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Former NHL player for 9 years. Looking to coach local youth who want to DREAM BIG and play hockey at the next level!! View all coaching experience

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Light Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Freddy. 50 minute session length

Session Length: 50 minutes

$130 1 session + applicable fees

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Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 session package with Coach Freddy. 50 minute session length

Session Length: 50 minutes

$425 3 sessions ($142/ea) + applicable fees

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Pro Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

5 session package with Coach Freddy. 50 minute session length

Session Length: 50 minutes

$650 5 sessions ($130/ea) + applicable fees

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9 session package with Coach Freddy. 50 minute session length

Session Length: 50 minutes

$1125 9 sessions ($125/ea) + applicable fees

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45 minute private Zoom session includes stick handling and shooting

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Game analysis

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  • Boston University (MA)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Defense, Forward

  • Checking, Shooting, Skating, Passing, Stickhandling, Shot Blocking, Faceoffs, Penalty Shots


  • Boston University (MA)

  • 10 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Defense, Forward

  • Checking, Shooting, Skating, Passing, Stickhandling, Shot Blocking, Faceoffs, Penalty Shots

More About Coach Freddy

After a 9 year successful professional career, with almost 300 NHL games, concussions have forced me away from the game I love. I want to pass along my expert knowledge and experience to local kids that want to DREAM BIG and become the next NHL star. I look forward to working with athletes to help them reach their goals.

I have played in almost 300 NHL games for the Philadelphia Flyers, Phoenix Coyotes, New York Islanders and the Atlanta Thrashers. This past season I took my talents to the Swedish Elite League and helped Modo Hockey make it to the playoffs.

Prior to my NHL career, I played for Boston University. During my college career, I was honored as Hockey East First Team All-Rookie Team, Hockey East First Team All-Star and Team Captain as a senior. I capped off a great college career as a First Team All-American and was named the 2003 BU Male Athlete of the Year.

During high school, I was a part of the inaugural season for the National Team Development Program, based out of Ann Arbor, MI. I have represented Team USA in numerous International events: 1998 Under-18 World Championship, 2001 World Junior Championship, 2006 World IIHF Championship and the 2011 Deutschland Cup.

Growing up in NH and playing youth hockey in New England, I am looking forward to the opportunity to share my superior hockey knowledge and talents with the next kid that wants to DREAM BIG

All my programs are customizable and will be tailored to the individuals strengths and weaknesses. Playing at the highest level possible, I know what it takes to make the next level.

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Client Reviews

Coach Freddy is amazing Coach!

Our son Erik (18) thoroughly enjoyed working with Coach Freddy on puck handling! Thank you, Coach Freddy!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Overall an incredible coach! My two boys (ages 12 and 9) really enjoy training with him, after each lesson they always talk about what they learned on the ice that day. His drills are both fun and challenging. I'll also comment that both boys have seen big improvements in their shots and stickhandling since starting lessons with Freddy!

Coach Freddy was exceptional. He is very prompt and responsive to communication. He is very personable and developed a great rapport with my son. He quickly identified areas where he needed help and worked effectively on those fundamentals which will make a definite difference moving forward. He’s a great coach and we will definitely use him in the future.

Very personable and down to earth. Our son is excited to continue working with Coach Meyer!

We could see at once that he had a lot of coaching experience, only one lesson, but our son could learn a lot.

My 10 year old son had a wonderful experience! There were some very basic things on mechanics that Freddy helped with right off the bat. He worked with my son on shooting but his advice on body positioning would help with stick handling and game play. My son played a game with his team the next day and we could already see the difference.

Coach Freddy was great and I will definitely rebook time with him again in the future.

Coach Freddy is a great coach. After only 2-3 sessions, he was able to help my son make some corrections to his skating mechanics. I also think the price is very reasonable compared to other private lesson offerings in the area. Highly recommended.

Coach Freddy was great working with my son!! In the first session within a few shots he already identified ways to help my son on different techniques of shooting. My son couldn’t wait to have the subsequent sessions with him to get better.

Coach Freddy is awesome. He was quick to develop a rapport with my grandson and put him at ease. He asked a lot of questions about where my grandson was in his hockey journey and what he wanted to work on. He got right to work after that and had my grandson do several different drills that were designed to help him improve in those areas. The session was interactive and Coach Freddy asked my grandson questions about things that went well and not so well to ensure he understood the movements and techniques being taught. I would recommend Coach Freddy to anyone who is looking to improve their overall hockey skills and game. However, the player's success is really going to be determined by how much time and effort they are willing to put into it. That's not really something that can be taught. It can only be encouraged.

Great coach

(no details provided)

Coach Freddy is an excellent coach, he figured out my sons bad habits with skating and he took his time showing him the right way, my son thought he was nice and listened to Freddy.

Freddy is an amazing coach and the hour he spent with my son was so valuable. He was able to quickly pinpoint specific bad habits and mechanics that I had never even noticed/considered that were causing balance issues and inconsistent power in my son's shot. My son was smiling ear to ear the entire time and left his session with Freddy humbled and energized. Later that night my son had probably his best practice ever with his team. We will be scheduling another session soon!

We have been working with Soren now for about 2 months. My son is 6, and the amount of improvement in such a short time is incredible. He always looks forward to his lessons! Even though my son had a tendency to get very discouraged when things don’t come as easily as he would like, Soren does an amazing job working to improve not only his skills but his confidence. This is a great program.

Coach Freddy is great coach! After one session my son already feels like a new athlete. His training and technique are like none like we had before- definitely top notch. We would recommend Coach Freddy to anyone.

(no details provided)

Coach Freddy was fantastic. My son gained a lot of confidence in just one session working with him. 50 minutes of great structure and positive instruction. Helped him tremendously.

1st coaching session with Freddie for my 11 yr old. It was fast paced, with alot of helpful and advanced information that he would have never recieved from a typical youth program. Overall great experience, would like to continue to go.

Coach Freddy was great! he worked very patiently with my 8 and 11 year old daughters. After the first session my 11 year old said, no one has ever coached me before. I learned more in one hour then over the last couple of seasons and he taught me how to shoot! Freddy was responsive and flexible and we are very grateful for his help!! Highly recommend!

Coach Freddy was great. First worked with me through messaging before I booked to find a time that worked last minute during school vacation. Had a great session with my son evaluating him and began working on his weaknesses. Decided to book another session next day too.

(no details provided)

My 12 year old son had a lesson with Freddy and it was amazing. He was all smiles afterwards and talked about all the things he learned the entire drive home. He cannot wait to go back for more!

Freddy was super attentive and supportive of my son. He ran him through a wide variety of skating and shooting drills. My son left the rink more confident and looking forward to his next session.

(no details provided)

Freddy is fantastic. Worked with my sons edges, stopped him when he wasn’t doing it right and praised when he was. Immediately noticed where my son needed to improve. Overall great session. Looking forward to our next.

Coach Freddy was excellent. He asked what our goals were up front. He focused on those things, but didn’t just make him do drills the entire time. He is very good with kids. We will definitely be signing up for more one-on-one’s with him.

(no details provided)

The session with coach Freddy was awesome. He made a quick connection with my son and put him through some drills to assess the areas he needed to work on. He also mixed things up to keep the session fun and keep my son engaged. As soon as my son got off of the ice he asked if he could see Freddy again which we certainly plan to do. There were noticeable improvements (after just one session) in my sons game and he finished the season really strong. I really look forward in my son working with Freddy to get ready for next season.

Coach Freddy has made a huge difference in my daughters game. She has more confidence and therefore more fun on the ice. Freddy is a patient coach with a great work ethic.
Highly recommend him!!

My son is an 04 and this was his first one on one lesson. Freddy was very attentive to his weaknesses and thorough in his focus on what my son needs to work on. My son is excited to go to his 2nd one on one.Im happy to take him.

(no details provided)

Freddy is an excellent coach and I recommend him to anyone who wants to improve as a player. I am NCAA athlete who wanted to improve my scoring and shooting ability, so this summer I decided to have private lessons. Freddy is an incredible Coach who really knows his techniques and helps adjust small movements that will improve a simple skill. For example, he had me warm up with a bunch of skating drills that focus on inside and outside edges. As the drills developed he had me do power turns. He realized I wasn’t leaning mainly on my inside foot, so told me to lean more on my inside foot. This adjustment will effect my acceleration after a turn the slightest bit but still an important tactic to turning and balance. He has also taught me some stick handling moves that will help me get around players and get a shot off. These moves go well with the type of player I am. My shot has also improved and I can get my shot off a lot quicker and harder than. I have done a bunch of lessons with him so far this summer and I will continue to work with him.

My son only has played one year of ice hockey and we brought him to train with Freddy and he had awsome patience working with him. My son left his first training with more confidence. We would definitely recommend him and will be back for more training.

Amazing. My son was surprised that he learned so much in just 50 minutes. He said Coach Freddy was great at making him feel at ease and explain things to him in a way that no other coach had ever done before ("It just made sense"). He's already looking forward to the next session.

I had an incredible experience with Freddy. It was my sons first time on skates after only a few times on synthetic and he was incredible with him. Freddy gave us some pointers to get him moving faster and I will continue to utilize him. Looking forward to moving forward with Freddy. Beyond impressed with his skill and individual assessment for each person he teaches. I watched him with an array of other ages and skill level prior to picking him. Highly recommend!

Very much enjoyed my first session with Freddy. He is calm, observant, and picks up quickly what needs to be worked on. Has great teaching (and hockey!) skills. I will happily continue working with him.

Henry Lerner

Freddy was awesome with my 11 yo. He worked with my son on his shooting and finding where his weaknesses are. We will definitely continue our training with him.

(no details provided)

Coach Freddy is a great coach. He performed an evaluation of my skills, talked to me about what I wanted to accomplish and then set in motion a practice plan that matched my needs and also took into consideration what I was missing that would help me achieve my goals. Can't wait for our next ice time!

Thank you, Freddy. Hunter had a great time!

Coach Freddy is excellent. He worked with my son on stick handling and off ice training. He is professional and has tremendous knowledge about hockey.

Coach Freddy did a great job working with my son. Put him through skating drills that will help him improve quickly. We had been looking for the right coach for individual one on one sessions and have finally found the best. Mark.

My son is 15 years old and has been playing hockey for town then select teams since he was in preschool. He repeatedly says that Freddy has taught more in 6 months than any other coach. He is a defense-man and has improved in his shooting and confidence. I would highly recommend Coach Freddy. My 10 year old daughter has had one session with him and keeps asking when she can go back!

Coach Freddy is exactly what we were looking for. He pushes you to quickly analyze weaknesses and then designs a program to address them while still working on overall game improvement. After just a few sessions can already see improvement and greater confidence. Coach Freddy has the experience both as a player and a coach so has the ability to quickly connect with the player and get the most out of the training sessions if the player is willing to work. I would definately recommend Freddy to anyone looking to improve their game.

Freddy was awesome! Great fit for my child!

(no details provided)

Coach Freddy did a great job helping increase my son's defensive mindset and positioning during our first lesson. Looking forward to enhancing his skills as we continue.

(no details provided)

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(no details provided)

Coach Freddy was exactly what I was hoping for when I signed my son up for his first lesson. My son (9 years old) learned a lot today after just 1 hour on the ice. Freddy was a great coach and also great communicator leading up to our first session and we look forward to working with him again.

Coach Freddy did a wonderful job with my boys. He established a rapport with them which made things easier on the ice. He quickly identified a the items that they needed to work on and had them work on them in a manner which both improved their technique and kept them engaged. We will be working with Coach Freddy going forward to continually improve for the upcoming season.

Coach Freddie was excellent. Anthony had a great 2 sessions and can see the improvement already! He is not only very knowledgeable, he made it fun and exciting. Will definately continue to have Coach Freddie work with our son.

I have been looking for a good Coach for my 6 years old son for almost two years.Coach Freddy is our BEST!!! We just finished 5 sessions and we decided to keep him for our long term coach. He has a lots patience to work with young kids.He added new skills every session challenging kids and make it a easy and fun way for kids to learn.My son told me he loves to learn with Freddy because He taught him more skills.My son was sick and tired during the sessions and He still can got up early morning and don't want to be late for his lesson with Freddy. I have recommended Freddy to our friends.

Coach Freddy is an AMAZING coach. He really zoned in on what our son needed to work on right away and the drills he had him doing were excellent. That night our son had his best tryout ever and he received a call back. The next night he had one of his best games. I am truly so impressed with his coaching, I would highly recommend Coach Freddy.

Freddy was fantastic! He did a special coaching session for our Squirt and Pee Wee teams and both the coaches and the kids absolutely loved it. We can't wait to work with him again.

As a mite, my son played goalie most of the time. While transitioning to squirt he decided he would rather skate out. Having been a goalie he lacked some of the skating skills needed to play forward. I booked three sessions with Coach Freddy with the goal of identifying my sons strengths and weaknesses, in order to correct the weaknesses. Success. Halfway through the first session I could see my son's outside edge skill improved 100%. My son had a terrific time with Coach Freddy, always coming off the ice exhausted with a big smile. Freddy has a very good rapport with kids, getting them to focus on improving their skills. In the next season I'm sure to schedule more sessions to help "tune up" my son's skills as needed. I highly recommend Coach Freddy.

You would be hard pressed to find a coach with his knowledge, experience and skill level. He has played at the highest levels of hockey. My kids thoroughly enjoyed their sessions with Coach Freddy. He will help you identify and improve any weaknesses and help you build a strong foundation to breakthrough plateaus. I would highly recommend Coach Freddy to anyone looking to improve any aspect of their game.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Freddy is a great coach and teacher. My 8 year old daughter loves working with him and looks forward to her lessons. He really makes the lessons fun. He is helping her develop as a hockey player with all of his impeccable insight to the game. We could not be more pleased with him as our coach. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to become a well-rounded player. Mark

After only one training session it's pretty clear that Freddy is a special talent. He was very receptive to my thoughts as a parent, and even more tuned in to Cam's thoughts on areas that needed work. Look forward to working with Freddy as we get ready for the high school season.

Bob J (Belmont)

Coach Freddy was great! He was very patient with my son but at the same time pushed him to get the most out of him. My son came off the ice asking when he can have another session. Definitely booking more sessions with him.

We sent our 8-year-old son to work with Freddy. On the way home, our son asked: "Can I go again tomorrow?" He loved it. We loved it.

Tony M.

According to my sister in law, who's son Dillon (my nephew) I bought the coaching session for, Dillon worked super hard and had an awesome experience with Coach Freddy. By the end of the lesson Dillon was exhausted and out of his mind excited about his time with coach Freddy. I will definitely get him more sessions with coach Freddy for Christmas and his birthday!

An experienced professional hockey player who now provides one on one coaching. You just don't get this level of coaching with other programs. You'll find Coach Freddy approachable, honest and constructive with his feedback, and he has an eye and the patience to work the details. He is also open to taking your lead on any skills you would like him to focus on. My kid loves working with him.

Coach Freddie was great! My son just had the first lesson with him. Coach Freddie taught my son lots of basics and kept the session fun. We are going to book the next session and would definitely recommend Coach Freddie.

Coach Freddy is great! He was able to read our son easily and coach him on what he needs to work on more to help develop his skills.

Coach Freddy was amazing ! My son loved every moment of his lesson and will not stop talking about coach Freddy! He is worth every penny.

Great Coach. Was very easy to book - Coach Freddy was very responsive. My son loved Coach Freddy and we look forward to booking more sessions!

Coach Freddy is a terrific coach! He has been working with our 5 and 8 year old boys. He gets them working hard and keeps it fun. They look forward to skating with him each week. He can clearly work with any age level and get the most out of them. Thank you Coach Freddy!!

(no details provided)

Our son who is eight had an amazing first lesson with Coach Freddy! He is really great with kids and really kind and patient but at the same time pushes them to achieve their full potential!

In all honestly out of all my hockey coaches I've had when I was younger, getting back into hockey I couldn't have been more lucky to get Freddy. He really knows what he's doing and he goes by how the kids learn, at the rate they need to get better, and knows how to have fun while coaching. I would definitely recommend him to friends that wanna get into hockey.

Freddy's experience is exceptional, clearly knows the game so well, and provides excellent instruction. He is great to work with, and I would recommend Freddy to hockey players at any level who want to improve.

(no details provided)

Great lesson with Freddy! Very easy to work with and my son enjoyed the varied and challenging drills.

Smaller groups=more individual attention. Freddy, you know better than I that there a tons of clinics that we can enroll our children in, but there is no value in paying to have them stand in line and knock each other in the helmet. Your sessions this summer were 1 hour of instruction and movement.....that I consider value!!
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