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As a lifelong athlete and coach, I love to share my scientific and creative approach to functional movement and performance. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. Atlanta, GA

Coach is willing to travel up to 25 miles


Trial Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Lainie. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 minute

$60 1 session + one-time fee

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Weekly Online S&C Coaching
Online Training for a single athlete

Weekly workouts personalized to each individual's needs, including access to equipment, experience and goals. Also included, are weekly check-ins on technique as well as regular access to email communication.

Session Length: 1 minute

$50 1 session + one-time fee

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One-Time Video Analysis
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The fee covers video analysis of lifts, movements and/or exercises as well as a video call to discuss findings and technical goals. This can be purchased on an as-needed basis and as frequently as desired.

Session Length: 2 hours

$100 1 session + one-time fee

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  • St. Olaf College (MN)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Powerlifting, Cross Training, Conditioning, Aerobic

  • Speed/ Agility, Upper Body Strength, Rehabilitation, Medicine Ball Workouts, Lower body strength, Front Squat, Flexibility, Explosiveness, Deadlift, Core Conditioning, Balance, Back Squat


  • St. Olaf College (MN)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Powerlifting, Cross Training, Conditioning, Aerobic

  • Speed/ Agility, Upper Body Strength, Rehabilitation, Medicine Ball Workouts, Lower body strength, Front Squat, Flexibility, Explosiveness, Deadlift, Core Conditioning, Balance, Back Squat

More About Coach Lainie

I have 10+ years of coaching experience working with a variety of sports and levels including:
- Strength and conditioning coaching for competitive endurance athletes: primarily high school, adult and masters athletes.
- Personal training for the general public and those recovering from injuries.
- Current swim coach for the Lewis and Clark College (NCAA) swim team in Portland, Oregon.
- Private swimming and triathlon coach for everyone from beginner to high-level Ironman athletes.
- Past running and triathlon coach for Jack Rabbit Sports in New York City.
- Currently working towards my CSCS certification this winter and have a vast education in everything from powerlifting to yoga and general movement and strength development.

- Former NCAA Div III Swimmer at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota
- Set multiple pool records and conference records at the NCAA level in the 200 butterfly.
- Blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
- 300lb deadlifter (115 bw)
- Avid trail hiker and trail runner

I strongly believe my job as a strength and conditioning coach is first to prevent injury and second to make you a better functioning person or better performing athlete. This means that depending on the person, sessions can look very different.

For athletes, we will often work movement patterns that will help create balance in your body for whatever sport it is you do as well as include sport specific training. The type of strength and conditioning work we will include in your training will largely be dependent on the specific needs for your sport and how far out you are from major competitions.

For the general public, I like to really focus on developing strength and functional movement patterns that can help prevent injury and help you move through the world more efficiently. I think strength development has huge benefits for everyone and building strength with care and correct movement patterns is essential.

I have a strong sense of my methodology as a coach, however, I also believe good communication, regular assessment and feedback from athletes/clients is key to success for both of us.

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Client Reviews

We've been working with Lainie for several weeks now as my daughter's online coach. We were skeptical at first that an online swim coach would work, but we have been amazed by Coach Lainie!! Her workouts are customized to my daughter's needs and she breaks down each stroke into simple tasks. My daughter loves the workouts and has commented several times about how she feels her stroke has improved. Lainie is patient and helpful in our weekly chats and clearly discusses the workouts and any changes/corrections that my daughter needs to make.

Coach Lainie is working with my CrossFit teen daughter focusing on the fundamentals of swimming first. She breaks down every movement and explains how it will improve her performance. Incredibly patient and knowledgeable. She is taking my daughter from a non swimmer to prepping her for the swim for a CrossFit competition!

Awesome 1st training session with Coach Lainie. Her mastery of the sport was clear in just my first hour working with her. I’ve seen improvements in the pool already. She conveyed her approach to me and encouraged proper balance and efficiency in the water, both key, to achieving my goals of becoming an endurance swimmer and triathlete.

I reached out to Coach Lainie about a week ago in search for an online swim coach. She responded quickly and set up a video conference. She has already reviewed underwater footage of my swimming and sent me the first week's training plan. Excellent experience so far. I highly recommend Coach Lainie!

(no details provided)

Coach Lainie has been great in helping my daughter tweak her strokes. My daughter's shoulder has been bothering her for awhile and with Coach Lainie's help we are discovering what she is doing wrong and how to adapt to prevent further damages.

Coach Lainie was fantastic! She was very patient with me and I look forward to continuing to work on my swimming.

Coach Lanie is the most professional swim coach we have worked with. We sought her out to work on stroke technique for all competitive swim styles and were blown away by her calm,patient and knowledgeable coaching. She is very technically focused and determined to get results. If your a dedicated athlete of any age she's the coach that will get you technically advanced.

Lainie was patient with my young kids. She gave some great tips and as soon as they are more comfortable putting their faces in the water, we will schedule more lessons. I’m hopeful they will learn to swim this summer.

(no details provided)

I had a splendid experience with Coach Lainie. I feel like my first lesson solidified all the fundamentals that I never knew, and I already feel more comfortable and confident in the water. She was attentive, observant, and perfectly tailored the lesson to my existing abilities, and communicated a lot of information effectively, and at a pace that suited me. I would highly recommend.

Awesome job! She gave me some great tips that really helped!

Lainie was great to work with, look forward to future sessions!

My daughter really appreciated working with Couch Lainie to help her improve her swim techniques.

Lainie is very professional and has done an incredible job coaching our 11 year old daughter. Our daughter went from wanting to quit her swim club to now having confidence and enthusiasm in the water. Lainie has helped my daughter improve her strokes and feel more confident in the pool. She is also very responsive in addressing any questions we've had. My daughter looks forward to her weekly sessions and really enjoys them. I highly recommend Lainie!

Coach Lainie is terrific! I have great confidence in her knowledge and experience. On my first session I greatly benefitted from her full-spectrum approach, coaching me on everything from proper breathing and posture to good form and balance to out-of-pool training. She also followed up with reminders of what we had covered and links to resources. As one just starting out developing my athletic swimming capabilities I'm excited to have her thorough coaching to keep me on the right track (or, in the right lane).

Coach Lainie really helped my swimmer by breaking down each aspect of her stroke and going through them in a very detailed manner. She focuses on everything from breathing to stroke technique! Would recommend to any swimmer.

Lainie was very quick in responding to all my messages. Her swimming instructions were very clear and helpful, I definitely learned a lot from just the first session. She was also patient and pleasant to work with. I would recommend Lainie to anyone from any age and experience level.

Two lessons in and I am already faster and feel a lot more efficient. Lainie is a very straight forward, no-nonsense teacher. Her explanations are always clear and her instructions are easy to follow. Plus she's personable and fun to work with. It's been a great experience !

After my daughter was in group swimming lessons for years, she still couldn't swim one length of the pool. Once we started lessons with Lainie, she got the attention and clear instruction she needed, and she has become such a strong and confident swimmer! Lainie strikes the perfect balance between maintaining a relaxed atmosphere and yet pushing her students just a little farther than they think they can go, which is really effective and motivating. My daughter really enjoys the lessons, too, which is so important. I highly recommend Lainie as a coach -- she is so skilled and great to work with. (From my daughter, age 9) I really like Lainie because she's really nice AND has taught me so many different strokes. When I don't understand what I'm supposed to do, she calmly breaks it down to make it simpler. She's so fun, I'm really glad she's my coach.
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