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Hello! I'm a former Army World Class Athlete Program marathon distance runner (2:19 personal best) and coaching athletes online of all ability levels from 5k up to the marathon. View all coaching experience

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Online Coaching (1 month)
Online Training for a single athlete

Month-to-Month online training schedule provided, strength training pdf file and communication via email and/or CoachUp messaging.

Session Length: 30 days

$45 1 session + applicable fees

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Online Coaching (3 months)
Online Training for a single athlete

3 months of online coaching; Month-to-Month online training schedule provided, strength training pdf file and communication via email and/or CoachUp messaging.

Session Length: 90 days

$130 3 sessions ($43/ea) + applicable fees

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Online Coaching (6 months)
Online Training for a single athlete

6 months of online coaching; Month-to-Month online training schedule provided; strength training pdf file and communication via email and/or CoachUp messaging.

Session Length: 180 days

$250 6 sessions ($42/ea) + applicable fees

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Online Coaching (12 months)
Online Training for a single athlete

1 year of online coaching; Month-to-Month online training schedule provided, strength training pdf file and communication via email and/or CoachUp messaging.

Session Length: 365 days

$490 12 sessions ($41/ea) + applicable fees

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Zoom Session (35 Minutes)
Online Training for a single athlete

This Zoom session helps for athletes currently on my online training program to provide updates on training and workouts, but is also available and helpful for brand new athletes. Topics of discussion can include recovery,... See More

Session Length: 35 minutes

$30 1 session + applicable fees

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Zoom Session (60 minutes)
Online Training for a single athlete

This Zoom session helps for athletes currently on my online training program to provide updates on training and workouts, but is also available and helpful for brand new athletes. Topics of discussion can include recovery,... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$50 1 session + applicable fees

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  • Mercyhurst University (PA)

  • 12 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Middle Distance, Marathon, Long Distance, Cross Country

  • Pacing


  • Mercyhurst University (PA)

  • 12 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Middle Distance, Marathon, Long Distance, Cross Country

  • Pacing

More About Coach Ken

I've been coaching distance runners since 2010 with expertise from the mile to the marathon. I was also a member of the Army's World Class Athlete Program from 2010-2012 where I trained full-time for the marathon distance. This allowed me to learn various training techniques, the importance of recovery, quality versus quantity, and all the many aspects of training required to achieve the best results. I've as previously coached and volunteered at the high school level, serving as both Assistant and Head Distance Coach for Track and Field programs at local high schools in Colorado.

I currently coach athletes online via CoachUp. My athletes receive a monthly training schedule to include a Strength & Exercise Mobility program. I also provide advice regarding nutrition, proper fueling for races lasting over 60 minutes, and I'm happy to answer all training related questions. Please feel free to message me if you are interested as I coach athletes of all ability levels. Below are some dynamic stretches, part of the Strength & Exercise Mobility Program, and something I recommend for athletes warming up before their run or especially before a key workout:


• Collegiate: Division II Cross Country at Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA from 2004-2007
• Member of Team USA at the 2009 International World Military Marathon in Belgrade, Serbia
• Member of the Army's World Class Athlete Program (Marathon Team) from 2010-2012
• Placed 1st Overall at the 2012 Penn Relays 10000m in a personal best time of 29:27
• Placed 2nd Overall at the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon 2012; also ran the Marine Corps Marathon in 2008, 2015, and 2016 placing 10th, 6th, and 5th overall.
• Achieved a personal best half marathon time of 1:05:32 at the 2011 Seattle Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon
• Achieved a personal best marathon time of 2:19:49 at the 2011 California International Marathon; also ran the California International Marathon in 2009, 2017, and 2019, running 2:23, 2:22, and 2:21
• Achieved a personal best 5000m time of 14:20 at the 2017 Stumptown Twilight in Eugene, OR

Personal Best Times:
5000m: 14:20 (2017 Stumptown Twilight)
10000m: 29:27 (2012 Penn Relays)
10 miles: 49:11 (2012 Army 10-Miler)
Half Marathon: 1:05:32 (2011 Seattle Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon)
Marathon: 2:19:49 (2011 California International Marathon)

When first starting up, I provide an initial athlete questionnaire to be filled out by the athlete. This gives me an understanding of their personal best times, weekly mileage, current fitness, and future goals. I create an athlete centric training schedule, which is unique for each individual athlete I coach. This is based on data provided in the athlete questionnaire as well as current fitness and future goals. I also adapt the schedules to fit the needs of the athlete based on general work/life requirements and commitments. This provides the athlete with additional flexibility in training and also enhances recovery. In addition to the monthly training schedule, I communicate regularly regarding how each training week is going and ensure any questions asked by the athlete are responded to within 24-48 hours. I also share with all the athletes I coach a Strength & Exercise Mobility Program that is hyperlinked with all the (static & dynamic) stretches, mobility exercises, and strength drills I recommend. This is more than basic maintenance work and really helps in preventing unnecessary injuries that often occur in running. It also helps improve running mechanics, form, and overall efficiency.

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Client Reviews

Ken has been super helpful and went above and beyond my expectations. Looking forward to continuing my training with him.

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(no details provided)

So far, so good. Ken has been very quick to respond to my questions and came up with a months worth of workouts based on my current schedule and what I am looking for...which was more Tempo types of workouts. It is obvious he is really interested in his clients and wants to help them become better runners.

Coach Ken is great!!! He created a schdule for my month and has provided me with feedback through email. I like the hands off approach and the pricing is great!! He has a ton of experience and is very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend!!

I’ve made significant improvement since working with Coach Ken. Very professional and knowledgeable!

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(no details provided)

(no details provided)

I love Coach Ken’s explicit instructions and insight. He provides well-constructed, realistic, and thoughtful plans that challenge and have prepared me for races. I’ve noticed vast improvements in my mobility using his recommended exercises. My running continues to improve without as much injury as in the past under his guidance. His knowledge definitely shows not only as a coach but as a current, competitive runner. Looking forward to his continued support. Highly recommend Coach Ken!

Coach Ken is a tremendous coach and resource. I engaged him to guide me thorough the sixteen-week block ahead of my first marathon and I’m glad I did. Focusing only on training and leaving the logistics of planning workouts to him was massively advantageous. The schedule he built out was fully customized to my requests and he was happy to make adjustments for other commitments or aches/pains along the way. He kept me accountable in our weekly correspondence but put zero undue pressure on me. In our initial goal setting I said I’d like to run under 2:50 and came away running 2:49! I’m fully confident bringing on Coach Ken would benefit any athlete - from the first time runner to the highly competitive marathoner.

(no details provided)

Ken has been very responsive with all my training questions. He delivers programs on time and I have appreciated all his assistance during my training.

Super responsive and flexible in his programming to meet my schedule.

(no details provided)

Coach Kenneth has been great. He has really taken the time to understand my daughter and her running. He is tailoring the training for her best outcome. Kenneth is extremely knowledgeable about any situation or race that you can think of, and is always very helpful with questions that she has had. I would recommend him to anyone and any level of runner.

I just began with Ken and I have been nothing but impressed. He took everything I told him and built out a custom plan specifically for me. He has also been very responsive and patient with all my questions. I highly recommend him. Like I told Ken - I think I picked the right coach!

(no details provided)

Coach Ken is a great coach. He created a personalized running plan that fits easy in my every day life. He knows his stuff and is always is available to answer questions. I'm so glad I found him on coach up.

I can't say enough good things about Coach Ken and his methods! First of all the strength training and form drills are huge. My cadence, form, and efficiency have improved tremendously; by running with better form, I'm able to run more, run faster, and run more consistently... I also love the running schedule. Coach Ken is great at tailoring to my specific needs as a runner and giving me workouts that are challenging and fun. Coach Ken is also a tremendous runner in his own right so it's comforting to know that he has been there and done that! If you work hard and buy into his methods you will improve!

(no details provided)

Coach Ken has been great with communication and giving me workouts that really challange me. He always has a quick response when I have questions and is a fountain of running/strength knowledge.

I can't say enough good things about Coach Ken! He is knowledgeable, reliable, professional, detailed, and he cares about his athletes and wants to see them succeed. I have been working with Ken for the last 6 months to lower my marathon time. After only about a month of training I saw a huge improvement in my speed, endurance, fitness, and confidence as a runner. The progress continued in the following months, and I'm now poised to run a big PR in my upcoming race. His methods really work! I recommend Coach Ken to anyone wanting to take their running to the next level.

(no details provided)

Excellent coach! Highly knowledgeable and supportive during hard workouts!

I would highly recommend Coach Ken! My son has a goal of running a 10k in 7 months and needed a coach/mentor to help him. He has been training with Coach Ken for 2 months and went from a complete beginner to running a 5k. The recommended dynamic stretches before running and post workout exercises have been a huge help!

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(no details provided)

Appreciate the time and energy that he put into developing a training schedule for me. He spent a lot of time understanding my current and past training to ensure the schedule he put me on was right for me.

Coach Foster has an huge amount of running knowledge and he is super motivated to help me improve. He really takes the time to understand your running history and goals so he can tailor the most effective running schedule. With his help I was able to drop over 5 minutes on my 5 mile time in 4 months: from a 42:00 to 36:11. Very impressive results from working with an exceptional coach.

I contacted Ken to improve my slow and inefficient running style. Being a personal trainer myself, I knew this was outside my area of expertise. Running is a complex sport and you will get injured if you have bad form. I have only had 2 sessions but i am learning a ton. Not only am I getting faster, I am getting springier. Coach Ken obviously loves what he does and is very knowledgeable. I will never be an elite runner but I am glad I know one now. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit from a few sessions with him.

As far as my first session with coach Foster was really fun and unique I love how determined he is to help me pursue me in my goals. Somethings we did were definitely different at least to warm up. And having him by my side while I run was very awesome as well. He had good knowledge for running as well. And also other things to help with running. In the end I hope that we can both help eachother out. He's very friendly and very positive. I would recommend him but I would love to leave more and better feedback later chosing to work with him for a while I will leave more and more feedback.

Coach Kenneth knows his stuff. I have had other trainers before-however, they were not experts in running. Coach Kenneth has helped me increase my speed a great deal. I give him a 5-star rating as to the best running coach. I can't wait to see how much more I can develop my running speed. Thanks Coach!!

Good job coaching and great info.

Coach Ken was great to work with! He explained the importance of everything we were doing and took the time to show me how to do all the stretches I need to do for all the aches and pain I have while running. It was great to work with someone who had so much knowledge on running!

Next week, I will have completed 30 sessions with Coach Kenny Foster. The experience has been amazing and life changing. One of the best decisions I have ever made. Coach Ken is passionate about running and his enthusiasm is infectious. He makes each and every session challenging, fun, uplifting and rewarding. This is a combination difficult to achieve, however it appears to come very natural to my Coach.
When I started out, I could not run 90 consecutive seconds. I was not a runner or an athlete of any kind and never had been - I only wanted to improve my health and to be honest, I just wanted any coach that I could look up to, and have them be able to set great examples for me to follow. Now, I have comfortably run 6 straight miles, competed in 5K races and soon will be completing my first 10K.
And my Coach? He has become so much more to me than a mentor. It has become a relationship like I have never had before. He goes above and beyond a person who is "Just a Coach"-- He is a friend who truly cares, at times he becomes almost fatherly as he looks out for my well-being, and because he inspires me to new levels of fitness, he is a hero to me and many other people in the community.
There are sacrifices attached to the profession he has chosen, but because coaching is his true passion, he overcomes them and triumphs as the true professional he is. You can see the love he has for the sport in each and every session you will participate in.

If you ever have a chance to schedule a session with my Coach, I highly recommend you don't think it over and wonder if it might be worth a try- JUST DO IT! Try a 5 package session with Coach Kenny Foster and I guarantee you won't be sorry- It just might be the best thing you ever do for yourself!!!

I just came back from stress fracture injury from August 2015. It was really hard and stressful for me to start up running again. Three weeks ago, I found Coach Ken and he has been coaching and helping me addressing all my problems and concerns regarding the injury, he will coach and send me the stretching, workouts schedules and exercises, how to go back to running. My pace has been improved, my feeling has been better about running, he will be so patient to answer all my questions and concerns like I am having a personal coach, has been encouraging me to do all the workout and the details he provides me with specific workout every day has been making my runs feel so relax, so I can have more fun doing what I love in so many things. Coach Ken will coach me fulfilling my Boston Marathon dream and I want the running to be a nature for me, with Coach Ken's help, I am looking forward to continue half/marathons journey as your runner for many more years to come :).
Update. February 4th, 2016
Since i was being coached online by Coach Ken, with all the training schedules, workouts, exercises and drills, i have managed to increase my pace over 1-2 min mile during the month. Coach Ken is really helpful and very encouraging and took me only a month to resume to this pace and Coach Ken helps me increasing my fitness, HR has been getting lower and pace is getting better, My shin pain had been decreased and went away. Coach Ken is always answering all my questions, as always. I will be ready for the Clovis Half Marathon in February and Paso Robles Half in March with Coach Ken helps, at April 18 I will be facing the Boston Marathon. Thank you again Coach Ken.

Update March 5th, 2016 :
Coach Ken had helped improved my fitness and endurance and also strength overall to make sure I was prepared for the Boston Marathon. With his coaching, i'd be able to run 24 miles a day and felt good and strong the whole way at Clovis Half. My pace has been improved faster in 2 months after 3 months of injury/off running. When i was starting again, i would run between 9.30-10 min pace for 2 hours/12 miles, with Coach Ken Coaching I'd be able to run again at 8 min pace for 13 miles and 8.20 min pace for 24 miles. Thank you again Coach Ken. He also has helped me to decrease my injury and help me with injury prevention with exercises and drills. Even though it's an online coaching, Coach Ken always answers my questions and concerns about the running. I feel good about the training and running now. I think I am ready anytime for the marathon now. It's really a short period time of training for Boston, but I believe in Coach Ken's coaching and help, will get me thru the Boston comfortably and confidently for me to finishing it. Thank you again Coach Ken :)

Coach Ken is spot on for my training needs! I am a beginning runner looking for coaching with a focus on injury prevention and building a strong running base. His attitude is open and engaging, he is well informed and organized. He was on time to our session and has been prompt in communication both before and after our meeting. Ken came to our first session with a printed list of topics to cover (included warm-up exercises, stretches, strengthening exercises, goal setting, ect.) as well as a sample training schedule - my personalized schedule to follow. He listened attentively to my concerns and goals and shared a little of his own experience. Overall, a great session! I can easily see a coaching relationship continuing long term as I improve and set progressive goals.

Below is an example of the success I've had with one of the athlete's I coach exclusively online. I have been coaching him for ~18 months and he has improved in every distance from the Mile to the Marathon. He has run two marathons thus far since I've been coaching him, running a personal best time of 2:57:32. PR's alone PR's with Coach Ken Mile- 5:05 4:59 (Same Course) 2 Mile- 11:09 10:44 (Same Course APFT) 5k- 17:32 17:11 (Same Course) 16:37 (Hollis 5k (downhill)) 5 Mile- 29:01 28:25 (Same Course) 7 Mile- 43:15 41:45 (Same Course Falmouth) 1/2 Marathon- 1:23:12 1:18:39
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