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Working with sprinters/hurdlers/long jumpers. Now booking for summer/fall training! 2x MSTCA Coach of the Year, USATF Level 1 and USTFCCCA Technical Certifications. View all coaching experience

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Matt. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$55 1 session + applicable fees

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Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 session package with Coach Matt. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$150 3 sessions ($50/ea) + applicable fees

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5 session package with Coach Matt. 60 minute session length

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Evaluation Video
Online Training for a single athlete

Send me a video of you executing your event. I can take a look at it, let you know what I see, and provide you with video feedback in return. We can discuss what angles you will need to video from for best assistance.

Session Length: 5 minutes

$20 1 session + applicable fees

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Monthly Training Plan - Google Sheet
Online Training for a single athlete

Sometimes we are looking to just have a plan to achieve our goals. As summer is around the corner, I am happy to set up a monthly training plan to prepare you for your fall seasons.

Session Length: 4 weeks

$50 1 session + applicable fees

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Multiple Athletes
In-Person Training for up to 2 athletes

Perhaps you have a friend or a sibling? This is the package for you!

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In season can be tough, but sometimes it helps to just talk through things. I am happy to provide this service.

Session Length: 30 minutes

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  • University of Massachusetts--Amherst (MA)

  • 13 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Teenagers

  • Throws, Hurdles, Jumps, Sprints

  • Sprinting, Baton Handoffs, Discus, Form, Running the Curve, Long Jump


  • University of Massachusetts--Amherst (MA)

  • 13 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Teenagers

  • Throws, Hurdles, Jumps, Sprints

  • Sprinting, Baton Handoffs, Discus, Form, Running the Curve, Long Jump

More About Coach Matt

Brief Summary:

Entering my 7th year as the girls track and field coach at Westborough High School. In my five seasons at the school, our girls team has broken over 30 different school records. Qualified numerous athletes for State Divisional meets, All-State meet, New Englands, and brought a handful of athletes to New Balance Nationals. Have sent over 40 athletes from my programs on to compete collegiately, while working with numerous others outside of my team.

2023 Indoor Shuttle Hurdle Relay, Boys and Girls
2022 Indoor Shuttle Hurdle Relay - 6th in the country, ALL-AMERICAN
2019 Indoor Shuttle Hurdle Relay - 7th in the country
2019 Outdoor Shuttle Hurdle Relay - 10th in the country

In addition to my job with the girls team, I coach the Westborough boys sprinters/hurdlers/jumpers. Sprinters/Hurdlers/Jumpers helped contribute to team winning the 2021 Central/West Division 1 State Divisional championship.

I have served as a Clinician in the sprints group at the Complete Track and Field Clinic at Harvard for six years.

Head Track and Field Coach at Notre Dame Academy in Worcester 2011-2015. Teams have won indoor and outdoor District Divisional Championships. 2014 Central/West Division II Girls State Champions. Voted two time Massachusetts State Track Coaching Association Coach of the Year by peers in that window. Working at a school of just 240 girls, has sent eight girls on to collegiate track and field - 3 Division I, 2 Division II, and 3 Division III. Between indoor and outdoor track, the team has broken 45 school records.

Long Jump Relay won the District E Division II relay for 3 straight years, missing the 4th straight year by .01 meters. Set meet record for Long Jump relay in 2014.

Full Resume:

• USATF Level I Certified
• USTFCCCA Technical Certification
• MSTCA Indoor Track Coach of the Year – 2013
• MSTCA Outdoor Track Coach of the Year - 2014

College Athletes
- Have worked with over 40 athletes that would go on to keep collegiately in track and field

Head Coaching - Westborough High School Girls Track
• Qualified multiple individuals and relay team for All-State Championship meet
• 9 Telegram & Gazette Super Team Selection
• 12 Metrowest All-Star Selections

Westborough Boys Sprint Coach (Spring 2017-Present)
• Boys School Records - 100m, 100m Hurdles, Long Jump, 4x400m
• Individual All-State Runner-Up - 2018 - 100m
• Individual New Balance Outdoor Nationals Emerging Elite Runner Up - 100m

Notre Dame Academy Girls Indoor Track and Field (Winter 2011/2012-Winter 2014/2015)
• Increased participation from 30 to 50 in my first season with 260 total girls in the school
• Responsible for designing all workouts, meet organization, and any necessary paperwork
• 59-2-1 dual meet record as head coach including first undefeated season in school history
• Broken 22 different school records in four seasons as Head Coach
• District E Division II Champions - 2014
• District E Division II Runner-Ups - 2012
• Individual D4 State Champions – 2013 - 1000m, 4x400m Relay
• Individual D5 State Champion – 2014 - High Jump
• Qualified multiple individuals and relay teams for the All-State Championship meet
• Individual All-State Runner-Up – 2014 – High Jump
• 3 Telegram & Gazette Super Team Selections
• Qualified individuals for New Balance Nationals all three seasons as a head coach
Notre Dame Academy Girls Outdoor Track and Field (Spring 2011-Spring 2015)
• Increased participation from 20 athletes in 2010 to 65 in 2013, school size 260 girls
• Responsible for designing all workouts, meet organization, and any necessary paperwork
• 43-3 dual meet record including first undefeated season in school history
• Five Central Mass Conference Championships in five years
• Broken 23 different school records in five seasons as Head Coach
• Central/West Division II State Champions - 2014
• Central/West Division II State Qualifier Runners-Up – 2013
• Qualified multiple individuals and relay teams for the All-State Championship meet
• Qualified individuals and relays for New Balance Nationals
• District E Relay Meet Champions - 2014
• District E Relay Meet Runners-Up – 2013
• District E Class B Meet Champions - 2014
• District E Class B Meet Runners-Up – 2013, 2015
• 6 Telegram & Gazette Super Team Selections
• 3 Time District E Long Jump Relay Champions (2013-2015), 2nd place in 2012 by .01 meters
• District E Weight Pentathlon Team Champions - 2014, 2015
• Individual District E Weight Pentathlon Champion - 2013, 2014, 2015
• Individual and Team Meet Records in Weight Pentathlon
• Eight athletes continued on to compete collegiately in track - Three D1, Two D2, Three D3

High School sprinter, jumper, and thrower at Northbridge High School

School records in 50 yard dash and 4x100m

Also played football under Massachusetts coaching legend, Ken Lachapelle

My own athletic achievements are limited in comparison to many of my colleagues. I have, instead, worked hard to obtain knowledge of the sport so that I can analyze things to the best of my ability. While I do have experience competing on my own, I prefer to draw on what I have learned to teach rather than simply relying my own personal successes to my student-athletes.

My philosophy is centered around being explosive - no matter what event you compete in.

Each session is centered around a proper warm-up, assessing current form, and looking to make corrections. The contents of the full session will depend in which spectrum we will be working on. A typical sprinting session would not look the same as a typical throwing session, though some similarities may be found between different event groups. I utilize my iPad to help provide a visual for the athlete rather than just hearing the same instructions they can find in a book.

I do not monitor intense "longer" workouts, but instead work on the tools needed to make these workouts successful.

During the "off" season, I am willing to help develop a training plan to provide direction on training to have athletes ready for their upcoming seasons. I'm always available to answer questions - not just during a session!

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Client Reviews

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Extremely informative and helpful!!

Jacob has really enjoyed Coach Matt! His low key personality fits well with our sons style. He seems to be learning a lot with new techniques. I would highly recommend!

Very knowledgeable. He explains techniques and physics behind his lessons. My son gained a lot from him.

(no details provided)

Very happy with our session with coach Matt. His technical knowledge of the sport paired with patience and the ability to explain has high value. Looking forward to future sessions.

Coach Matt has helped my twins so much in just 2 meetings. Their confidence is up and they are performing better each time. The girls are very comfortable and told me how knowledgeable Matt is. They are excited about training more this summer and believe they will see improvement in all of their events. I highly recommend Matt Wilson.

Very excited to work with Coach Matt this summer. After just one virtual session and one in person he was able to identify what needed work and help my daughter break not only her personal best but the school record held for over 50 years.

Many daughter had her first session with Matt and immediately took to his coaching style. Matt does a great job explaining drills and helps create a mental image for the athlete. He gets to know your athlete as a person not just someone he is training. My daughter cannot wait to have another session!

We are so happy with Matt. He is professional, kind and knowledgeable. We would recommend him to anyone.

Matt was very responsive and professional. He made my daughter feel very comfortable. They had a great workout and looking forward to more training in the future.

Matt was great-he was very enthusiastic and encouraging. My daughter saw an improvement after 1 session and he gave her new drills to help with her hurdling. Looking forward to more!

Carol (parent of athlete)

Coach Matt is a great coach. My daughter felt totally at ease with him and was amazed at how much knowledge he has for the sport. You can tell that he truly love what he does. She can't wait to incorporate the things she has learned into her workouts and training.

(no details provided)

Would 100% recommend Matt. Matt is an excellent coach, my son learned a great deal from him over the fall getting ready for winter and spring track seasons, and can’t wait to see the results. My son would come home from session so excited about even the finest of details Matt was able to help home with. He then was so motivated to apply in practice through the week before the next coaching session.

Very thorough explanations for everything he spoke about. My daughter learned so much in one session and even came home and wrote it all down so she’d remember!

(no details provided)

Coach Matt is amazing! He was very engaging with my son. He is extremely knowledgable and knows how to motivate! My son is looking forward more sessions. I would 1000% recommend him.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

I have only had one session with matt, but I walked away very impressed with his knowledge, feedback and attention to detail. I left the session feeling more confident about my upcoming race and the prospect of my future in running sprints. I looked forward to working with Matt in the future and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to make improvements in track and field. Jimmy

Our first session with Coach Matt was very productive. He is extremely knowledgeable in all things sprinting, and we saw a noticeable improvement and identified things to work on within just one session. Highly recommended.

Coach Matt works hard at coaching. He cares. He has spent time learning how to coach and now brings a great understanding of technique, especially with sprints and jumps. More importantly to me since my son is younger, Matt is likeable and knows how to effectively get through to kids. My son has a lot of fun in the sessions.

My son is a high school sophomore and had a great first session with Coach Matt today! Coach Matt is very knowledgable and was able to help my son improve his starts and acceleration in just one hour. He is excited to start training with Coach Matt this fall to get ready for the indoor track season.

matt was fantastic....my 15 yr old ran a 5.25 40 down from a 5.4 after 2 sessions w Matt....he had some really good drills to help correct some flaws in their running but also provided a strategy for the approach to specific events and drills....

Coach Matt clearly knows what he is doing. He took my son through a number of important fundamentals including stretches, warm-ups, how to start a race, and maintaining intensity. My son was excited about his session and is looking forward to applying what he learned.

After the first session my son was very excited about the improvement in his technique. I can't wait to see the results in competition.

Matt is truly passionate about coaching. Shortly after we scheduled our daughter's first session, Matt took the time to find video on the internet of Jess competing in the Freshman 100 meter heats at Nationals back in June. Before Jess arrived for her first session, he already knew what she needed to work on. By the end of the first session, Matt had made adjustments to Jess' stride which yielded measurable improvements in her times. Jess says that Matt does a really good job of explaining and demonstrating the changes he wants her to make in technique and that she is learning a great deal from him.

Matt was also candid in his assessment of Jess' abilities and told us that although she has exceptional times for a Freshman girl in the 100 meters, she is actually better suited to run the 400 meters and that she should focus on developing her abilities for that event. Most importantly, Jess says Coach Matt is awesome and that he relates well to his athletes.

Matt is one of the only people who I can confidently say I trust with my training. I met Matt at a running camp 3 years ago and throughout the week he amazed me with his knowledge and love for the sport. Ever since that week I have been in contact with Matt and he has given me running tips and advice for both on and off the track. Matt is more than a coach, he is an amazing person and true friend.
Sometimes you come across a coach who makes you better. Coach Wilson is one of those rare coaches who is able to bring out the best each athlete has to offer. With his guidance and support he is able to help his athletes reach goals they never imagined. For three years I watched him coach athletes of all abilities, he is patient, knowledgeable and always willing to help. He coached my daughter in sprinting and horizontal jumps. He worked tirelessly on her form, her steps, her hand-offs and her strength and conditioning. She had her ups and downs, as every athlete does, and if her results weren't what he expected of her, he worked tirelessly with her to make sure she corrected her errors, perfected her form and got the results he knew she was capable of. He is extremely knowledgeable in sprinting and jumping and is able to translate that knowledge to an athletes performance. He is not only an outstanding coach but is also a great person. He puts an unbelievable amount of work into his coaching, his athletes and the sport of track and field. The evidence of his hard work is seen in the success of each athlete he coached. He has sent many of his high school athletes off to compete in college and he still keeps track of all their collegiate performances, my daughter included. He took a small high school program and turned it into the largest sport in the school, and produced athletes that went to Nationals and won numerous championships. His athletes weren't the only ones to win awards, twice he was named Coach of the Year by his peers, an honor that was well-deserved. More importantly, I feel, is that he truly coached each girl to reach levels they never thought possible. He has always shown genuine concern for his athletes both on and off the field. I know my daughter feels that her success in the sport was due to the coaching she received by Coach Wilson!
I can also speak to his value as a resource from a very personal level, concerning my own son, a discus thrower. During the past spring season, my son, Eric, a senior discus thrower was at a very frustrating sticking point, and myself and other coaches were at a coaching sticking point as well. I asked Matt to come and take a look, and in one afternoon Eric added fifteen feet to his throw. He could pick apart minute details that I couldn’t see and bring yet another athlete, a measure of success.
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