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A former NFL QB with a passion for helping dedicated athletes reach their potential and their dreams! View all coaching experience

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3 session package with Coach Jeff. 60 minute session length

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  • Weber State University (UT)

  • 21 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Quarterback, Tight End, Wide Receiver

  • Throwing


  • Weber State University (UT)

  • 21 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Quarterback, Tight End, Wide Receiver

  • Throwing

More About Coach Jeff

I have been training all levels of quarterbacks for nearly 20 years. Typically QB's start in junior high school and continue through high school with refresher sessions during their breaks from college. I have owned America's Best Quarterback, LLC (formerly Elite Players, LLC) since 1999. We train in the north end of Tampa, Florida in small groups and one-on-one throughout the year. I have coached (head coach and offensive coordinator) at the youth level and middle school level for a number of years, mainly as my two sons were growing up.

NFL QB 1989-1994--fourth round draft pick--Los Angeles Rams. Also played for Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New England Patriots. Played college football at Weber State in Ogden, Utah, setting the majority of passing records and was recently inducted into their Athletics Hall Of Fame.

I am a QB mechanics specialist. A quarterback's success is driven from understanding how all of their body parts work in unison like a golf swing to generate the most power and accuracy, while not overly stressing individual joints like elbows and shoulders. In individual sessions, proper technique in footwork and throwing motion is always stressed and the mental understanding of defensive coverages and offensive strategies is an on-going step-by-step development.

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Client Reviews

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Coach Jeff was amazing! Very knowledge and was able to keep my son focused!

Coach Jeff was great. Worked hard on doing the little things right before moving on, which is so important at a young age for athletes to get the fundamentals right.

Coach was great. He really made the teaching and learning experience fun and kept my sons attention the entire time.

He pays close attention to the details of every move. Very knowledgeable, and truly cares about improving the player’s abilities. Our son is making improvements every week and is growing confident in his football IQ and skill. We still have 7 sessions to go, so very excited to see more progress along the way!

Great first lesson for my 8 yo son. Definitely knows how to coach a young child

Thanks to coach Jeff my son is starting to look like a next level quarterback.
He has improved so much since he starting with coach Jeff.
He kept throwing out different examples, on how to do a technique until he found one that my son got.
Excellent coach for quarterbacks!!!

(no details provided)

Talk about skill coupled with personality, Jeff has both. He’s a talented and knowledgeable coach with endless experience. Starts with the basics, and breaks it down to a customized training geared to improve your game. He has a fun approach towards his communications and loaded with patience. Look no further, Jeff is the solution towards improvement. He is your secret weapon.

My 10-year-old had his first session with Coach Jeff today and he loved it. Coach Jeff knew how to be direct but also keep it fun. I can already see an improvement, and we’ll definitely be back for more sessions. Overall awesome coach.

Great first lesson - improvements after session. Good introduction to solid mechanics.

I coach my son’s 10U flag football team and asked Coach Jeff to come out to our practice. Coach Jeff worked with the entire team on the fundamentals like snapping and throwing the football. He also provided insight to the coaching staff on offensive play calling. The kids really enjoyed his instruction and we will definitely continue to work with Coach Jeff in the future. Thanks Coach Up!

Jeff did a great job taking my son right back to step one with the fundamentals i.e the mechanics of throwing a ball. He's taken the lesson Jeff has taught and practiced a few days and already you can see a better result in his accuracy and trajectory of the ball. Originally my son has taken advice from some reputable youtube channels but turns out he learned a few bad habits. The money it cost for the in-person lesson was well worth it and it's only been one thus far!

Coach Jeff has been remarkable with my 13 year old son. He has a strong presence and understanding of the QB position and to effectively share his knowledge. We look forward to working with him !

(no details provided)

Coach Jeff is great, he has played the game and understands the process of continual improvement. Kids are impatient and just want to have fun. Jeff understands that and his sessions are the perfect balance of enjoyment, improvement, focus and discipline. I’m new to the sport, but highly recommend Jeff. If you want to learn and are ready to put in the effort - Jeff will help you reach your goals.

Coach Jeff is an absolute exceptional trainer. His knowledge, skills, and past experience of playing professionally makes his sessions invaluable. He pushes you to be the best player you can be, and undoubtedly your game will improve if you choose to train with him. I would recommend Coach Jeff to anyone looking to improve their game or just expand their overall knowledge of the game.

Coach Jeff was FANTASTIC! Even after just one session, my son has gained huge improvements in his throwing technique. Looking forward to future sessions with Jeff and the growth my son will gain as an athlete.

Coach Jeff is an outstanding QB coach. His directness and attention to detail are what really make the sessions productive.

Coach Jeff was a great coach, after meeting with him and working with him it became clear that there was no way that I wouldn't improve. He will tell you the truth and that is exactly what is needed from any coach. When I finished my sessions I became much more consistent and accurate then I was before.

Coach Jeff was awesome and I was amazed to see the small details that bring a good throw together. Can’t wait for session 2.

Coach Jeff has been amazing. He continues to push my son to excel by honing in on fundamental skills. He continues to build a good base while challenging him in each and every drill. Highly recommend Coach Jeff if wanting to progress beyond where you are now.

The training session with Coach Jeff Carlson has been a fantastic experience. Our 11 year old son who just started playing football in Germany 6 months back had a lot of fun and learned a lot. Although being nervous working with a former NFL pro it just took Coach Jeff a few minutes to get him excited.
Coach Jeff did a great job with him, working on the mechanics of throwing a football. He had a lot of patience and found ways to help him understand how to effectively improve his passing skills.
We look forward to continuing lessons with Coach Jeff!

Jeff is a very matter of fact & detailed QB coach who clearly knows what he’s talking about. Great experience & will definitely be working with him again!

Teaches football precisely. Very experienced, would recommend.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Great coach was a lot of knowledge. My son really enjoyed his session and will be booking more sessions with him.

(no details provided)

Coach Jeff is incredible with our son! He is patient & fun. Nicholas is learning details needed to improve his QB skills. Coach Jeff explains and shows my 9 year old in a way he can remember and apply what he has learned. So very happy we found Coach Jeff! Nicholas is improving with each lesson!

(no details provided)

Coach Jeff Carlson did a fantastic job with our 9 year old grandson, who had no knowledge of the mechanics for throwing a football. He found a way to help him understand using analogies a 9 year old could relate to, in order to effectively convey the concepts associated with correct passes. Our grandson had an excellent coaching experience and gained enormous knowledge and skills in a single lesson. We look forward to continuing lessons with Coach Jeff!

Several weeks into the season and Austin has been MVP multiple times, his coaches say he’s the best QB in their league and in top of all that he has more self confidence and he’s making t the honor roll. Coach Jeff did an incredible job in a single lesson. Austin is ready to learn more!

Jeff was excellent and gave my son many tips that will help him become a better player. He is very patient and overall we had a great experience!!

Coach Jeff reviewed my game tapes and we had a video call as I’m living in Europe. He was very good in explaining the throwing technique and mechanics and making references to other sports. Going to give the newly learned stuff a try on the field and will definitely be booking my next class soon. Really recommend Coach Jeff to anyone.

My son loved his first session with Coach Jeff. Great attention to detail, good communicator, and lots of things he can work on between sessions. He made a lot of progress in just one session, can't wait to see what a difference he will make in the long run.

Great first session!

Great Coach! My son learned a lot in just one day!

Coach Jeff was a great coach! After one session my son feels like a new athlete and has noticed a big difference in his throws. His training and techniques are like none he has had before definitely top-notch. Definitely going back. I would recommend Coach Jeff to anyone.

Coach Carlson's throwing techniques have been an eye opener for my son. My son's footwork and accuracy are improving with each session. It has been a pleasure getting to know Coach Carlson and discovering his knowledge of the game and passion for mentoring young men.

My son was lucky enough to have Coach Jeff coach him for a session as a Christmas gift and boy was he in awe! Coach Jeff's coaching abilities are exemplary and our son Joseph was able to learn a great deal in just one session. Coach presents things in a fun and easy to understand manner and does not intimidate during his instruction. Our son loved the experience and even though we live over an hour away we will be planning on future sessions with Coach Jeff once a month because his instruction was so valuable. Joseph had an amazing time and cannot wait to go back!

Coach Jeff does an excellent job of teaching the fundamentals and proper mechanics of the QB position to my children (10 & 13). I appreciate Coach Jeff's style of coaching because he focuses on the little things (e.g., balance, hip alignment) to develop better accuracy and arm strength. In addition, he teaches the kids about real life situations on and off the field. My boys look forward to going to their next session with Coach Jeff.

Coach Jeff did a great job with my 11 year old son. He kept the session fun and informative and kept his interest during the entire session. We definitely recommend coach Jeff.

Coach Jeff exceeded our expectations. He was very concise and clear with our son, who in turn responded to his coaching very well. Great demeanor and very thorough. We look forward to our future sessions with him! We highly recommend him!

We can't recommend Jeff enough, we are UK based and were on holiday in Florida: we wanted an experienced coach who could show Harry where he is going wrong and critique what he is doing. Sadly in the UK 'American Football' is not a priority sport so additional coaching is non-existent. Our son absolutely loved his sessions with Jeff, he is supportive and firm in his approach and is able to demonstrate the correct most effective technique. Harry has not stopped taking about his sessions and can't speak highly enough about Jeff following the sessions he has received. It really helps knowing that Jeff has experience at the highest level so therefore has a greater understanding of the requirements of being an elite athlete and can help you get where you want to go.
I only wish we lived in Florida so Harry could work with Jeff on a frequent basis and utilise his expert knowledge. We will certainly keep in touch and book more sessions every time we are back.
5* from us!!

(no details provided)

Jeff thanks so much. Would not have happened without you (Little league Super Bowl win)! Will is so pumped.
Thank you so much, I saw a big difference and so did he.
Just wanted to thank you and let you know how much Budgy (Trent) really liked last night...don't know if you noticed, but for the first time ever, he brought up issues to you, which meant he had to be vulnerable, which is step one in getting better at your weaknesses. Also, he is eager to learn more as he knows that is what is going to take him to the next level!
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