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#1 Ranked S&A Coach on CoachUp! Former elite sprinter (Top-25/US) w/ 20-yrs. of coaching experience. Certified by USATF, RRCA. We'll maximize your training time, fitness & SPEED! View all coaching experience

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1. INTRO PAK (Form/Gait Analysis + Training Knowledge)
In-Person Training for a single athlete

***Please message Coach Frank @ 425-591-2900 before purchasing the INTRO PAK-- so we can discussed your goals and coach's availability.*** PAK INFO: (Min age: 12-yo.) Over 2.5-HOURS of private, 1-on-1 coaching-- cust... See More

Session Length: 30 minutes

$250 5 sessions ($50/ea) + applicable fees

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2. SPRINT FORM / GAIT PAK (Dynamic Drills + Instruction)
In-Person Training for a single athlete

(Minimum age: 12-yo; INTRO PAK is a prerequisite.). Over 6-HOURS of private coaching, comprised of (6) individual workouts (60-minutes each) w/ your coach. This coaching services package is where we take what we learne... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$540 6 sessions ($90/ea) + applicable fees

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3. SPEED & AGILITY + TECHNIQUE PAK (Applied Sprint Workouts)
In-Person Training for a single athlete

(Ages: 12-14) Over 6-HOURS of private coaching, comprised of (6) individual workouts (60-minutes each) 1-on-1 with your private coach. This coaching services package is where we begin to APPLY the benefits of your improvi... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$540 6 sessions ($90/ea) + applicable fees

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3a. SPEED & AGILITY + TECHNIQUE PAK (Applied Sprint Workouts-ADVANCED)
In-Person Training for a single athlete

(Ages: 14+). Over 6-HOURS of private coaching, comprised of (4) individual workouts (90-minutes each) 1-on-1 with your private coach. This coaching services package is where we begin to APPLY the benefits of your improvin... See More

Session Length: 90 minutes

$540 4 sessions ($135/ea) + applicable fees

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INDIVIDUAL: Workout (90-mins.)
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1.5-HOURS of private coaching. This single workout may include up to (4) highly customized parts/sessions. 1. Warm-up: Easy jog. 2. Drills: Speed & Form (dynamic, speed, strength, range-of-motion) 3. Strides (form/accele... See More

Session Length: 20 minutes

$195 4 sessions ($49/ea) + applicable fees

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  • Chapman University (CA)

  • 20 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Shuttle Run, Vertical Jump, Cone Drills, 40 Yard Dash

  • Vertical, Explosion, Acceleration


  • Chapman University (CA)

  • 20 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Shuttle Run, Vertical Jump, Cone Drills, 40 Yard Dash

  • Vertical, Explosion, Acceleration

More About Coach Frank

#1 Ranked Coach on CoachUp. (All categories-- over 25,000 coaches!)

SPEED & AGILITY: (Non-sport specific agility.)
+ #1 Ranked Speed & Agility(S&A) Coach on CoachUp!
+ #1 Ranked Track & Field (and Running) Coach on CU, as well. (~1,000 / 1,500 coaches.)
+ Only "Gold Tier" S&A Coach in WA State (Highest Rating on CoachUp.)
+ Over (235) FIVE-STAR Reviews: All from VERIFIED CoachUp Clients.
+ 20-years of Running/Speed Coaching Success at the High School, Club, Collegiate and Elite Levels.
+ Only Coach in Seattle Certified by These (3) National Run Certification Organizations:
-- 1. USA Track & Field (USATF)
-- 2. Road Runners Club of America (RRCA)
-- 3. Run S.M.A.R.T. Project (VDOT O2)
+ Elite Coaching Run Summit: w/ Olympic & Hall of Fame Coaches J.Vigil & J. Daniels
+ Coaching Conventions/CE: WA State HS Track & Field/Cross-Country (WSTFCA)

+ CPR / AED / First-Aid: All Certifications Are Current

---------------------------- ALL AGES AND ABILITIES ARE WELCOME! -----------------------------

Thank you for taking the time to read my Coaching Profile. Selecting an effective coach for yourself, or your child, can be a complex and confusing endeavor. I hope this info. helps by providing an easier and clearer path on your journey to improved speed & agility for in-game performance...

I have been the head coach at FGS COACHING for over 20-years. (The FGSC staff include four award-winning coaches. We are all former elite and/or successful college athletes.) I am certified by (3) national coaching organizations and have passed extensive, yearly, background-checks.

*** I specialize in providing highly personalized training services-- CUSTOMIZED TO YOUR SPECIFIC GOALS & ABILITIES. I respect your time and investment in your fitness-- our goal is to get you to "I DID IT!" with the least amount of time and effort necessary. ***

You'll never receive a generic workout template downloaded from an online site or a re-purposed/old workout of mine or some other athlete I am training. Together, we'll develop an individualized plan that is going to WORK BEST FOR YOU-- with an emphasis on healthy results and injury prevention.

Athletes who train with FGSC have gone from "back-of-the-pack" athletes to "mid-pack"-- and even "front-of-the-pack" athlete. Some have achieved national-rankings as Masters and Age-Graded athletes. Most have set new lifetime or Age-Group PR's while training with FGS Coaching.

I've also helped younger athletes qualify and medal at their State High School & National AAU/Jr. Olympics Track & Field and Cross Country Championships meets.

Young or "old"... swiftest in the state or slowest on your street-- my goal is to help you get faster, jumping higher or farther, based on your individual abilities, event goals and training availability.

RUN FASTER, FARTHER with FEWER INJURIES-- and have FUN along the way:
My athletes tell me they experience fewer injuries since joining FGS Coaching-- while achieving better meet results. They also say their fitness ramps up quicker and they are sustaining their meet-readiness, for peak-performance longer (physically & mentally). The key is our Progression & Periodization approach to their customized training. (Principals developed, tested, and approved by USATF and RRCA-- the most prominent, and respected, T&F coaching organizations in the US.)

Please read my 235+ FIVE-STAR reviews for unbiased feedback on my coaching philosophy, session and results.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions-- I hope to see you at the track soon!

Coach Frank
#1 Rated Speed & Agility Coach on CoachUp. (World's Largest Coaching Site!)


+ Nationally Ranked (Top 25 in USA): 400m Hurdles
+ National Class (Age-Graded): 400m
+ School Record Holder: 300m/400m Hurdles, 400m, 4x100 Relay, 4x400m Relay
+ Association, District & Regional Record Holder(HS, USATF/JO): 300m/400m Hurdles
+ Football (JUCO): Receiver; Returner: Kick-off & Punt
+ Sponsored Athlete: Tabori Sports, Hammer Gel, RunLog Software, ExOffico Activewear

(After Intro and Form & Gait Paks are completed. Focus is on linear SPEED and QUICKNESS, not sport-specific agility or position skills.)

Every workout has a personalized/athlete-centric focus based on your UNIQUE developmental needs and goals. With those guideposts in mind, below is a GENERAL outline of a typical workout:

1. Discussion: Athlete Status Check, Session Goals
2. Warm-up
3. Stretching: Dynamic & Static(lite)
4. Drills: Form/Technique & Speed
5. Accelerations
6. Workout: Event, Distance or Race Specific
7. Strides
8. Warm-down
9. Stretching: Problem Areas, Static (If Needed.)
10. Discussion: Key Session Takeaways, Training: Guidelines/Goals, Tips & Advice

Specialized Equipment May Include:
Video Analysis(iPad w/ Digi-pen): form, gait, foot-strike; Garmin Run-HRM biometric data tools; Speed Ladders, Speed Sack/Harness/Sled, Plyometric/Jump Box, Wicket Hurdles: gait/form; Leg-Drive Resistance Bands, Multi-Cones: form/speed runs; Starts/burst speed/1-2 step, Hurdles: Drills/Stretches (for hip strength, quicker leg turnover, and increased stride length, POC over COM); and more...

Session Duration:
60 or 90-minutes.

Session Goals:
1. Adequate warm-up/warm-down for injury prevention and to initiate the recovery process.
2. Proper drills to optimize form/gait, cardio fitness, and speed/strength development.
3. Athlete-specific (1-on-1) coaching to maximize your training benefits w/ customized key workouts (cardio, speed/agility, strength/flexibility) to achieve your performance goals.
4. Our purpose together is to do the LEAST amount of work necessary to achieve your goal. We train consistently SMART, not constantly hard.

*** 24-hr. notice is required for session cancellation. Unused session-hours expire after 90-days. ***


Outlined below are the steps to reserve coaching sessions with FGS Coaching. Key factors that add to the complexity of scheduling are: limited access to public tracks/turf fields, changing weather forecasts, and high seasonal demand for FGS Coaching services. Together, your #1 goal is to get your sessions reserved as soon as convenient for you!

An Important “DON’T”-- to Save You Time:
- Please Do NOT use the CoachUp Calendar/Online Scheduling Tool to request your session. It currently does not have a multi-source functionality, so it’s not updated to reflect all my session requests.

Just reply to the “Coach Frank’s Availability” message sent to you each MONDAY. You can click on the embedded link in the CoachUp message to reply-- or text-- w/ your session request.

This availability message outlines the POSSIBLE days and sites for the upcoming week your coach can meet. (Please read the ENTIRE message each week-- it may include changes/opportunities that impact your training success. *** This message may be delayed if School Admins are slow to confirm track availability for the week. ***)

Wednesday - Sunday: 9A – 6P (Start times.)
Monday - Tuesday: N/A. (Replies to messages may be delayed.)

SESSIONS: (Request – Reserved – Booked/Confirmed.)
Sessions are generally reserved "FIRST REQUESTED / FIRST RESERVED”… then BOOKED based on site availability and client demand for that day. (See below.) Your session is officially booked when you receive a “CONFIRMATION” message w/ session logistics from CoachUp and/or Coach Frank. So the sooner you request a session-- and the quicker you reply to follow-up scheduling inquiries from your coach-- the more likely you’ll get your preferred time/day/site. (We are typically 100% booked by Tuesday evening for SA/SU slots.)

Your preferred training TIME, DAY, and SITE-- from the options outlined in the Coaching Availability Message. (If your availability is flexible-- pls. provide additional time, day, location options that will work for you.)

Are based on which site the majority of clients requested for that day-- or are clustered geographically. (I’m not able to travel between locations on high demand days.)

Sessions can only be requested for the CURRENT week, W-SU. We have to work within track/turf availability that isn’t finalized until M-TU (week of) by school admins.

- Wednesday Sessions: confirmed on TUESDAY.
- Thursday - Sunday Sessions: confirmed on WEDNESDAY.

To ensure you and your FGS Coaching teammates have equal/fair access to coaching:
- Sessions expire 90-days after purchase. (Reviews cannot be submitted for expired/cancelled/unused sessions or paks.)
- 24-hour advance notice is required to cancel a session without incurring full fee.

>>> CONSISTENCY in applying your expanding knowledge base and practicing your improving training skill set are keys to your athletic success! <<<

We train in the rain-- it’s Seattle. ;) However, we do not train if there is snow/ice on the track/turf, in lightning/thunder, extreme heat/smoke, or in HEAVY/continuous rain showers.

THANK YOU… for reading this entire “Scheduling” message. It’s a dynamic challenge each week. We appreciate your patience and being a supportive FGS Coaching teammate.

Looking forward to working with you on your quest to achieve your athletic goals!

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Client Reviews

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Coach Frank has been an awesome coach. My son is a sprinter and he has helped improve his time tremendously. Definitely great one on one and gives you his full attention.

Coach Frank is very professional and knowledgeable on running. He was very patient to answer our questions and provide helpful advice. We appreciated the practical advice on young athletes.

First session was great. Very informative and exactly what we were looking for.

Coach Frank made it very clear what are the problems with my son’s running and what are the plan to work on them in our first session. He is professional and passionate. We look forward to future sessions to work with him.

Coach Frank is an amazing coach. He has a lot of experience in running and is very professional. Everything you ever do with him would seem practical and make sense. I would recommend Coach Frank to anyone.

Coach Frank is great. He provided not only professional training but also comprehensive knowledge about sports.

Great so far

(no details provided)

Coach Frank is a great coach that I would recommend to anyone! He has great energy, always cracks jokes, and has a lot of knowledge he wants to share with me and other clients. Coach Frank helped my running form by giving me drills and handouts to improve my running form. Thanks to him, my mile time has improved drastically. My best was over 9 minutes at the start of this summer but improved to under 8 minutes after the two months I trained with him. I had a blast working with Coach Frank during my summer break, and I recommend him to anyone looking to improve their running form, stamina, and agility. Again, thank you so much Coach Frank!

Coach Frank is a very professional coach. He is engaging, packs a lot into each session and always explains the why behind what he's doing. He is focused on encouraging complete training across nutrition, health, and fitness. Interested players should definitely be committed to going for a while to realize the full benefit, as the first sessions are really laying the foundation of form/gait techniques and drills, which are then customized for each athlete's benefit. My son and I can strongly recommend Coach Frank for players committed to making a sustained effort to develop their running form and speed.

Coach Frank is an excellent coach. I'm currently in my fourth package with him, and I've thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from his unique and top-notch coaching. Highly recommended!

Coach Frank's patience and attention to detail has helped my athlete improve her form and gait, we still have a long way to go but we trust his process. Our time with him has helped us understand the technical approach to improving speed. His work with soccer players have helped him understand the tailored coaching soccer players need.

Coach Frank is fantastic. He has so much knowledge and experience and focuses on the right things- areas your kids likely won’t learn fully through rec, club or even high school. He is into personalization and focuses on the whole athlete. It’s not about short term results and he looks to avoid burnout if your athletes, especially when they have the most crucial years ahead, My son has run in the Junior Olympics with club since the age of 6 and is now a high school sophomore. He has learned more in two sessions with Coach Frank then years of training with top coaches in our area. I also learned the right things to support him on the sideline, and help my son look out for himself as he continues his running career. We’re excited to continue working with Coach Frank on my son’s technique to get more efficiency and balance his mileage for what’s right for him to meet goals as a talented high school runner with an eye on college teams.

Frank was very helpful , responsive and knowledgeable about running and coaching. The sessions were clearly laid out with what to expect.

Very unpleasant and unprofessional, would not recommend this coach at all. Is very pushy and wants clients to book $500 and upwards coaching packs, keeps sending messages at night. Unable to report his actions and request a refund. Very poor experience. Would not recommend.

Just getting started with Frank. Good training.

Coach Frank is an amazing teacher and coach. He’s knowledgeable, kind, and patient. I really appreciate how he focuses on all aspects of running and training. I wish he taught my kids at their school.

My 13 year old just finished the intro pak with Coach Frank and we are very excited for the next step. Coach Frank is extremely knowledgable, positive and realistic regarding goals. My daughter picked Coach Frank to help her be the best runner she can be and we feel he's the right coach to help her get to her goal. We are very happy with the sessions.

It was my son's first meeting with Coach Frank. He did a great job connecting with both of us and setting expectations. We discussed goals and analyzed my son's running form. My son is excited to learn some of the drills and techniques that will help get the most out of his effort.

(no details provided)

Despite having only two sessions with Frank, it's clear he's a standout private track coach. His patient and methodical approach immediately instills confidence, as he takes the time to carefully explain each aspect of his training regimen. Frank's commitment to clear, meaningful communication is unparalleled and has made these initial sessions both enlightening and productive. A truly top-notch coach!

Coach Frank was everything we expected, wanted, and needed. He addressed all of our questions. We are looking forward to our next session! Thanks Coach!

My daughter just had her first session with Coach Frank this morning and we're beyond impressed of his coaching skills, knowledge, and professionalism. He's spot on with analyzing my daughter's form and gait, I can already tell he tailors his lesson plans to each individual athlete. We can't wait for her next lesson and move beyond intro-pak to establish a long-term training with him!

Our first meeting with Coach Frank was very informative for my son. He was honest and knowledgeable, which I appreciated very much. We look forward to working with him more.

We recently started training with Coach Frank and are very appreciative of his professionalism and care for athletes. The knowledge and skills we gained from just a couple of sessions have been invaluable.

My son is a high school cross country and track runner and he was looking for individualized guidance on his form and gait. We just completed the intro package and were impressed by Coach Frank's experience and professionalism. We feel like our son will be in good hands with Coach Frank so that he can prevent future injuries and learn valuable skills that he can use in the long term as a runner. We sign up for more coaching and look forward to learning lots!

Coach Frank is awesome. If you are willing to work hard then he will take you to the next level. He listens to your goals and clearly lays out the expectations from the athlete and coaches perspective. His experience ranges from young athletes learning to build a good base to expert runners wanting to get to the next tier. I look forward to working more with Coach Frank.

Coach Frank is a very experienced coach. We come to him to help my 11-old daughter to improve her running skill. After just 3 sessions with him and already learnt a ton. He gets right to the points, using video analysis to find out areas to improve upon. Unlike most other coaches, he is focusing on "why" instead of just "do", we really likes his methodologies and look forward to improve more with him.

Extremely thorough - a wealth of information we can use to be more aware and improve. Very adaptable to the way our two kids learn.

So far great coach. Very knowledgeable not on just the running but overall fitness and conditioning. Been a pleasure so far and looking forward to working with him in the coming weeks.

I am not an elite runner, rather in my early 50s and looking to incorporate distance running into my go forward lifestyle. I’ve run a full marathon, two half marathons and a few triathlons, but have never had professional coaching on technique, foundation building and nutrition. In our first session, Coach Frank spent time getting to know me as a person, my history, my goals, my motivations and my personality. He then spent time to observe my current running technique and style and quickly diagnosed how I can adjust small and big things, coupled with nutrition suggestions and discipline to start making progress. I walked away with a head full of insights and new knowledge that I have already started to think more about, plan and practice. All of this from one 90 minute intro session. Looking forward to the next one where we can continue applying what we’re learning together.

Coach Frank’s personal experience as an elite runner, his experience with many types of coaches as an athlete and his professional experience as a marketer allows him to match his product, with my needs as a customer and adapt the delivery and interaction that best fits me. In the end, this makes his coaching a lot more approachable for a non-elite athlete that wants to get more into a fairly intimidating sport and discipline. That kind of product value proposition and buyer impact is always worth the investment.

Coach Frank is tbe best in the biz!....knows running/sprinting inside and out including form & dynamics.

(no details provided)

Excellent educator with great knowledge, insights and patience.
Always demonstrates proper form and ways to assimilate them.

Coach Frank incredibly uplifting and knowledgeable, but is honest and eager to help us become more intuned and skilled to meet our unique potentials. We feel so grateful to have made contact with him, learn from his resources, and are excited that his expertise has already helped us to improve on the track! We look forward to working with him every time.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Frank is extremely knowledgeable and a great teacher.

Frank is starting to work with my daughter to improve her form and gait. So far we have only been through the assessment and informational sessions, but look forward to beginning coaching next week. Frank is organized, professional, knowledgeable, and also has a practical approach to his work that I appreciate.

Coach Frank is very knowledgeable -- and does a good job moving the session along and keeping on top of things. It also appears that he doesn't pursue a cookie cutter approach - but instead customizes a program to the individual. There is a lot of content to reflect, understand, and retain. Overall solid session.

I am in my mid fifties and started running a couple of years and really love it, I did have a couple of injuries and realized I needed to find someone to teach how to run and not hurt myself. After my first session with Frank, I know I made the right decision and I think he will be perfect for my needs

We just finished our first session. Coach Frank was friendly and methodical. I really really appreciate his focus on “smart training”. Looking forward to more sessions.

Was amazed at the volume and value of the useful, and immediately actionable information -from gear, nutrition, hydration, to the video bio-mechanic assessment and suggestions and drills for correction, improvement, and proper training philosophy. Highest recommendation!

Definitely would recommend Coach Frank! He knows his stuff and was immediately able to identify a number of areas of improvement in my son's gait. Looking forward to working with him more to make improvements.

(no details provided)

Effective training. Very helpful!

(no details provided)

Coach Frank was great! We've already learned a lot after one session and we look forward to continuing to work with him.

(no details provided)

Coach Frank has been perfect for coaching my 11-year old son. Frank’s demeanor allows him to connect with him, assess him quickly, and deliver foundational information in a way that keeps him engaged. We look forward to more sessions!

It was a pleasure to start training with coach Frank, with only the pre training pak, all of us felt that he is so professional, has a good eyes for detecting the defects and what needs to improve.
So excited to start 2nd pak.

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(no details provided)

Coach Frank provides helpful and expert instruction!

My son has been working with Coach Frank to correct his running form. We are seeing big improvement in just a handful of sessions. Coach Frank is very experienced and extremely patient with young students. He pays a lot of attention to details and emphasizes deliberate and purposeful practice. My son is not only learning running skills from him but also discipline and work ethics.

Great to work with and knowledgeable.

Great training, and insight!

The best thing I can say about coach Frank is that he will be completely open and honest about you or your child's needs and abilities. After sending my son to Frank for roughly 8 hours of training so far, I fully trust my son is not just a source of income to Frank but an athlete that deserves just as much focus and support as the next and he would not waste anyone's time or money. Frank is not only helping my son with his current abilities and future goals, but teaching him life long lessons that will help him stay healthy regardless of sport participation.

Great sessions!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Frank's a true professional; drawing from deep experience he tailors his approach to the client extremely well. My 10 year old son's already seeing great improvement after two sessions. And, even more impressively, he's excited to come back for more.

Was a great first session. Kicked things off the right way and are looking forward to many more sessions as we look for improvement over the coming months.

Very good training with a bonafide expert!!!

Very professional, very helpful and has a lot of knowledge on the sport of sprinting.

Coach Frank peak our child’s interest in what it takes to be a more successful athlete!

Coach Frank was great to work with in our first session. He was on time, polite and respectful. He definitely knows what he’s talking about and we look forward to working with him again in the future.

My son is very excited to work with Coach Frank after the introduction. Frank has a great way of connecting and sharing information to both my son and myself. We are looking forward to working with Coach!!

Just got done with our first intro session with Coach Frank. My son is excited for future sessions and to learn more. Really Frank is just what we were looking and hoping for. He is very knowledgeable and you can tell he loves to teach. Excited to have Frank on our team.

Very professional, thoughtful and caring.

I have nothing but positive things to say about Coach Frank and I'm confident that Coach Frank will be able help me reach my current goal.

Coach Frank has the perfect mix of unparalleled expertise, passion, and genuine care for his athletes. The knowledge I gained in our initial sessions will be useful for the rest of my athletic career. The conversations we had were personalized to my goals and experience. I had a great time working with Frank, and cannot imagine a better coaching experience.

Amazing session! A lot of training process insights and specific recommendations.

Coach Frank has done an amazing job teaching our son proper form and gait. He's already seeing improvement in his burst, acceleration and movement off the line after only a few sessions.

Coach Frank is a wonderful mentor and coach to my nephews despite the language barrier. He’s easygoing, communicative, caring, and most importantly, passionate about track and field. Thank you for all your help, Coach. Highly recommend for all those thinking about working with Coach Frank!

Coach Frank is extremely knowledgeable and I learned a lot from him in just one session. He seems very passionate about his job and genuinely wants to help you improve!

(no details provided)

As a middle-aged age-group triathlete committed to improving I reached out to Coach Frank to crack the code on some issues related to my running gait. His approach was wholistic as well as responsive to my needs. I found his candor and insights helpful and was able to apply them immediately to my next run.

(no details provided)

Coach Frank is very patient and very knowledgeable in the subject of running. He won’t just coach you on how to run faster; he will give you information on what to eat, drink, and stay away from. I was blown away from all the new things I was learning, (things I didn’t even know existed). I have currently done his intro pak and the first lesson in form and gait, and I plan on doing many more. Sign up for a lesson with Coach Frank if you wanna learn long term skills and succeed on and off the track.

Coach Frank really took his time in getting to know me and my needs after just one session. Thorough explanations for all of his tactics and friendly composure while still being professional and getting work done. Highly recommend this coach.

We’ve been happy with Coach Frank this far

Coach Frank is incredible! So far I’ve done the intro PAK and 1/4 of the form and gait sessions. I am really happy with his training so far because he is clear, knowledgeable and really tailored the lessons and advice to me specifically. He is also perfect with Covid precautions and protocol, so I always feel safe during training. Thanks Coach Frank - you’re doing great!

Frank communicates clearly and consistently. He provides simple guidance and instructions that makes big impacts on your running techniques. Frank gets to know his runners and develops plans specifically for them to allow them to reach their goals.

Very impressed with Coach Frank. He covered a lot of topics in the Intro Pak and was extremely thorough with his evaluation. Both my sons are looking forward to working with him moving forward!

Coach Frank is a great coach and very professional. He is really good at looking at long term/big picture goals and creating a path to reach them.

(no details provided)

Coach Frank really has the best interest for you or your child. Very patient and thorough with his explanations and answers. Both my son and I learned so much in one session. Memorize the three Ps! I will definitely set up another session in the future.

Probable the best around these parts in his discipline!

Coach Frank has been great for my son! He absolutely loves Coach Frank's training style and extensive experience. As a football player who wants to get faster on the field, Coach Frank has done a fabulous job tailoring the workouts to translate to the football field. My son has now taken over 20 sessions with Frank and has no intention of stopping anytime soon. He looks forward to each session. We highly recommend Coach Frank!

(no details provided)

Coach Frank is by far the best coach you can find on CU. He is knowledgeable, professional, and has the experience but most importantly, he is very passionate. He treats you with the utmost respect, regardless of your skill level.

His approach to the way he teaches is very meticulously thought-out and planned to your specific goals and needs. Also, his experience in teaching the specific sport shows with his ability to work with all types of athletes with different goals, limitations, and expectations.

He's not your cheerleader type but he is a realistic coach who can get you results.

We appreciated Coach Frank’s coaching and training. Coach Frank provided a customized training to help improve the form, gesture and speed.

(no details provided)

I knocked 30 seconds off my 5k time using only a few sessions with coach Frank. I was also out of town for months and unable to use up any more sessions. Without reaching out to coach Frank, he extended my sessions expiration date so I could use up my sessions! 5 stars all around.

Meeting with Coach Frank was a great experience. We received a lot of helpful information and good tips for training. He is very knowledgeable and experienced and was able to give immediate feedback that will help my athlete son improve. Highly recommend.

Coach Frank is exceptional. He is obviously an incredibly accomplished runner, so I'll let his resume speak for itself. I think it's probably obvious that he loves the sport, too. Sincerely loves it, and wants you to love it, no matter your skill level. We found him to help our teenage son, perhaps not a natural runner, improve his time and form. I assumed it'd be a bunch of drills and running. But he delves far, far deeper into the sport, educating my son (and me!) every step of the way. When you're with him, he is focused on you. And he is patient, encouraging, but also straight-forward with his critiques and recommendations. We have continued beyond his initial pack, and expect to stick with him for some time. Give him a try! You won't regret it.

(no details provided)

Coach Frank is one of the best running coaches in the state and has really helped our son to improve his overall quickness and speed. He’s very knowledgeable, trustworthy and we highly recommend him.

I'm glad that I finally found a coach who can treat the problem and not the symptoms. Coach Frank pulls no punches and offers no magic pill, but I feel good about his plan and that I no longer have to be in my own way.

Coach Frank is positive and enthusiastic. He is able to quickly assess the athlete's strengths and weaknesses and come up with a training plan that strives to optimize potential.

Coach Frank is an excellent coach. I went to him to learn to run faster during my soccer games. His experience allows him to have an indepth understanding of the mechanics of sprinting. Frank uses that understanding to teach the mechanics and then hyper focuses on the small mistakes to sharpen your form. In our short time together I've already experience a noticed increase of speed. In addition to the mechanics, Frank is easy to to talk to and has a lot of great stories to keep me engaged throughout our session.

When you head into using personalized coaching, you think of all the athletes coaches will have and that if you aren’t fast, or strong or talented the coach won’t have time for you and will spend more time on his/her “better” athletes. Coach Frank is no such coach. If you are willing to listen, to train hard, to grow and overcome coach Frank will give you all he has back and more. He will connect with you and help you become a better person. You just have to commit. I have no doubt that coach Frank is one of the best coaches in the Pacific NW.

Thanks coach for all that you’ve given back to me.


Coach Frank was a great! After my son took one session, he likes how coach Frank worked with and explained the detail of his running behavior and where he needs to work on. My son looks forward working with Coach Frank next session. We would recommend Coach Frank!

Coach Frank is very knowledgeable and great with our children. We had a couple of sessions with him and are excited to continue training with him.

A lot of information in the first session, but it was all pretty easy to understand. Went pretty smoothly and I plan on doing more work with Frank.

Really knows his stuff! I can tell he's "seen it all" and has what it takes to bring my running to the next level, including my goals at both the 5K and marathon distance. Coach Frank brings a very holistic and thorough approach, and knows maximizing potential isn't just about tweaking one little thing - all the pieces have to tie together. I appreciate this!

Professional. Knowledgeable. Exceptional. Engaging. The most perfect words to describe this world class coach! We had the privilege of finding Frank through the CoachUp website. Our journey together has just begun, but we look forward to working together closely as he helps us achieve our training goals!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

I'm a "later-in-life" runner. Found Frank to help me get to the podium in my age group for Spartan Beasts and Ultras. He has helped my tremendously toward this goal!

(no details provided)

Very thorough and detailed individual analysis. Looking forward to continuing training!

(no details provided)

Coach Frank has been a positive force through the last cross-country season and made a big impact on my daughter's confidence, technique, and ultimately her performance. She's been looking forward to every session and frequently referred back to advice and coaching she had received from Frank during her everyday workouts with her school and club teams. I love that Frank patiently and persistently takes the long view of focusing on the inputs, celebrating incremental improvements over quick fixes, and ensuring that the sport still always remains fun and positive. I highly recommend him, but, for the record, we are in line first :)

(no details provided)

My teen daughter and I met with Frank for her first session together for nearly 3 hours. Frank was organized, thoughtful and practical in his approach with my daughter . He used an evidence-based approach to coaching built on his vast running and coaching experience. My daughter has already quoted many of the instructions Frank provided and cannot wait for her next session!

Coach Frank shared a wealth of knowledge with me. I came away from our intro pak with a clear view into areas where I can improve and some ideas for how to do so. I’m excited about the opportunity to work more with Coach Frank and achieve a new PR!

Always happy with the Frank's work. Highly recommended.

Great first session! Can’t wait to continue working with Frank. He is very knowledgeable of the sport!

Frank is great. My daughter enjoys working with Frank and has learned a lot

My son had his first session with Coach Frank last weekend, and it was such a pleasure. He is professional, energetic and extremely knowledgeable, and my son is truly looking forward to working with Coach Frank!

Coach Story laid out a plan for my daughter both physically and mentally. The instruction he gave her was detailed and always positive. Looking forward to seeing how she grows.

(no details provided)

Coach Frank is the best coach! I started working with him before my first high school cross country season and the work we did helped me have a very successful freshman year. I like coach because he is very positive and always gives me new things to think about and work on that really help me. I'm going into my sophomore year now and Coach Frank is working on improving my hip strength by finding workouts that will make me stronger and will make me a faster and better runner. He not only coaches but constantly focuses on two main priorities: progression and no injuries. He has made me a more confident runner and a smarter racer. I highly recommend Coach Frank!

Coach Frank is awesome to work with. Straight to the point, fact based nutrition advice, personalizing the training to individual aspirations. Doesn’t pretend to be a miracle worker - but will match your athletes desire and willingness to be coached with focus and a competitors fire. Highly recommend him for every driven athlete.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Coach Frank last week for the first time. Prior to that, we spoke on the phone and I was excited to meet by the time that we hung up. During the initial meeting that feeling only intensified. Coach Frank is a very humble and knowledgeable man with so much passion for athletics. He’s motivating and encouraging, but also realistic and upfront. Truthfully that’s perfect for someone like myself. I’m in the military. I’ve trained hard and now I need to train even harder for the opportunity ahead of me. We discussed my running experience, what my goals and concerns are, and also a recent injury that I’m bouncing back from. He gave me so many pointers and advice. I appreciate that he let me know that even if I chose not to work with him that I should look for certain things in whatever coach I did choose. When I left our meeting, I had a renewed sense of confidence in myself. His passion sparked a fire in me to really put my all out there and not think about my injury unless I actually felt pain. The fear of “what if I fail” was wearing me down and I went home feeling like my comeback could be something phenomenal as long as I put my heart into training. That may sound a bit dramatic, but it’s honest. A stranger did that for me in just a couple hours of his time. I don’t know what your circumstances are, why you’re here thinking of hiring Coach Frank to coach you, but I know that we deserve someone who is going to be all in and committed. Start by setting up that first meeting with Coach Frank. He may just add to your life like he did mine.

I’m officially signed up to start my training with Coach Frank!

Coach Frank is very knowledgeable and definitely understands the science and mechanics of running. I learned a lot in my session with him.

(no details provided)

Coach Frank was great ! He is super professional and knowledgable. Can't wait for my next session with him

Coach Frank is great. Our son deals with some medical issues, and Coach Frank was able to make adjustments to take the medical issues into consideration. He is a very positive and explains things very well.

We had a great first training with Coach Frank!
His knowledge about all aspects of running is impressive. It is also very helpful to learn about nutrition, injury prevention, good sportsmanship.
My 14 year old son really enjoys the sessions. Coach Frank is a nice, fun and professional coach to train with.

(no details provided)

Coach Frank was knowledgeable, authoritative and articulate. He was very enthusiastic in his presentation. He obviously has lot of experience. I was quite impressed with the attention that he paid to our running form and gave us a quick run-down of our style and how to improve it. Two negative comments: 1. He said he brought his tripod but forgot his iPad. He took clips of our running with hand-held mobile phone. I was less than impressed. 2. He made eye contact with me only about 5% of the time. 95% of the time he was making eye contact with the other person with whom I shared the session.

Great at assessing strengths and weaknesses and providing effective, specific direction to improve.

Coach Frank is fantastic!

He is very knowledgeable, engaging and enthusiastic about running and preparing his students to be well rounded and healthy athletes. He covers nutrition, injury prevention and technique in easy to understand and memorable ways.

My 13 year old daughter really enjoys the sessions and finds his instruction direct and easy to follow.

I would definitely recommend Coach Frank to anyone interested in improving their running form and technique.

Coach Frank is very knowledgeable! He’s a great teacher and works hard to get the best out of you!

We had a great experience in our intro session with coach Frank. He had so many great things to teach my daughter in a two hour time. He treated her with a lot of respect and tailored his session to meet her goals.

Coach Frank is clearly an expert with a structured program to increase speed. He communicates well with both parents an young athletes. I highly recommend him!

(no details provided)

Coach Frank was very helpful. He really communicated in a way that my son understood to help him improve.

Frank was very knowledgeable and comprehensive, listened well and encouraged asking questions. Looking forward to working with him further.

I highly recommend Coach Frank! He’s honest; no nonsense; and kind. My sprint times improved right from the first session - obviously a huge plus - but what I found even more beneficial was that I felt incredible after a training. No aches and pains! Call Coach - have fun!

My two sons (Ages 15 and 17-Freshman and Junior in high school) met with coach Frank for an initial evaluation on Sunday afternoon from 3:00-6:30 pm at Shorewood high school. He provided feedback on what the boys were concerned with in terms of their efficiency in the sprints as well as the long jump. He also spent a good deal of time discussing nutrition, training habits and focus, sleep patterns and hydration. He was able to bring his national experience to the table and provided new information for my sons and reinforced many of the fundamentals I have been telling them for some time. They were very attentive and can’t wait to start the training sessions. Already today and tonight they were implementing his changes without me having to get on them. Our experience was Five star and they are looking forward to working with coach Frank.

My first session with Coach Frank was amazing! I reached out to Coach Frank at the recommendation of my husband who had taken lessons with him the previous year. We spent a good amount of time discussing training methodologies, nutrition, hydration, and injury prevention. Because I'd already purchased a set of lessons, we just did a quick gait/form analysis with some drills. Coach Frank was incredibly knowledgeable, and even in just the first two hour session I was able to walk away with some great tips and lessons for next time. He's an amazing person with so many great stories and anecdotes. Absolutely would recommend to anyone interested in becoming a strong, more efficient runner!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

We signed up our 13 year old for sessions with Coach Frank and he was great. Very informative with a wealth of great advice and insight. We will be signing up for more sessions with him today!

Coach Frank is very knowledgeable and is able to adapt his skill set to your individual needs. In one two our session with him to date I have learned more than all in my hours of online searches and have a much better idea of what I need to do moving forward. As soon as I have taken care of my injury I am going to continue working with Coach Frank.

Great start with Coach on my next running journey.

(no details provided)

Very thorough and descriptive when coaching, adaptive to the athlete and what kind of person they are but still remains informative.

Coach Frank does an AMAZING job of working with my 14-year-old son!! He is extremely positive, knowledgeable, and skilled in communicating the intricacies of running form and technique in a way that is clear and understandable. My son has worked with Coach Frank for a couple of months now and is already seeing a noticeable improvement in his form, as well as greater levels of confidence as an athlete. I highly recommend Coach Frank!!

The sessions with coach Frank were full of great information from the very minute we sat down to the moment we left the track.
It was nice to talk with a coach who understood not only the sport, but the life of a high school athlete.
We look forward to navigating the world of track and field with coach Frank.

(no details provided)

I've had a fair amount of training in a variety of disciplines, with good coaches, bad coaches, and plenty inbetween. I consider Coach Frank to be top tier. He's knowledgeable, hard-working, and passionate. I highly recommend him.

I believe Coach Frank is an absolutely phenomenal coach and with no hesitation would highly recommend him to anyone desiring to improve their running. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced runner Coach Frank has the knowledge, experience and expertise to take you to the next level(s) safely and efficiently. He’s helped me out immensely. Thanks Coach!

Coach Frank was excellent! In our first session, he spoke to my 11th grade daughter and gave her specific and actionable advice. Following his advice, which was very different from her typical strategy, my daughter ran the best race of her career.

He’s a great coach and he knows what he is doing.

Very passionate about what he does, experienced, and seems genuinely concerned with helping you attain your goal not just for the short term, but the long term as well.

Coach Frank did a excellent job communicating during our intro session. I can tell he has a thorough detailed approach and understands both the technical aspects of running and how to communicate well with his clients. We look forward to scheduling more sessions with Coach Frank.

Not helpful

(no details provided)

We have been looking for a trainer that could offer specialized track and field training for our son. It became clear to us that Frank has the knowledge and coaching skills that can help take our son to the next level. We are thankful to have found Coach Frank.

My 14-year-old son is the client and my son's enthusiasm and energy constitute an unambiguous endorsement. New to Athletics all around, my son is not really interested in competition so much as learning how to run better and feeling ready to join a team. I was concerned this might not be a fit for someone who coaches more seasoned athletes. It is a non-issue, Coach Frank intuitively listened, understood, and crafted a plan to help my son meet his goals. Kudos.

(no details provided)

very helpful! Will definitely sign up for more sessions!

Coach Frank is super knowledgeable and a great motivator. We look forward to our future sessions.

Coach Frank has been a fantastic resource for our aspiring athlete. He’s been a huge help to our Middle School/High School son, as he makes the transition to truly competitive track and field. He’s been able to work closely, and build technique, and clean up bad habits in a few sessions. Our son is now competing at a USATF/Junior Olympic Regional Level, which would not have been possible without coach Franks hard work and dedication.....He has regularly made significant efforts to accommodate our hectic family schedule, and his communication and commitment are second to none.

Coach Frank is a great coach! definitely recommend to anyone. My son had a great time with him and feels Coach Frank can help him with his goal to be a good competitive runner. We are booking more sessions with Coach Frank.

Coach Frank was great! He was professional, yet friendly and fun. My son thoroughly enjoyed his training session and we look forward to more work with Frank.

(no details provided)

Coach Frank is a true athletic professional. He knows his game inside and out. He knows exactly what any athlete needs to improve and takes a logical approach to get the athlete to improve organically without injuries.

Looking forward to continuing working with him. Definitely worth every dollar. Highly recommend.

Coach Frank was very informative and definitely knows what he is talking about in creating great athletes! He is very kind and shows he truly is concerned with your development as a athlete. His motivation and advised is gold and I always look forward to our next training!

Frank is extremely knowledgeable and a great communicator. He is committed to getting results!

Coach Frank is the real deal. His training sessions are thorough and specific to the needs of our High School athlete. She appreciates the focus, technical experience and constructive feedback he provides. Her ability and confidence are growing in a positive way --- she's training smart, listening to her body and reaching new goals. Coach Frank is an excellent mentor, listener and motivator. If your athlete is ready to take training to the next level, our family would highly recommend investing is sessions with Coach Frank.

Frank has a very positive way of getting the kids to gravitate towards him. They left wanting more. It was fantastic to see the bond grow as quick as it did. Frank has a special gift about engaging with his students. He is one of the most knowledgeable people I have seen for training and staying healthy. The guy knows what he is doing. Outstanding, my kids want more!!!!!

(no details provided)

Very personal and understanding of the specific needs for my ultimate goal. Plenty of tools and helpful techniques for success.

We had a great first session with Frank, unbelievably knowledgeable and passionate about coaching. It is clear that he has dedicated himself to his calling. I would highly recommend Frank to anybody interested in taking the next step in their respective events.

Fantastic first session. Coach Frank shared lots of great advice and tips. I would highly recommend Coach Frank to anyone looking to improve & progress. I’m a beginning runner and his suggestions were spot on for my ability level.

Amazing first session with Frank. i have been running marathons for a decade, and booked a session with Frank for coaching around recovering from a hamstring injury and in order to take my running to the next level. Frank provided helpful information on improving my running form and modifying my approach to speed work. I highly recommend him.

Thanks to Frank for a very strong first session that included a video-aided form assessment and a number of immediately-implementable recommendations/suggestions. Looking forward to session #2.

Coach Frank had some great advice, even in the first session. Looking forward to future sessions with him.

Coach Frank was excellent! We purchased 3 video/phone sessions with him for my high school son who runs the 400 and 800. All the information he gave us was very informative. The analysis of his running technique was excellent and the suggestions to improve his technique were also excellent. I would highly recommend Coach Frank!

(no details provided)

Frank is definitely very knowledgeable and is a nice guy, but seems to have more on his plate than he can handle at the moment. It wasn't easy to communicate or schedule time with Frank, apparently due to him moving and then some email issues on his end. He kept telling me how busy he was, but didn't seem to have much regard for how busy I was. He did give me a couple of good tips on my form, but after spending an hour on a questionnaire and then a bunch of time trying to get him videos he wanted to analyze my running, I received a couple generic handouts and what seemed to be just a few minutes of actual analysis on his part.

My daughter's first session with Coach Frank was wonderful. Coach Frank was very professional, knowledgeable, and very easy to talk with. I'm very excited to have my daughter start training with him.

I met with Coach Frank to work on my 300m Sprint technique in preparation for the FBI physical training test. I came in just barely passing, running about a 51s sprint. I left my time with Frank running under 48s consistently. The man knows what he is doing and his ability to teach is unparalleled. However, his ability to get you better is based on YOU buying into the program and trusting in what Frank is telling you to do, both when you are on the track together and when you are training on your own. Trust the process, come motivated and ready to work, and Frank will not only not let you fail, he will make you better than you ever expected.

We had our introduction session with coach Frank for my son. He was patient, listened and gave a lot of constructive feedback for my son. He is great with connecting with teens and very honest in his approach. We will definitely be going back for more sessions and highly recommended him.

We met with Coach Frank for an initial meeting for my son, who is a HS senior. I appreciated that Coach Frank was very thorough, honest, and straightforward in our meeting about process and expectations. He spent a lot of time getting to know my son's goals and background and making a basic assessment. I feel quite comfortable that his work with my son will be very focused and individualized. We look forward to working with him.

We had a great first session with Coach Frank! He really spent some time getting to know my son and I so he could tailor a plan just for us. We are looking forward to working with him to improve form and efficiency, and he will be offering advise on which events Ty will be most successful in as a runner. We couldn't be more happy!

Intro session was informative and Coach Frank took the time to understand my goals and background. Looking forward to understanding and implementing the plan in the next few sessions.

Coach Frank is a great coach and I enjoyed my session with him.

Ton of knowledge based on his long time coaching experience.
Very satisfied first lesson.
Highly recommend coach.

Coach Frank is a great Coach, very nice and professional.

Coach was passionate about the sport. He went well over the allocated time (actually double). We went over my running history and the injuries I was suffering from. He was honest -- when he thought it would be risky for me to run hard with my injuries, he did not hesitate to suggest me likewise. He made video recording of my running and found out two inefficiencies in running that day which I could fix easily to have free mileage. I would like to have more sessions with him and would recommend him to my friends.

Coach Frank is professional and thoughtful in his approach. My daughter is enjoying working with Frank and feels like he is giving her excellent tips, advice, and mental support in her running. We highly recommend Coach Frank if you are looking for additional support for your athlete!

Frank is a great coach for young athletes. My son just turned 17 and he thinks Frank is a great coach and has great patience.

Keep up the great work!

Coach Frank started the session with my daughter by asking all the appropriate questions about her athletic interests, her lifestyle and her goals. He offered information about good habits for her to strive to acquire during the coming weeks of coaching and analyzed her running style. By the end of the session, Coach Frank described for her strengths and areas she need to work on. A very productive first session, efficient and professional.

I've only had the first session with Coach Frank but I can already tell by his enthusiasm and sheer knowledge of the sport that it's going to be a productive endeavor. I'm looking forward to getting more sessions under my belt with Coach Frank and watching my times drop!

Coach Frank is definitely 5 stars quality! Our first session he was so helpful and answered every possible question I had, and provided me with very good feedbback, along with guidance into the next steps. I am excited to continue working with him. I very highly recommend Coach Frank, he is fantastic!

Just had my first session with Frank. He was very friendly and knowledgeable and I came away with some good drills to improve my form and some training tips. Bought the 6 hour package immediately after. Looking forward to training more with Frank!

The best time i ever had , cleared my mind alot and helped me alot .thanks alot hope to see you in future

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

We've just met with Coach Frank once and, so far, our impression is very favorable. He went above and beyond to give us a thorough evaluation of my son and his running. He's very knowledgeable and is able to impart his knowledge and feedback in a way that is easy to understand for my son. Very much appreciate the thoughtfulness and frankness we received from Coach Frank and are looking forward to future coaching sessions with him.

Coach Frank is very thorough. He does not rush things but seems to know that laying a good is of utmost importance. He is also focused on preventing injuries & keeping athletes running rather than just having them perform well for the short term. Love that!

Great first session. I appreciate the time coach took to get my daughter's running history, training routine, aches and pains as well as given his own background. By the time we actually started warming up, which by the way, every warm up exercise had an explanation as to what that warm up works on, it was clear that he was passionate at coaching. At the end of the session, my daughter and I had a clear idea of what to work on to improve her technique and running mechanics.
We are looking forward to working with couch Frank.

Frank was extremely thorough with our son- we all know Jake is in great hands to learn to be safe and build a love for running. Thank you Frank!

My daughter has now had two sessions with Coach Frank. We were happy after the first session and his initial analysis of where to focus coaching, but I wanted to wait to review until we met a second time. He gives great individualized attention that should help her meet her goals. We're looking forward to her best season yet.

Coach Frank was able to squeeze my daughter right before a very important track meet. He spent a lot of time with her going over technique for the triple jump. He is patient and very knowledgeable. We will be signing up for more sessions with Frank so he can continue to help our daughter. Thanks Frank!

Coach Frank is awesome!! He was able to squeeze us in for 2 sessions last minute before prelims and championship meets. He was careful to not overwhelm my son with too much info right before meets but helped tweak and refine so that my son could improve his PR his last week of the season. We hope to work some more with Frank this summer to get ready for next year! Thanks Coach!

Coach Frank helped my son to get to another level in javelin - one hour made a huge difference and his professional, yet easy going approach made the lesson fun all around - we look forward to more lessons in the future

Coach Frank is a great coach. He is very prepared and professional. My daughter loves to go to his class.

I highly recommend coach Frank. He clearly works with all different runners or runner wannabe like myself. I didnt know there are so many techniques and different practice to become injury-free running. I had my second session today and look forward to many more. Thank you coach! I'm motivated!

Frank sat down with my wife and son to go over what I thought was going to be just a few things. No, he talked over strategy in races he's never been taught. Also, talked about mechanics with his arms running around the corners of the track. Some thing he's never heard. I could go on, but I would recommend him to anyone wanting their son or daughter to be better prepared for race day.

My daughter just had her first session with Frank.....she is 16 and can find something wrong with most people right now, lol....not Frank!! He quickly made her feel comfortable, he is easy to talk to and very knowledgeable!! He clearly knows his stuff!! He is very well educated in running and all that goes into it; body mechanics, stretching, endurance, safety and so much more!
As he evaluated our daughter, he gave her instruction and encouragement. It was especially good how he explained not only the things they would need to work on, but also made sure she knew what she was already good at....so important for a teenage girl!!
The best part.....she wants to go back and she said, "I really liked that, it was fun!". I don't think you can get a better compliment from a teenager!

Thank you Coach Frank!!


Coach Frank has a great approach. He is positive, professional and inspiring with athletes. His skills are phenomenal in terms of form and speed improvement.

Coach Frank is as top-notch a trainer as you can get, whatever your level. I use him for online training only, but his expertise and advice have far exceeded a well-known, in-person running coach I had hired last year. He is extremely thorough in getting all the information necessary to determine the appropriate goals for an athlete, and to steadfastly work with the athlete to achieve those goals. You will not go wrong with this coach, whatever your level or goal.

Frank treated me with respect. He was thorough in gaining understanding of my running goals, passion for running, and overall lifestyle. He is good at making manageable adjustments in small increments to improve my running. I was skeptical going into the first session, but it didn't take more than an hour before I felt confident in his knowledge of running form and training.

Coach Frank, is an excellent teacher. Great listener, calm, patient, attentive and knowledgeable. I was very impressed with how clearly and simply he guided me on improving my running form. In few hours of training with him I felt inspired, confident and supported. His expertise, presence and methods of teaching instantly sparked my desire to commit to running and explore this great sport. Thank you, coach Frank for sharing your passion and knowledge.

Coach Frank is amazing, keeps you motivated and moving! Great knowledge of the sport!

Just finished my first week of training. Extremely knowledgeable and informative and super nice guy. I can see how he has the ability to coach beginners like my self and push athletes to become better in their sport!! He has a complete plan that will help you reach your goals! Best investment I've done in my health!!

Coach Frank was well worth the money and time. I have had a little bit of run coaching in the past, but learned a ton from Coach Frank.

Coach Frank is great. He took the time to get a comprehensive idea of where I'm at in my fitness and seems genuinely invested in helping me achieve my goals. Looking forward to working with him more.

Coach Frank really listened to what I wanted to accomplish and helped me to set realistic goals. He provided me with custom work-outs and training tips that helped ensure I would not injure myself. He also made the work-outs fun- which was important to me. Coach Frank is the best! Shannon

Outstanding prep and initial session. Coach Frank is thoroughly prepared with a training plan and his assessment was great!

Coach Frank is a very good coach. He's very friendly and eager to help; on top of that, he's very knowledgeable. He knows what he's talking about and I would definitely recommend him.

Coach Frank has been amazing to work with. Anybody who runs for fun or for competition should be fortunate to work with Coach Frank.

He took a great deal of time to understand where I am at in my training and where I want to be.

(no details provided)

Coach Frank is very experienced and gentle on his approach. He is quick to spot the problems in my son, Kenny's running and make corrections. He makes sure that Kenny understands his directions and can do what needs to be done. In addition, Coach Frank is open minded and willing to work with Special Needs. My son has Autism, so his communication style is sometimes different from ours. However, Coach Frank is very patient, try to understand what Kenny is saying,. and always encourage him. I am thankful for Coach Frank and his efforts. I highly recommend Coach Frank.

(no details provided)

Coach Franklin was great! After just one session I can tell that I'm definitely going to improve my performance. He's very focused on the person and their overall health, how long they've been running, etc. I feel very fortunate to have him as a coach and I look forward to our next sessions!

I was absolutely impressed with Coach Franklin. He was extremely professional, and followed through on all communications. We are very pleased!

Coach Frank helped my son to improve his running technique. He is very patience and looks very careful at every detail that would boost an athlete's performance. He uses high tech equipment to identify issues and works with the student to change those bad habits. Coach Frank is very supportive and provides useful strategy tips ahead of a race. He also has an open conversation post-race and discusses what can be learned from that experience. I would strongly recommend him as a running coach.

Logan, my daughter, had a great first session with Coach Franklin. He took the time to call me before the first session to talk about goals, strategies and techniques. The training was held in the pouring rain, but Coach Franklin kept my daughter motivated and engaged throughout. We can't wait for the next one!

Franklin has been a terrific help to my athletic goals and progress. This coach is able to accurately and efficiently assess my strengths and weaknesses to help me improve. Working with him so far has been highly beneficial and I believe that he knows what he is doing to help me get faster and stronger. He is knowledgable when it comes to running and is able to accurately evaluate athletes, their performance, and what they can do to improve their times. I Would highly recommend him!

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