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In my science-based training system, workouts are fun, largely pain-free, build very gradually, and varied - this proven system has worked for everyone newbies to elite athletes. View all coaching experience

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  • University of California--Los Angeles (CA)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Sprints, Middle Distance, Long Distance, Hurdles, Cross Country

  • Stride, Pacing, Gait, Form, Drive Phase, Breathing


  • University of California--Los Angeles (CA)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Sprints, Middle Distance, Long Distance, Hurdles, Cross Country

  • Stride, Pacing, Gait, Form, Drive Phase, Breathing

More About Coach Glenn


I have been coaching endurance athletics for 40 years. I coach runners (track and field and road), multisport athletes (triathlon, duathlon), and swimmers. I also help those who are out of shape get back into shape without injuries, pain, and frustration.

I started coaching by coaching myself. I wanted to compete in track and field, cross country (XC) and distance running (marathons), but my school didn’t have track or XC teams. So I had no choice but to coach myself. To learn the ropes, I spent hours and hours in the library of the local college, which specialized in physical education and exercise physiology, reading everything I could about middle and long distance running.

My athlete (me) did pretty well. In my first year of serious training, I ran a 3:19 marathon (10th grade). As a HS junior, I finished 3rd in the District 880 yard run (barely missing qualifying for States). As a HS senior I lost just one race (racing exhibition with a nearby HS) and won my conference 880 title, setting a conference record. I ran a 3:00:03 marathon my senior summer and 2:45:17 marathon as an 18 year old.

My next bout of coaching came my junior year in college, when I asked the college coaches if I could coach myself. My college running wasn’t what I hoped, so I wanted to coach myself. The results were immediate. I just missed the school record in the 1000 yard run indoors, ran three school record relays indoors and out, and lost just one dual meet outdoors (my teammate was defending conference champ but beat me just once.)

Because I have two careers (professor and attorney), I mostly coach on the side. After college, I coached the middle and long distance runners at Jesuit High School in Tampa. In the 80s, while in graduate school at UCLA, I coached a 4:02 miler and 8:45 steeplechaser and a 17 minute 5k female runner. In the 90s, I helped a friend (previously injury plagued) with his Masters (40 and over) running comeback. Under my coaching he eventually ran in the 18s in the 5k (sub-6 minute mile pace) and 39:02 for 5k.

More recently, in the last two years, I coached two female runners to faster times and better results. In 2012-2013, I coached a 40 year old female runner to a 3:09 marathon. That time qualified her to participate as a Masters Elite in the Pittsburgh Marathon, where she finished 2nd Masters female. She also ran 19:21 for 5k and 33:07 for 8k. I am currently coaching female college grad runner. She has lost just one race this year, run 18:45 for 5k and 40:19 for 10k. Her goal is a sub 3 hour marathon later this Fall.

Since 2000, most of my coaching has been self-coaching in triathlon, aquabike (swim bike), aquathlon (swim run) and swimming. I won my age group in my first triathlon in 2002. By 2004, I qualified for triathlon Nationals. In 2012 I competed in my first nationals (in aquabike). I was ranked 4th in the US in my age group in aquabike in 2010, 3rd in 2011, and 13th in 2012. I am currently ranked 2nd. In 2012, I completed a 5k swim.

But the crowning accomplishment of my athletic and coaching career is my recent qualification for the US National Team and the ITU World Championship in London in aquathlon (swim run). This is my first national team and my first worlds.


The focus of my training is long-term consistency. Good results come from gradual, consistent training over many months and years, not weeks. And the keys to long term consistency are – keeping training fun, gradualism, adequate rest and recover, and injury avoidance. Many athletes are their own worst enemies – they punish themselves in training, try to hammer themselves into shape rapidly, don’t rest and recover enough, and end up injured. This leads to frustrating cycles of overtraining, injury, and downtime. This cycle is anything but fun. I know. I lived it late in my running career.

To break out of this cycle, athletes or those seeking better fitness, must begin with easy aerobic workouts and very gradually increase the mix of volume (distance or time) and intensity (effort, speed, or pulse rates). And once workouts become more demanding, they must be followed with a day or two of rest and recovery (typically cross training). Starting easy and aerobic, gradually increasing workout difficulty, and plenty of rest, not only avoid injury and illness it makes training fun. “No pain, no gain” is nonsense – the key to proper training is gradual adaptation to training that minimizes pain.

Two final things about my training. I put great stress on improving form and efficient movement. Many injuries are caused by a combination of overtraining and inefficient movement caused by bad form. And bad form often results from excessive focus on time or pace or pulse goals. Athletes focus so much on hitting a target pace, pulse, time that they “cheat” (to use the weight lifting term for doing whatever it takes to lift the weight even if with bad form). Straining like this prevents relaxed efficient movement.

To break the cycle of bad form and inefficient movement, I change the goals of training sessions. The paramount goal of ALL training sessions is good, relaxed, efficient form. Initially improving form requires slowing down, and focusing on form and relaxation rather than speed or effort. One must slow down to speed up. Then once relaxation, good form, and self-monitoring of form are well established habits, workouts can increase in intensity and speed. But one must learn to relax while workout paces are slow to retain those habits at higher speeds. Then later, relaxed efficient form allows higher levels of performance because the athlete isn’t wasting energy.

This focus on relaxed efficient movement keeps training fun. Self-mastery isn’t an end result; it is a requirement of each workout. Controlling oneself, form and relaxation monitoring, good pacing, and successful completion of workout after workout, for months and months, builds confidence. And it keeps workouts fun.

Typical session? Other than as described above (relaxed, good form, manageable, fun), there is no typical session. Workouts must be adapted to current fitness, eventual goals, time constraints, life stress and mood. The workout that looks great on paper may be counterproductive if the athlete spent a sleepless night worrying about job or family. Flexibility and reading one’s body and mind are essential to health and fitness. Rigid adherence to schedules and programs is more compulsion than good training.

To summarize my approach to coaching in a sentence – keep it relaxed and fun.

Whether those trying to get fit or lose weight, track and field athletes, triathletes, or swimmers, I apply the same basic principles.

High School Conference Record Holder 880 yard run 2:01 (1976)
Winner, Harrisburg National Marathon 18-under division, 10th overall 2:43 (1976)
Varsity Cross Country for 4 years on one of the leading small college programs in the US.
11th in Cross Country Distance Meet
School record holder various relays.
Competed in Triathlon Nationals Aquabike (2012)
Competed in ITU Worlds Aquathlon, National Team Member (2013).
2nd USMS Regional 1000 yard freestyle (2014)
8th USMA Nationals 800 meter freestyle (2014)
Ranked 6th in US in Age Group in Aquabike (2014)

Consult, warm-up, perform, feedback, analysis, warm down, takeaways. Pulse analysis. Gait and form analysis. Use Strava and Wahoo for graphic analysis.

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Client Reviews

Coach Glenn gave my son an excellent session today. He provided a science-based overview on running techniques and gave detailed, personalized practical feedback. We are excited to continue with coach Glenn. Highly recommend him for anyone wanting to take up running whether it be for personal growth or as a competitive sport.

Coach is great, but having issues with the app.

Coach Glenn is very knowledgeable and gives importance to imparting that knowledge on you. Keeps it interesting with cool background info on the evolution of running. He’s not intimidating, which is important, and eases you into increasingly better performance. I appreciated the strength training advice for between sessions.

(no details provided)

Very knowledgeable.

My son really enjoyed the session with Coach Glenn and received some valuable tips for things to work on to keep improving. Will see him again as needed. Good coach!

(no details provided)

My first session with Glenn was great! He is responsive, extremely knowledgeable and detailed, and I really like his approach. I'm looking forward to continuing to train with him.

Coach Glenn is very knowledgeable and has motivated my son to try some new things to improve his track and cross country times and reduce his risk of injury. We are very happy!

(no details provided)

Thanks Coach Glenn for a great first session. Your feedback and thoughts on working with Shams show how much you know about the sport and about young athletes. Looking forward to your continued work with Shams.

(no details provided)

Coach Glenn is very knowledgeable and experienced. He’s also willing to work around possible scheduling conflicts.

Coach Glenn provided a holistic lesson with insightful feedback on my natural tendencies as a runner:)

Coach Glenn was great. Thorough, thoughtful, and observant. I just needed a couple of pointers to make me run more efficiently before I go to boot camp for the US military. I've already started to implement them and I've already noticed a difference. Thanks Glenn!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Glenn was a great coach. He is focusing on running mechanics and already there is improvement with my son's running style. My 10-year-old son is looking forward to the next scheduled session.

Great coaching! Very helpful! My daughter learned a lot and had lots of fun also.

Lots of great experience, like his temperament, and a sensible approach to training.

Coach Glenn is great to work with. He has lot of knowledge and tips on how to improve my running. During each coaching session I feel a little more confident with what I'm trying to accomplish. He is very easy to work with. I have been traveling recently for work and he had always encouraged me to keep up with my running even if it's just 5 minutes a day. I'm excited to continue to work with Coach Glenn and exceed my goals.

Coach Geln was e celebrate after one session he helped identify areas to improve

He is very knowledgable and I'm looking forward to implementing his strategies to improve my running.

I am enjoying having Coach Glenn as my coach. He is very knowledgeable about running and takes the time to explain the mechanics of running. My foot injury has improved a great deal since working with Coach Glenn while applying his instructions on how to care for the injury. I am being pushed beyond where I thought I could possibly go with regards to running. He has helped me to rethink my limits.

I've been working with Glenn for a couple of months as I prepare for an upcoming marathon. He created a great schedule that has helped me stay focused towards my running goals. He keeps me focused and on task! He is also very positive and is helping me realize that I have more potential than I thought :)

Glenn will be a good fit for me. He listened to what I was trying to accomplish, had immediate suggestions which we tested out. He sees the big picture - but didn't overwhelm me with all he sees. He is prioritizing and building a foundation bit by bit so that we can gradually accomplish my goals. He has good technical knowledge about my needs - but also understands the training process, so that I can absorb the technical skills within a multi-month training program. Glenn's a star

I've really enjoyed working with Glenn, who had gotten me out of my running rut. After decades of running, I never felt like I was actually improving. With workouts based on heart rate, which alternate between track intervals, hill running, and weekly long runs, I'm feeling a lot better now after each workout.

My son was looking for a coach so he could pass his police academy fitness run. Although a pretty good athlete who exhibited skills in short distance (sprints) he was challenged by longer distances. A must to move on in the academy. Coach Glen provided both a method (heart rate monitoring) and confidence for him to pass the first trial. Over a number of weeks at a local track Coach Glen, with a plan based on years of running experience, made it happen. Not sure what he would have done without his help.

Bernie D

I did not run track or cross country in high school, so I knew little when I decided to make running my preferred sport. Glenn patiently guided me to increase the duration of my runs, build stamina, and build speed in part by teaching me to focus on my heart rate when I run. In the beginning, I met Glenn on the trails for longer runs; now, I enjoy meeting Glenn at the track.

My weekly runs have become a pleasure rather than a chore, and I credit Glenn for this. In the beginning of our training, he insisted I run slowly - painfully slowly - to build endurance rather than speed. Over time, I more than doubled the number of miles I run a week. As our sessions progressed, he added speed training, and I now I run faster than I have in years.

All of this after undergoing major heart surgery (me, not Glenn). Five stars!

Coach Glenn has been an awesome running coach and I love the method he uses for training to avoid injury based on heart rate pulses. It makes so much sense and I've been able to ease back into running. I look forward to our morning sessions because his principles and tactfully sound and his bedside manner is extremely agreeable and relaxed. Five enthusiastic stars.

Coach Glenn is great ! He sure knows what he is doing. Very knowledgeable and knows how to utilize that knowledge. I am finishing my third week and can already see the results. I have already exceeded my running distance by 100% without feeling tired or dizzy. Thanks Glenn.

Glenn is very responsive to my e-mails and seems to be very knowledgeable about the sport. He has given me a plan which I have been sticking too and I like a lot so far.

Coach Glenn and I are just getting started but I am already encouraged by his enthusiasm and dedication to helping me reach my goals. His knowledge not only comes from a thorough understanding of the running world but also from personal experience. He has a wealth of information to share and has already taught me much I didn't know about training. I have already booked him for an additional month! I would definitely recommend Coach Glenn based on the experience I've had thus far.

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