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Sports performance facilitator and personal trainer. I maximize athletic capacity through mechanic-based optimization of skill through dynamic functional movements. View all coaching experience

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

5 session package with Coach Marlon. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$319 5 sessions ($64/ea) + applicable fees

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Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 session package with Coach Marlon. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$200 3 sessions ($67/ea) + applicable fees

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Elite Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

10 session package with Coach Marlon. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$595 10 sessions ($60/ea) + applicable fees

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1 session package with Coach Marlon. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 minute

$80 1 session + applicable fees

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  • University of Miami (FL)

  • 7 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Linebacker, Defensive Back, Quarterback, Running Back, Tight End, Wide Receiver

  • Jamming, Hand Placement, Blocking, Cutting, Catching, Route Running, Throwing, Footwork, Pass Defense


  • University of Miami (FL)

  • 7 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Linebacker, Defensive Back, Quarterback, Running Back, Tight End, Wide Receiver

  • Jamming, Hand Placement, Blocking, Cutting, Catching, Route Running, Throwing, Footwork, Pass Defense

More About Coach Marlon

After graduating with a B.S in biology and minor in psychology, I pursued my passion for sports and accepted the position of sports performance coach, physical therapy aide and personal trainer for Symmetry Physical Therapy located in Pelham NY. As a sports performance coach, I conducted various strength and conditioning classes from ages 11 to adults. Football, baseball, basketball and soccer were the different sport specific training sessions I was challenged to create and monitor fitness progression. The personal training element allowed me to train non athletes and specialty athletes like golfers. The physical therapy component allowed me to gain insight into how the application of exercise is used to treat and enhance a population of athletes and non athletes with musculoskeletal injuries/disorders.

My training experience, education and personal sports background set the stage for me to develop a training philosophy that interweaves the enhancement of not only the core athlete but the sport specific skill required to perform at a high level. Core body training/balance, strength and conditioning, short interval acceleration/deceleration, eliminating mechanical wasteful motion and proprioception formulate what I incorporate through the duration of the workout. Although I specialize in quarterback throwing mechanics, I help a wide range of serous athletes eager to advance their sport specific or global athletic abilities.

During my athletic career, I was appointed starting quarterback as a junior in high school without previous experience. With raw athletic ability, I had to find ways to harness it and did so with intense training. Along with reading defensive concepts to help me read and recognize coverage’s, I overhauled my throwing biomechanics from the classic motion (linear) to a core rotary (rotational) motion with a simple arm action. The throwing motion equipped me with a lighting quick release and I never suffered from discomfort or injury associated with the classic linear motion (elbow pain, shoulder discomfort, rotator cuff tears or dead arm syndrome). Consequently, I was selected as a quarterback to the New York City All Star Team in my junior and senior year while being recruited by the Universities of Miami, Massachusetts and Central Florida. I was also invited to attend the Bishop and Dullaghan’s football passing camp in Indianapolis for top players in the country. A couple of knee surgeries cut my career short and I began studying biomedical science. I received a competitive NRSA grant from the NIMH to study mental health disorders and began working in the neurosurgery department at Weill Cornell after symmetry. I currently manage the Mitochondria Psycho-Biology Laboratory at Columbia University.

During the first session athletes go through the Torque Diagnostic Circuit (TDC):

TDC is a combination of drills that will test: Hand eye coordination, acceleration/deceleration, strength, flexibility, balance, speed and conditioning. I intertwine athletic enchantments with skill development during my session so the circuit serves as the groundwork to personalize your training experience with specific drills to address both athletic and skill development.

The second phase of the initial workout will dive into the specific mechanics and enhancement of skill/s.

Please reach out to me for with any questions.

Coach Marlon

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Client Reviews

Coach Marlon was excellent right from the start. He was very engaging and my son took to his teaching techniques right away. Big thumbs up

First session with Coach Marlon was great! My 13yo son doesn’t always give rave reviews for coaches. He walked away exhausted and really happy with the hour he spent working with Marlon! Very good start and looking forward to continue working together!

Coach Marlon was great! Extremely knowledgeable!

Great first session!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Great and friendly person. My son Domenick is excited to train some more.

Was so good to my son! Teaching him and cheering him the whole lesson!

Coach Marlon is great!!

My son had his first session today. Coach Marlon was very patient and gave great feedback. We look forward to the remaining sessions.

(no details provided)

Excellent, learned a lot

Very professional, dedicated and with high work ethic. My 12 yrs old aspires to be a QB. Up until coach Marlon he was self taught and trained with the school team only during the seasons. Understandably he had many imperfections and issues. Our goal was two fold: find those imperfections; establish some long term drills accordingly, ie to improve them and strengthen the already established good skills. The idea was for the trainee to understand his weakness and strengths, set some goals and be able to follow some specific drills and a proper routine with or without a coach. Coach Marlon’s approach was quite methodical. He used several techniques to identify the weaknesses and strengths in the first session . He then explained them to us clearly and made sure we understood them. Then in the next session he came up with several drills and worked with them meticulously for several sessions until the trainee understood them and was able to perform them properly. In the end the Coach gave some general very usefully advices about training alone. He also made himself available for us to contact him any time for free for any tips, and welcomed us to send training videos to him any time for evaluation. My son was very comfortable and satisfied with Coach Marlon. We plan to work with him again once the school is over, during summer, and would highly recommend him.

(no details provided)

Coach Marlon is very positive and encouraging!

Great first session looking forward to more

My son is learning so much from Marlon. Marlon is knowledgeable, patient and encourages my son every step of the way. Thank you Marlon!

Coach Marlon is great! He started to work with my 13-year-old son and even from the first lesson my son said he learned so much! He is very accommodating and easy to work with. He made my son feel very comfortable! We are so happy we found Coach Marlon and highly recommend him!

Our son has only had 1 of 5 sessions so far but Coach Marlon was very motivating and was able to hone in very quickly on what he needed to work on. He is looking forward to the next one!

Coach Marlon has made my son who is a good Football player for his age, an even better Football player. He’s patient and knows the game very well.

Great work out, we were very pleased with Coach Marlon.
My son is looking forward to his next training session.

Love working with Coach Marlon, he breaks things down in a way that I can understand, corrects bad habits on the spot, and always allows for questions. We cover a wide range of skills in any given session. I feel much more confident already.

(no details provided)

Coach Marlon was great and we cannot wait to have more sessions. My son is new to football and he definitely needs the 1:1 support. Coach Marlon was so patient with him.

(no details provided)

Coach Marlon is a GREAT coach! He has provided my son with confidence and techniques needed before his first tackle football season. He is clear, patient, creative and provides direct constructive feedback. I would not hesitate to recommend Coach Marlon to any new athlete!

Coach Marlon definitely knows what being a COACH is truly about! He’s both a teacher and player of the game, and our young athlete learned a lot in the time spent with him. Not only is he the consummate professional, but Coach Marlon is someone who dedicates himself to making sure his players learn the GAME the right way. Looking forward to many more sessions and time spent alongside COACH!

(no details provided)

Coach Marlon is a great Coach that has helped me get better and has helped me be confident and reaching my goals. I look forward to training more with Coach Marlon and I highly recommend him.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Marlon was great. Able to help me solve a problem with my sons mechanic. Very active coach with my son. Definitely recommend.

(no details provided)

Coach Marlon has taught me more in a few sessions than I could've taught myself in a year. He is very knowledgeable on proper mechanics, creative with his drills, and will help you as much as you need off the field as well. As a late bloomer, he has given me hope that I can accomplish my goal.

I am writing as the Quarterback that Coach Marlon is training, and Coach Marlon has taught me more about QB mechanics than anybody I have ever met. I can already feel how smooth, easy and more accurate the throw is than my former release after only two sessions. I also like how he treats me and how we can discuss what drills we are going to do. If you are looking for somebody who will actually help you improve your quarterbacking, I would go with Coach Marlon.

I’m not giving the review because I wasn’t training. But Ethan was very happy with Coach Marlon. He said that the coach was a good mix of firm and understanding.

We found coach Marlon to be exceptional. He's prompt, knowledgeable and easy to work with. He encourages my son to follow through each move/drill repeatedly to improve skills. We will continue to book with him and look forward to great results. - M. Clark

Fantastic sessions with Coach Marlon. He really knows the QB position and is able to teach it effectively. Quickly assessed my son’s level and worked on making adjustments and fine-tuned footwork. My son is playing college football and learned a great deal from Coach Marlon. Highly recommended.

Our son really got a lot of the sessions with Marlon. Very diverse expertise across the board in areas important for young quarterbacks

Very responsive and flexible with meeting time and location. Tailored his coaching to my son's individual mechanical needs to make it an amazingly productive session. He learned so much in this one on one session! Son is excited to take his improved skills and perspective to the field and we look forward to working with him further. Can not thank him enough for giving him that extra spark that he needed!

Coach Marlon was an excellent coach for my son. He helped correct some footwork issues and other mechanical breakdowns in his throw while also finding a way to be engaging and fun. Marlon also has great enthusiasm and natural teaching skills.

My experience with coach Marlon was great. I was coming to him not as an athlete but as a researcher. He proved to be smart personable and totally professional. He is very knowledgeable about cutting-edge training techniques. And a great guy!

Coach Marlon works with my son to increase his skills and confidence levels in a number of sports, including football, basketball and baseball. My son loves working with him and has learned a lot.

Coach Marlon worked with my 14 year old son - he was friendly, patient and knowledgeable

Coach Marlon is an excellent coach, he has helped our son in every aspect of the quarterback position. The throwing motion centered around rotational mechanics has helped our son throw longer distances and to throw more accurate and faster with less discomfort. Coach Marlon has taught our son to have better self confidence on the football field and to be an all around better football player. Our son looks forward to his practice sessions with Coach Marlon.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

My son was disappointed with his lack of time on the field and I could see the lack of confidence he had during certain plays. Coach Marlon McGill was exactly what he needed. Coach gave him one on one instruction walking him through the technical aspects of his position and then putting him through the drills needed to build his confidence and skill set. That frustration my son felt on the field is now replaced with excitement to train with Coach and motivation to learn more. KP

Coach Marlon has all the right tools to coach a football player and help become a better athlete. The attention and detail that is provided in the session is very impressive, from warm up to conditioning. Coach Marlon is recommended.

Coach Marlon was great! During our first session, he quickly identified and corrected flaws in my son's throwing mechanics. My son also learned QB techniques that he was able to apply immediately in games. Most importantly, Coach Marlon showed professionalism and a positive attitude.

He is amazing; from the first session I understood the philosophy of the game and now I am looking forward to the next session!!!

Coach Marlon was very fast to respond and knows the key basics of football. He can help you both skillwise and physically. I highly recommend him for anyone interested in playing football wanting to get an extra edge in the game

my son is starting QB for his 6th grade team and we wanted to get him some one on one training before the season began. marlon is fantastic! he is energetic, completely involved, pleasant,easy to contact, and not only works on mechanics but physical conditioning as well. my son's agility and stamina are a strong focus of the sessions. marlon also teaches him the responsibility of being a team leader and the importance of being a team player. would highly recommend marlon to coach anyone wanting to get ahead in the game.

I rate Coach Marlon 4.5 stars. He pointed out great details about how I can improve my performance on the field as a QB; gave me some great ball skills on how to better grip & control the ball. He also showed me how to get back quicker in my "drop backs".

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