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🥍 Head Coach of North Reading HS Girls 🔷 Assistant REV Club Lacrosse Coach 🇺🇸 USA Lacrosse Level 3 Certified Coach ❤️ Health & P.E. Teacher View all coaching experience

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  • Ithaca College (NY)

  • 8 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Goalie, Attack, Defense, Midfield

  • Dodging, Defense Positioning, Stick Protection, Stick Skills, Agility, Stick Checks, Faceoffs, Fast Breaks, Offball Movement, Ground Balls, Shooting


  • Ithaca College (NY)

  • 8 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Goalie, Attack, Defense, Midfield

  • Dodging, Defense Positioning, Stick Protection, Stick Skills, Agility, Stick Checks, Faceoffs, Fast Breaks, Offball Movement, Ground Balls, Shooting

More About Coach Matt

🔘Head Coach of North Reading High School Girls 🥍
🔘2023 & 2021 Cape Ann League Coach Of The Year 🥍
🔘USA Lacrosse Level 3 Certified Coach 🇺🇸
🔘EMWLUA Certified Official 🦓

I have experience coaching high school players brand new to the game and youth players brand new to the game. As a high school coach and private trainer, I have coached league all-stars, Eastern Mass all-stars, Under Armour All-Americans, and players who went on to compete at the collegiate D1, D2, D3, and club level.

🔘Former Ithaca College Football & Club Lacrosse Player 🏈🥍
🔘Earned “John Fasolino Memorial Award” - given to the player who embodies on and off the field leadership.

Sessions will be an equal balance of fun, learning the game, and positive feedback! Here is an example of a progressive build-up session plan:

1) Intro: Objective Of The Lacrosse Lesson
2) Footwork Agility Ladder And/Or Warm-Up Game
3) Passing & Catching Lacrosse Fundamentals Warm-Up
4) 2-3 Drills/Games Focusing On Players Needs
5) Ball Hunt & Conclusion: What Did You Learn? Share A Success Of The Day!

Players will be encouraged to express themselves creatively throughout the session, ask questions, etc. As long as the effort is present from the player, "failure" does not exist within our sessions. You're either improving from each rep, or you're learning from each rep!

Coach Costello will provide all equipment (if necessary). This include lacrosse balls, extra sticks, net, "blow up" goalie, cones, etc.

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Client Reviews

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He’s great

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Coach Matt responds quickly to messages, is extremely easy to book appointments with, and my daughter has raves about how much she’s learned over just a few lessons. Highly recommend!

Coach Matt was extremely helpful and friendly. He used game like situations and helped with my overall skill sets.

Coach Matt was excellent. We will be seeing him again. Coach had everything that my daughter needed at the field. He taught her the basics and fundamentals to start her off with a great foundation for lacrosse moving forward. My daughter loved the session and is excited for more.

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My daughter loved the session, Coach Matt did a great job assessing her level and setting up drills for her to advance her skills. He brought all the gear needed, including a goalie prop.

Booking more sessions!

Coach Costello was very professional, polite and made my daughter feel very comfortable. He taught her skills , form and assisted with basic lacrosse IQ. I would recommend him to anyone, he was great :)

(no details provided)

My daughter really enjoyed her lesson, said she learned a lot and is looking forward to continuing sessions with Coach Matt!

(no details provided)

Coach Matt is fantastic! My daughters had a great session and learned lots of new lacrosse techniques. Highly recommend!

Coach Costello is a great coach! My daughter loved working with him and can't wait for another session!!!

Coach Matt really knows how to train an athlete. I was impressed with his ability to make changes without overwhelming my daughter. My daughter increased interest in Lacrosse was based on Matt's training approach. He is constantly filling his student with positive feedback. Maddie's skill level and confidence in her abilities increased dramatically after just 5 lessons with coach Matt. Coach Matt's level of knowledge about the sport really is unmatched. He is able to break down issues without negatively impacting the athletes confidence. I hope our coaching staff has half of Matt's skill and talent. Thank you Coach Matt!

Coach Matt is fantastic! I'm totally a beginner, but he is really patient and helpful. I felt I improved a lot after one session. Thank you Coach Matt!

My daughter had never played lacrosse before her first session with Coach Costello. He was very professional and immediately engaging, developing a nice rapport with her and making her feel comfortable right away. He did a fantastic job teaching her the fundamentals of of the game and gave great feedback on her performance and things to focus on at home. He has a nice coaching style and asks what areas of focus she wants to learn and focus on at each session. My daughter says he gives directions very clearly and isn’t judgmental when you make a mistake, instead, he corrects your form in an easy to understand manner. We could see a big difference in her confidence after the first session and even more so after her next session. She really enjoyed working with Coach Costello to get ready for tryouts. Thank you for your time!

My daughter is a beginner and had great sessions with Coach Matt. Each session was filled with great drills that my daughter needed. Yet, it was very fun that my daughter was looking forward to the next session. I could see big difference in my daughter's confidence and skill. It was fortunate that we met Coach Matt before the start of next season.


Great sessions, able to learn a lot in a short amount
of time.

My daughter loves working with Coach Matt! She’s more confident and aggressive and is very excited for her next lesson. Definitely more prepared for the upcoming high school tryouts. Very happy with the results and I highly recommend Matt!

Coach Matt gave my daughter and her friend a really great beginners lesson. He had them moving the entire time and working on fundamental skills. The girls loved it and are looking forward to another session soon. He was also extremely prompt in responding to messages. Matt's indoor facility is also brand new and pretty amazing! Thanks Coach!

Coach Matt did a great job customizing the session to my daughter's development needs. He was very knowledgeable and he struck a great balance of teaching and running through skill appropriate drills and game-like situations. My daughter found it very valuable. Will definitely sign up for more sessions with him!

(no details provided)

Coach Costello was great. The girls loved the first session and can't wait to book again!

Coach Matt is terrific. Great lax teacher/coach and also a wonderful presence.

Matt was great with my son. Enthusiastic coach, made the practice fun and tailored it to my son's needs and abilities.

Awesome! Will definitely be booking more sessions!

I have had the great opportunity to coach alongside Matt Costello, where I immediately could see the dedication and commitment he has to his players, assistant coaches, colleagues, and community. Having played for a competitive Division 1 collegiate program, I am immensely impressed with the amount of knowledge Coach Costello has demonstrated and continues to learn regarding the women’s sport. Whether it is coming up with a quick play during a game, or drawing up position-specific drills, it is obvious the amount of natural talent Coach Costello has for coaching. Costello has spent endless hours learning from scholar coaches, all to have more insight and strategies for his players. Matt Costello, a US Lacrosse “Level 3” certified coach, an EMWLUA certified official, has participated in LaxCon, a professional development conference for people to learn from renowned coaches and individuals. Coach Costello is exceptionally organized and focused, preparing well in advance for each practice and game. After each game and practice, he allows his players to share input on ways to build the program stronger. Coach Costello does not focus on wins and losses, but rather on improving as an individual and team each day, learning from moments on the field, and growing together today to become better tomorrow. Costello is dedicated to players of all skill types and selflessly strives to assist the player, and person, to improve as a whole. Coach Costello firmly believes in a vision of respect, loyalty, trust, and commitment which he embodies every single day, on and off the field. It is clear how this reflects the actions of his players, making them well-rounded student-athletes who not only improve on the field but give back to the community and youth, as well as maintain their responsibilities in the classroom. Coach Costello has also hosted several free youth lacrosse clinics for the town of North Reading to share ideas and concepts to younger players. It is admirable the amount of impact Coach Costello has in such a quick time on his players and everyone around him. He constructs a positive learning environment where everyone feels welcomed. In my opinion, Coach Costello is a five-star coach, but more importantly a five-star person.
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