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NATIONAL AWARD WINNING BASKETBALL COACH - PCA National Winner, Founder of KingLife Basketball Academy (Denver), selected Top 15 Basketball Trainers in the Country by Coachup. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  • University of Nebraska--Lincoln (NE)

  • 20 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility


  • University of Nebraska--Lincoln (NE)

  • 20 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility

More About Coach Frankie

* USA Basketball Development Licensed Coach
* Selected as Top 15 Basketball Coaches in the country by Coachup
* Nominated as top 3 motivational coaches in any sport by CoachUp
* Known for creating fun and exciting ways to train
* Offers group lessons, training and coaching for teams as well
* Rated #1 Coachup Coach for the state of Colorado

Coaching Experience: Coaching and Camp Teaching at BoysTown High School

2 sport star in high school Basketball/Track & Field.
Sertoma Athelete of the Year: Lincoln, Ne.
Over 10 Years of basketball coaching at a professional level.
Created a basketball program at a local college in Lincoln, Ne.

My sessions all begin with a sit-down with the athlete. This game is very mental and I want to prepare my student mentally first. I enjoy working with a athlete that "wants" to be better. My ideal students and players enjoy my fun, yet very demanding style of coaching. I dont believe in a "cookie-cutter" approach to teaching and coaching this game, because every player is different. I always individualize my 1-on-1 sessions for who I will be working with. I believe that the sessions should be fun ( if not what are you doing it for ) but also should be tough, pushing you to be the best you can be on the court and to reach to goals that you have.

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Client Reviews

Started off great, our son felt like he was getting great feedback and developing new skills, but as time went on (over a few months), the small group sessions became larger, the cost per session remained the same and our son, who can be timid, was lost in the shuffle and no longer receiving the kind of direct coaching he did when he first attended sessions. If you are a solid player and would like to be on a competitive league this may be a great fit. If you are newer to the sport, want to learn and develop this may not be the right fit.


Coach Frankie was very encouraging and helpful in teaching our son new skills and drills!

(no details provided)

Coach Frankie is perhaps the most positive coach that our boys have experienced. They both appreciated his positivity and knowledge of the game. They were challenged and learned new techniques. WELL WORTH THE MONEY.

Coach Frankie is an amazing coach. His philosophy and style of coaching is great for the beginner and the experienced ball player. I would recommend him to anyone interested in basketball camps or one on one coaching.

(no details provided)

Great energy, positivity and intensity from Coach Frankie during my son’s first group training session. The attention to detail in his coaching is spot on. My son learned a lot and is excited to come back!

This has been one of the most amazing Experiences ever! He does not just teach the physical aspect of the game but the mental as well. Coach Frankie breaks down the game in a way that is easy to learn and understand. If you truly want to know and learn the game of basketball, then Coach Frankie is your man!

(no details provided)

Coach Frankie is da Bomb. He gave our 14 year old an excellent first lesson based on what was needed. Thank you CFJ!!!

(no details provided)

Coach Frankie is observant, passionate, and delivers his training in a positive fashion. His deep knowledge of the game it is apparent and his ability to to pass that knowledge on is amazing. Your child will leave after the first session a changed player. Can’t wait to see the results after future sessions.

Coach Frankie is punctual, professional, has positive energy, and does the work with the athletes. My athletes came home so excited, stating “it was the best workout ever” and they worked hard. Thanks Coach Frankie!

My two sons really love his enthusiasm, knowledge and sense of humor.

Great teaching really knows the game well

(no details provided)

Coach Frankie is truly one in a million!
His expertise, training technique, and the fun he integrated into the workout was phenomenal!
The instant connection and rapport he had with my daughter was absolutely awesome to witness!
We felt like “family” after just one session.
He has distilled the fire, passion and the love for basketball once again into my daughter’s heart!
Looking forward to years of fun with you Coach Frankie!
Alexie and Tammy Hernandez

(no details provided)

Frankie is a fantastic coach, he did an incredible job working with my two boys who are at very different talent levels at the same time. We look forward to working with Frankie throughout my sons high school sports careers.

Really love his attention to detail. We went to a group session, and he made sure to work with each athlete individually during each drill.

(no details provided)

Great Coach who teaches many important skills that are not coached at the average level. Great workout!

Detailed coach, sees everything and instructions are tailored made.

Excellent Coach. We had a great session with Coach Frankie. He quickly identified the areas my son needed to improve on and immediately put my son to work improving those skills. Coach Frankie is very positive and has a way of helping his athletes push themselves to the next level. My son can’t wait for his next session.

(no details provided)

Coach Frankie was really good at getting things across to Jackson. Jackson felt like coach Frankie really was awesome on giving him instructions and Jackson felt he was able to go in to his game the following day and use some of the things coach Frankie taught him. I feel he will be able to help Jackson with his game. We are planning to set up more coaching sessions with Coach Frankie. We tried other coaches and feel coach Frankie is the one. Thank you coach Frankie
Jana Cor

Coach Frankie has a ton of energy, patience and knowledge!! Working with my son was a great experience for him. He can not wait to work with Coach Frankie again!! I would highly recommend any player to work with Coach Frankie!!

He’s a great coach

He pushed me over my limit and made me work. Everything he said was important and needed for the future. Definitely would train with him again!

After reading the prior reviews, we had high expectations for Frankie and he did not disappoint! Frankie taught my 15 year old a lot about basketball in the first session. My son is anxious for future trainings, even though (because?) the first session was challenging both mentally and physically.

Coach Frankie was great. We worked on my needs and he gave me some additional workouts to complete on my own. Definitely the workout I needed to get ready for a big year.

Coach Frankie is the best!! My son is a senior in High School, Frankie has taught him things his coach in high school has never taught him. He has learned great footwork and Frankie has built his confidence. Frankie has showed him things to get him ready for the next level. Thank you so much, I am so excited my son was able to train with him.

Wow! First session and Coach Frankie was impressive from the start. Took time to listen, applied what he learned from speaking with and watching my son, and instantly hit on a number of training techniques that were right on point (both for improvement of his skills--mental and physical--and that work for practice at home and on the court). Incredibly respectful and fun. My son gave him the highest praise and he can't wait for the next session--a great coach!

Frankie is an amazing coach!!!
My son needed his guidance with ball handling, aggression, proper stance, accuracy and layups. My son learned more than he ever has with team coaches in one single session with Frankie. Frankie worked hard with my son and never just stood on the sideline telling him what to do. Frankie was on the court dribbling, jumping and moving with my son to show what is needed of him on the court. Frankie is inspiring, encouraging and a true mentor. Frankie has my full confidence that we have found the best coach for my son.

(no details provided)

Coach provides helpful and detailed game analysis for all levels for domestic and international players.

I really enjoyed my time with coach and am already looking to return to later in the year to continue training.

Coach Frankie is definitely a 5 star coach.

Coach Frankie is outstanding! Our family connected with Coach Frankie during the high school season and I knew he was a great fit for my daughter who has been planning basketball for several years. During the very first session (and then subsequent double session the next morning.) I immediately saw the connection he made with her and instantly took her skills up a notch specific to speed, ball handling, rhythm, and timing. We will continue to leverage his expertise and I'm super excited to see how she develops this summer.

Coach frankie is amazing my niece loves him not only hes helping her how to be a better basketball player but hes helping her be more confident thsnk you coach best in colorado

(no details provided)

Our 15 year old daughter is really enjoying her coaching sessions she's learning a lot and having fun. The only drawback is that Coach Frankie is incredibly busy (as is our daughter) so finding time is tricky--We've settled for 6 a.m. weekday sessions. We look forward to seeing how these first few sessions are starting to impact her game.

(no details provided)

Another great session with Frankie. Our son always gets a lot out of these workouts. He loves going, although he knows he's going to work his head off.

I've been working with Coach Frankie for 14 months now and I have seen unbelievable improvements in my game. I have also been doing group sessions with him and in the past year it's been an eye opening experience watching all the other players he works with get so much better as time goes by. If you are a serious and committed basketball player he will help you take your game to the next level. He will make you work really hard, teach you important concepts, and show you things about your game that you didn't even know about. He approaches his training the right way by making you work hard and efficiently while he will also be very patient with you. He has helped me so
much, as well as other players, and he is the nicest coach I've had, I highly recommend him.

Coach Frankie is an excellent coach. Session was well organized and productive. He is very patient but yet intense and does a great job with youth basketball coaching.

In order to judge the effectiveness of the training session, I asked my son if he learned anything during the training session. His response was a resounding "Yes".I have been impressed Coach Frankie's ability to connect with his player's and students. His enthusiasm is infectious and his interaction with kids the is inspiring. He pushes them to do their best without being verbally abusive. It is refreshing to have a motivator interacting with my son.

Coach Frankie is a high level coach. From his knowledge to his skills, he betters the kids he coaches. Any time w Frankie is a good use of time.

Coach Frankie is awesome! My son had good fundamental skills before training with Frankie, but Frankie has really taken him to the next level. He's building confidence in him and the team comradery has been a huge bonus. I can't wait to see where he takes my son next!

My son has been working with Frankie for about 3-4 weeks. He works harder than I have ever seen him work and it is paying off for him! He is getting more and more confident which just drives him to do better, learn more. What a wonderful coach and person. We are very happy with the experience.

Frankie is extraordinary. My son has been working with him for a year and has learned not only incredible basketball skills but also important character values. I highly recommend Frankie.

(no details provided)

Coach Frankie, is the BEST!! He has done an amazing job getting my son to the next level. I appreciate all his hard work he does with my son. You are the BEST Frankie :)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

All I can say is AMAZING!!!!!

Coach Frankie was kind enough to travel ~40 minutes to work with my 7yo son. I knew within the first two minutes of the session that Frankie knew his stuff. He gets right down to business yet he is friendly and accommodating. He is an active coach as he gets right in and demonstrates when an athlete needs further help with a technique. He is positive, patient and reassuring. Coach Frankie offered to help us find other competent coaches closer to our area which is great; however, we are still going to try to work with coach Frankie as much as our schedule will permit. Looking forward to working with him again soon.

Just getting started with Coach Frankie, but we were immediately impressed with his knowledge and passion for basketball as well as coaching! Coach Frankie immediately addressed some areas we discussed we'd like to see our son improve upon. Looking forward to our son continuing to work with Coach Frankie and are excited to see our son's basketball skills and IQ improve and develop over time!

Excellent coach to work with, very professional and I learned a lot of things from him. And works with what you're comfortable with. This coach is highly recommended if you want to improve your game to the next level.

(no details provided)

Coach Frankie is great! I have two boys, 12 and 14, that have really enjoyed working with him. He is an excellent teacher and they really like his coaching style. He is very good at telling my boys what they need to do to improve their shooting and also why they need to do it. Coach Frankie is very good at making learning and practicing fun and he is a great motivator too.

Coach Frankie was an awesome coach. He taught me many skills and gave me very useful tips. I felt completely comfortable around him and practice was a lot of fun. Definitely will go back to him

Coach Frankie was very positive, very skilled and clearly loves the game of basketball and wants my daughter to improve but have fun doing it. After just one session she walked out of there with techniques to improve her shot, her ball handling and her confidence . Really looking forward to more sessions and translating these skills into her game play

So this is way overdue, but I'm not great at writing reviews. Coach Frankie has really changed Riley's attitude toward how he feels about himself and basketball. He has given him a huge amount of confidence in himself and his skills. He has made the game fun again for him. Thanks Coach Frankie!

What a great experience for my son! Coach Frankie is an awesome motivator, and his knowledge of the game and what it takes to improve is outstanding! Can't wait to book the next session!

Our son has been working with Coach Frankie for about a month and it's well exceeded our expectations. After several years of just doing the bigger basketball camps, we decided that for the money, maybe it would be more beneficial to have a one-on-one coach. Coach Frankie asked our son what his goals were at the first session and has laid out what he needs to do to get there. He's gotten more valuable coaching in one month than he's experienced in all the years he's done basketball and club ball. We couldn't be more pleased.

He is one of the best coaches I ever had. He can make you into one of the best players. Also show you the other side of basketball, he makes you think about your moves. So it's different but one of the best coaches I had.

Coach Frankie taught my son more in 60 minutes than words can even describe.Not only did he cover drills and mechanics, he explained everything at a level that made a direct connection with my son and he is more excited than ever to play the game and do well. We are looking forward to more sessions!

Coach Frankie is an amazing coach! My son learned a lot and I also enjoyed watching the session. He taught him many drills that he can work on. We will definitely be going back!

We are writing to nominate Coach Frankie Jones for Coach-Up Coach of the Year. Frankie has been coaching Mario since fall of 2014 and has been a great addition to the adults in his life. Coach Frankie is always positive and energetic, making practices fun and seemingly too short. He is efficient and productive with Mario’s time, always quickly identifying an area or areas that need attention, and providing drills and instruction that directly address the issue. Mario uses the mental and other techniques in games and practices and sees improvements quickly. Also, he leaves sessions with Frankie with things to practice on his own. More than worth the time and money.

Frankie’s teaching gym is an hour from our house in metropolitan Denver, we could easily find another coach much closer to our house, but, once you’ve found the best, it’s hard to leave.

Coach Frankie is a phenomenal trainer. I have seen significant improvement with my sons skills since he has been working with Frankie. He is very motivational and my son loves working with him.

My daughter has completed 3 sessions with coach Frankie and can't wait to do more. He talked with her about her goals and areas of her game that she wants to improve. After each session my daughter feels like she has learned something new and is a better player and I agree. Coach Frankie has been easy to communicate with and is very accommodating when scheduling sessions. We plan to do many more sessions and both my daughter and I would recommend coach Frankie to anyone that wants to become a better basketball player.

Coach Frankie is a wonderful coach. He is helping my son with both skills & the mental aspect for the game. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to get to the next level of your game.

I was very please with Coach Frankie's approach to my six-year-old grandson. He was engaging, patient and he made the session educational and fun.
As my grandson explores different sports, I know basic coaching will have an impact on which sports he enjoys. We definitely plan to see Coach Frankie again.

Coach Frankie has been fabulous! My son is very competitive, and he not only improved his confidence level, but more importantly improved his techniques for making specific shots and plays on the court. Coach Frankie is very professional, dedicated to his sport and passionate about teaching kids how to be the best at their chosen sport, and have fun along the way!

Great work out with Coach Frankie he made it fun the whole time and taught me a lot excited to get back with him!

My son met for the first time with Coach Frankie and had a great experience. Coach Frankie was great with him - took the time to hear what he wanted to work on and had a lot of great tips - even for the first time. He is fun and also very skilled. My son left the session excited and wanting to come every week!

Coach Frankie is an exceptional coach. Puts a lot confidence in his clients and goes above and beyond with his training!!!!!

Coach Frankie was great, he showed me new things. He also helped me get better at my defense and how to fix my mistakes.

Great Coach and his report with my daughter was amazing.

Coach Frankie was great. After one session he was able to increase the accuracy of my boys shots while also helping them learn what they did wrong on a missed shot so that they can adjust and fix it on their own.

(no details provided)

Coach Frankie was AWESOME with my son, I want to try out a few more coaches, but we liked him so much and my SON really liked him, I don't know that it is even worth trying other coaches, but we may. Frankie made my son (who is VERY new to sports and not the most athletic) feel VERY comfortable and my son asked if we could go to the basketball Cort today so he can practice!! So I defilement recommend this coach!

Coach Frankie was so passionate and detailed to what he was teaching. I learned a lot from one session, his way of approaching the game is something I really enjoyed. He has a gift at coaching, and will be booking more sessions soon. Thanks coach

Coach Frankie was wonderful with our 8 year-old son. He was very engaged and customized his coaching session. We plan on signing up for more.

This is the message I sent to Coach Frankie regarding his recent coaching of my son: Good morning coach! I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that you are a genius! Bryson played the best he has in years yesterday and his team won the championship. He had 19 points, which included (3) three pointers. He made his lay ups and free throws, and all against 8th graders (he is in the sixth grade). He then played in another tournament against 6th graders and had 15 points, which included (2) three pointers. I asked him what was different about yesterday and he said that you gave him confidence!
I would recommend Coach Frankie to anyone looking to improve their game and is looking to have fun at the same time!

In my son's first session, Coach Frankie effectively connect with him about his goals, his strengths and growing edges, and his core interests with respect to the game. Then, he took my son through a rigorous session in which, in one hour, my son learned at least five key new principles while having a great time. We are so happy about today.

We looked for a good coach for our son. We searched many profiles and everyone just seemed to be the same. After learning about Coach Frankie's individualized program and how works with all skill levels we though it was worth a try. He did not disappoint. We now will hire him to work with our daughter as well who wishes to make her junior high team. Keep up the good work coach-
I couldn't even dribble a basketball before i met coach. I was a bit intimidated because he seemed to be so knowledgable I thought he only worked with guys and girls who have been playing for awhile. He started baby steps with me and I thank him for his patients as I am not the most gifted. But he kept me going and believing in myself. thanks
My mom and dad wanted to find me help just so I could make the JV team. I worked 1 summer with Coach Frank. Im sorry to say I didn't make the JV team. No, not at all. Why? Because by basketball season I was STARTING on VARSITY! I still can't believe how "easy" he makes the game. I will continue to work with coach now because I wanna play at the next level.
There is not another like him. Period. This is a coaches coach, he helped me with my basic basketball skills but also the advanced stuff too. Like my court vision, and my playmaking ability. Thanks coach!
What I like about coach Frank is that not only is he a coach but he is a "hooper" himself. I mean this dude can play! His greatest gift I would say is his love for people. You can find him going to neighborhood courts and getting games started with people who are just sitting around. I swear I seen kids that don't even like basketball come play with Frankie just because he makes you believe you can do anything. Real Talk
Ok, this guy eats and sleeps basketball. Ive never met someone so passionate about the sport and coaching. He made me not only a better basketball player ( I did make the High School team!!! Yay !! ) but Coach Frankie made me a better person. He teaches life skills into his program and related basketball to who I am so I could understand not only basketball ,but more of my potential in other areas too. I love this guy! thanks Coach
Ive coached for years and when Frankie came aboard the staff, something was just different. He is a Inspires those he works with like we had never seen before. We gave him control of the varsity team during the summer basketball camp and could not believe the confidence and skill level that these teens had reached in only 3 weeks. If someone told me that Coach Frankie had became a NBA coach one day, I wouldn't be surprised. This guy is the real deal. He has a gift.
Coach Frankie taught me that anyone can dribble a basketball. After working with him I just felt so much confidence, being a girl I didn't really get the respect I was looking for on the court. Now I'm turing heads with my handles!!! thanks coach!!!
I made the high school basketball team! Thanks Coach Frankie, your secrets of the game approach and you individualized training sessions were well worth it! You da man!
Coach Frankie is to credit for my success getting into the college I wanted to play for. Ive worked with other coaches before Coach Frankie, but since then I've never felt the passion that he gives to his craft. This guy individualized my training just for my game which showed me that he cared about my game and my progress. It was crazy he we would notice progress weekly and some of the "secrets" of the game he shared with me I will never forget! I still call him from time to time for basketball advise. This guy is like the human basketball dictionary! Thanks Coach
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