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Former #1 Athlete In The Country, 2 Time Track Gold Medalist and NFL player is ready and willing to help your athlete reach to the HIGHEST level possible. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. Reading, PA
  2. Pottstown, PA
  3. Chester Springs, PA

Coach is willing to travel up to 50 miles


Light Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Jason. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 minute

$100 1 session + applicable fees

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Pro Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

5 session package with Coach Jason. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 minute

$500 5 sessions ($100/ea) + applicable fees

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 session package with Coach Jason. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 minute

$300 3 sessions ($100/ea) + applicable fees

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  • University of Connecticut (CT)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Center, Forward, Guard

  • Pick and Roll, Post Moves, Moving Without the Ball, Ball Handling, Agility, Rebounding, Shooting, Passing, Defense, Footwork, Reading the Floor, Attacking the Rim


  • University of Connecticut (CT)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Center, Forward, Guard

  • Pick and Roll, Post Moves, Moving Without the Ball, Ball Handling, Agility, Rebounding, Shooting, Passing, Defense, Footwork, Reading the Floor, Attacking the Rim

More About Coach Jason

I am a huge fan of hard work, honor and dedication. I have the ability, drive and know how to help your athlete Male or Female of any age develop skills of the highest level in Basketball, Football and or Track & field. In 2001, I Jason Williams was fortunate enough to earn over 150 Division 1 Scholarships in Basketball, Football and Track & Field. I chose to become a student athlete at the University of Connecticut (UConn). At UConn, In the off season I started helping train high School Athletes along side of my head coach Randy Edsall. We worked on training, flexibility, drills, mobility and speed. I worked every summer with coach Edsall. After a brief NFL stick with the Washington Redskins in 2006 as a wide receiver and a few years of Arena Football with the Philadelphia Soul and Wilkes-Barre Pioneers, I chose to start my coaching officially. At Glen Mills Schools, I coached football as a High School wide receiver coach. I decided I would not start or stop their. I wanted to help kids develop their skills and attract Division 1 Schools all around the country. I was very successful. I helped and trained a few good high school athletes and turned them into GREAT ones. i worked with Super Bowl Champion Benard Pierce on his training, skills and speed at Glenn Mills, I became the shooting coach kids would go to for help and assistance on developing their jump shots. I have the ability to help ANY level of athlete improve and develop. For Basketball, I can GUARANTEE better results in shooting, Dribbling, Strength and Skill. In Football I specialize in wide receivers, but have extensive training in ALL positions. In Track &Field I am able to GUARANTEE better results in Speed and endurance. I worked and coached kids from age 6-14 at Silver Springs Martin Luther School where I personal trained and coached kids ONLY in Basketball. I worked on kids shooting motion, consistency and endurance. I am willing and fully capable of training and coaching at ANY level including professional.

Credited as the #1 Athlete in the entire country, Big33 All Star game, Track & Field 3 Time Gold Medalist, All State In ALL 3 Sports (Basketabll, Football & Track), UConn Leading receiver, NFL Player, AFL Player, Fastest High School Sprinter in PA, All Conference in All 3 Sports (football, Basketball & Track) Earned over 150 Division 1 Full Scholarship offers, to name some.

I get a feel for the level of client, and based on assessment I create drills, schedules, training's, etc that will best assist THAT ATHLETE. I have over 20 years of training and experience at the highest level possible, and every athlete needs to have specific instructions ONLY for them. I have found this to be the best way.

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Client Reviews

We were in PA for the week and I had my daughter train with Jason & he was great with great energy! Highly recommend

I am thrilled to share my gratitude for the outstanding coaching provided by Coach Jason, who played a pivotal role in enhancing my seven-year-old son's agility for wrestling. Our experience with Coach Jason has been nothing short of exceptional, and I am excited to highlight the positive impact he has had on my son's wrestling journey.

From the onset, Coach Jason exhibited an unparalleled commitment to refining the skills for my son, with a particular focus on agility—a critical aspect of wrestling. Under his guidance, my son not only developed a solid foundation but experienced a significant improvement in his agility, which is crucial for success in the sport.

Coach Jason possesses a deep understanding of the specific physical demands of wrestling and tailored his coaching to enhance my son's agility. The drills and exercises implemented were not only effective but also tailored to the age and skill level of my son.

What sets Coach Jason apart is his ability to make the learning process enjoyable and challenging simultaneously. The agility-focused training sessions were dynamic, engaging, and skillfully designed to bring out the best. My son not only developed increased flexibility and quick reflexes but also learned to apply these newfound skills strategically in the wrestling arena.

Coach Jason fostered a positive and encouraging atmosphere during practices, creating a space where young athletes felt comfortable pushing their limits. His motivational approach and genuine passion not only improved my son's agility but also instilled invaluable qualities such as resilience and determination.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Coach Jason to any parent seeking a coach who not only understands the nuances of wrestling but is dedicated to enhancing specific skills like agility. Thank you, Coach Jason, for your unwavering commitment to the growth and development of young athletes. Your impact on my son's agility and overall wrestling experience has been truly remarkable!

(no details provided)

Coach was on time. Got straight to work. Definitely knows his stuff. We were very impressed and will be booking multiple sessions with him. We believe he will develop
Our son into the football player he wants to
Be. Coach Jason is motivating, challenging and he inspires our son. We are glad we found him on coach up and will add more reviews as we see the progress we make. Which we know will happen. Thanks again!

Coach Jason has been coaching my 6yr old for basketball for a couple sessions now but we will def be continuing. He is great with kids and keeping their little bodies moving and young minds focused. My son truly enjoys his practices and has built such confidence in himself already.

Coach Jason Williams has great knowledge of football, speed, and conditioning. He’s helping me become a great football player.

(no details provided)

Great session. Will look to book again once we are settled in our new home.

(no details provided)

Hes a great coach, motivator, and he knows his stuff!!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

he’s amazing, jason has an amazing personality and is a dedicated coach. he’s helped me improve so much with only one session

Coach Jason is an outstanding coach. Once he meets the athlete he will have them do some drills and immediately can tell what the athlete needs help with. After that, they get to work. My daughter went for help with the 100 and 200 meter sprint and got her personal record shortly after.

Fantastic coach! Great experience, expert in the field & motivator.

Wow! Coach Jay helped my son so much in just the first session! His positive attitude and cheerful personality are great for helping kids get out of their shell. So happy that we found him- thanks Coach Up!

Fantastic coach. Really cares about the players needs and focusing on the best way to improve skills.

(no details provided)

This guy is a real deal, best coach that i ever had.

The experience with Coach Jay helped my senior realize his full potential. He’s more in tune with his responsibilities on the field and is hopeful he will play on a collegiate level as well as professional one day.

great trainer

I have been able to work with Coach Jay several times so far and I have found the sessions to be very helpful. I’ve really been focused on sprinting form and power and we’ve done some drills that I have seen immediate improvement from, and most are easily implemented into my solo training as well. I look forward to continuing to work with Coach Jay in the future and I would highly recommend him for improving both general athleticism as well as smaller details.

Great lesson

Very, very good and intense

Amazing coach!! My son looks forward to his sessions every week and feels good with what he’s learning. Coach Jay really listens and understands my sons needs and what he needs to work on. Well rounded and definitely would recommend his to any and everyone!! Happy he’s coaching my son!

Coach Jason is great!! My son was impressed on the first day he learned a lot of different basketball techniques that will help him out tremendously.

Extremely professional, passionate, and connected well with my son.

Jason is awesome with the kids. Knows how to challenge and push them while still keeping it fun. After the first workout, my kids asked to come back tomorrow. That says it all

Jason was phenomenal. I can tell that because of the sessions had with him, my son has become more confident in many aspect football. My son has had major improvements on his footwork, speed and agility, ball handling and ability and knowledge of how to take and give a hit. He has been a Godsend this season and we look forward to working with him again!

Coach Jay is awesome! My son (age 14, 6’4”, 175 lbs) just finished 5 quarterback training sessions and there is a significant difference in his speed and agility and passing accuracy. Coach Jay helped devise a customized program to develop my son’s capabilities. We are signing up for recurring sessions.

Fantastic. My son learned more about the fundamentals of line play in on session then he as in 4 years of playing.

Had our first workout with coach Jason and he didn't hesitate getting started with training my 16 year old point guard...from foot work to balance and dribbling drills to shooting drills. Jason is very energetic and keeps the pace high. My son thoroughly enjoyed his work out and is excited to continue training with coach Jason.

Informative. Patient

Coach Jason is an excellent coach. My first lesson I was not sure what to expect, but he definitely pushed and motivated me to do better. I play coed flag football and coed touch football and as a female I was never aware of a lot of the technicality and fundamentals that are required. My first day I learned a lot with footwork, hand and eye coordination, focusing on the ball more and proper stance. The one thing I do really enjoy about Coach Jason is that he understands what I am thinking and can relate to it and he said,"We have all been there I know what you were thinking". He has you working on drills that relates to routes on the football field. I look forward each week to learning new fundamentals and to get better and work hard. I thought I was pretty good at football, but it was even more impressive that in the first five minutes of training he knew exactly what I need to work on and I had agreed with him 100%.

Great coach! Very inspiring to my son. Coach Jason knows his stuff and really gives valuable, constructive feedback.

Coach Jason Williams is the real deal. He pushes you to push hard to get your best when you on the field. If your looking for a good coach get in contact with him.

My kids had their first session with Coach Jason. He ran through a great mix of drills, worked them hard, and they had a blast. They are looking forward to the next session.

Great guy and even better trainer. I highly recommend coach Jason. I saw him bring things out of my son I didn’t think he could do in the first practice. Thanks coach

Coach Jason was awesome! I love how straight forward, he is and he got right to work with my son. After one session my son stated he felt very comfortable training with him and already learned a lot from him. You will not be let down with Coach Jay!

Coach Jason is an excellent coach who focuses on fundamentals and makes the best use of every minute of student’s time. My son is excited to build his endurance and improve his on field performance with Jason.

Coach Jason was Phenomenal. Really knows what he's doing. Very active and hands on coach.

(no details provided)

Coach Jason is an amazing coach! He is professional, respectful, kind, honest, and compassionate. He listened to my goals and aspirations to create a personalized fitness plan for maximizing results. I never felt more confident in a trainer except when I began to train with Coach Jason. His workouts are a life changer! I have been working with a personal trainer in the last 2 years and Coach Jason does not compare to your typical trainer. Although I loved my previous personal trainer, Coach Jason took my fitness to a whole new level, physically and mentally. He will work you hard at your own pace. He challenges me constantly throughout the session. I have never liked working out. I always found it to be work. After yesterday's workout, I felt more alive than I have been in a long time. I felt energized and empowered to keep progressing towards my goals. Working with Coach Jason, I discovered my potential and have already progressed at just two sessions! I am amazing with the results. I cannot wait to see better results in a few months of training! Thank you, Coach Jason! You rock!

Coach Jay is great! Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and keeps things fun for my 7yr old! He quickly
Identifies areas for opportunity but at same time offers positive feedback! My son can’t wait for his next session!

Coach Jay is amazing. Love his feedback, his instruction and motivation during sessions. Can’t wait to work with him more and more.

My grandson said to me “Grammy it was amazing and I learned so much” he said I want to go back real soon. Thank you so much for what you instilled in my grandson

Awesome first sessions where Coach Jay and my three kids covered goals and got started straight away with a plan! He was very knowledgeable on each kid’s different need, very professional and efficient. Coach Jay was also completely flexible in traveling to us, accommodating and scheduling last minute request...This made everything much easier! We are very pleased and looking forward for our next sessions!

Indira, Sylvia, Sebastian & Fabián

(no details provided)

Great coaching experience! Coach Jay is very positive, energetic, and motivating staying attuned to the individual needs of each client. I could not be more pleased and give Coach my highest recommendation. A+.

This was my son’s very first lesson and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Coach Jay is so personable and his upbeat lesson really brought my son out of his quiet shy nature. His confidence went from 0 to 10 instantly!

Coach Jason did a great job. My son loved the time he spent with him. Thanks again for working with my son.

Coach Jason did an excellent job with the first training with my nephew. My nephew is raw and Jason, took time to evaluate and understand where he is currently at regarding his skill level and as Jason mentioned, he prefers to build up from the ground. One lesson/training at a time and my nephew really enjoyed and looks forward to the next session with Coach Jason.

Coach Jay is awesome! Our young gymnast is training with him to focus on areas in her strength that need attention. He tailors a fun but intense workout that keeps her engaged, smiling and challenged. She is excited to continue her work with him and looks forward to more sessions.

Coach Jason is a great coach. My son is definitely gaining confidence in his shot and foot skills.

We would highly recommend Coach Jay. My 14 year old daughter learned so much on her first session with him! He made it fun while also teaching her new skills! We’ve seen a big difference in her jump shots the first session!! If you are looking for a basketball trainer .... he is the one!!

Was impressed with the pace, variety, and continual feedback throughout the session. Coach Jay kept my son motivated and eager to improve. He made it fun but challenging. The session had immediate, positive impact on his shot. Highly recommend Coach Jay!

My son loves working out with Jay. He works him hard and teaches real life game skills at game speed which has no doubt helped my son's in game performance.

My 15 year old daughter plays a lot of sports and didn't think she needed 'speed training'. After one session with Jason she was glad I signed her up for 3! He makes the training fun, focusing on all aspects of the body that enhance speed and agility. My daughter thought that Jason would have her running around the track the whole time and she was not looking forward to that for an hour. Not even half way through the session she was beaming with excitement about all the techniques she was learning to help her run faster. Jason has lots of patience, makes it easy for any age to understand 'how' to perform the exercise, and 'why' it will help achieve your goal. Thank you Jason!!

Coach Jason is an excellent coach! He is very personable and knowledgeable. If we resided closer to his training area, my son would be going 5 days a week. Fantastic!!!

Coach Jay is awesome! I’ve never seen my 7 year old son work so hard and love it! Jay taught him valuable skills that have greatly improved my sons speed and agility along with techniques to improve his football skills! I highly recommend him as a coach!

My son, Landon just had his first training session with Coach Jay. It was a 2 hour session. Not a minute was wasted. Jumped right in working on his shot. Landon, needless to say was exhausted by the end. Jay was very personable and made it fun while at the same time was able to push Landon to be his best. He got the most out of him. Landon loved it and looks forward to becoming the best he can be, by working with coach Jay going forward.

(no details provided)

Jason is a great friendly outgoing coach who really knows how to connect with his clients. My stepson loves his time with Jason and looks forward to his lessons. Highly recommend!!!

Coach Jason was very down to earth and professional. He was very encouraging and and at the same time pushed my daughter to the next level of training without letting her give up. My daughter came out of the very first session with more confidence than she began with.

Great session!! Coach Jason exceeded my expectations my son can't wait for his next workout!!!

My son, Cole, just had his first training session with Coach Jay. Coach Jay was great with Cole. Had him engaged from the start, and exhausted by the end. He was very professional and personable. Pushed his limits. I was impressed with all the technical work he was able to squeeze into our first hour. I asked my son after the first session what he thought. He loved it!

Coach Jay is a very good coach he works with my five-year-old son and he has a lot of knowledge my son can't wait to go back for another session

Coach Jason was outstanding and was very accommodative. Used some unique drills to weave in skills with game situations. My 8 year old son really liked him and was immediately engaged. Will absolutely work with Jason again.

My son really enjoyed working with coach Jay!! All the techniques and moves he learned within 1 hour really improved his shot

Best Coach in the area

(no details provided)

My son has had 2 sessions with Coach Jason so far and I can definitely see some improvement in his technique and confidence level. Jay is very encouraging and keeps the sessions fun and lighthearted while providing just enough of a challenge to keep things interesting. We like that he varies the training so they aren't doing the same exercises each session. I'm looking forward to having my son continue working with him to see how much improvement he can make!

Son is super excited after first session. Pushing him to limits he never knew exsisted. Looking forward to many more sessions. Thanks coach!

Jason was great with our son. He was very positive, had a good practice plan, and gave him drills he can work on at home. We will definitely be scheduling another session.

Coach Jay was great, very professional and personable. My daughter was looking to increase her speed and get comfortable with a sprinters start for the 100m. He definitely gave her a great workout and increased her confidence in the start. She loved her sessions with him and can't wait to train again.

Parents or athletes! Look no further Mr. Williams is the best. I've spent the last 10 years working with coaches for my son Ethen on and off through the years. I've also been a coach myself. I've been around football for 32 years and also played. We are from the Leigh valley so I feel confident to say. Mr. Williams is the best in the surrounding area. Mr. Williams was on time , had lots of drills for my son to do. Mr. Williams was also extremely friendly he also made my son feel at ease. I asked my son after the workout was done how would you rate Mr. Williams. He said he's the best trainer he has ever had. His credentials also speak for them self. So if you're looking for a coach that's gonna make you sweat and work this is your guy.

I've only bin with coach for only three sessions but already so far he's showed me great moves to help me with ball handling! He's a great trainer and am excited to train more!

My son loved working with Coach Jason! After just one session my son has so much more confidence about his shooting! He is really looking forward to more sessions!

Coach Jason is doing a great job helping my daughter with her confidence on the basketball court. Teaching her to control the ball and gaining confidence shooting also!! Look forward to the next session!!

Coach Jay is very professional. He is organized and he has customized the training to my son.

Coach Jason is a person who pays attention to the details of his student and makes a conscious effort to understand my daughter way of playing and was able to redirect her into becoming a better player. He dose this in a second nature type of way . Coach Jason teaches with such joy for the sports. Mayomi says " hello" . I am very satisfied with your skills . I am definitely recommending you to friends and family.

Coach was great with my kid. Coach was very detailed.
Jason was very professional, my kid really liked him.
Looking forward to the next work out.

(no details provided)

Jason has been a great coach. I have seen my daughter improve at both dribbling and shooting based on his drills. She has enjoyed working with him over the last year.

Coach jay has really helped my son with quarterback fundamentals in just a couple of sessions. Good guy and communicates well with my son . Only reason for 4 star rating (vs 5) is the fact he is recovering from his own knee surgery and therefore can't show footwork at the moment.

My grandson has only had one session with Jason but he has opened so many doors for him already. He has introduced him to several different venues for football training. After the first session my grandson said " he doesn't let you slack off, he made me do each rep perfect ... I think I'm going to like this guy!" I have contacted Jason many times and he has always been polite and given me all the information I was looking for. He seems to be a really great guy.

Coach Jason did and awesome job coaching my daughter. She learned so much in just one session, had a blast while doing it, and can't wait untill the next time. Coach Jason was also very quick with his response time and communicated quite well. I would highly recommend Coach Jay to anyone who wants to further their basketball skills.

My 12 year old son really enjoyed working/training with Jason (Jay). He seems to have improved quite a bit. I am anxious to see him play in one of his league games this Sunday and see how he does.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Jason is engaging, personable and professional. He tunes his training to the age of the athlete. There are no unrealistic expectations from his end, but there is real work! He will push your son or daughter to perform at a higher level. Our daughter loved it!! She is looking forward to her next session!

(no details provided)

Coach Jason was excellent! He had a plan all ready when we started and my son enjoyed every minute of it. He is highly knowledgable and loves what he he does and it shows! Highly recommend!

I have seen the improvements in my son's game. I would recommend Coach Jason's training sessions to other kids.

Extremely professional coach. My kid got improved incredibly in just two sessions!!

(no details provided)

Coach Jason did a great job coaching my two boys. He is really great with kids (9 and 11). He came with a good game plan to help them both in their high jump and you could see the improvement in just one session. I would highly recommend him!

Coach Jay was an excellent athlete during his playing days becoming a stand out in football, basketball and track. Fastest man in the state of Pennsylvania winning the 100 meter dash state championship in 2001. Also receiving various division 1 offers for football. His versatility in so many areas has allowed him to gather great experience and the ability to relate that information to athletes. In addition to athletics he has worked with youth at Glenn Mills Academy, Boys and Girls club of McKeesport and many other programs and schools geared towards reaching and understanding youth. Along with a Bachelor degree in Family studies and minor in sociology. Seeing him in action for myself leads me to recommend Coach Jay for any athlete looking to get better.
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