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Now taking linemen only. Coach for 25 years. Expertise in coaching lineman. Every single client regardless of position has rated me 5 stars. View all coaching experience

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In-Person Training for up to 5 athletes

10 session package with Coach John. 70 minute session length

Session Length: 70 minutes

$700 10 sessions ($70/ea) + applicable fees

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

$75 one 70 minute session

Session Length: 70 minutes

$75 1 session + applicable fees

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5 session package with Coach John. 70 minute session length

Session Length: 70 minutes

$350 5 sessions ($70/ea) + applicable fees

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  • Northeastern University (MA)

  • 27 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Wide Receiver, Tight End, Running Back, Punter, Offensive Line, Linebacker, Kicker, Defensive Line, Defensive Back

  • Throwing, Tackling, Special Teams, Route Running, Punting, Pass Defense, Kicking, Jamming, Hand Placement, Footwork, Cutting, Catching, Blocking


  • Northeastern University (MA)

  • 27 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Wide Receiver, Tight End, Running Back, Punter, Offensive Line, Linebacker, Kicker, Defensive Line, Defensive Back

  • Throwing, Tackling, Special Teams, Route Running, Punting, Pass Defense, Kicking, Jamming, Hand Placement, Footwork, Cutting, Catching, Blocking

More About Coach John

I have over 20 years of coaching experience at a youth and high school level football. Real expertise in coaching linemen on both sides of the ball. I teach BFF: Balance, Footwork and Form. Know keys to read to be effective. Will make the learning experience educational and fun. USA Football coaching certified. Concussion prevention Certified. Pop Warner coach certified. Published Rapid Fire Football IQ for Youth Football Players on the Coachup Nation Web Site

Played and coached football since childhood. But my real honors and accomplishment have been in coaching youth players. I have the ability to read the players personality and motivate the player to excel.

This depends on the position. We would run drills to increase speed and agility. There will be introduction to specific techniques to be successful at the position the player wants to improve at. I will provide the player instructions and drills that they can practice on their own. I will make the player more successful.

Sample Plan for new football player:
Training Program

• Warm up: Stretch and light running
 How to get faster
 How to be quick off the ball
 Forward and back pedaling drills
• How to get into an offensive stance
• How to be in the “ready” position on defense
• Proper techniques of tackling
 Safety first: Never, ever have your head down
 Head up, neck bulled. shoulder on the ball, wrap up, low positioning form tackle
• Proper ball security
 Proper way to hold the football
 Pressure points for ball security
• Hands drill pass catching
 Proper way to catch the football
 Proper way to run pass routes
• Proper way to throw the football
• Football basic rules of engagement
 Containing the outside concepts for defensive ends and corner backs
 Blocking techniques
 Use of hands on defense
 Reading and reacting on defense
• Kicking 101
 Proper plant foot
 Eyes on the spot/football at all times
• Punting techniques
• Wrap up
 Review of teachings
 Takeaways to practice

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Client Reviews

My son played 7th grade and was injured for most of 8th grade season but Coach John picked right up where he left off and in one session taught more drills than he had previously learned. It was awesome to see my son's confidence and training expanding in just one session. I know mybson will have a great freshman year after sessions with Coach John.

Coach John was very helpful my lads had a great time. Lots of laughs. Can’t wait to have another training session.

Coach John is amazing. My son already scored a touchdown after one session! I would recommend him to anyone!!

Coach was very good at trying to touch as many sides of the games as possible. He was not just training them but he was also trying to educate them in all areas. He was friendly and also strict. He listened to our needs and tried to address those needs.

Coach John is simply the best! It was a huge decision to agree to let our 12 year old play football. Coach made him feel comfortable right away and is teaching him the basics. He is even more excited to play and for his next session! Can’t thank Coach enough for his wonderful demeanor, coaching and in helping our guy develop into a great teammate!

My son has a real love football and plays however sometimes his lack of confidence however he still needed to learn the fundamentals I went in the coach app and I saw many reviews however after reading many different profiles I felt Coach John was the best fit and I was glad I followed through John is a great for for my son awesome patience explains things clearly and keeps it fun and encouraging during the process

Awesome techniques loves what he does will be bringing my son to him once a week 💪🏽

Coach John is a amazing coach , super nice to my son and very patient, my 9 year old son wanted some extra training and coach John was really good with him , teaching him drills and giving him some good tips on things he can improve , would highly recommend him as a coach and to book a session

Coach Anderson is absolutely amazing, and a rare find. His personality and passion for football is infectious, and he is 100% committed to my son’s growth and development as a player as well as his social/emotional development. His patience and willingness to meet my son where he is at and his ability to make his sessions fun as well as challenging makes the appointments something to look forward to. My son has ASD and requires a softer more encouraging approach that is not usually the norm on the football team, and since working with Coach Anderson he has developed so much more confidence than he had before. Flexibility, patience, a willingness to commute to make scheduling easier, and more so just his exceptional investment as he shares his love of football with my son is something I will be forever grateful for. My son has never played football in his life and Coach Anderson was willing to schedule an impromptu session the day before he tried out for the 9th grade team! We are completely spellbound by how exceptional he is and we recommend him 1000 percent. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Now that our son Preston has had 10 full sessions and is back on the gridiron and hitting again.... the changes in him from when he first began are unbelievable!!!
We have been approached by several coaches and spectators that tell us how great he is doing. Because of the training with Coach John, our son can play in any position comfortably, intelligently and with great confidence!
We are very much looking forward to his progression and will continue to work with Coach John in the off season. Thank you so much for all of your passion that goes into every session Coach, we greatly appreciate you!!!

John is a phenomenal coach! My son loved his first session and is very much looking forward to more. I can't wait to see how my son improves with John's teaching/lessons.
Thank you John!
UPDATE: We have had 5 sessions with John and the improvements our son has shown are beyond our expectations. John knows how to build confidence as well as knowledge and fundamentals. We will recommend John to anyone who is interested in more training. I can't say enough about this experience and will continue sessions with John as long as possible. Coach John is quite an asset not only to us, but to the CoachUp name. Thank you again!

Coach John came out on a blazing hot day to teach my son kicking mechanics, blocking, and other football skills. He went above and beyond my expectations and inspired confidence and hard-work. My son is now the starting kicker for our team, as well as TE and OLB. Highly recommend Coach John!!!

John is great! He was always responsive during the entire process! He was able to provide a great assessment on my son. My son appreciated his guidance, support and knowledge!

He is very enthusiastic and committed to teaching. Coach John is definitely a great pick for any age.

Very good coach can that can get you started on the path you want to be on in your athletic career

Coach John has been fantastic for my 15 yr old son. He is hoping to start on the defensive line this year. After a few sessions with John he is well positioned to meet his goal. Coach John spends a lot of time with his athletes explaining the process and providing valuable advice. My son is loving it. I highly recommend John!

We had our first session with John and he was excellent. My son learned a lot and we are looking forward to more sessions!

(no details provided)

Coach John is an amazing football coach! He does not worry about his clock and actually worked after his time was up! As an educator, I know when someone is truly meant to teach and Coach John is definitely meant to coach football. He genuinely cares and wants to help you improve your skills so you can be successful on the field. I am so impressed with his dedication and passion towards the game. My son is excited about learning all he can and can’t wait for his next session!

My son Ben had a wonderful experience being coached by John. John is a experienced, knowledgeable coach that takes a lot of pride in his work. We look forward to working with John again.

(no details provided)

Coach knows a lot about every position and the game at all. He is a good communicator and can teach a lot of ideas and techniques. It was a lot of fun.

Coach John was excellent. He had great energy and a lot of football knowledge. He was very positive and helped instill confidence in my son. We will book again.

Awesome job by John!!! Cole did great but has almost everything to learn so I will be rebooking with John. Great experience, well worth the fee!!!👍👍👍👍

John was awesome he took his time with my son and in just 2 sessions he is already much better can’t wait to do more work with John

Coach John does a great job! My son really enjoyed his initial session and feels confident he will learn a lot from John. Just signed up for 5 more sessions.

Solid fundamental coach. Not a clock watcher, was able to keep my 14yr old engaged for about an hour and a half. Gives good tips and teaches the basics well. Emphasizes during session hard work and other helpful thoughts. My son improved during first session.

Knowledgeable guy. Knows football.

First CoachUp and Coach John was perfect for what we needed. Second year, 10-year old linemen looking for some confidence, technique and footwork going into the season. John had a nice mix of compliment and critique, and a lot of great information based on our son's age, body style and ability that he can take right into this season. We will book with John again before we get going with training camp.

Coach John was fantastic & really flexible with my schedule - I am training for an upcoming football season and he really broke down the basics for me (being a rookie) while enhancing my overall skills for upcoming practices. I could really see the difference in practice the following week just after 1 session - would highly recommend him, knows his stuff especially if you're a lineman!

My 8 year old had one session with Coach John and thrived on the one-on-one attention. He was thrilled with the techniques he learned. Coach John is great with kids and clearly knows how to teach and inspire them. We just booked 6 more sessions with Coach John so I will update my review when we have a chance to evaluate his improvement.

Coach John is a great!! We are looking forward to further sessions as my sons techniques and understanding of the game are improving. John is very personable. I highly recommend!

My son was a little bit unsure of whether he wanted to even try private coaching for football but I felt it was the right thing since he was in a new position he needed to learn and had a lot of questions... Yesterday he had a session with Coach John and my son was so glad that he did. He was beaming on the car ride back home, said that John was really knowledgeable and taught him so much about how to play the game. His confidence level was much higher afterwards. John was also very generous with his time and went above and beyond what I had signed up for because there were more things he wanted to show him. My message to other parents is this: if you are considering a private coaching session for your son to learn football better and take his game to a new level, Coach John is the guy to choose! You'll be glad you did.

Coach John and my son bonded right away. He was very excited about his lesson. He could not wait to show us all he learned. He is looking forward to more lessons.

We really enjoyed Coach John, he is very kind and knowable about the game of football! Below are two questions you need answers to before choosing coach John. If you answered No to #1 and YES to #2, then coach john your guy! He doesn’t spend much time, if any, on drills you would consider performance based. He instead drills the fundamentals, depending on what position your child plays. If you want your child to show up and be confident that they know how to play their position. E.g., what block to make, what hole to hit, then John will get them there.

1: Are you looking for a coach to teach speed/agility type of football drills?
2: Are you looking for a coach to show your kid/s the fundamentals of Football?

I booked Coach John to help my 9 year old son get ready for this upcoming football season.

I couldn't be happier with my sons progress. Coach John has showed him some great techniques and has improved his speed off the ball. I can't wait for us to finish the rest of our sessions to see all of his progress.

Coach John is an excellent coach! With just one session, Coach John's training has definitely helped increase my son's skill set and technique. I plan to book more sessions and would definitely recommend this coach to anyone looking for a great coach.

(no details provided)

Thanks John for a great first session! Jake got a lot out of just one session - we will be booking more!

Coach John A. met us at a field near us and provided my 11 year old son with a great lesson. His lesson was heavy on technique instruction, and was designed to improve not only position specific skills but also overall "football IQ" or understanding of the game. This was so much more beneficial for my son than just conditioning or agility drills. Coach John gave him a good workout simply by keeping a fast pace to his instruction and drills. My son feels he learned more about football in one session with Coach John than he could in other camps and lessons he's attended. We will certainly book future sessions soon as he exceeded both my and my son's expectations.

Coach Anderson knows all the appropriate football techniques that you could ask for. He takes his time to make sure the session is focusing on what is most helpful for the athlete. He uses the full time well and makes the most of each session. Great experience.

Coach John was great. My son worked with John this spring on all aspects of a lineman's position. My son has now gained confidence and momentum as he heads into the summer high school workout and training programs. We highly recommend Coach John!

Hi - my son had his first session with Coach John. Coach was prepared with numerous drills that kept my son active during the entire session. Having my son get the one on one practice was invaluable. I am signing my son up for 6 more sessions.

My son needed to get back to basics for High School football. Our intention was to hire an offensive line specialist who could teach my son proper technique to get him to the next level in his game. Coach John has tremendous knowledge of the game and is very thorough in his explanation of proper techniques. It makes a great difference to be one on one. You gain that extra knowledge that you just cannot absorb in a team setting. Zach's footwork and balance have gotten progressively better. We signed on for 6 sessions and have a few remaining. The sessions are 90 minutes long and he packs in a lot in that time. Great value for a private coach. We are excited to continue working with Coach John and can't wait to see the on field results when the season rolls around. Worth every penny and then some.
Update 3/30/16
Zach has finished his 1st six sessions with Coach John.
His speed is dramatically faster and his stance and form are much more natural. Pulling techniques and arm extension on blocks are fast and powerful. When you are getting personal attention one on one with a knowledgeable Coach like John breaking it all down for you, you will succeed at the next level. He has taught my son that the game is just as much brains as it is athletic ability. I am more than satisfied and hope that my son and John continue their relationship through high school and beyond with off season workouts.
Brian Matthews

Coach Anderson helped me reach my potential as a football player. I was very satisfied with our training sessions.

Coach John was great. My son, 13, was new to football and Coach John taught him all the basics to give him confidence going into the first day of pre-season training. Our only regret was not having enough time to schedule more sessions. John's passion for football is clear, and he passes that enthusiasm to his students.

Coach John is fantastic! He is professional and responds quickly to requests for appointments. He was also well prepared. He listened to our son, evaluated his present skills and was able to help him learn new skills. Coach John gave immediate feedback! He also provided great resources! We highly recommend Coach John!!

Congratulations to my former client Danielle Fournier for being named All American in the Women's national football league. Like all pro in the NFL. Danielle is a nose guard . The Boston Renegades play Tampa this week in the playoffs looking for their third straight national title.
Congrats to my football client Jarod Mockus! He will be attending West Point this fall.
October 11, 2014 To Whom It May Concern: Last June we contacted Coach-Up to inquire about a coach for our 15 year old son. Our son had never played football before and we wanted to make sure he was prepared for high school tryouts. We looked at all the coaches who had information posted on Coach –Up and we truly feel that the match could not have been better. We signed up for one lesson with Mr. John Anderson. Coach Anderson is professional, flexible with time constraints and communicates well to both our son and to us. He sends a plan for the session prior to the lesson and then gives feedback on the day of the session as well as in an email format. His knowledge about football and his love for the sport is apparent in all he does. Coach Anderson goes above and beyond expectations with each lesson. He fine-tuned areas needing attention with our son, introduced him to other players who have worked hard and excelled in the sport, and gave him the confidence he needed to tryout and succeed. We could not have asked for a better coach or role model. It is without reservation that we recommend Coach John Anderson. He goes the extra mile and is excellent at his craft. Sincerely, Lucie Kafka
Coach John Anderson was my pop warner football coach during middle school. I played linebacker and halfback for Coach Anderson.When I played linebacker for Coach Anderson he taught me the importance of safe and proper tackling. He continually worked with me on my form so that it would become second nature. Coach Anderson believed in the skills of his players. One of the most important lessons I learned from Coach Anderson is too never give up, on a play or in life. I specifically remember one game in which he wouldn't let me quit on a play. We were playing against one of our rivals and we had a run two running plays in a row, each play picking up minimal yardage. He called a timeout, he could tell that I was tired and ready to quit on trying to run the ball. After the timeout he once again called my number, calling a halfback sweep to the right side.time we struck gold and I took the ball up the right sideline to the end zone. I remember going over to Coach Anderson and him telling me that he knew I could do it and he wouldn't given up on me. This was an experience that I never forgot. He never gave up on me during that play and throughout the football season, and that is a lesson that I carried with me throughout my football career and life. He was invested in the lives of his players and taught us much more than simply how to perform on the football field. Football is one of those sports that teach you valuable life lessons and Coach Anderson taught me the importance of hard work, and to never give up on yourself. Best, Gregg
Coach Anderson has been a great coach for me. He coached me in youth football at two levels and continues to be a mentor for me. He has helped my football mechanics tremedously. He is a football guru! Tommy Munro Quarterback, Bentley College
Coach Anderson has coached me at many levels in youth football and still advises me to this day. From playing with his sons in his back yard to Pop Warner football, he developed my football IQ and fundamentals of the game. I still talk football with coach Anderson while I am in a division I college program. Joey Colton All Scholastic football player junior and senior years at Xaverian Brothers High School Current: Sophomore, Safety, Captain: University of Massachusetts Football
Coach Anderson was the coach for our Pop Warner C division football team. As a lineman, I appreciated Coach Andersons patience and encouragement with me, especially when I missed blocks. Coach recognized the areas where I needed improvement and constructively pointed them out to me. He has a tremendous knowledge of all areas of the game. He made a point to coach not just the individuals but the team, bringing us together and making us play as a team. Coach played everyone equally, trying to improve the skills of all the players rather than focusing on just those who had natural talent. It was a pleasure playing for Coach Anderson”. Matt Daly (Norfolk, MA Pop Warner C team)
Coach Anderson was one of the best coaches I had during my time in the Norwood Pop Warner football program. My experience with the program as a whole was fantastic but that was in large part due to exceptional coaches like John Anderson. Not only did I learn the fundamentals of the game and improve as an athlete but Coach Anderson always made it fun. He was always patient, approachabe, and knowledgable about the sport. He trained our team to be strong, disciplined players, and I always looked forward to practices or a game. Coach Anderson was also never far from a laugh or making us laugh in return. He created a warm atmosphere filled with fun, laughter, and learning. I stay close to him today because of the memorable experience I had while playing on his team. I would highly recommend John Anderson as a coach for anyone thinking of participating in the Pop Warner program. -Dix
John Anderson is a true professional dedicated to making each player better every day. He is an excellent coach with years of experience who focuses on the basics and builds a foundation which sets players up to excel at the next level. Knowledgable and motivated, he is one of the best coaches I have had in any sport through the college level. Joseph Gallo Troop Executive Officer, Apache Troop, 4-10 Cavalry at US Army
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