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#1 Ranked Coachup Tennis Coach in MASS, #1 USA - 100% improvements 2-3 hours - All Level - Invest in what gives you result quickly with quality - over 1700 hours of sessions View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  1. East Boston, Boston, MA

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One Session
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Corrections, Forehand, Backhand, Volley, Serve. My goal is to see a player over many sessions to watch progress. check for better deals

Session Length: 1 hour

$100 1 session + applicable fees

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Trial Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 sessions package with Coach Jean Carlone. 60 minutes session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$300 3 sessions ($100/ea) + applicable fees

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5 Sessions Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

5 sessions package with Coach Jean Carlone. 60 minutes session length. Best package to see improvements.

Session Length: 1 hour

$470 5 sessions ($94/ea) + applicable fees

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2 Players Group - 50$ Each
In-Person Training for a single athlete

(only after individual evaluation) This is a perfect package for 2 players who would like to be coached and play with Coach Carlone for one hour. You have your own sparring partner, Corrections are brought as the session... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$50 1 session + applicable fees

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in House Training
In-Person Training for a single athlete

You can choose to book Coach Carlone to come to your location, either home or at your favorite field. Up to 20 miles. You will still need to coordinate.

Session Length: 1 hour

$300 1 session + applicable fees

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  • 20 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Slice, Lob, Drop Shot, Volley, Topspin, Serve, Point Strategy, Forehand, Footwork, Backhand


  • 20 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Slice, Lob, Drop Shot, Volley, Topspin, Serve, Point Strategy, Forehand, Footwork, Backhand

More About Coach Jean

over 1 700 hours, European, 20 years Coaching Experience "Change your Game"
Are you ready to improve ? Your Serve - Your Game
I have been improved clients Serve in just 10 minutes. What you are doing is hard, not efficient.
What you need to do will be easier and will become a great asset in your game.

Ranked number #1 Coach in MASS, #1 USA, overviewed 1 700 hours, European, 20 years Coaching Experience "Change your Game" 100% improvements in 2-3 hours, All Level All Age, CPR certified, NASM reg. (Beginner to Advanced).

- High School Varsity Coach

European Experienced Tennis Coach, Forehand, Backhand, Serve, Volley. You will never play the same after.
Coach/Personal Trainer knows Pro high level requirements ATP, ITF, WTA, technique, physically & mentally. Make your session look different. You are never going to look training the same way. Played and coached in different country France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, England, USA.
Played few times with ATP ranked players. Played few times with Team Novak Djokovic.
Played in my younger years against French players, R Gasquet, JW Tsonga, G Simon

I coached from young athlete to individual.
Coached at ATP rank.
Work with kids, high school and college students and individual over 5years old to 65 looking to improve their skills

Played in Monaco Team, have assisted for the Davis Cup.
Qualification French Championship tournament in Roland Garros in 2000.
Playing over 100 official matches a year.
Training every day from Fitness to be on the court.
Participated with some ATP players scrimmage.

evaluate quickly his level with questions,
- ask in what the player would like to improve
- prevent about injuries 10 seconds speech
- Tennis lesson philosophy
- introduction ; level, condition, intensity, duration, goals to reach
- warm up by the net, footskills
- always introduce a drill
- develop his physical and mentality abilities to be better on the court
- improving the techniques as we go
- work session
- recovery and speech
- goals reached

Depending the goals of the player, we will over the time try to focus on drills and techniques.
Always intend to reach goals from the beginning to the end of the session where everything makes sense.

For winter season, provide full access to fitness private gym, to work on preseason fitness, private pool, Conference room for video analysis, special access to indoor sport facilities.

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Client Reviews

Coach Jean quickly took me from knowing very little about tennis -- I had only held a racket a few times when I was about 8 -- to knowing the fundamentals and feeling comfortable playing. He ensures students have a good experience with the sport by always ending with a "win", whether a good volly series, serve or making it over the net from the full length of the court.

Coach Carlone is very professional. He is more than just a coach but also a teacher who has a unique yet advanced coaching perspective that covers a wide range from technical skills to soccer philosophy. He is also a great person who understands players and always makes sure players are comfortable during his sessions.

I started training with him 2 hours every week a month ago and the progress I have made from both in games and during practice is remarkable. Every time I use what I have learned with Coach Carlone to the trainings in school and effectively improve my play.

I am very grateful and if you are wondering whether to have private sessions, definitely go for it! Because I have learned that personalized trainings are the best and they work the best too. He says, “A good player that makes the right decisions is a great player.” I strongly agree with his mentality and soccer philosophy and you will find out he is a coach like no other!!

Great session, very smart coach, super knowledgeable, will definitely book more sessions!

Jean’s techniques are truly unique. In one session, he was able to identify several ways in which my son (U14) could significantly improve his game, from ball control, to field awareness, to physicality, to getting out of his head and moving with more confidence. I wasn’t sure how this would work in a 1:1 setting, and it was impressive to watch how Jean masterfully broke down lessons into their small parts to support change in skills and behaviors. You will not be disappointed. Coach Jean is amazing. He is also that unique blend of supportive and direct that is so important in a great coach.

We were very impressed with Coach Jean!!! Phenomenal knowledge of the sport.

Already booked 5 more sessions!!!

Coach Jean is the best. I just had my first session and it was so fun, the coach takes his time to make sure you learn the
fundamentals and doesn't rush it. I was amazed to see the difference at the end of the session compared to how I was when I started. I will definitely continue training with Coach Jean!

A phenomenal session with both of my boys. They left the meeting pumped to meet with him again!

Me and my husband just had our first lesson with Jean and it was absolutely fun and amazing! He was able to show us the right technique/form and put it to practice progressing our game in a simple 1 hour session from where we started off. You can tell he has an absolute passion for the sport and for teaching others, and he didn't even mind going over for 15 minutes to ensure we got the most out of the time. We will be for sure continuing our tennis journey with Jean and looking forward to many more great sessions!

After just watching my son—for whom dribbling is a considerable strength—dribble for a little, Coach Jean identified ways in which his dribbling could improve significantly. He corrected his form, nudged him towards the fundamentals, explained why he was asking him to dribble differently, taught him many lessons in just one session, and by the end of the session we had a new dribbling paradigm and a new way of thinking about how to improve performance. Additionally, Coach Jean taught him how to use his body and be more aggressive as a player. The session was a masterclass of simplicity, surgically focused on two aspects of the game. Brilliant.

Coach Jean was great! He was really attentive and paid close attention mechanics and details. I also appreciated his overall approach. Highly recommend :)

Coach C was great. After my first session with him (which he extended by 30 min), I felt like the aspects of my game that I wanted to work on improved.

Coach Jean is excellent. My son had 6 sessions so far and it has been amazing. It is very good to have a coach to look to your kid individually. Clubs will never do that. I highly recommend Coach Jean!!

My son Angel wanted to play soccer and he really was not any good at playing the sport, i wanted to find a coach to at least teach him the basics of playing. The thing that i liked most about our sessions with coach Jean is that he teaches the sport the right way, not too fancy. we started seeing improvements right away on the first session so we keep training with him. We really appreciate him for everything he has taught Angel so far and everything he will teach him . thank you coach Jean.

In life, having very high expectations is almost always a recipe for disappointment. But sometimes, very rarely, it is not. I remember the first time I visited Paris; I was sure I will be disappointed, as nothing real can match the imagined reputation of Paris. But, Paris was even more impressive than the hype!! Coach Jean is listed as the no. 1 coach in Massachusetts, and we had very high expectations... which he surpassed! I have to say at the risk of sounding emotional: he is a true Master.. Like Master Miagi in the Karate Kid.. In two seemingly (light) and (repetitive) sessions, my son improved more than he did in so many intensive camps.. And I am not even worried that this review is “hyping” him too much. Just like Paris, he cannot be overhyped... Thank you Coach Jean!

Coach Jean was very attentive and helped my daughter to approach her game in a different, more confident way.

Coach Jean is personable as he is knowledgeable. Working with young children can be difficult and he made my daughter feel comfortable from the start. It’s unfortunate there aren’t more coaches like him out there. I would definitely recommend him and my daughter will be continuing training with him.

He has great insights into the fundamentals of the game. Refreshingly simple and clear instructions. Just two sessions in and my daughter has shown much improved skills and more relaxed on the ball. Great coach.

Excellent coach!! He helped me improved my dribbling and passing skills and corrected my bad habits within 1 session. Very nice person. It was a very interesting train and I had fun!

I've trained with 10's of coaches throughout my life, and I've never had a coach as good as Jean. If you're serious about getting better, you absolutely have to train with him. Within a few minutes of hitting, he perfectly identified the issue I was having with my backhand, and had a drill to correct the problem ready to go. My serve has always been the most solid part of my game, and I felt a more substantial improvement within 10 minutes of his serving drill, than I have in the past 5 years working with other coaches. His understanding of tennis mechanics, and strategy are easily on par with the best coaches in the world. On top of all that, he's genuinely a great and entertaining guy! Beyond worth the money!

Coach Jean ran a great session focusing on the critical fundamentals — the stuff you don’t get enough of in a town team practice. Highly recommend him!

A BRILLIANT coach! I am an absolute beginner in middle-age (I don't think I know all the rules yet...) but he has been guiding me thru with a solid plan. More importantly he makes every session fun and achievable. I honestly did not expect I would be enjoying playing tennis this much. Cannot wait for more sessions so that I can play with our son:-) 12/10!! Thanks Coach!

I received elite coaching from Jean. It is clear he has been efficiently doing this for a long time. Under his guidance, I managed to drastically improve my backhand techniques and completely transform my serve. Jean's coaching methods can be summed up in one word: Magic.

My ten years old had a lot of fun with coach Jean. With few minutes of training, he could see what my son needed to improve and gave valuable advice. We are definitely booking more sessions.

Coach Jean’s specific and clear instructions were instrumental in raising my skills to a next level. I highly recommend coach Jean to anyone who wants to see significant changes from the first lesson.

Coach Jean was a great coach. My 11-year-old daughter likes to practice with him and I noticed an improvement in her skill even after one session. He emphasized basic principles and focused on how to use the body to play tennis.

Jean is a great coach. I was a beginner, so we started my session with an evaluation and surely I couldn't catch any of the balls he threw. But he patiently gave me detailed instructions and practiced them thoroughly with me that I was able to catch majority of the balls at the end of the session.
He emphasizes doing the right things and not just focusing on winning, which I appreciate.

My son just had his first session with Coach Jean and I cannot recommend him enough. We hope this is the first in many trainings to come. First, my son tends to be a perfectionist and hard on himself. Coach Jean immediately put him at ease by talking about how mistakes are a part of learning. Throughout the session Jean gave my son constructive feedback that continued to have a very positive tone. Second, I was so impressed with the feedback on proper foot placement to avoid injury. I played a lot of soccer in my youth and wish someone had given me that feedback. Finally, the training itself was exactly what I was looking for. I knew my son's love and skill in soccer was fast outgrowing my (and the youth soccer coaches) ability to give him good technical feedback. Coach Jean taught some fundamentals in a way that accessible to my 9 year old. My son is so excited to work on the drills he recommended. We can't wait to continue working with Coach Jean and I know it will lead to improvement and greater confidence in my son's game.

Great first session.

Coach Jean is great - patient, fun and committed. Really enjoyed my session.

Coach Jean asses your level very quickly and begins improving your tennis within 10 minutes. Very efficient, highly recommend.

(no details provided)

Very helpful lesson focusing on forehand pace for rallying and for ball placement. Basic mechanics (pace, swinging through ball)are a priority with coach jean.

Jean is by far the best technical, mental, psychological, motivational, tactical tennis coach I’ve ever met in the US, in Europe and in Asia. Thanks so much for your guidance and inspiration Jean, and I’m looking so much forward to continuing with you.

Coach Jean worked with my 13 year old daughter on her goal keeping skills in Cambridge, MA. She's had several privates before and she really enjoyed this session.

My son's being coached by Jean and we are very satisfied. Jean has improved his serve, forehand and backhand considerably well. He is an excellent coach and highly recommend him.

Booked first (of many to come) session with Coach Jean for two daughters. Jean impressed our family with his passion for soccer fundamentals and attention to detail. We came out of the lesson with clear expectations on what is required to progress - an unrelenting focus on the basics, hard work and practice/repetition.

Jean spent 3 practice hours with our 16 year old prior to his High School tryouts. Having not made the team the previous 2 tries, today he was offered a spot on the team. Jean in a short time was able to provide dribbling, passing, and confidence for the younger players looking to develop. Much appreciate Jean’s time spent with our son and would recommend him to others as a knowledgeable coach. Thank you Jean.

My strokes have improved substantially after only a few lessons with Jean, and my overall game is a lot stronger too.

I have really enjoyed my training session with coach Jean. It was both super fun and extremely useful. We have practiced both forehand and backhand as well as how to improve my movement around the court. I have learnt a lot and looking forward to having more sessions with coach Jean and using his advice while playing!

I can see great improvement after just a few sessions. With a few clear drills I have much more stable and reliable forehand and backhand, position myself better on the court and have fewer faults on serves. Will keep going to improve even further.

After a great first session, my daughter was excited to rebook for 5 more sessions with Coach Jean!! Strongly recommend!!

I came from Peru and had a great time playing tennis! I made great improvements in just few sessions :) excellent training

One of the best coaches I have ever had. Super friendly, super attentive and with a style that made learning easy.
Will suggest it to everybody. Learnt so much in just one class!

I personally like how he creates a positive environment that makes the student eager to learn more and more.
Saw improvements immediately after the first lesson!

I had a few sessions with coach Jean and already see an improvement. Especially with my serve - his explanation and the exercise we did during our last session significantly moved the needle! Looking forward for our future sessions!

I had one lesson with him so it’d be unfair for me to comment on his coaching ability, but his ego is quite strong and he’d expect students to accommodate him both schedule wise and skill wise, if you disobey his rule he will not have mercy on you. I got sick after the first lesson and then have to travel for two weeks. Jean pushed me to keep completing the lessons despite that I still haven’t recovered, and after I told him I was still sick and also about the upcoming trip, he became angry and refused to coach me anymore, so I had to ask for a refund. My rating is based on his attitude not his tennis skill or his understanding of the sports. Below I’m pasting his original words in text message after I informed him I’m traveling and will be back in two weeks.

“Well in September my schedule would change
It would be nice we can make those sessions happening since you booked them. I don’t like to wait and have stand by sessions
Clients book to play and find a way to come. I don’t want to sound rude but I can’t keep texting to find out when a client can and can’t play when he decided to book a package to work with me.
I have other clients I can accommodate too.
Some take uber or trains
Please make it work if you can. If not you can ask for a refund on coachup. It is a business I’m sorry it’s my business and I am pretty serious with clients for their success”

Coach Jean has many different drills to offer, and offers useful tips to help refine technique.

Coach Jean has been great! I started with zero experience and was able to hit forehands and backhands pretty consistently after just three sessions. Recommend Jean to players of all levels.

Jean is super professional and patient with the kids. We are satisfied with the methodology. We hope to continue work with him in the long run.

Great coach! It was my first time playing tennis and he helped explain everything while making it fun. By the end of the first session, I already felt more comfortable in my skills! Looking forward to my next session with Coach Jean.

A very professional coach with a wealth of knowledge and experience of the game. It was my first session with him, but It will Definitely not be the last. He knows what a player needs to progress and reach his full potential. It really is better training with a French coach!

Great training! As an amputee athlete it is not easy to find coaching who can adapt.
Coach Jean was awesome!
He continually adapted as he learned more about me.
After one training I already feel more confident in my game!

We are so happy to come across Jean. He has been exactly what we have been looking for. My son is trying to hone in on his skill in order to progress up on teams, Jean is helping him do that all the while also working on his confidence and voice. Jean is an excellent coach and I would highly recommend him.

(no details provided)

Jean is a great coach! I’ve only taken two lessons so far but I already feel like I’m improving and learning not just about how to play and win matches, but also just the fundamentals of tennis playing. Jean is patient and encouraging during our lessons and tailors them for your individual skill level.

Coach Jean was great! My wife and I had our first lesson with Jean and he was able to coach our differing skill levels effectively. Highly recommend!

Half way through my 5 sessions with Coach Jean and he helped me improved my forehand already. I knew my issues before but couldn’t correct it by myself. With his help, now I know what I should be working on.
Tips for the future students of his, ask more questions instead of just hitting the ball, it’s way much useful to learn the game knowledge from him than playing against him.

Coach Carlone was amazing! I haven’t hit a tennis ball since high school PE class and by the end of the hour session, I already felt more comfortable. He was able to suggest small changes that made a significant difference in my swing. After 1 session, I decided to purchase a multi-lesson package! Coach Carlone was also super friendly and flexible with my busy schedule. I’m excited to see my game improve enough to play with some of my more experienced friends.

-Kaylee O

My daughter had her first training session today with Coach Jean. After the session she said she learned more from him in the hour than she has in the years she has been playing soccer. The drills he ran with her were very effective. He helped correct her form and showed her quick corrections that she practiced at home. His passion for soccer is obvious in that he really wants to develop his players and have them succeed.

Had a nice time with Coach Carlone! You can tell even during the first session that he really cares about improving your game.

Jean is a great person and teacher.. He have been great improvement my daughter footwork, shot and understanding of the game. I highly recommend Jean..

Jean is great! As an adult new to soccer he knew exactly where to start teaching me and how to stick with the basics.

Coach Jean is awesome! He helped me go from zero (absolute beginner) to hitting the ball consistently in one session.

Excellent coach! Very clear and efficient at diagnosing and fixing even quite ingrained bad habits. Coach Jean is fun to work with and one of the best I’ve ever seen at communicating how to play better tennis. I’d recommend him to anyone!

(no details provided)

Jean is a great instructor! After 3 lessons, my forehand and backhand have already improved immensely. It’s clear that Jean has a lot of experience and I enjoy the structure of each lesson. Can’t wait to continue my tennis lessons!

Great coach so far! Improved a lot in just one session.

Coaching is a passion and a vocation for Coach Jean. No fluff, no gimmicks, just the right technique following the right timeline. My daughter plays at national competitions and Coach Jean’s guidance added value to her style.

Jean has been great with my Son. I've noticed a big improvement in his soccer skills which has increased his ability to contribute to his team. It is great to see my son improve and gain confidence.

My 6 year old son had a great first session with Coach Jean today. Jean broke down technical fundamentals for my son in a way he could relate to and we got good results. My son is eager to have another session with Coach Jean. This was a very positive experience for us.

Coach Jean is an amazing coach. I had so much fun in the session and felt that I have already learnt so much.

Great first class, learned a lot!

Jean is an outstanding coach. He is very enthusiastic and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his sessions.
I would HIGHLY recommend him to others .

Great coach, helping me hit the ball more consistently! Just added my 15 year old son as well since I saw so much progress myself!

Jean is an excellent coach! He is super nice and friendly and makes the session fun, giving a lot of constructive feedback while simultaneously encouraging you and applauding your progress.

One of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with. Incredible technical and tactical improvement within first few sessions.

Jean is an absolutely wonderful instructor. He's worked both with me and my ten-year-old son. My son, who resists all sports, has been totally inspired by Jean, who he says makes it fun. I was a five+ player seventeen years ago and have been out of the game all this time, but Jean has been carefully and brilliantly bringing my game back, despite my age and various injuries. With each lesson, I've made greater progress. His adjustments are subtle and immediately helpful, and he's always keeping my long-term health in mind by making suggestions to alter strokes and strategies so that I can lessen the chance of future injuries. Personally, I find Jean a pleasure to be around--he's funny and smart and just seems to have perfect instincts when it comes to dealing with the ego of a former pro athlete (in another sport) who's adjusting to the limitations of age!

Jean is a great coach, very knowledgeable and friendly. My 15 year old son took lessons from him. He helped him develop his forehand technique and building confidence in his strokes while at the same time making the lesson fun and enjoyable.

Coach Jean was exactly as advertised - fantastic. The ability to effectively teach fundamentals while making training fun and keeping a smile on a kid's face is a rare combination. Coach Jean exceeded my expectations and I would recommend him without reservation.

Jean is a great coach. He is very knowledgeable and I could see significant improvement in my game in a very short time. I would highly recommend Jean.

After having 2 sessions with coach Carlone my son re-discovered his passion for tennis. He said he learned some "cool" new techniques. Coach Carlone is an engaging, effective teacher, we noticed an improvement after the first two lessons.
We would definitely recommend Jean to others.

Coach Jean was a great coach! He is really good at teaching various techniques to my son that after just a couple of lessons feels that he is playing much better! Coach Jean is always on time and flexible. Would definitely recommend him!

Coach Jean is very easy to setup and boom appointments. This was my first time using the CoachUp service and it was really easy to get started.

Had an initial conversation on things I wanted to work on and Coach Jean was attentive but also shared his approach to assessing, making improvements and how we would work together.

In my first session, not only did I get a thorough assessment of what I needed to work on, he also showed me incremental changes to improve my preparation, form, swing, and mental game.

Looking at further sessions with Coach Jean - great instructor!

Coach Jean is great! His lessons are always fun and I feel like I come away with something new for my game every time.

First lesson done and already started seeing meaningful improvements. Looking forward to the next one!

I experienced an incredible progression in a very short period of time ! Very impressed by Jean’s capability to analyze and pinpoint my wrong habits. Above all, he is fun and good to be around.

Coach Jean is a great coach who has a modern view on the game. He molds his lessons to the type of player he is coaching for long term success. I look forward to continue to take lessons with him. Merci beaucoup!

Coach Jean is such an Amazing and talented coach. I wish we found him 2 years earlier! Playing ECNL is fierce competition. He is by far the best trainer. The next training session can't come soon enough!

Great coach, different and unique methods of training.
Some drills I thought were unnecessary but was quickly proven wrong. In just one session I learned more than a couple of things!

Excellent coach! George is enjoying the lessons!

Jean is very knowledgeable and speaks from experience. Not only was he able to help me with my strokes, but with strategizing points. Look forward to more sessions.

Coach Jean gave me some things to consider within our first session to improve, which I found helpful. He has a direct and practical approach to teaching. Very easy to work with!

We loved Coach Jean! Nico felt like he improved after only one lesson and had a lot of fun too! In addition, he speaks so many languages, which helps!

Coach Jean is an outstanding coach! Most coaches provide instruction but do not ensure learning. Coach Jean was able to identify areas that needed improvement and explained to me how to focus on them in a very effective way. After just one session, I noticed a big difference. I highly recommend Coach Jean!

Jean is an excellent coach. I took a few lessons from him at a beginner level and I could see the difference in my game after each lesson. I would highly recommend him

(no details provided)

Jean was phenomenal! I am new to tennis and he was very patient and spent time directing me on the right form. I had a friend who tried to teach me. She played competitively in college and still does... so 25 years of tennis. She told me I’m “unteachable” because I couldn’t get the ball over the net from a shorter distance in a straight line. I repeatedly hit that mark with Jean!! He knows how to adjust each player for their specific needs and talks you through next steps. He’s focused and it’s an absolute pleasure to learn from him. He creates a light hearted atmosphere and the lesson flies by because you’re having fun - but at the end, you are very aware of how much you learned and can feel the change in your game!

Coach Jean is a great coach! I’ve been watching coaches train for more than 25 years. I happened to meet coach Jean at a soccer field while my kids were practicing their club sessions, I witnessed the way he facilitates tangible improvements. Most coaches just provide instructions but not ensure learning. After just one session my kids noticed a big difference! I would recommend coach Jean to anyone.

I have nothing but positive feedback and highly recommend Coach Carlone. His sessions are very professional, he builds player's foot skills and overall performance, but most importantly he builds their confidence. His sessions are always challenging and help to prep for the real game. He does drills that actually will be used during a game.

Coach Jean is a skilled teacher. He has helped my son so much with passing accurately, quickly and timing. He has a respectful, confidence-building way with words and keeps players engaged throughout the training session. We highly recommend him.

Great coach! Very strong technique. Good at teaching strategy as well!

Great lessons!

Coach Carlone is a great coach! I have been training with him for a long time and I have made many improvements with him. The sessions are intense and help with agility, conditioning, technique and much more.

Jean is an absolutely amazing coach. He is professional, personable and easy to take instruction from. Jean is extremely knowledgeable drawing on his many years of experience coaching at all levels, professional as well as at the beginner and junior level. I was a competitive junior player for 8 years, and Jean was able in a few sessions to improve and fix my game immediately. I highly recommend coach Jean to anyone looking to become a better player and learning a tremendous amount.

Fun hour working on our skills.

Coach Jean is an exceptional coach. He not only knows all the ins-and-outs of the sport but also how to articulate/teach them to a beginner (like me). I'm very happy with the progress I've made in just five days of training with Coach Jean. Excited to keep learning more!

Book a session with Coach Jean if you can! Jean’s energy and passion for the game of soccer is unmatched. Jean is simply brilliant in his ability to evaluate players and tailor his training to target individual needs. I can’t say enough about what Jean brings to the table so find out for yourself if you haven’t already!

Coach Jean was great with my 10 year old. Was able to adapt to his skills and find room for improvement, patiently helping him through new drills and motivating him to practice on his own at home. Flexible schedule and responded quickly to text messages. We've continued to use Coach Jean for both soccer and tennis sessions.

Coach Carlone has been great with my son who plays at the DA level helping him improve his technical abilities, pushing him hard while still having fun and being very encouraging. Coach Jean was quickly able to identify areas that needed improvement and has focused on those in an effective way for the short term. He is also great sharing his perspective on soccer attitude and tactical aspects of the game from a fresh European perspective!

Jean Carlone has very good coaching skills and drills , He has been training my 9 yo son, and he has great drills for ball control and ball touch. I strongly reccommend him to anyone who wants to further develop their soccer skills.

I really like the coaching course. Jean is very patient. Under his guidance, my tennis has improved. I look forward to the next class with the Jean.

Jean is a amazing coach for any level of sports, especially high school students like myself. He is quick to the point, gives strong constructive criticism, and does not waste a second of time during your session.

Coach Jean was amazing! In one session he taught my daughter so much, he’s the first coach to ever break down how to dribble and to help her improve each component and understand why it’s important. He gave her lots of specific advice, she came away with a number of strategies that will help her considerably, and the process was fun - my daughter couldn’t stop smiling. We can’t wait to book more sessions!

(no details provided)

Coach Jean is the best coach in Massachusetts by far!! My son Lucas loves going to each session excited because he knows that he’s about to learn something new. Coach Jean is not about just running fancy drills, he is all about teaching and making sure they understand why every step, every move and every drill is important in becoming a better player. Above all this, Coach Jean teaches in-game tactics and the importance of thinking forward, knowing what to do two steps ahead of the play. I seriously could go on and on here but trust me you will not be disappointed in anyway be Coach Jean. You will only be disappointed that you didn’t do it sooner… Joe H

Coach Jean is really one of a kind and I am so glad we found him! We moved here from Europe so my son was used to the European tennis training method. Eric is quite shy when meeting new people and he was a bit apprehensive at first but Coach Jean is very approachable and he put Eric at ease right away. Coach Jean gives incredibly detailed instruction and ongoing feedback after every strike. During the first session he identified all the areas my son needs to improve in and he tailors each lesson to help him achieve those goals. The best feeling for a parent is to see their child smile and gain a little more confidence after each session. I would highly recommend Coach Jean!

Coach Jean is an amazing coach! He has a lot of knowledge on soccer. My son became a much better player by learning from him. He explained everything and my child was able to pick up on this easily. It was fun and he learned a lot! Highly recommend!

Coach jean is a great coach. He makes the session great fun while still educating me on where I need improvement. Great range of drills to improve your game.

Great Coach! I booked one session with Coach Jean and it was amazing so I booked more! can’t wait for the next session!

Simply put, Coach Jean is awesome! His love and passion for the sport is infectious! Jean is super positive, patient and encouraging. My daughter, Destyni, really enjoys working with him and is always leaving the field with a smile on her face. She is always looking forward to her next session with Coach Jean. During his session, he will explain not only how to do something, but why to do it in a certain way. I appreciate how he gives both the player and parent a summary of each session and also gives homework to work on during the time between training. I can’t say enough good things about Coach Jean, that’s why I travel about forty five minutes just so Destyni can practice with him. His positive attitude, knowledge of the game, and facilitation of training is the reason why we will continue to utilize his service and recommend him to everyone who is looking for private lessons. Coach Jean is better than a five star rating and your child will definitely benefit from working with him.

First session was all about connecting on a mentor-student level, making sure the parent and child felt comfortable. Coach Carlone demonstrated that immediately and showed us that he is a skilled teacher with experience working with kids such as my 9-year old. His evaluation of dribbling technique was on point and corrections were made on this first session. Coach Carlone is a master communicator with children and his style helps with retaining the lessons learned. Looking forward to developing a long term relationship to attain our goals!

Wow ! Always struggled to gain confidence in my soccer ability and was nervous heading into this session but I have to say Coach Jean made me feel very comfortable and relaxed after assessing my ability coach Jean made specific training drills designed to improve my dribbling I was shocked after spending only 30 mins with coach. I was starting to ooze my confidence. Greatest coach I have ever worked with and I will definitely be getting more session s Thank u so much coach.

Griffin had a very strong session with Coach Jean. He broke down Griffins key areas to improve and then worked him but gave encouragement when he accomplished the drills required even for just a couple of times. He also explained to Griffin why they were doing certain drills which gave Griffin a reference point for when he would use that particular skill in a game, situational learning. Coach gave Griffin some drills to do before the next session, again, the importance that repetition is critical for success. Griffin was pumped and eager for the next session, all very good for a parent, Jeff Bone

My son has had the special opportunity to be trained by Coach Jean at U13 as a club coach. Jean is able to observe and quickly understand what work needs to be done to improve any player. He was able to bring my son up from the lowest regional division to averaging 2-3 goals per game at the highest National Premier League Division (3 divisions up). All within the same year! Because Coach Jean was able to teach my son the fundamentals of a Striker he now is playing for the U14 United States Development Academy. For this we are forever grateful and we continue to build my son's skills to achieve National's team and Pro/Semi-Pro in the near future. In these 5+ years of having my son play soccer, none compare to Coach Jean. Thank you!

Coach Jean is great. He is super knowledgeable about the game and does really well translating that knowledge into coaching and helping kids. He brings his European style and discipline to each session and it really makes a difference - we saw improvement with our son after every session. He was even able to specialize GK training sessions for him. I'd highly recommend him!

Coach Jean is great! He is diligent in evaluating your level, listens to your goals, and tailors the lesson accordingly. Also it’s a fun lesson! Highly recommend.

Coach Jean did a great job at laying out the basic foundations necessary for good soccer play. He clearly explained how and why each drill and skill was being done and continued to give feedback throughout the session.

Great first training session with Coach Jean. Right of the back he was able to make corrections to my daughters dribbling that will prevent ankle and knee injuries! This was never pointed out by any of her coaches!! Looking forward to working with Coach Jean.

Our 9 year old son has been playing soccer for four years now. We didn't know what to expect by hiring a coach to help him develop his skills. Coach Jean's technique is unique and invaluable. It looked like he was teaching Shane how to walk again, which is precisely what he needed. Coach Jean is patient and has a wealth of knowledge. It's fair to say we'll be coming back for many more sessions...

Coach Jean was great. I feel that he gave me great tips to improve my game. He is very knowledgeable and I look forward to learning more and improving my skills. Thank you

First session and I feel more confident in the goal and I’m already looking forward to the next session. Jean Carlone teaches strategies and fundamentals that all goalkeepers need to be great. He is great at demonstrating the way a great goal keeper should handle the ball, use there feet, and more. I highly recommend you book your sessions now!

Thank you so much for a great training session with my son! He learned a lot, had fun, and is really excited to work on his new skills. Much appreciated!

I could not have asked for a better coach. Heading in to the summer of 2019 I had ambitions to play soccer, but I didn't exactly believe I could make the team, for it had been 5 years since I played in my last match. I trained alone almost every day that summer with knowledge from the internet, which comes with many benefits but also many errors. The tryout was fast approaching and i knew that if I really wanted to make this team I would need some help. I came across coachup and browsed for some time, comparing coaches. One coach stood out to me in particular, and that was Coach Jean. I knew that with his experience he would be the coach that would help me make this team and I did not hesitate to travel over an hour to meet Coach Jean. I arrived to the session with little to no fundamentals and in just 3 hour-long sessions, he transformed me as a player and gave me the skills I needed to make the team. I arrived to the tryout confident, and used the knowledge Coach Jean gave me. The next day, I received an email that I made made the team, and a day later I was even put in the starting XI in my first match, because in the philosophy Coach Jean told me, they noticed that an average player like me who makes good decisions is a good player. Sure, I did my part that summer with running and conditioning, but there is no way I would have made the team if it weren't for Coach Jean.

Coach Jean was great honestly. I had certain parts of my game that I needed to improve on and Coach Jean helped me with those areas specifically and I feel a lot more confident in my abilities after my sessions with him. 100% recommend to anyone at any level.

Jean is a great coach. He is able to point out what I was doing wrong and helps me to correct it. Highly recommended.

Coach Jean is a great fit and brings a fresh European perspective to techniques and drills.

Coach Jean was great! My daughter and I took a beginner lesson together and he made the session fun and productive. He's especially effective in working with a teenager by applying the right amount of humour in his instruction. I was surprised by how much we both enjoyed working with him. We are definitely booking more lessons with him. Thanks, Jean!

I was very nervous before the lesson, but there was nothing to worry about. He corrected me as I went along and was patient and encouraging. I look forward to my next session!

Jean was amazing! He was so much more than I expected. I learned so much during our first lesson and am so eager to work more with him. During the first few minutes, Jean really took the time to get to know me and understand my goals and then he explained his process and style of coaching. He really paid attention and was able to break down each part of my swing and footwork in a way that was constructive and simple to understand. He taught me that simple changes to my form can make a world of difference. In one lesson he was able to make my swing more accurate and powerful without burning too much energy. I walked away from the lesson feeling so confident that I'll be able to improve quickly under his guidance. Jean teaches all ages and skill levels - I highly recommend hiring him!

My 13 year old daughter started working with Jean this summer after having played town and club soccer for the past several years. In 4 weeks Jean was able to assess her skills and suggested several corrections that have improved her performance. Jean has a tremendous amount of knowledge and is able to share it with my daughter in a way that keeps her engaged and eager for her next training session. Additionally Jean is very responsive to communications and flexible when scheduling session. I would highly recommend Jean.

Excellent training strategy, works on every little detail to improve your technique.

Coach Jean has been wonderful for my 12 year old son. He is knowledgeable and patient and has an easy way about him for teaching tactics and technique at the same time. He is also flexible to accommodate our schedule which is great. We would highly recommend Coach Jean to anyone looking for a terrific soccer coach!

Coach Jean is awesome; great attitude, patience and insights. I came away from the 1st session with some real actionable takeaways to improve my game. Looking forward to future sessions!

Jean is great! He has knowledge and is patient regardless your level of skills. He first takes a look at the way you hit the balls and provide pointers to improve your game. I saw an immediate improvement and that's what makes you happy when your expectation becomes a reality. He didn’t mind staying a bit longer and hitting a few more balls for practice. I would definitely recommend him and will take more lessons with him.

It was great to work on my technique with coach Jean. In just a few balls he identified key areas that could really help my backhand shot. In only half an hour I was already seeing and improvement. He is knowledgeable in technic and positive in his training, giving you several techinical options to explore so you can improve your tennis fast. I would recommend.

Coach Jean is an amazing coach. My son (age 12) has learned so much, improved so much in such a short time and he really enjoys the sessions, really looks forward to them and overall has become more focused and dedicated to getting better. He understands exactly what he needs to work on to improve his game. Coach Jean has helped him become more self-aware, and he is seeing the benefits directly in his game. We are so glad we decided to do the one on one coaching.

Coach Jean has been great working on refining techniques- from shooting, shielding, dribbling and passing. He has also been educating on tactics for a complete soccer education.

Jean is a great coach and I was lucky to have him teach me tennis.
He’s knowledgeable and very patient. He gave me great tips to improve my game. He was observing how I play and correcting me constantly, which I really appreciate. He didn’t mind staying a bit longer and hitting a few more balls for practice and he made sure that I would leave the session in a good mood which was very mindful. I would definitely recommend him and will take more lessons with him.

My daughter has really enjoyed her session with Coach Carlone. He’s extremely approachable, patient, and very friendly. My daughter who is usually quite shy was very comfortable speaking about skills she would like to improve and he gave her some realistic suggestions to get there. The session was extremely organized and consistent. I am very pleased with how he connected and I am looking forward to more sessions. I would highly recommend Coach Carlone to anyone looking for an outstanding soccer coach!!

Excellent session with Coach Jean! He coaches in tennis, soccer and personal fitness. I booked him for tennis. He quickly picked up on areas I could improve and helped me with technique. I could tell a difference after one session. He is easy to work with and helped me to feel confident in my skills. I am looking forward to my next sessions!

Coach Jean is really great and has really improved me a lot with the few sessions I have had with him. He pushed you to put maximum effort and get the most out of the training. I have gotten better at passing and drastically changed my previous incorrect dribbling technique. Coach Jean explains why you do the drills that you do and he is very nice. I really recommend him if you want a good coach.

Jean is really an amaizing coach. He develops a player-specific development plan which just works. We noticed differences in our son in just one session and he is now a much improved player. He works in technique but also in providing the player other skills and taking the right decisions during the game. He has very high standards but it is also fun, which makes a perfect combination for really improving soccer skills. His drills are great and allowed my son to became a much better player, i strongly recommend!

Jean is awesome. He’s very positive with my daughter, and I can already see a huge improvement in her skills since working with him for only two sessions. My daughter has more confidence and ability to control the ball on the field. Would recommend Jean to anyone!

First session was great. Looking forward to another one.

Coach Jean has been great with our group (3 kids -- ages 6 to 8), including developing drills that build fundamentals while keeping them interested and engaged. Looking forward to continuing our work with him.

Jean is a great coach. I am a total beginner, and Jean has worked with me on the basics. After 2 lessons, I feel like I can go out and play!

(no details provided)

Jean is great with kids. My son just started coaching with him and in a couple of sessions I see improvement in his control of the ball and better kicking ability. He is good in emphasizing critical basics of the game which is important.

Great first session.

Great first practice with coach Jean! Helped me get better at controlling the ball. Definitely will want more practices to have a better improvement .

My daughter had her first session this weekend and she was real happy she went. She told me after the session she learned more in one session then she did in her whole career. She is real excited to continue taking lessons from Jean and feels confident this will make her a better all around player. Thanks Jean for making her first session very satisfying. She was able to learn, work hard and still have fun. See you very soon.

Just had my first tennis training session with Coach Jean. The experience was very positive. Coach Jean has a ton of experience and is very knowledgeable. He genuinely wants to improve your game. I am confident with his instruction that my game will improve tremendously. I am looking forward to working again with him in the future.

Coach Jean is a great coach! He is super helpful and professional in the coaching session. He gave me lots of helpful tips on how to improve my dribbling and passing skills in the first session. He also used specific examples to let me understand why I should make the move in that way. Overall highly recommend and and will schedule more sessions in the future!

Coach Jean is an amazing coach!! Even after on session my son (11yrs old) learned so much and really improved his skills! He is an excellent teacher, great with kids, truly talented coach. We highly recommend coach Jean to anyone looking to better their game!! We are looking forward to continue working with coach Jean!!

Coach Jean's knowledge of the beautiful game is excellent. After one dribble he knew exactly what needed improvement, and what needed to be practiced and fixed. I look forward to meeting with him again.

Had a great session with Coach Jean prepping for a tournament. We worked on groundstrokes and hitting the ball deep, and I can say the practice really helped me with my tournament the next day!

Jean is a great coach! He taught me some fundamentals that I didn’t know in a very simple way, which improved my game.

I had one training with coach Jean it was a great session, very intense, and a lot of hard work. Coach Jean was able to quickly pick up and point things out to me that I needed to work on and I'm looking forward to working with him again and improving.

Coach Jean really pushes you to be your best and takes the time to know what exercises/programs each individual needs. Explains things well and is a pleasure to work with.

(no details provided)

My daughter has been a goalie for years! The training she received from coach Jean was nothing like the other trainings that she got. The skills she learned in just 3 sessions was amazing and very helpful to her career in soccer! She absolutely loved it!

My son Brayden has had 3 sessions with Coach Jean and we couldnt be happier. He has made improvements in such a short time with his positioning and technique. We would not hesitate to recommend Coach Jean to anyone and we look forward to scheduling more sessions asap. Thanks Coach!!!

Coach did a nice job evaluating our sons strengths and weaknesses. They then worked on different techniques that need improvement. Very pleased after one session.

Coach Jean provided me with detailed instructions and exercises during my tennis training. He is a very experienced tennis coach and he could easily point out my problems while I am practicing. Which is the reason why I feel like my tennis skills are always improving and I can always be better.
Overall, Coach Jean is a very supportive and patient coach. If you want to improve your tennis skills in the shortest amount of time and participate in fun and energetic tennis lessons, just go with Coach Jean. He's the right choice 100%.

Coach Jean has been wonderful to work with. He has been very communicative with us, both for scheduling sessions and feedback on our son’s progress. Our son has loved working with him and looks forward to every session. He has definitely made great progress under his coaching. Coach Jean also has an excellent way of breaking instructions and corrections down into easy to understand analogies and explanations, which have made a big impact on our son. We look forward to working more with Coach Jean.

A great coach provides an external view about your thoughts and actions that will often go beyond what you can see of yourself. What they see can be of tremendous help to improve you in ways you haven't even thought of since "people don't necessarily know what they don't know". Coach Jean has the viewing skills of a hawk. He picks out all sorts of details in soccer body mechanics and he can explain necessary changes/improvements to play better. He knows what the mindful player must 'think/feel' in order to approach the game better. He also explained things so the athlete understands why/how the improvement matters so that it is easier to remember and adopt for the future. When we started with Coach Jean there were some things I knew I didn't know as well as I wanted, but it turns out there's more than I originally thought. I highly recommend Coach Jean Carlone, and I'm highly appreciative of his time, insight, knowledge and experience.

It was easy to schedule a session with coach Jean. My son had the first session yesterday. Jean explored my son's skills and identified what he needs to work on those area.
After a long time my son came down from the pitch smiling which tells my son really enjoyed the practice. There is no question we want to continue. We are looking forward to be in the next practice.

(no details provided)

Extremely knowledgeable and passionate about developing his players. It’s a privilege to have our son exposed to Jean

(no details provided)

Went to Jean to correct years of bad shooting habits. Guy was super professional. He was there on time and went straight to business.
The warm up was very interesting. Everything we did was a build up towards the shooting form. What I also like about Jean was the fact that he provided rationale for everything that we were practicing. You can see his passion for the sports. Definitely would recommend coach Jean to anyone. You will get your money’s worth.

Coach Jean provided excellent skills development training to my 9 y.o. daughter over 6-7 sessions, and the improvement was quite visible in her game from the third session onwards. He has a direct approach to coaching with a lot of interesting analogies to make young children remember the concepts. My daughter really liked his coaching style. As a parent, he was a pleasure to interact with. We will resume training with him when the weather gets better!

A Great coach that really knows what he's doing! He not only corrected my dribbling and passing technique to help me be more effective, but more importantly he taught me how to play in a way that will greatly decrease the risk of injury, and that really shows me the insight he has in how the game should be played! Definitely would recommend.

My 9 year old just finished his first session with Coach Jean, and we both were impressed. Coach Jean took time to assess my son's skill level in key aspects of the game, and made an instant impact by correcting major errors in dribbling technique, and kicking. He focused on errors in biomechanics (staying low, using arms for balance, etc) and gave great tips in helping improving footwork. My son came away with lot more confidence, and I feel now he has a clear idea on how to work on improving himself down the road, and much improved confidence. Highly recommended!

Coach Jean is a great coach. Extremely knowledgeable, patient, and loves the game. Makes every session a enjoyable time but drives home the fundamentals and skills to improve anyone’s game. My daughter has seen major results in just a few sessions and we look forward to continuing to work with Coach into the future.

Excellent coach, the fundamentals he teaches are things that even professionals miss, they build up to all your games. His style of building a foundation is great.

I have had a few lessons with Jean so far and my game has already improved significantly. He has really helped me with specific shots that I have been struggling with. Awesome energy throughout all the lessons I’ve had and look forward to continue to work with Jean!

(no details provided)

Coach Jean helped me correct my forehand swing and I’m getting an improvement after my lesson with him. He’s a great coach.

Coach Carlone develops the whole player. Mind Body and Spirit. My son played on his team for 2 years and developed a true love of the sport because of him. Coach is able to figure out what a player needs to reach the next level. You will not regret having your player spend time with him.

My first coaching session with Jean was amazing and I had great fun. He taught me the basic concepts of tennis and provided me with an adequate and efficient training that I left the session fully satisfied with my progress on my first day. He was very patient and guided me every step of the way. I much enjoyed the training and will definitely book with him again.

Fantastic Coaching Style. Would recommend him to my friends! Will definitely continue my lesson with him.

Coach Jean is fantastic! He is thoroughly invested and determined to pull out the most potential in a player. He has creative a training style and ways of developing awareness and skills like I've never seen before. He guarantees improvement after just one session, and he is not kidding! Without a doubt his training is worth the money! Our family not only recommends him, we are looking forward to working with him again in the near future and on a regular basis. Thank you, coach Jean!!

My son was excited to have been training,daily for a week with Coach Jean. The coach made the drills fun. The coach was able to focus his technical training on my sons weak points. Like ball control, passes to the goal. The results were visible. Coach creates a respectful and nurturing environment to practice the sport. I would certainly take additional classes, it is well worth the money or effort.

Both my girls, who have very different skills, have been working with Jean. We have had 2 sessions thus far and the kids are asking for more. They both feel his coaching has been beneficial. While they have been working with him together the next step is for us to seperate them so he can really train them individually. We will continue utilizing his coaching throughout the Fall!

Coach Jean is knowledgeable, experienced and brings a great attitude to the session. He showed our son new ways to improve his foot skills and we look forward to more sessions.

Jean Michel is truly gifted- a rare blend of hard work, fun and brutal honesty. While imparting knowledge of the game, he trains the holistic athlete— fitness, brain and spirit. He’s the best. In our last session, coach Caroline focused on agility, fitness and defensive tactics.

Coach Carlone uses a unique, customized approach for each player. Our two boys play different positions with very different styles and skill sets. Jean Michel was able to address these differences in their sessions and as a result each of them benefitted from the individualized attention. Our youngest son’s dribbling technique showed tremendous improvement right away. Our older son’s technical ability and overall form continue to advance. Other parents at the field have approached Jean Michel to sign up for sessions on the spot simply from observing him work with our kids. I highly recommend booking a session with Coach Carlone—you won’t be disappointed.

Coach Carlone was great! Both the girls loved the session and saw immediate results and are feeling more confident for tryouts! They both really got some great advice on how to improve their technique! It was a pleasure to have them train with Coach Carlone and are looking forward to more practices in the future!

Jean Michael has great passion for soccer and it comes through in his coaching/training. He has an amazing way to truly motivate his players to learn new skills and always try harder to improve their current skills. We are very happy to have met him. It is helping our son’s skills tremendously.

Jean was incredibly professional & knowledgeable and committed to making sure that my 11 y/o son got what he intended out of the 2 sessions thus far. He was able to improve his passing and shooting technique and helped to correct his posture to be more effective in ball handling. He kept him engaged and was very focused on him throughout the sessions. My son has really enjoyed working with him and we plan to continue to book future sessions with him.

Coach Carlone est magnifique! Jean Michel has very good instinct to quickly assess a player’s weaknesses and create a training program to help them improve. My son says that at first, you see he has a very different, unconventional approach than other coaches, but once you start working with him you realize there is a reason and purpose for every drill—you then start to see how it will help your game. Coach Carlone’s knowledge and passion for the game goes without saying. He cares about the whole player and is very invested to make them better. His approach to coaching is direct and his critique is honest. A player will know from the first session areas that need work. We recommend Coach Carlone, not only because he’s French and France won the World Cup, but because he makes training fun and you will notice measurable improvement from the first session.

Coach Carlone was fantastic in our session! We talked for the first few minutes of the session to discuss my needs and goals and what needed to be done to achieve them. Having just come back from an LCL injury, we went over the types of exercises that were needed to make a full recovery to get back on the pitch. We then worked out both with and without the ball, which was great for me. The drills were creative and very engaging. While we were working out, the coach explained very well why we were doing specific things and key points to focus on during the exercises.

I would highly recommend Coach Carlone as he taught me a lot I didn't know. He is very knowledgeable about the game and what an athlete needs to be successful both on and off the pitch. I will definitely be scheduling more sessions moving forward as I continue to recover from my injury and strive to improve my game!

Coach Carlone was a superb coach. Not only does he help with the technical side of your sport, but he will help you achieve a better mentality that is necessary for improving your game. He is diverse in his trainings and you will rarely do the same thing twice! Coach Carlone always keeps things interesting and will always be engaged with you.

My son and I had a great first lesson with Coach Jean. He provided us with valuable feedback and tips to help improve our games. We highly recommend him.

My wife and I had a fun tennis lesson with Jean. We chose Jean because he’d given our kids soccer lessons that they really enjoyed. Our levels are different - my wife is a near-beginner and I am a rusty intermediate player. Even so, it worked well having a training session together, and we both made good progress in our first lesson. Jean is a great coach and is flexible about coming to a public tennis court near us.

Coach JM is great! He's thoughtful and respectful but pushes his athletes to be their best. He expects a lot which is good. He has lots of goalkeeper specific training for my son and he's definitely helping him to become the best keeper he can be.

(no details provided)

Coach Jean is great! His sessions are structured, well paced, and focus on functional skills that can actually be applied to games right away. I highly recommend him as a coach.

My kids loved him with their initial session with him. He seems to know the European game. Looking to book more sessions with him.

Jean Carlone was an amazing coach!
He has a great and positive energy and mentality. I felt very comfortable and motivated to keep improving my Tennis skills. Definitely going book more sections with him.

Jean is giving our two kids soccer lessons over the summer. We booked him because our 10 year old son loves soccer and I thought it would be more productive for our son than shooting goals in the yard which he does every day after camp. Jean teaches technical skills in a way that is fun and upbeat, so that our daughter (8) who is less obsesssed with soccer has been joining in too. I like Jean’s attention to detail and one-on one attention that is hard to get in team training.

In my session with Jean, I learned a lot from him in the first 10 minutes than I had with some other coaches I’ve had! He says he isn’t a “genius” but to me he knows what he is talking about. Everything has a purpose with him and I really like that. I know with Jean, I can learn a lot and improve as a player. I look forward to working with him again!

You have been my big brother You have been the father I never met I would like my son/daughter to be in the same team you coach next year or I shall retire You are more than a coach for us, became a family member Our son/daughter see the game differently now Our son/daughter has improved so much since he/she train with you We like your high expectation level You are the best coach we have met
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