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2004 U.S. Olympic Trials Champion and NCAA Champion: 9 time All-American honors, 4 consecutive Big 12 Champion titles and 16 all-conference honors. Texas H.S. 800m record holder. View all coaching experience

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Athlete Assessment
In-Person Training for a single athlete

New client only: The Individual is put through a series of physical skill and bio-mechanics test in order to identify the strengths and weakness of the individual. Parent and athlete, or fitness enthusiast will receive fe... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$65 1 session + applicable fees

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1 to 1 Private Sessions
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 to 1 training the athlete receives the sole attention of the coach, who accelerates the learning curve through customized training based on the individual needs and competition goals. Any unused session after 90days fr... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$260 4 sessions ($65/ea) + applicable fees

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1 to 1 Private Sessions
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 to 1 training the athlete receives the sole attention of the coach, who accelerates the learning curve through customized training based on the individual needs and competition goals. Any unused session after 90days fro... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$520 8 sessions ($65/ea) + applicable fees

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  • Texas Tech University (TX)

  • 11 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Long Distance, Middle Distance, Sprints, Cross Country, Marathon

  • Sprinting, Running the Curve, Passing, Baton Handoffs, Form, Pacing


  • Texas Tech University (TX)

  • 11 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Long Distance, Middle Distance, Sprints, Cross Country, Marathon

  • Sprinting, Running the Curve, Passing, Baton Handoffs, Form, Pacing

More About Coach Jonathan

Olympian Jonathan Johnson is the founder and owner of Run Speed Performance and has been running and coaching for over 20 years. His personal experience at the collegiate and professional level is invaluable. His approach to youth and adult training is superior due to his compassion and commitment to the youth's and adult’s needs. Coach Johnson is recognized globally as one of the leading experts and advocates in his field.

Johnson holds a USATF Level 1 Coaching Certification and is certified as a Personal Trainer, Sports Performance Enhancement Specialist, and Weight Loss Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He now focuses on passing his knowledge and expertise to others, looking to improve their skills. His unique, sport specific training programs have helped hundreds of others achieve amazing levels of success both on and off the track.

Johnson competed in Athens, in the 2004 Olympics for the USA in the 800 meter run. He also qualified to represent the USA in the 2003 World Championships, which were held in Saint-Denis, France. From 2001-05, Johnson competed for Texas Tech University. Upon completion of NCAA eligibility, he competed professionally as a track and field athlete, 2005-2010.

During his time in Lubbock, the Abilene native established himself as the greatest male track athlete Texas Tech has ever known.

•He was named All-American nine times and received 16 All-Conference awards including four consecutive Big 12 Individual Championships titles

Johnson's awards as a track star by year include:

One of the Youngest to be Inducted on first time ballot into the Texas Tech Hall of Fame
• Induction into the Big Country Hall of Fame

• Selected into the UIL All-Century Boys Track and Field Team
• Graduated from Texas Tech with a B.S Degree Human Development and Family Studies

• Competed as a Professional Athlete for Reebok

2005 (Texas Tech University)
• Big 12 Outdoor 800m Champion (1:44.86)
• Set Big 12 Outdoor 800m Record (1:44.86
• Two-time all-conference
• All-American honoree at the NCAA Championships

2004 (Olympic team – Athens Greece)
• Won the US Olympic Trials
• Set school record of 1:44.77
• Tech's only U.S Olympian representative
• Number one ranking in the United States by Track and Field News
• Ran the fastest time by an American in the 800m that year
• Finished second in the prelims of the Olympic Games
• Was the only American athlete to compete in the semifinal round of the 800m

2004 (Texas Tech)
• Ranked No. 1 in the nation by Track and Field News
• Outdoor NCCA National Champion in the 800m
• Earned first NCAA National title setting a stadium record
• Member of the 4X400m and sprint medley relay team
• Texas Tech’s first ever male National Champion in any sport
• Defended his 800m title for the third straight year at the Conference Championships with a Big 12 meet record
• Earned All-Region honors with a third-place finish in the 4X400m

2003 (Texas Tech)
• Ranked third in the U.S. by Track and Field News among college and elite in the 800m
• USATF Championship third-place finish
• Qualified for the 2003 Track and Field World Championship
• Two-time All-American, second-place at NCAA meet in the 800m
• Earned two automatic bids for the NCAA Championships 800m and 4 x 400m
• Big 12 Outdoor Champion (148.13)

2002 (Texas Tech)
• Fastest time ever at Nationals for an American freshman setting the new school record since 1981 with a time of 145:81
• 4th at NCAA Outdoor 800m
• Big 12 Outdoor 800m Champion (150.19)
• Earned All-Conference honors to the conference title in the 800m
• Two-time Indoor All-American and Two-time Outdoor All-American. First Texas Tech male to earn four All-American honors as a freshman
• 6th at NCAA Indoor 800m (150.40)
• Second place in both the 600Y and 800M Big 12 Indoor
• Second place in the 800M at the Texas Tech Classic

(Abilene High School)

2001 (Senior Year)
• Named Top Male Athlete of the Year as a senior
• 5A state track team title as a senior
• Posted a state and 5A 800m record with time of 1:48:21
• Best 400m 47.37
• 9th at National Scholastic Senior year
• 1st at Golden West Invitational 800m senior
2000 (Junior Year)
• 1st 800m at National Scholastic Juniors year
• 1st at Golden West Invitational high school
• Junior year best time 800m 149.60 and 400m 47.15
• Two time All-American in both and junior and senior years
• Holds the regional record of 1:50
1999 (Sophomore Year)
• Best 800m 151.75

Benefits of Joining Run Speed Performance:

*Corrective Running Efficiency and Speed Bio-mechanics
*Fast Twitch Muscle Fiber Development
*Strength and Explosive Training
*Agility and Coordination Training
*Mental Toughness and Competition Preparation
*Continuous Weekly Training Guidance

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Client Reviews

Coach Johnson is extremely knowledgeable, especially in the biomechanics of running and clearly articulates his points on a level that kids can understand.

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Coach J is great! I like how he do an assessment first to see what areas athletes need help in. I like how he record the athlete to show what needs to be corrected and it shows the strengths and weaknesses. I'm looking forward to more training sessions with him for my son. I can't wait to see improvement all around with my son in every area.

(no details provided)

Coach Jonathan runs a great program, involves multiple coaches in the process, and places a big emphasis on the fundamentals. We appreciate the program that he runs and the coaching environment for the young men that attend. We look forward to continuing to learn under him for the foreseeable future - Highly Recommended.

Has an incredible approach and program geared towards all youth and is very responsive.

Coach J and his team have done a great job thus far working with my teenage daughter to help improve her running speed and endurance. They are detail-oriented and take their time getting to know the athlete. Much appreciated.

We were needing someone to evaluate form inconsistencies for our son after a XC injury and prior to track season. Coach Jonathan and team were able to immediately identify range of motion restrictions and form deviations to make each stride more efficient. We can’t wait to see how it will translate to the track. He can already tell each push is stronger.

The first session went famously well. Coach was able to complete an evaluation and determine what techniques and training needs to be done to achieve our objective. I found the coach approachable and professional

Exceptional training

(no details provided)

Coach J and his team are truly outstanding. My son has made tremendous strides since he started training with them. They have a great program that works for everyone. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to go to another level.

Coach J and his coaching staff have been amazing so far considering we are knew to coach up...our son is starting to show improvement only after a few sessions plus the added mentorship that he receives is most definitely a blessing...

(no details provided)

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(no details provided)

Excellent athlete assessment appointment! Can’t wait for more sessions!

(no details provided)

Coach Jonathan has helped Zach make tremendous improvements in his running form. It is showing up as better times in his meets.

(no details provided)

We’ve completed the initial session. Coach J is very knowledgeable and a good communicator. Happy to see how my daughter improves with his coaching.

(no details provided)

Coach J and team have done an incredible job teaching Our runner how to use her body for speed, strength and stamina. She has learned quite a bit in short period of time. The coaching staff are committed and knowledgeable.

Coach Jonnathan is an amazing coach!

In a very short period of time, he has increased my son's confidence. Additionally, Coach Jonnathan is great at explaining the details to the athletes to make necessary improvements. My son loves training with him and looks forward to his future sessions and meets. We highly recommend Coach Jonnathan!

Coach Jonathan is a great expert. He provided the detailed analysis of my running form and suggestions for improvement. He took videos of my running and explained biomechanics. I've got a valuable feedback and would like to get the training package to work with Coach Jonathan and his team on my running form.

Coach J and his team have been great with our 10 year old son! We seen a lot of improvement in his form in only 3 sessions. We are very happy with his progress!

I have been training with Coach J for about 4 months and have seen significant performance increases. My form, speed, and endurance have all significantly gotten better. He has a very practical approach, with a keen eye for individual strengths and weaknesses. He knows when to push and when to maintain. He brings his extensive training and racing experience to each session and can make the most of each session. Do yourself a favor and line up for some time with Coach J.

Coach J has helped my son so much. He is flexible, knowledgeable and kids love that he is an Olympian and National Champion. Highly recommend.

Coach Jonathan's training has been a game changer in my son's running. In just a few lessons we've seen big gains in his form and speed. Following his initial assessment Jonathan provided a plan to address our son's needs and we haven't looked back. Highly recommend Jonathan! We're looking forward to continued gains during the off season.

(no details provided)

Coach Johnathan is fantastic! At the end of assessment he was able to isolate and show me (with video in slow motion) where the problems lie. He was able to explain, in language that made sense to me, the biomechanics involved and the changes that would be needed. He did an excellent job of instilling hope and motivation in giving feedback so that my daughter was able to persist through the challenges. By the end of the first coaching session after that assessment I was stunned that I could already see improvements being made. After years of poor biomechanics I was not expecting to see any visible changes that quickly. I’m hopeful that my daughter may overcome the problems she’s been facing as an athlete and looking forward to seeing more improvements :)

Coach J is top notch. Saw immediate improvement in my sons running mechanics and top end speed. Coach is very knowledgeable and can relay that information to the athlete. Look forward to working with Coach moving forward

Took my 14 yr old daughter (distance runner) and 16 yr old son (soccer, baseball) to coach to coach Jonathon for an evaluation. His enthusiasm and level of detail is amazing. Keeps their attention engaged, and breaks down the bio mechanics of running like I've never seen before. Amazing. Highly Reccommend.

Coach Jonathan is amazing. My son wants to improve his speed and Coach was able to change his body mechanics in ONE session. He is able to really tailor the session to exactly what is needed for each athlete. Not just a “cookie cutter” approach. Highly recommend Coach Jonathan!

Coach Johnson did a very great job with my son. He made a thorough plan for him to be a better athlete. It was well worth it and will work with him in the future.

(no details provided)

Coach J did a great job training my young daughter. He is very patient with child athletes and he cares about their individual goals.

Coach J is an excellent communicator and provides advanced instruction to my young daughter that she can understand. Coach J demands striving for perfection and cares about his athletes progress towards his/her goals.

Coach J works well with younger kids.

My son is enjoying so much training with coach Jonathan. You can tell that he is an expert at what he does!

Our son is a high school athlete who hasn’t had the proper coaching. Coach J spent time with him, evaluated his performance and offered us options for his training. He was very patient and very motivating. We look forward to seeing the improvement!

Coach J did some amazing work evaluating my high school daughter's track and cross country skills. When you meet Coach J, it quickly becomes apparently he has a deep understanding of not only track strategies, but also a tremendous grasp of the biomechanics that drive and improve performance on the track. He quickly ascertained my daughter's strengths and areas of improvement, and made initial recommendations on where to best focus her training and the best races where she could achieve optimal performance. I highly recommend Coach J for anyone looking to take their skills to another level.

Coach J was great. He immediately recognized things in our daughter’s biomechanics that he could help her correct to shave the needed time off her run for a fitness assessment. His instructions were very clear and he had a proper balance of encouragement with pushing her forwards.

(no details provided)

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(no details provided)

Took my 2 boys (9 & 10 yo) who r soccer players to Coach Jonathan and he was great with them. Showed us what needed to b worked on after their first visit. Then jumped into training the second visit. Boys had fun and want to go back after each visit. Coach Jonathan knows his stuff and is a great coach. I highly recommend him!!

Coach J. was awesome. He did an evaluation with my daughter. I love that he gave specific feedback. He asked her what her goals were and told her what was needed to reach them. He seems very flexible with scheduling and is willing to work with us to create a plan that works best for our daughter and our family. I would absolutely recommend Coach J. to anyone looking to improve in any sport.

Excited to work with Coach J. Learned more about running in the first hour then from the all my previous coaches.

(no details provided)

Coach Jonathon definitely knows his craft. I was impressed with how he broke down every aspect of the running form. He did a great job of explaining it to my 15 yr old son. He also gives you the impression right off the bat that he's all in to take your kid to their full potential. We are looking forward to see the improvements in the coming weeks.

(no details provided)

Knowledgeable and attentive. My son learn a lot the first session and is excited to work with Coach J.

Coach J worked with my soccer playing daughter on her speed and explosiveness. After a few minutes into her first session, he recognized that a major part of her issue is her mindset and he immediately started helping her mentally as well as physically. We are looking forward to seeing what Coach J can do to improve my daughter’s game with his training and expertise.

(no details provided)

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(no details provided)

Very knowledgeable and transformed my daughters running style in a single session. It will require more work to retrain her muscle memory but I am extremely pleased with the ice of progress.

Coach J has been A-MAZ-ING! My son wants to run in College but his times aren't fast enough yet. We are four sessions in with coach J and are so thrilled at the way coach has been able to break down my son's form and get him running correctly.
We are for sure going to continue with coach J!

I brought my 11 year old son in for his first assessment with Coach Jonathan and coach was able to identify the areas that my son needs to work on. We are really looking forward to the improvements that we know will result in training with Coach Jonathan. Thanks for setting the bar high!

Coach J is an expert—and he is first class with younger athletes. He knows how to connect and quickly help them make big improvements. Great guy to work with!!

Coach Jonathan is a great coach! On day 1, he was able to identify areas of improvement in my daughter's running form and started to formulate a training regimen to correct those issues. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their running/training technique.

(no details provided)

My daughter was enthusiastic about signing up for additional coaching after the initial evaluation.

My daughter had her first session with Coach J and loved it! He quickly assessed her running mechanics and pinpointed what she needed to improve on. He gave her excellent feedback, she felt determined and excited to get better and faster with Coach J. She cannot wait for her next session!

My 16 and 13 year old sons both wanted to take their running to the next level. Coach Jonathan quickly assessed what they need to do to improve and is working with them make the changes. He understands what is needed in terms of running mechanics, strength/speed, and attitude and is a fantastic coach in helping them develop. We look forward to the progress! I would highly recommend Coach Jonathan to other athletes.

My session with Coach J was great. He could pinpoint my running form errors and quickly walk we through way to improve. Great session!

(no details provided)

Coach Jonathan was great. In just a few minutes he had evaluated my daughter's stride and was already making improvements.

Great coach, very helpful with working to develop speed, agility, and acceleration. Helped my son, a college soccer player, with his running form fixing some bad habits, and develop good ones. Making him able to move faster and waste less energy, would recommend to anyone.

We had our first session with Jonathan..... To evaluate my twin boys running form. With the intention on them improving their overall speed. Immediately Jonathan was able to identify several mistakes they were making (stride, body posture, etc.) and we're working on correctly those issues. We hope to have further sessions with Jonathan in the futuro. I highly recommend this coach if you're wanting to improve any aspect of your child's athletic performance in any sport.

Coach Johnson Knows what he’s talking about!

(no details provided)

My 14 year old daughter was trying to figure out why her time was not decreasing in the 400m and the 200m. After meeting with coach J he told her what the issues were after watching her run for 5 minutes. He was quick to diagnose and Even faster to give the solution. We will definitely work with him again!

Great experience with Coach J. He worked with my 11 years old who plays baseball. Coach J had great energy and could give us valuable insights. We will book more sessions with him!

Met Coach J last week. Booking more sessions today. Been around youth sports for over 40 years. He connects with the athlete, expertise in his field and has great energy to motivate the kids! Can’t go wrong with Coach J!

Coach J is quite knowledgeable and has a good rapport with his team. I am confident that he will teach my daughter the technical skills she needs to excel in track.

Coach J is great and is committed to helping you achieve your goals. We have been working with him for 2 months and are very pleased.

Great coach. Very knowledgeable. Listens to my goals and personalizes a plan to meet them. I’ve already noticed a big improvement in my form and running efficiency.

Great knowledge.

Coach Johnson was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about coaching! My daughter is excited to be working with him and know he will be able to help train her to the next level and reach her goals.

My son is trying out for a U.S. Marine aviation program. Part of the selection process involves a three mile run. My son is athletic, but never had any formal running training. Coach Johnson helped greatly with his running form and technique. An awesome coach and we are booking more sessions so my son will continue to get better as a runner.

Have only had one session so far but he’s friendly and knowledgeable.

(no details provided)

Coach Jonathan is working with my 10 year old son and 8 year old daughter and has been wonderful. He assessed the athletes to identify what areas need to work on first.

My son was a heel runner and is playing select soccer and Jonathan has been working on the biomechanics of running, general conditioning, developing speed, cutting and change of direction. We have been seeing improvement right away on the pitch. We have even brought his lacrosse equipment to have Jonathan help show him how to properly run with the stick. My daughter has recently been working on biomechanics and speed development.

From time to time Jonathan shares life experiences with the kids to help with motivation. My son mentions often that he can tell the technique adjustments improve his efficiency and that he knows that he is running faster.

Jonathan is definitely really good at coach and I would highly recommend him for others.

(no details provided)

Coach Jonathan is a great resource for my son with his running. His knowledge and the way he easily explains technique will help my son reach his goals much faster. We are so glad we found him! For anyone running, this can help improve your performance!

If you’re looking for a reputable trainer, Jonathan is someone you should give a look into. He has been working with my son for several sessions. His feedback and coaching are positive and constructive. I would strongly recommend him.

Coach Jonathan was great!

First session was great. He clearly knew what he was talking about and has effective exercises/drills and other ways to communicate that information. Looking forward to future training.

Coach Jonathan is a very smart and impressive coach. My 9 year old has only had one session with him but his training techniques and biomechanics knowledge is top notch. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to be a better athlete in any sport and is ready and up for the challenge. We look forward to booking more sessions with him.

Coach Jonathan met with my granddaughter for a consultation and before assessing her abilities, he actually talk to her. I was so pleased with him asking her about her goals and advising her of what it takes to be a serious track athlete. He worked her out and in that hour told us more tips and areas that she needed to improve than any coach has ever pointed out. At the end of the session I was sold and so is my granddaughter. She is finally excited again about track. Thank you Coach! Finally someone who walks the talk!

Great first session. My daughter learned a ton — and his focus on getting to know her personal goals vs using a one-size-fits-all approach is a welcome change from how I’ve seen other coaches work.

Perfect coach for those looking to improve their running. Really cares about his clients goals. Willing to work with you to correct form or any other weaknesses to help you become the best possible runner.

Coach J is great! He knows his stuff and how to motivate. If you need a quality coach stop here and contact coach J!

Great knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. His passion is contagious and encouraging to our daughter. Highly recommend Coach Johnson.

(no details provided)

Awesome coach! He knows what he’s talking about.

My son is a 15 year old competitive soccer player. We wanted to give him an edge up. He has had many soccer coaches work with him on soccer skills but we wanted to seek the expertise of a professional who could help him to be more efficient on the field. We wanted a running/speed/agility coach. I did a lot of research on speed coaches in the Dallas area. Coach Jonathan Johnson has an incredible bio and I believed he checked all of our boxes.

In our son’s first session, Coach Johnson thoroughly assessed his run mechanics and instantly began making adjustments. These adjustments will not only help my son’s speed but will teach him to be fast with less effort. After just one session we could see a difference on the soccer field. We were highly satisfied with the initial training session and will be training weekly with Coach Johnson.

Coach Jonathan was awesome! Really great with communication and will help you with anything you need. Already feel like Im making strides to become a better runner after one session.

Very knowledgeable.

Got to know me and my goals. Immediately saw flaws in my running and provided correction and exercises to remedy.

We spent one hour with Coach Jonathan and he already identified some biomechanic problems with my son's running form and starting teaching him correct form. This is instruction that we have never received through school or camps despite years of running instruction. This is very helpful information that will not only help my son to run stronger and faster but also in a way that will prevent injury.

(no details provided)

He was very knowledgeable and knew what he was doing.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Jonathan was exactly what we needed to improve my sons base running skills. Much appreciate his style when talking with my son - my son loves him!

Jonathan is the best coach I have ever had. He is very knowledgeable, patient and highly motivating. I really recommend him!

Excellent coach. Very adept at teaching proper mechanics and effective mental preparation. Breaks down each component of the athletes running form and corrects to the runners individual needs and abilities. Works well with young athletes. Literally every session you can visually see improvement, mechanically as well as the confidence and focus of the athletes. If you are serious about results contact Coach Johnson. Well worth the investment.

Super Coach!

(no details provided)

We had a great first session with Jonathan. He is very knowledgeable and my kiddos really enjoyed the session. We are looking forward to learning a lot with Jonathan! Thank you!

(no details provided)

Excellent coach very dedicated

Extremely knowledgeable coach. He made small changes that have made running easier and me faster.

Coach Jonathan is a fantastic and highly knowledgable coach! Just after one session I gained so much new information in regards to my form as well as where my strengths and weaknesses lie. You can tell he has a vast background in the running arena and anyone looking for someone who will truly work hard to ensure your goals are met he's the best coach to get in touch with!

Coach Johnson did a great job with our 12 year old son. The first session went great and our son looks forward to training and getting developed by Coach Johnson.

Coach Jonathan clearly has a high level of expertise and experience gained from his years of competing in track and field. He will honestly evaluate your level of fitness and tailor make a training program to provide you with maximum results. some of the best workout I've ever had!

Coach Jonathon has been amazing. Just after a few sessions we have seen a huge improvement in our son. Thank you Coach Jonathon!

Great training session

(no details provided)

Very knowledgeable and speed with honest feedback.

Coach Jonathan helped my son overcome fear of running on a treadmill in just one day. His form and speed had considerably improved within a few weeks. Very efficient and effective coach !

Coach Jonathan is a great coach and I would recommend him to anyone....

My son came home from the first session feeling like he got highly refined and quality coaching making him more aware of his strengths as well as areas that could use additional work and training. He's excited to continue learning from Coach Jonathan.

Very knowledgable in physiology and biomechanics, takes a scientific and practical approach to his coaching resulting in extremely effective and efficient training sessions. Highly recommend!

Coach J has improved my daughter's run time by 1 min 40 sec per mile in 3 weeks! She is not a "runner" and needed advice on how to run. Coach J's advice on form was exactly what she needed to make her runs more efficient so she can meet her goal of a 10 min mile. He makes her work hard and he pushes her to go farther than she would by herself thus increasing her endurance and confidence! I would highly recommend Coach J!

After leaving the initial session my daughter came away with tangible information useful for her success in the sport. She enjoys track and field, and has great potential thus, it was pertinent for me to isolate a proper training program. One that would not only improve her performance but, also instruct on and develop formidable character. After searching for two years this is where we've landed. Coach Jonathan was professional,
engaging, and encouraging. It is evident that he possesses a genuine interest in developing his clients and believes in the concept of team building. The only reason I've issued a rating of 4 is because we plan to continue in the program. And, I'm sure what we've experienced thus far is just the tip of the iceberg!

(no details provided)

Coach Jonathan was really impressive! He clearly knows what he is doing. My son will be continuing to train with him and I am certain Coach Jonathan will help him achieve his goals.

In just a couple of sessions, Coach J’s expertise totally transformed my 9 year old son’s running form! It is very noticeable during his baseball and soccer games. Coach J is very knowledgeable and professional. He is good at explaining the importance of proper form and muscle memory. I signed up for additional sessions so that he can help my son achieve his athletic goals.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach J was very informative and showed us things in just one session that no coach has ever mentioned in the 4 years my son has been running. Awesome Coach!

Awesome experience, great track & field knowledge that will enhance my runner to the next level!! I would highly recommend Coach J to any and all customers, who is prepared and ready to train!!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Jonathan has already helped me improve my form in just three sessions. The workouts are challenging in exactly the right way, and I can't wait for track season to start!

(no details provided)

Coach Jonathan is awesome. He's a hall of fame athlete and that excellence has definitely carried over to his coaching. He was thoughtful and thorough in assessing my form and instantly identified the issues contributing to my nagging injuries. He ran me through drills that had my form improved a ton just by the end of one session. Highly recommended!

Jonathan has has a huge impact on my high school-aged son. Distance runners in high school too often receive training from their high school coach that is exclusively focused on building stamina and endurance through lots of training miles, but little emphasis on actual running form and technique as well as the mental aspect of training and competition.

I can not speak highly enough of Coach Jonathan's training approach focused on all of these important areas. I saw immediate improvements in my son's on-track performance and speed. Coach Jonathan's goal focused approach has had a positive influence not only in my son's approach to training and competition, but his approach in the classroom as well.

Coach Jonathan was able to tell me what I believed to be true, but no other coach, Dr, PT, etc. had confirmed. He saw what I've been seeing for years in my son and assured me that we WILL get it fixed. I have taken him to see other very well respected speed coaches, and comparing them, I can see why he is a "specialist", not just a coach.

Coach Jonathan is a great coach, within the first minute or two of watching me run, he was able to critique and change bad habits I've been making since I started running. The sessions are enjoyable and informative. I would for sure recommend Coach Jonathan to friends and family.

Jonathan is all about getting you to dig. He covered some good drills to practice but then helped me destroy my previous time. This guy knows how to get you to the next level.

(no details provided)

We were in town on vacation and found Coach Johnathan on Coach Up. He taught my 10 year old son some things he'd never been taught before during the 3 lessons we received. Such as how to hold you hands, pumping the arms and form. I was impressed with his concentration on my son. I hope we get to train with him some day in the future.

Coach Johnson utilized 55 minutes out of a 60 minute lesson. Gave my son a 3 minute break. My point in all of this is that there is no messing around with this guy. He wants to give your child as much information as he can in the event he never sees you again. The guy holds nothing back. Don't book this guy if your kid doesn't want to work hard, and I mean work hard. He's worth the fee and we are going to work with him again. My son, pouring with sweat, got in the car and asked me "when can I come back and work with him again"!!!

Coach Jonathan is an amazing coach. He is a motivator, he knows what he is talking about and more importantly he knows how to help your athlete. My daughter saw improvement in herself from the very first workout. Coach Jonathan quickly figured out her strengths and weaknesses and is working with her to improve both. She looks forward to meeting with him and she is always excited about what she has learned and accomplished from him. Coach J is a professional in every way. My daughter is lucky and grateful to be able to work with him!!!

(no details provided)

I was amazed at Jonathan's knowledge and attention to detail! he has a direct approach with a confident, welcoming demeanor. Very honest and professional - my 12 yr old can't wait until his next session. Thank you coach

Had a great first session with coach Jonathan. He really knows his stuff and is very patient. Highly recommend him to anyone looking at maximizing their speed potential.

Coach Jonathan is simply the best!! Coach Jonathan's attention to detail combined with his superior knowledge and expertise makes him second to none! He is very professional and his direct approach sets the tone that champions should be ready to get to work. I would recommend Coach Jonathan to any parent for their athlete.

Robert W.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Jonathan suprised me how thorough he was with evaluating my son. I was shocked to see such improvements from just one session with my 11 yr old son. I am excited to see my son's progession under Jonathan's teaching and guidance.

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Coach Jonathan is not just a great coach and teacher, he is an outstanding example for our son. We are very lucky to have him in our lives. Highly motivating and knowledgable in everything he teaches.

Coach Jonathan was very quickly able to figure out what worked for my son's personality and was able to retrofit the class to get the best out of him. Very highly recommended.

Coach Jonathan Johnson is definitely one of the best track coaches in the State of Texas. My son has experience significant results from Coach Johnson's program. His training program is very well organized and thorough. His Olympic experience is invaluable.

Great coach and has a lot to offer if looking for a track workout!

Coach Jonathan is very professional and it was a pleasure to see his knowledge and skills. My son is very exited to work with him, and was able to receive great tips right on his first session.

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I couldn't have imagine a better first session. It is not easy to find a good coach who wants to understand what your condition is, what your limitations are, and what are your goals in order to work with you to accomplish them. It is very important also to be told the truth, not what you want to hear, and Coach Jonathan does it. GREAT COACH!

Coach Jonathan is amazing! I am training for a marathon and needed that extra push to get me through the hard summer of training. He has gotten me focused and energized and I can't wait for the Marine Corps Marathon in October. Thanks Coach Jonathan.

Fabulous! We had one session and my two boys loved it. They can't wait to go back. I could even see them beginning to change bad habits even after this one session. Great job coach. Thank you.

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I have been training with Coach Jonathan for a month. I liked him from the very first session. He is a fantastic coach. He asked what my goals were and explained what his training plan would be for me, so I could improve my running technique. I look forward to every training session with more motivation and confidence. I know with his positive attitude and his encouragement I will become a more efficient runner. I would highly recommend Coach Jonathan to anyone who is looking for a trainer.

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I highly recommend Coach Jonathan. He knows a lot about running and fitness, and he helped me make big improvements in my running mechanics. Working with Coach Jonathan made me a more efficient and faster runner. I'm confident that Coach's advice and training methods will help me reach both my short-term (sub 1:40 half-marathon) and long-term (run injury-free for next 50 years!) running goals.

Coach Jonathan is incredible at connecting with his athletes and developing a personal game plan for each of us so that we can achieve our goals. I am new to competitive running and after the first few sessions I felt like he really believed in me. His charisma and attitude is both motivating and inspirational. I always look forward to working with him. He will push you beyond what your mind thought was possible. He rocks!

My son really enjoys working with Coach Jonathan and looks forward to every session. Jonathan always lets me know what they have worked on and what the goals are for future sessions. I would highly recommend him!

Coach Jonathan does a great job working with me and my 8 year old daughter, which is very challenging given the fact that we are different ages and training with entirely different goals at the same session. He makes it fun and is very supportive and patient. I highly recommend him.

First session was great and after Jonathan made minor changes to my running mechanics I immediately improved. He seems very knowledgable and I'm looking forward to my remaining sessions.

Fantastic coach! After one session, I already feel like I am running much better. He was able to correct so many things right off the bat. I am looking forward to working with him and getting my run times down.

Great coach. Clear, concise and very technique focused.

I am very impressed with Coach Johnson's attention to detail and his patience. My 12 year old daughter was struggling with her mechanics and form. After her first session with Coach Johnson she is more confident and excited about what they will be able to accomplish in the future together.

I'm so excited to work with Coach Jonathan this summer. I have only had one session, but I know his sprint training will be beneficial for me. I really like that he was upfront with his assessment of my current skills and asked what my goals for training were. His intention with every exercise and drill is to help me reach my goals and improve my sprint technique. I would highly recommend Coach Jonathan to any athlete from beginners to professionals.

My daughter benefited from the time she spent with Coach Jonathan. He was prepared & professional & did not waste a second of the session. She walked away with not only a few new drills & skills, but also a renewed motivation & confidence.

Working with Coach Johnathan was a great experience we look forwarding to booking more sessions with him!

My daughter and I meet Coach Jonathan on a cold windy day with Coach B. She was there to help with details and set up cones. Even though his phone was going, he took the time to hand it to her so she could answer his text messages and so he didn't have to take time away from my daughter. My daughter appreciated the direct attention to help her improve the new techniques he was teaching her. She felt encouraged and excited about track. Based on what my husband and I observed and how my daughter felt, we will be back and bringing my younger daughter as well. We are excited about taking them to the next level and getting some metals.

If there was a star higher than 5, I'd give it to Jonathan. As a former Olympian, I had no idea if he worked with "people like me". I'm a very beginner runner and I currently run 13 minute miles. Jonathan communicated with me immediately and made sure I knew that he could help me reach any goals I had for myself. In this first month of working with him, I can already see major improvements in my efficiency and endurance. I can't wait to see how I improve as I continue to work with him. He's a great coach and let me tell you...running with an Olympian? Makes you work!

We have been with Coach Jonathan for a few months now. My son is thrilled to be getting this level of coaching. He says it has improved his running and athletic abilities everywhere, in all his other sports. Coach has a positive attitude and most importantly, focuses on the right technique and process. We are very thankful to have found him!

We have been working with JJ for 4 sessions now. The improvement I have seen in my daughter running track is amazing. He has really worked her hard for the mechanic's of running, and it has made a huge difference for her. Coach JJ is an awesome guy. He is very knowledgeable in the Coaching process, very patient, very likeable, and really gets a very nice rapport going with his athletes! I would highly recommend Coach JJ to coach your athlete! You will not be disappointed. I can't wait for the next session with her! Gary

Coach Johnson is an amazing coach. He's very detailed on how he trains you, I've seen improvement already on my first session. I will be rebooking plenty more sessions with Coach Johnson!!

We just met Coach Jonathon for the first time. He seems very knowledgeable about training techniques and is also very personable. My daughter is very excited to start working with him. I feel confident he will be able to help her reach her track goals in the upcoming season.

I started training with Jonathan about 10 months back. When I started, I hadn’t worked out regularly in 10 years and was putting on weight. I tried getting back into a routine a number of times but after a few months lost interest. I would get out of breath walking at a fast pace. Jonathan makes the training fun and knows how much to push me on the different workouts. Also he changes the routines so that I work out the same muscles but never get bored with the routine. I lost a lot of my excess weight and can now run 3miles in 30minutes. My workout intensity is higher and the results show as great numbers at the latest physical checkup with my doctor. I feel that I have never been in better health before. I whole heartedly recommend Jonathan to anyone wanting to train with him.
I started training with Jonathan because I was frustrated by repeated injuries I suffered while running. He not only made me a stronger, faster runner but he helped me achieve my goal of completing a marathon this year. His background, knowledge and dedication to helping me achieve my goals make him an invaluable part to my training program
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