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Jonathan J.

Olympian and NCAA Champion. USATF Level 1 Coaching Certification. National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist and Personal Training Certification


Carrollton, TX





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Texas Tech University (TX)

Coaching Experience

8 years

CoachUp Accreditations

Qualified_coach_badge Qualified Private Coach
Coach_course_badge Passed Coach Course

My Coaching


Adults, Kids, Teenagers


Half marathon, 5k, 600m, 50m, 400m, 3000m / 2 mile, 200m, 1500m / 1 mile, 10k, 100m, 1000m, 800m


Steeplechase form, Running the curve, Running form, Pacing, Sprinting, Baton handoffs, Passing

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Group Sessions

Yes; up to 4 athletes


Up to 10 miles

Session Duration

60 minutes

More About Me

Olympian Jonathan Johnson is the founder and owner of JJ Ultimate Sports Training and has been running and coaching for over 20 years. His personal experience at the collegiate and professional level is invaluable. His approach to youth and adult training is superior due to his compassion and commitment to the youth's and adult’s needs. Coach Johnson is recognized globally as one of the leading experts and advocates in his field.

Johnson holds a USATF Level 1 Coaching Certification and is certified as a personal trainer and performance enhancement specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He now focuses on passing his knowledge and expertise to others, looking to improve their skills. His unique, sport specific training programs have helped hundreds of others achieve amazing levels of success both on and off the track.

Johnson competed in Athens, in the 2004 Olympics for the USA in the 800 meter run. He also qualified to represent the USA in the 2003 World Championships, which were held in Saint-Denis, France. From 2001-05, Johnson competed for Texas Tech University. Upon completion of NCAA eligibility, he competed professionally as a track and field athlete, 2005-2010.

During his time in Lubbock, the Abilene native established himself as the greatest male track athlete Texas Tech has ever known.

•He was named All-American nine times and received 16 All-Conference awards including four consecutive Big 12 Individual Championships titles

Johnson's awards as a track star by year include:

• Induction into the Big Country Hall of Fame

• Selected into the UIL All-Century Boys Track and Field Team
• Graduated from Texas Tech with a B.S Degree Human Development and Family Studies

• Competed as a Professional Athlete for Reebok

2005 (Texas Tech University)
• Big 12 Outdoor 800m Champion (1:44.86)
• Set Big 12 Outdoor 800m Record (1:44.86
• Two-time all-conference
• All-American honoree at the NCAA Championships

2004 (Olympic team – Athens Greece)
• Won the US Olympic Trials
• Set school record of 1:44.77
• Tech's only U.S Olympian representative
• Number one ranking in the United States by Track and Field News
• Ran the fastest time by an American in the 800m that year
• Finished second in the prelims of the Olympic Games
• Was the only American athlete to compete in the semifinal round of the 800m

2004 (Texas Tech)
• Ranked No. 1 in the nation by Track and Field News
• Outdoor NCCA National Champion in the 800m
• Earned first NCAA National title setting a stadium record
• Member of the 4X400m and sprint medley relay team
• Texas Tech’s first ever male National Champion in any sport
• Defended his 800m title for the third straight year at the Conference Championships with a Big 12 meet record
• Earned All-Region honors with a third-place finish in the 4X400m

2003 (Texas Tech)
• Ranked third in the U.S. by Track and Field News among college and elite in the 800m
• USATF Championship third-place finish
• Qualified for the 2003 Track and Field World Championship
• Two-time All-American, second-place at NCAA meet in the 800m
• Earned two automatic bids for the NCAA Championships 800m and 4 x 400m
• Big 12 Outdoor Champion (148.13)

2002 (Texas Tech)
• Fastest time ever at Nationals for an American freshman setting the new school record since 1981 with a time of 145:81
• 4th at NCAA Outdoor 800m
• Big 12 Outdoor 800m Champion (150.19)
• Earned All-Conference honors to the conference title in the 800m
• Two-time Indoor All-American and Two-time Outdoor All-American. First Texas Tech male to earn four All-American honors as a freshman
• 6th at NCAA Indoor 800m (150.40)
• Second place in both the 600Y and 800M Big 12 Indoor
• Second place in the 800M at the Texas Tech Classic

(Abilene High School)

2001 (Senior Year)
• Named Top Male Athlete of the Year as a senior
• 5A state track team title as a senior
• Posted a state and 5A 800m record with time of 1:48:21
• Best 400m 47.37
• 9th at National Scholastic Senior year
• 1st at Golden West Invitational 800m senior
2000 (Junior Year)
• 1st 800m at National Scholastic Juniors year
• 1st at Golden West Invitational high school
• Junior year best time 800m 149.60 and 400m 47.15
• Two time All-American in both and junior and senior years
• Holds the regional record of 1:50
1999 (Sophomore Year)
• Best 800m 151.75

• Discuss workout plan prior to the training session
* Start a proper Warm - up
* Go through dynamic stretching and drills
• Explain and demonstrate proper running technique and mechanics.
• Go through stride outs and build ups
• Now ready for the workout that is planned
• After workout go through proper cool down
• If core, back, and strength training is included it will be at the end of the session.

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Client Review Track & Field

My daughter benefited from the time she spent with Coach Jonathan. He was prepared & professional & did not waste a second of the session. She walked away with not only a few new drills & skills, but also a renewed motivation & confidence.

Client Review Track & Field

Working with Coach Johnathan was a great experience we look forwarding to booking more sessions with him!

Client Review Track & Field

My daughter and I meet Coach Jonathan on a cold windy day with Coach B. She was there to help with details and set up cones. Even though his phone was going, he took the time to hand it to her so she could answer his text messages and so he didn't have to take time away from my daughter. My daughter appreciated the direct attention to help her improve the new techniques he was teaching her. She felt encouraged and excited about track. Based on what my husband and I observed and how my daughter felt, we will be back and bringing my younger daughter as well. We are excited about taking them to the next level and getting some metals.

Client Review Track & Field

We have been working with JJ for 4 sessions now. The improvement I have seen in my daughter running track is amazing. He has really worked her hard for the mechanic's of running, and it has made a huge difference for her. Coach JJ is an awesome guy. He is very knowledgeable in the Coaching process, very patient, very likeable, and really gets a very nice rapport going with his athletes! I would highly recommend Coach JJ to coach your athlete! You will not be disappointed. I can't wait for the next session with her! Gary

Client Review Track & Field

Coach Johnson is an amazing coach. He's very detailed on how he trains you, I've seen improvement already on my first session. I will be rebooking plenty more sessions with Coach Johnson!!

Client Review Track & Field

We just met Coach Jonathon for the first time. He seems very knowledgeable about training techniques and is also very personable. My daughter is very excited to start working with him. I feel confident he will be able to help her reach her track goals in the upcoming season.

Client Review Running

If there was a star higher than 5, I'd give it to Jonathan. As a former Olympian, I had no idea if he worked with "people like me". I'm a very beginner runner and I currently run 13 minute miles. Jonathan communicated with me immediately and made sure I knew that he could help me reach any goals I had for myself. In this first month of working with him, I can already see major improvements in my efficiency and endurance. I can't wait to see how I improve as I continue to work with him. He's a great coach and let me tell you...running with an Olympian? Makes you work!

Client Review Running

We have been with Coach Jonathan for a few months now. My son is thrilled to be getting this level of coaching. He says it has improved his running and athletic abilities everywhere, in all his other sports. Coach has a positive attitude and most importantly, focuses on the right technique and process. We are very thankful to have found him!


I started training with Jonathan because I was frustrated by repeated injuries I suffered while running. He not only made me a stronger, faster runner but he helped me achieve my goal of completing a marathon this year. His background, knowledge and dedication to helping me achieve my goals make him an invaluable part to my training program


I started training with Jonathan about 10 months back. When I started, I hadn’t worked out regularly in 10 years and was putting on weight. I tried getting back into a routine a number of times but after a few months lost interest. I would get out of breath walking at a fast pace. Jonathan makes the training fun and knows how much to push me on the different workouts. Also he changes the routines so that I work out the same muscles but never get bored with the routine. I lost a lot of my excess weight and can now run 3miles in 30minutes. My workout intensity is higher and the results show as great numbers at the latest physical checkup with my doctor. I feel that I have never been in better health before. I whole heartedly recommend Jonathan to anyone wanting to train with him.

* This testimonial provided by Jonathan.

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