughter was looking for. Looking forward to seeing her progress

Today was our first session with coach Michael. My daughter learned a lot in just an hour and she has three years of club volleyball under her belt. He touched on all aspects of volleyball and she had fun while training. He is a great coach and My daughter is looking forward to future sessions

Coach Michael did a wonderful job with my 10 year old daughter. She loved her first session and is looking forward to her next lesson. It was very obvious that Coach has worked with young kids and did a wonderful job teaching my daughter all the different drills they worked on. I was more than pleased watching them interact with each other during the first session and I have already signed her up for five more lessons. I can’t wait to see her progression with Coach over the next few months.

Michael did a great job! Thanks

(no details provided)

Great coach that has really helped our daughter progress. He’s very patient with her and does a good job of explaining the mechanics behind his recommendations. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to improve Volleyball skills! From my daughter, she feels like she’s a better player now and that the game makes more sense to her.

Coach Michael was great. Our 12 yr old granddaughter does not want to even discuss taking anymore lessons with anyone else. He is so popular everyone must feel the same way.

Coach Michael did an excellent job working with my son. He provided techniques and guidance to assist him in elevating his game. We are extremely grateful for the experience.

Excited we found Coach Michael. He is as dedicated as we are in making our son the best he can be. On and off the court.

Great first two sessions. He was really pushing my daughter to her full potential!

Coach Michael Is the coach we have been looking for. He taught my daughter some great techniques and really pushed her encouraged her and motivated her to do her best. This was only in the first session! My daughter is pumped and ready for her next lesson. Thank you, coach Michael.

(no details provided)

Coach Michael did a great job training our son. In just a few sessions, we saw great improvement in his skills and his confidence. We highly recommend Coach Michael!

My daughter went into her session with no formal training and a lack of confidence but after one session with Coach B, I saw her confidence boost up and she definitely has the basics down for tryouts! We will be back!!!

I'm so glad my wife found coach Micheal on coach up site I already see a big difference with my daughter in just 2 sessions. My daughter got the talent she just needed someone outside of her family to channel it. He coaches as well as inspired my kid as if she was his own in other words it's not just a job to him. We're looking forward to more sessions in the near future. Thanks

Our son had his first football session with coach Michael today we can not say enough about Michael he is a very patient knowledgeable and honest coach our son is 14 years old wanting to learn to play and he took him under his wing teaching him , showing him and worked side by side every step of the way we cannot say enough about coach Michael I absolutely highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great coach

My son had a great time working out with Michael. He was looking to improve his football skills and Michael did a great job of covering several aspects of the game. I especially like how he focused on fundamentals like footwork and hand positioning in addition to working on conditioning and strength building. Michael did a great job of making the session fun for my son and we are looking forward to the next session.

Great Coach!!! He taught my daughter some great skills and gave her some great tips! I saw improvement within our 1st volleyball session. We will definitely be back!!

Coach B is amazing, he has tweaked my daughter in one session so well we will be continuing with her for perfection. I have no doubt he will get her there. He is amazing and very dedicated to what he does and the athlete. Hands down the best Coach my daughter has every had, and she plays Club and School volleyball! He is awesome and I will highly recommend him to everyone!

Coach Michael was very knowledgeable of the game and was able to tell me specially what I needed to do to improve. He’s patient and genuinely wants to help improve my skills on the court

Thank you Coach Beall. My son felt he learned good tips from his first coach session with you.

Had my first volleyball session with coach Michael. He is amazing, after one session I know what I need to work on and how hard I need to push my self. I will continue to train with him. I’m also having my little sister come this summer to train with him, he is great. I recommend him to anyone who is trying to better there technique and learn more.

Coach was great! My son really enjoyed the different drills that Coach Michael coached him through. He was quick to adapt to my sons skill level and interests. We will be booking more time with Coach Michael!

Coach Michael was great for our first session. You could really see his passion for the sport. I asked my daughter what she thought and she said she could already see things she was doing wrong and needed to fix. We are planning another session with him.

Our first session with Coach Michael today was awesome. My daughter immediately felt comfortable with him and we knew right away we made the right choice for a coach to elevate her game. Coach Michael was quickly able to pick up where her weaknesses were not only from a technical standpoint but as well as my daughter getting in her head at times and letting that effect her confidence. She is already looking forward to her next session.

Coach Michael did a great job with my son. He was very patient and thoroughly introduced my six-year-old to the sport of basketball during our first session. While mixing humor, vocabulary, and real world wisdom this training will help provide a positive impact for my son’s bright future. We look forward to working with Coach Michael again.

Coach Michael is doing a fantastic job with my 12 and 10 year old sons. He maximizes their training time, keeps them on task while keeping it fun. In only two sessions the boys have shown marked improvement. I am very satisfied with his coaching thus far.

(no details provided)

Coach Micheal was great to work with. He assisted my son on a one on one basketball training session and we were all very satisfied. He showed my son new ways to train and saw things that we haven’t noticed. When he saw error, he stopped and discussed the error, regrouped and even shared options for my son. He exemplifies patience, hard work, and understanding of the game. He was not afraid to push my son to his fullest capability, while building confidence. We will definitely be back for ongoing sessions!

My daughter Sofia is only in her second session with Coach Michael, and I definitely see the improvement! Sofia feels very comfortable with him, and wants to continue to work with him! I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Fantastic first session. Better than I could have hoped. My son has been playing basketball for years through our neighborhood rec league and I have been his coach for the last several years. My knowledge position specific fundamentals is nonexistent. Coach Michael B got dramatic improvement in one session. I'm looking forward to the next one.

I was always told not to believe everything I read but you can believe all the reviews on Coach Michael. He brought out the beast in my daughter on the volleyball court. I saw the light shining thru that had diminished in her over the last year -
all in one session. He encourages, corrects and shows more patience than the normal coach. Thanks, Coach Michael.


Michael did a great job working with my daughter on her volleyball serve. I will continue to have her work with Michael in the future.

Coach Michael improved my daughter's game and confidence in one session!

Great coach who knew what he was doing. Definitely would recommend.

The first session with Coach Michael went great. His encouraging words on his feedback was a bonus to the training. I would highly recommend Coach Michael.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Michael was a great coach. I'm a defensive player and before I had my first private session with him I had a habit of not keeping my butt as low as I should have. Also my upper body was too tense that when I passed the ball it did not meet a good height for the setter to get to. He taught me different techniques to breaks these habits. He was very patient and flexible with me. If you're looking for a coach who wants to make you better, then Coach Michael is the one for you.

Michael is one of the best coaches I've had my daughter work out with. Very focused on form and fundamentals to build off and become stronger, and has helped my daughter up her game

Very good experience for our first session. We will definitely continue to schedule more sessions with Coach Michael.

Great Experience really taught me even on my first session.

Coach Michael was very effective in improving our daughter's hitting and jump serve in our first one hour session. It was nice to see coach combine strength/conditioning with skills and strategy to achieve great results. Looking forward to next few sessions!

(no details provided)

Coach Michael is exactly who we've been looking for as a coach/trainer. We have been amazed on how much he has made my daughter enjoy his sessions. She has commented that she has learned more about the sport and the mechanics of volleyball in the two sessions than what she has played in the her club league. We are so grateful to have found him and my daughter is excited and looking forward in taking more sessions with Coach Michael this entire summer.

Coach Michael was great, my daughter is a very timid and shy person and he did his best to make her feel comfortable. I would recommend him to anyone, he's very knowledgeable, patient and professional.

Thanks Coach

Coach Michael is awesome! My daughter has had two sessions and already has more confidence in herself. We are staying temporarily in Houston for a month while my husband has surgery at MD Anderson. We found Coach Michael on CoachUp because she will be missing several of her club volleyball practices and she was afraid she'd get behind, instead she is getting ahead with training in the areas where she needs it most. He has also been awesome in helping take her mind off the stress of having to stay at the hospital for hours. He truly cares about his students and gives 110% to them! We will continue to use Coach Michael for our stay in Houston.

my son rex really enjoys working with michael. he is a great coach but also encouraging and friendly!

Coach Michael worked really well with my son. We could see a distinct improvement immediately. He came to the session fully prepared and covered many aspects of the game. Also, our son was very enthusiastic after the session. We will be using him again in the near future.

Excellent sessions. Coach Michael is thorough and we look forward to continuing the work!

Coach Michael is a great coach. My son had one session and learned new techniques and strategies that will definitely help his game.

Coach Michael was very patient and went over all the proper techniques for playing and excelling at volleyball. I learned more in one hour than I ever thought I would. He is a great coach and I would highly recommend him to anyone! Thanks Coach!!!

Coach Michael was a pleasure to work with. He was very responsive to emails, was helpful in finding a mutually convenient location and my son really liked him and enjoyed working with him. Coach Michael was very prepared for the lesson and had some great drills for my son. My son learned a lot and had fun.

Coach Michael is a great coach! I met him at the YMCA before one of his clients came in. In the few min. he had he helped me with my shooting, etc. After one session I felt better at basketball, I know i just need to practice. I would recommend him to everyone in need of a trainer for a specific sport.

Coach Michael was awesome. He had a great repor with my daughter. She absolutely learned alot, worked hard and had a blast. The coach was awesome. If we ever come back that way we will defiantly look him up again. Thanks coach Michael

Coach Michael was great my daughter learned a lot so far and it has only been one session! He's very knowledgeable about Volleyball and I will be booking with him again !!

Great coach .... Patient and determined to better your skills..definitely recommend him.... Thanks coach michael.

Coach Michael is wonderful coach. I have noticed big improvement from my daughter's volleyball techniques and skills. She now has master the overhand serve and can hit the ball with much power and confidence. He brought out the best in her. I highly recommend coach Michael and looking forward to more future volleyball sessions.

Coach Michael was extremely knowledgable. My daughter did her 1st session today and caught on very well to Coach Michael. She learned a lot and is excited to do another session with Coach Michael. Will be booking her next session!

Coach Michael is amazing! My 13 yo loved it, and we have booked more sessions.

My daughter had her first coaching session with Coach Michael today. She's been playing volleyball for several years but left the session with some new perspectives and strategies. We'll definitely be setting up another time. Additionally, he's quick to respond to emails and questions. Great experience with Coach Michael!

Coach Michael was a great Coach. I could see improvement in my daughter after one session. It was worth our 2 hour drive. We will schedule more lessons with. I would recommend Coach Michael to anyone.

Coach Michael was awesome! After one session my daughter has learned a lot. He helped her with her explosion to the ball and her reaction time. She enjoyed the training and is looking forward to the next one. I would definitely recommend Coach Michael to anyone.

My daughter has had 3 sessions with Coach B. and there is a major improvement. Coach B. is professional, patient and he knows his stuff. I am already amazed. My daughter is trying out for a major volleyball club next week. I am going to schedule more sessions now!!! Her serve, footwork, blocking and setting has improved. Thanks Coach B. !!

Coach Michael was fantastic with my 15 year-old. He was quickly able to identify her strengths and opportunities and tailored the session to both. She left feeling confident in her skills and excited about the next session.

Coach Michael is a great coach. My daughter is having trouble with her overhand serve. He is extremely patient and is constantly trying to find new ways to teach her the technique. I highly recommend him as a coach.

Coach Michael was great. I had one on one practice for my nephew. He was really good at teaching him the skills he needed to know for basketball. My nephew loved going to practice on Saturdays. If your looking for a coach who can improve your childs skills and you can also trust, Coach Michael is the one.

(no details provided)

Coach Michael did great with my sons, they enjoyed the fun but educational workout.

(no details provided)

Coach Michael has done a great job working with my 13 year old daughter with volleyball and now with basketball. He has approaches things very systematically and has specific suggestions for improvement and explains and reinforces them in a way that she is able to remember and follow through on. He also has a great demeanor/rapport with this age range, which can be hard to find. Definitely would recommend him.

Coach Michael has helped me to maintain and strengthen my technique. I'm an experienced player, and he helps condition and sharpen my skill.

Coach Michael has done a great job with our daughter in improving her volleyball skills and reinforcing good habits on the court. Even after a few sessions, she has already increased her playing time.

Coach Michael was very patient and worked hard with my sister. She really appreciated that he worked with her doing the drills unlike other coaches who tell the athlete what to do but don't spend the time working with the athlete.

Coach Michael is a great coach. He is consistent in his coaching and teaching methods. He is dedicated and is always discovering new ways to get better. I love training with Coach Michael and will continue to train and progress with Coach.

Coach Michael did a great job on training my daughter. She enjoyed the lesson and is ready for the next practice. Coach helped her with her sitting and serving Which helped out a lot. I really recommend coach Michael.

Coach Michael was great with teaching my daughter how to overhead serve in volleyball. He also taught her the necessary fundamentals for all the positions as well. He exuded extreme patience and understanding in knowing how to get her to understand these concepts. So I think now she has the skill set to make her junior high team. He's a great coach!!!!!

Coach Michael is a great coach! After a few lessons weekly I have became a much better athlete than I was before. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to further they're abilities to come to him.

Coach Micheal has given my daughter the strength to be a stronger and effective player. I so glad we chose him as my daughter's coach now and in the future.

Me. Bell was a good coach. He pushed my daughter very hard and has given her advice to help her be successful

Phenomenal coach! It is very obvious that he enjoys coaching and puts a lot of heart into his coaching. I highly recommend coach Micheal.

Nice Coach! Good Coach! Coach will work you hard. Coach will push you and after all is said and done you will walking away feeling good about what you have learn
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