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Former collegiate track and field athlete. Part of two National Championship teams. Has coached high school athletes to be champions and receives scholarships. USA Level I cert. View all coaching experience

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In-Person Training for up to 4 athletes

Willing to train student athletes in a group setting. This would enable students to push each other while getting the same specialized training.

Session Length: 1 hour

$200 1 session + applicable fees

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

Session Length: 1 hour

$75 1 session + applicable fees

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

5 session package with Coach Lavel. 60 minute session length

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$350 5 sessions ($70/ea) + applicable fees

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Online Training for a single athlete

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$75 1 session + applicable fees

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3 session package with Coach Lavel. 60 minute session length

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$225 3 sessions ($75/ea) + applicable fees

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10 session package with Coach Lavel. 60 minute session length

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  • Lincoln University (PA)

  • 17 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Marathon, Sprints, Middle Distance, Long Distance, Jumps, Hurdles, Cross Country

  • Triple Jump, Sprinting, Running the Curve, Passing, Pacing, Long Jump, High Jump, Form, Baton Handoffs


  • Lincoln University (PA)

  • 17 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Marathon, Sprints, Middle Distance, Long Distance, Jumps, Hurdles, Cross Country

  • Triple Jump, Sprinting, Running the Curve, Passing, Pacing, Long Jump, High Jump, Form, Baton Handoffs

More About Coach Lavel

I was a student athlete in track and field. I was part of an Indoor and Outdoor Division III National Championship Team in 1999. I participated in the open 400 meters and 4x400 relay.

I have been a coach on the High school level for Seventeen years. Seventeen out of eighteen years I've been a head coach of track and field. I trained countless athletes who have gone on to compete at the next level. Some of them have received scholarships, finished school and have come back to become coaches themselves. I have also received several awards in my tenure as a coach. In 2007 I was named County Coach of the Year for Track and Field. In 2009, I was named State and County Coach of the Year For Cross Country and Track and Field. 2010 I earned my Level I Certification through USATF. I have sent multiple athletes to college on scholarships for cross country and track and field.

Individual Honors: Member of Indoor and Outdoor NCAA Division III National Championship Team, 1999

Individual Activities: Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field.
Events: 400 Meter Dash (best time 48.49), 4x200 Meter Relay, 4x800 Meter Relay (best split 1:56), 4x400 Meter Relay (best split 47.5 split) and the Sprint Medley.

Head Coach, Girls Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field
CHARTER SCHOOL OF WILMINGTON, Wilmington, DE 2005 - Present
Honors: Recipient of the Outdoor Track and Field Coach of the Year Award, 2009 and 2007
Recipient of the County Coach of the Year Award, Cross Country, 2009
Recipient of the State Coach of the Year Award, Cross Country, 2009
Recipient of the State Coach of the Year Award, Track and Field, 2009
Coached teams to 26 Championships in 22 seasons
Overall dual meet record of 102-9 (Cross Country and Track and Field)
Coached 9 athletes recruited to NCAA Division I Cross Country or Track and Field programs
Widely recognized as an elite Cross Country and Track and Field coach

Certification: Earned Coaching Education Level 1 Certification with USA Track & Field, Inc., 2010.

Letter of Recommendation: From Louisiana State University 2010 Outdoor Track and Field Season

Responsibilities: Worked closely with coaching staff and student athletes to develop, plan for, implement planning and achieve various team and individual goals. Educated student athletes on health, nutrition, technique, and proper use of fitness equipment to develop physical strength and stamina. Worked closely with student athletes to build and develop personal characteristics such as self-esteem, interpersonal skills, work ethic, problem solving, and conflict resolution skills which are critical to success. Responsible for the coordination, promotion and facilitation of all aspects of cross country and track and field sporting events held at the Charter School of Wilmington. Acted as liaison between student athletes and prospective colleges to garner college interest in student athletes and to promote post high school athletic scholarship and other opportunities for student athletes.

Notable Coaching Achievements (by year):
2012 –Won Cross Country State Championship. Won Flight “A” Outdoor Track and Field Conference Championship.
2011 – Won Cross Country State Championship. Coached athlete nationally ranked as number one female athlete in Cross Country for the year 2011. Won Flight “A” Outdoor Track and Field Conference Championship.
2010 – Won Cross Country State Championship. Won Cross Country Flight “A” and Conference Championship.
2009 – Won Cross Country State Championship. Won Cross Country County Championship. Won Outdoor Track and Field State Championship. Won Outdoor Track and Field County Championship. Won Outdoor Track and Field Conference.
2008 – Second place, Outdoor Track and Field State Championship. Second place, Cross Country State Championship.
2007 – Second place, Outdoor Track and Field State Championship. Second place, Indoor Track and Field State Championship. Second place, Cross Country State Championship.
2006 – Second place, Outdoor Track and Field State Championship.

My typical session is one hour. I Plan daily workouts, evaluate the skill level of the student athlete, and start off focusing on fundamentals. We then move into drills, stretching and running properly making sure my athletes run with correct form.
My main goal is to have my clients succeed in their respected event.

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Client Reviews

Coach Lavel was a great coach. He conferred with me before meeting up to go over any limitations and ensure that his workout would suit my needs. The session was challenging but manageable. I appreciate the time and effort he took to personalize everything for me!

Knowledgeable and professional, my son learned a lot from his session. Carries on a friendly and good demeanor with kids and is very encouraging.

I love working with Coach Lavel. Love the personalized training to help me fix my form and mechanics. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve on their skills and to become a better athlete.

Coach Lavel did an excellent job making athletes comfortable enough to get out of their comfort zones and push themselves. He provided the athletes with clear and concise instructions, while also praising the athletes for completing things well. Coach Lavel provided athletes with multiple drills to practice while focusing on the fundamentals. He is a well-skilled knowledge and is highly recommended.

(no details provided)

Coach Lavel tailored the session to my son's starting point. He not only had a great workout session, but also talked to him about how best to be coachable. He gave him positive feedback as well as tips for improvement as someone who's never participated before. I'm looking forward to seeing his growth in the coming sessions!

Fantastic! Coach Lavel responds quickly and is very accommodating to schedule sessions.
My daughter really enjoyed Coach Lavel’s coaching style.
Highly recommend if you are looking to work on technique and training tailored to you! He has a lot of training aides and drills to pinpoint where your athlete needs work.

We just had our first session with Coach Lavel. My 15yo is working to improve speed on sprints for baseball and coach was great-connects with the kids, prepared with plan for training, and really encouraging. He worked my son hard and he left motivated to work harder. Looking forward to our next one!

Coach Lavel was easy to schedule, prompt, professional. By the end of the first session with my HS son, he had an easy rapport. The session was focused, direct, and instructional. In my son's words "I like him, I learned already, I can learn more"

Today my son had his first session with Coach Lavel. He was very welcoming, professional and knowledgeable. My son has already learned some great techniques that will be useful throughout his track and field journey. He looks forward to his next session!

He makes training fun, but you are still putting in lots of hard work.

Coach Lavel is AWESOME! He works with both my kids (boy 12 and girl 14) who want to get better in everything they do athletically. From the kids coming off the couch and devices, Coach Lavel won them over immediately with great beginners work that increased as they went on. Not only was he a great coach, he was also just an overall great person to them. They believe in what he says and the work he had them do because he takes time to literally show them what to do before they do it. With continued work with coach Lavel I'm confident and my kids are confident in not only their growth as runners but also in their hard work carrying over to all they do. Again, coach Lavel is truly great!

Coach Lavel did a great job of making our session fun! I learned a lot and look forward to our next one!

Great first couple sessions getting me right for my first year of college. Very professional and well equipped.

Professional, thoughtful, experienced. Exceptional training with an informed authority.

Coach Lavel provided a great first workout. He was very thorough, and took the time to get to know my son. He provided great feedback. We are excited to see the progress over the next few weeks. I would highly recommend Coach Lavel.

After one session with Coach Lavel my son has learned some new beneficial techniques. Would recommend Coach Lavel to anyone

Coach Lavel was patient with my son. He focused on his technique to better his time.

Great first session with Coach Walker. I can’t wait to see how my son progresses.

(no details provided)

Great session! Very knowledgeable about tack and field, and patient. I saw an instant difference in my daughter's stride. It was her first time using a block and he was very detailed in explaining to her what she needed to do and how to come out of the block. She will continue to work with Lavel to perfect her craft. Thank you for a great session!

(no details provided)

Explained everything thoroughly
Answers questions promptly

Coach Lavell is a great coach, my son had his 1st session with him and he talked about him all the way home how good he felt and how he encouraged him to do better even when he made no stride. Throughout the session he used very positive words towards him that my son felt he was the best runner of all time. I would recommend Coach Lavell to anybody

Coach Lavel was great. This was my daughters first track training session. He really motivated her to give her all and really paid attention to every detail to make sure she was doing things the right way.

Coach Lavel is an exceptional coach for student athletes!!! My daughter was so excited before and after her practice routine. Coach Lavel was professional, punctual and equipped with advanced knowledge and coaching skills in track and field. My daughter cannot wait for her next practice session with him. I highly recommend Coach Lavell to anyone who wants to learn and excel as an athlete.

Thank you so much Coach Lavel!! The coaching experiance the we received from you was absolutely wonderful. It exceeded our expectations. Thank you for listening to our needs. Your help and dedication is second to none. Keep up the incredible work that you do. You are a true professional. We are definitely looking forward to working with you closely in the future. Thank you again for your help!!

Great workout with Coach Lavel today! Worked on my starts, agility and explosiveness. He is teaching me important skills that I did not know and is helping me improve other skills that I need to become a better athlete.

Coach Lavel is one of the best coaches you can find. My son plays basketball and wanted to get better with his core and conditioning in the offseason. After today's session he came home and said this is the most he's worked out in a long time and can't wait to do it again. He also said he believes these core, speed and conditioning workouts will take his game to a new level.. We will definitely book ongoing sessions going forward.

Great work out today with coach Lavel. Today they worked on take offs for sprinting he made a couple adjustments fixing my son take off. Good job coach

My son just finished his first workout with Coach Walker and I already saw improvement from the beginning to the end of the workout! The attention to detail on increasing his speed and explosion is just what he needs and I know it will propel him to more success this season in football. We will DEFINITELY continue to work with coach Walker all summer.

I had a great session with Coach Lavel. Focusing on the 400m, we did drills to improve on race strategy and sprinting technique. They are definitely things I can implement in training on my own as well but it never hurts to have a knowledgable coach giving little adjustments on the way. On top of that, it was a good, tough workout with no time or energy wasted on extraneous details. He was very flexible in scheduling and I would recommend to any other sprinters looking for good conditioning and speed work. I look forward to working with Coach Lavel more in the future.

(no details provided)

He was excellent! He made the work out fit just for me.

We had our 1st training session & knew right away that found the right trainer! Looking forward to booking more sessions.

My son had a great session with Coach Walker. He learnt new tips for both sprints and high jump that he can practice by himself as he prepares for the upcoming track season. Overall we found Coach Walker to be very professional and good at what he does.

The training was great and my daughter had improved not only in her form , but in her speed. She was very excited about all the things she had learned as well.

My 13 year old daughter had the pleasure of training with Coach Walker and she truly enjoyed herself. He was punctual, prepared, and understanding of her skill level. His routines fit into where she is as a amateur, trying to understand the track and field concept. She walked away from this experience with a heightened sense of the sport and more enthusiastic than before. My child is looking forward to her future sessions and I'm excited about her future track career because of Coach Walker! Thank you Coach for being available, understanding, and most importantly, patient, with her experience level!

Met with Coach Lavel for first time, so far he has been very prompt at getting back to us, was very professional, and my son connected with him right away. In the short time that he worked with my son he was able to corrected some things and had some advice for him to continue on his own. Looking forward to our next sessions.
My son has met with Coach 6 times now. His experience with Coach continues to impress me, my son raves about his practice every time, talking about how they did this, how they did that, and how he was able to make the times on the track. He is actually excited about running again and about his next session.

Coach Lavel is a great coach and motivator. He took his time to explain the work out and helped push me every step of the way, ensuring that I finished the workout. He is an awesome coach to help some like myself, who is a former athlete, get back into shape. His knowledge, positive attitude and encouraging words helps you not to give up when things get tough. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a hard working and dedicated personal trainer, whose main goal is your personal growth to physical fitness and wellness.

My session today was GREAT! I've never had formal training with high jump and I didn't feel overwhelmed with Lavel's coaching. He gave me just enough feedback and tips and I am looking forward to our next session.

My son is a soccer athlete looking to increase his speed and endurance as well as improve his running technique. After one session with Coach Lavel my son feels more than confident that he'll achieve his goals. Thank you Coach!!

he's a great coach and he will surely help you build up speed and endurance! can't wait to book him again

Coach Walker has given my son such great insight that is has made an immediate impact on his starts and form. He is also very supportive and gives constructive feedback. I would highly recommend him!

Excellent coach! I learned more in one hour than I could get from hours of on-line reading.

(no details provided)

Speed is an essential part of nearly any sport, and for baseball speed is one of the 5 Tools that are essential to the game. As a Varsity Baseball Player I am always looking to compete at a higher level, and Coach Walker has help me to better understand the biomechanics of increasing speed, and helped me develop better flexibility, form, and explosiveness. He is very dedicated to his sport and his clients - I can strongly recommend Coach Walker if speed is important to your sport.

The session was great! Lavel helped me with the fundamentals and explained what need to do to reach my goals. I'm not an athlete, just working on weight loss and strengthening goals for a healthier lifestyle. His workouts are challenging, but he kept me motivated to finish. Looking forward to more sessions.

As a father I was impressed that Lavel was there before we arrived ready for track and field training and was well prepared. I know that Lavel will take my son to the next level and help him to reach his goals. We're EXCITED!!! about the future.

Coach Walker is a great coach! As athlete myself who has been focusing on my development with speed and technique, Coach Walker has great deal of extensive knowledge and patience with his training. Coach Walker provides great workouts and is just as determined as I am for improvements in my ability. He is an affable Coach, who's very understanding and knows how to train effectively. Through my personal training with Coach Walker I have definitely improved with my technique, which has enhanced my speed on the track. I definitely would recommend Coach Walker to anyone who's looking to improve on their ability.
Coach Walker was my high school track and cross country coach. Without him, I never would have received the opportunity to run at a Division I SEC school. His workouts and conditioning led me to multiple individual and team state championships. Coach Walker saw the potential my team and I had and worked with us day in and day out on form, drills, sprint work and building our endurance. I credit him with our success! I would definitely recommend him to any friends thinking about getting involved in the sport. Download IMG_2419 .JPG
Dear Coach Lavel Walker: Congratulations on your team's great performance this past season at the Delaware Div. I State Championship Meet! A third Place Finish is a great accomplishment and definitely something to strive for next season. Every year many teams start out on the hunt for victory, but few are able to survive and overcome the challenges that await them. Endurance, teamwork, and the ability to come together to create a lifetime memory and experience success are just three attributes that truly define a title holder. We took special notice of your team's excellent display of such traits and hope to follow in your footsteps. Enjoy your success and the rest of your summer. If anyone on our staff at LSU can ever be of assistance to you, please feel free to contact us. Sincerely, Dennis Shaver Head Coach Head Coach
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