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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. West Lake Hills, TX
  2. Austin, TX
  3. Houston, TX

Coach is willing to travel up to 50 miles


Light Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach John. 90 minute session length

Session Length: 90 minutes

$125 1 session + applicable fees

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Light Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

2 session package with Coach John. 90 minute session length

Session Length: 90 minutes

$250 2 sessions ($125/ea) + applicable fees

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Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 session package with Coach John. 90 minute session length

Session Length: 90 minutes

$375 3 sessions ($125/ea) + applicable fees

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Elite Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

4 session package with Coach John. 90 minute session length

Session Length: 90 minutes

$500 4 sessions ($125/ea) + applicable fees

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Group and Team Basketball Training
In-Person Training for up to 14 athletes

Group and Team Basketball fundamental training and competitions.

Session Length: 2 hours

$350 1 session + applicable fees

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  • CUNY--Hunter College (NY)

  • 16 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Center, Forward, Guard

  • Agility, Attacking the Rim, Ball Handling, Defense, Footwork, Moving Without the Ball, Passing, Pick and Roll, Post Moves, Reading the Floor, Rebounding, Shooting


  • CUNY--Hunter College (NY)

  • 16 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Center, Forward, Guard

  • Agility, Attacking the Rim, Ball Handling, Defense, Footwork, Moving Without the Ball, Passing, Pick and Roll, Post Moves, Reading the Floor, Rebounding, Shooting

More About Coach John

Hello! I am Coach John Pat Swift I offer GROUP, TEAM, and PRIVATE sessions.

I have an extensive background in Basketball starting at shooting guard for the Hunter College Varsity for 3 years. I have been coaching basketball players from ages 6-46 year olds for over 16 years.

Before relocating to the Bay Area in 2013 I ran Swift Basketball Training Academy in New York City for youths wanting to raise their game to the next level. I have many references readily available. I am very moved by the close relationships I have with the families I have worked with and currently work with. Basketball is a big part of my life. It has created many positive opportunities for me and my relationships. It’s a cross-cultural connector. Teaching and learning the game is my passion.

In 2008 I served as Athletic Director for the Holthouse Boys and Girls Club in the 2nd ward of Houston, Texas. Here I ran the basketball program hosting tournaments, training sessions, and fundraisers while mentoring coaches and student athletes. My brother Terry, former starting PG at the University of Dallas, and I teamed up in 2011 to start Bellaire Basketball camp in Houston. We often talk about the influences that impacted our lives the most during the ups and downs of our playing careers and how we can help condense and convey these messages to our students to help them through the wonderful pursuit of being the best basketball player/teammate they can be.

I have many interests outside of basketball. I am fluent in spanish. After working in the predominantly spanish speaking 2nd ward I decided to live, work, and travel through South America to become fluent in spanish. In 2009 I traveled from Ushuaia, Argentina, the southern tip of South America, to Houston, Texas by bicycle while writing articles, doing radio interviews, recording videos for the Spanish textbook “Teachers Discovery” and the education website, “Speaking Globally” as well as maintaining my own personal blog. See Below:


Along with basketball I have an extensive background working with and mentoring kids. I am very excited to be living, teaching, and coaching in the Houston area now and look forward to helping youths improve their basketball skills and beyond. Thanks!

I have an extensive background in Basketball starting at shooting guard for the Hunter College Varsity for 3 years. I have been coaching players from ages 4-46 over the last 16 years. Before relocating to the Bay Area I ran Swift Basketball Training Academy in New York City for youths wanting to raise their game to the next level.

Basketball Workout Design: For All Skill Levels

“What are Middle school/High school/College Coaches looking for in players?”

I personally tailor Preparatory Clinics…available on request.

Sessions are 1.5-2 hours long. Before starting our first session we set a course of goals, outline our expectations, and decide together the direction we’d like to start going in.

We work on the fundamentals and individual strengths/weaknesses to improve your over all game. We’re going to have FUN! And be enthusiastic about increasing Basketball IQ.

While there are many areas and topics to cover, I’ve broken down three as an overview…


We will be working on the mechanics of dribbling with off-hand emphasis. As we progress we will add one-on-one moves and counter moves. Our aim is to add *basket attacking maneuvers to your personal repertoire. Each dribble move is performed with emphasis on your balance, posture, and footwork. We will work through a one-on one direct drive series then add the pull up jumper and other finishes.

First I teach a form of a specific movement then you adapt it your way. We’ll practice it at half speed then we will drill it in a competition setting vs. the clock/personal bests'/a defender.


We will break down the intricacies of the jump shot. Our goal is to find ways to increase your range and precision. There are many minor adjustments to increase your percentages right away. Once you are in a comfortable shooting form and limiting your *misses left and right, we can start to extend your range and add *game speed drills.
The game speed drills consist of catching and shooting, pulling up off the dribble full speed, shooting off the cut, free throws, 3-point shooting, and mid range shooting. We will also cover close range finishing; layups on both sides, reverses, runners, and power finishes.


Defense is half of the game and is always in high demand. If you can hold the opposing team’s best player below his/her average, then your *Plus-minus (+/-) impacts your team’s overall outcome.

We will work on your stance and posture to start. *Making contact in a limited contact sport, defensive positioning, and overall technique go a very long way when it comes to efficiency and conserving energy. By strengthening your legs and drilling footwork we will give you the edge against bigger, stronger, and faster opponents. I can show you the tricks of the trade from the other side of the ball.


*basket attacking – dribble moves, using the minimum amount of dribbles and steps, putting you in a high percentage game shooting spots.

*misses left and right – Left and right misses are attributed to mechanical (shooting mechanics) issues. Eliminating left and right misses helps you to make more practice shots in a row and allows us to move on to higher level game speed drills.

*game speed drills- drills designed to increase in game performance by demanding execution while being challenged physically.

*Plus-minus (+/-) - is a sports statistic used to measure a player's impact on the game, represented by difference between their team's total scoring versus their opponent's

*Making contact in a limited contact sport –
Basketball is an physical sport described as a “limited” contact sport. You are allowed to use contact but can be penalized for contact.

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Client Reviews

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Coach Pat is amazing working with my son on his first session. Coach was able to diagnose and work on the fundamentals with my son and gotten him to realize what he needs to work on. My son is now looking forward to the next session with coach, and I look forward to seeing his improvements. Thank you coach!

Coach Swift is amazing! He helped fix my shot & helped with my handles! Highly recommend him, if you want a big shift in your game!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

We were very fortunate to find Coach Swift. He was patient, kind, and engaging. This man knows what he is doing and it shows. This session was a decision point for my athlete who was exploring basketball as a new sport. Thank you, Coach Swift.

Coach Swift hands down approach to BASKETBALL 🏀 innovation is BEST in class! His ability to convey missing fundamentals to my Ryan was phenomenal! He was able to bridge some BBALL IQ gaps Ryan has be struggling with! We appreciate his coaching style and welcome more opportunities to train with him more in the very near future! Coach Swift is a ROCKSTAR!

Excellent coach!

Coach Swift taught the boys new skill drills and kept them interested in the workout warm up before they played the game. Coach has a lot of experience in breaking down the game of basketball in a way that is easy for young athletes to understand. We enjoyed working with him!

Coach John is great with defense and offense skills development. Had a great first session and will continue to sign up for more coaching. Looking forward to next session.

Coach Swift was very informative & instructional. My son learned a lot & was quite pleased with the session! We look forward to working with Coach Swift more often in the near future. Awesome coach!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach John is amazing. Plain and simple if you are looking for a coach he is the man. He breaks the game down so the child can understand. Best thing I have ever done for my sons game is bring him to coach John to learn.

Coach John was amazing with our 8 year old son. He is very knowledgeable, engaging and made the session fun. It is amazing how much our son’s confidence and skills improved with just one session!!! Highly recommend!!

My 13 year old daughter had a great session with coach John. He is very knowledgeable and patient. Very good in helping her with what she didn't know. Will do more sessions as needed.

Coach John truly has a passion for coaching. My 15 year old son learned more in one session than he has in a whole season with other coaches. He is motivational, encouraging and has an immense knowledge of basketball. Highly recommend!

Coach Pat was awesome! My son’s confidence and skills have already greatly improved just after our first session! He does a great job with connecting with him. We look forward to working more with Coach Pat. Highly recommend!!!

Very well-experienced coach with a lot of helpful things to teach. Worked great with our six-year old son. Our son loved his session. Looking forward to working together again soon!

Coach John has been doing an excellent job with my 14yr old. He pushes him but makes it fun. He is very positive even when making corrections. Highly recommend coach John. We are already seeing results and my son looks forward to the sessions. We will be booking more sessions!!

John is a great coach. I highly recommend. He has great knowledge of the game. The way he explains drills and excercises are great. If your looking for a basketball coach, look no further.

Amazing Knowledge for the game

Coach John was an awesome fit for our son. Coach John pushed Anten to achieve his optimum level of performance. Coach John even added some defensive moves to Anten repitoure.

Great session! He really challenged my son with all the different type of skill sets he introduced. My son has played basketball for most of his life and this by far was superb I’m what he offered. Very professional, friendly, and relatable

Pat great first session. Aidan was excited about the new techniques and drills you showed him. I would recommend Coach Pat for training

Coach Pat is great with at working one on one and connecting with players to achieve results. Coach was able to quickly establish a working relationship and rapport with my 12 y.o. daughter in just a couple sessions. He isolated her strengths and challenge areas, then began by breaking down fundamentals to build both at a pace ideal for her personal development. His knowledge of the game is dynamically vast and he is great at adjusting to increase a players potential for reaching personal targets. We are going to continue working with Coach and I highly recommend him as a great personal coach!

This Coach is on point on detail and how well you are in basketball I recommend anybody Who needs to improve in basketball just to get better.

Coach Pat exceeded expectations. In My sons first session, coach Pat assessed his skills and automatically went into ball handling drills, shooting drills, and mental drills. Then he dialed into his weaknesses and immediately started improving his overall game. The training was comparable to a D1 to Pro style level of training broken down to where a 14 yr old could comprehend it. My son can’t wait til his next session. Coach Pat is the real deal.

great productive session

Coach jonh Swift is a perfect coach, if you want to be the best my 13 year old son has been working with coach and has improved beyond expectations , after 1 session my son's level is at a high I can only imagine how the end result we be ,he will push you give you the edge your looking for but you have to want it ,his drills shooting, dribbling, defense and how to move around the court are like no other .I would recommend coach Swift to anyone looking to improve mentally and physically my son can't wait till next session , and so will you .

My daughter love her training session with coach Pat

Coach John helped with minor adjustments that really made a difference. Looking forward to the next few sessions!

(no details provided)

My nine year old really enjoyed his first session. He learned a lot and came away with a big boost in confidence. We did a shooting drill before and after the session and his shooting % went up 15%! You did a great job tailoring the session to his skills and personality. He worked really hard, but didn't even realize it. Thanks so much!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

My 7yr old was a little nervous to be training with someone he didn't know. But almost immediately, Coach Pat was easy going, positive at every step, "tested" and "challenged" my son while still keeping it fun. Coach had my son engaged for the whole 90 minutes, even had my son pushing himself at the very end when he was tired. They went over fundamental warm-ups, basic mechanics in footwork and body movements, all the while assessing current skill level and helping improve his basketball game. And all of this was just in the first 90-minute session.

By the time the second session came around, my son showed a lot of improvement in his ball handling, footwork, and just had a better overall basic understanding of the game. Coach Pat is amazing and I look forward to seeing how all of this work translates on the court when my son plays in his organized (kid) leagues.

(no details provided)

Coach John is a fantastic coach. During the training sessions with my daughter, he took the time to talk about why he was telling her to do things a certain way. He is very positive and helps build confidence. Even when addressing areas of weakness he still was upbeat, identifying the issue and then the solution to fixing/improving it. I would recommend John to anyone trying to improve their game and or ready to take it to the next level. His post session feedback is thoughtful and detailed, reminding my daughter of the specific areas she needs to work on.

Coach Pat was great! My 16 year old son got a lot out of the session. He was able to work and push my son hard, but in a very encouraging and positive way. Coach Pat gave him a great structure to help him develop a warm up and practice routine, as well as some great moves that will really help him take his game to the next level. Would HIGHLY recommend Coach Pat!

Coach John did a good job in instilling a good shooting form for my 11 yr old son. Also the ball handling drill helps him a lot. Thank you.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

My son really enjoys working with Coach Pat. He stated that "coach is cool and fun. I appreciate Coach Pat working until the last second of my son's session. We look forward to working with Coach long term.

We would definitely recommend Coach John. After initial session, our daughter was more confident in her skills, she enjoyed the drills, and we signed up for more sessions!

(no details provided)

Coach John is excellent , after one session my son confidence level boost up and his game improved

My son really like to have more session with him

Coach John is excellent! With just one lesson, my son has already improved and learned a lot!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Pat was great with my Son and focused on the basics that most team coaches don't have the time to breakdown on an individual basis. I would highly recommend him and will be planning more sessions...his passion for what he does is obvious.

(no details provided)

Working with Coach Pat was a great experience. He was very clear about understanding what my goals were before the session started, and had a series of drills and exercises to fine tune technique and reinforce through practice. The drills were challenging, fun, and had specific purposes to improve shooting form and consistency. Coach Pat is a great player, and more importantly a great coach, a person who can create immediate results in a fun and motivating way.

In a word, Superb. Maybe that is why we travel 4 hours round-trip each week for my son to train with John. His knowledge of basketball is apparent. But, even more, his ability to break the skills down in easy-to-follow training session is top-notch. But, even greater than both of these is his ability to connect with and motivate my son in a POSITIVE and Encouraging way. We couldn't be happier, really. Fantastic.

Coach Pat met with my son for his first basketball session. Pat was on time and had great communication. My son said he had a really good time. Pat listened to our needs and wants for our son and spent a quality 90 minutes with my son reviewing fundamentals of shooting, dribbling, etc. I think my son would like to do another one on one session and possibly group sessions in the future. I highly recommend Pat for any child interested in improving his basketball skills.

John seems to really know, and be very good at, his game. My daughter enjoyed her session immensely, and she felt as though she really learned useful skills. We rebooked with John!

John is an excellent coach. He comes prepared for each lesson with my son and seems to be working from a curriculum based on my son's individual skill level. My son is engaged and enthusiastic about what he is learning. This is a fantastic service and we are happy to have found John.

Pat was truly amazing with my son Matthew. Not only did he teach Matthew amazing basketball skills, but he was an unbelievable friend and role model for Matt. Pat was one of the few people Matt opened up to and asked advice from. The only bad thing about Pat was that he moved out of New York. He is missed.
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