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Energetic, enthusiastic coach with NFL, XFL, USFL, college and youth experience. I offer a successful track record in helping athletes achieve their maximum potential. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. Beachwood Football Field, Beachwood, OH

Coach is willing to travel up to 5 miles

  • Kingston University

  • 25 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Teenagers

  • Defensive Back, Defensive Line, Kicker, Linebacker, Offensive Line, Punter, Quarterback, Running Back, Tight End, Wide Receiver

  • Blocking, Catching, Cutting, Hand Placement, Jamming, Kicking, Punting, Route Running, Special Teams, Tackling, Throwing, Footwork, Pass Defense


  • Kingston University

  • 25 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Teenagers

  • Defensive Back, Defensive Line, Kicker, Linebacker, Offensive Line, Punter, Quarterback, Running Back, Tight End, Wide Receiver

  • Blocking, Catching, Cutting, Hand Placement, Jamming, Kicking, Punting, Route Running, Special Teams, Tackling, Throwing, Footwork, Pass Defense

More About Coach Franco

I've recently worked with XFL, and previously in the USFL, the Pro Football Hall Of Fame Academy, HOPE Through Football and ran a series of international camps. Coached in NFL as part of the NFL Europe International program. In addition, collaborated with NFL International as part of International Pathway Program, and in Game Operations International Game Series. Furthermore, I’ve participated in various NFL camps with NY Giants (2012-2018 coaching observing program), Miami Dolphins (2017 shadow coaching), Pittsburgh Steelers (2017-2018 coaching observing program) and Jacksonville Jaguars Academy Camp (2017 Assistant Coach).

During my 25+ years coaching career I've held various roles as HC, OC, DC and other positional coaching roles, for some very successful football programs at high school, college and pro levels. My experience also extends to other international markets such as Europe, England, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Ireland, Netherlands, Scotland, Germany and Mexico.

In addition to my High School and College coaching experience in, Ohio, Florida and NY, I've led some of the best amateur and semi-pro teams in the UK and Europe.

My primary aim is to help improve the athlete’s performance on the field and in the following areas: football fundamentals, footwork & quickness, strengthening, power & core, speed & power-speed, positional skills and techniques to become a better player. I can also help the young athlete have a better understanding of the game, improve their use of hands and coordination, eye-placement, key reads by position in different schemes and football philosophies i.e. spread, RPO, triple option, inside/outside zone, various defense of coverage and fronts and specific Special Teams positions such as Long Snapping, Holder, PAT/FG kicking techniques.

I also help players get ready for tryouts, combines and go through standard metric driven drills and workouts needed to stand out as a potential talented prospect.

I've played football as a QB since I was a kid all throughout high school and college, ending playing semi-pro football in Europe.

I am 100% fluent in English, French and Spanish + speak other languages.

I have 20 years of playing experience including college and semi-pro in Europe, where I played as QB. In addition I've played other sports and competed in several fitness competitions.

I have experience in coaching Youth, High School, College and professional athletes. My program has helped improve the players performance. I can help enhance football fundamentals, skills and techniques, athleticism, speed training, footwork & handwork, mechanics, quickness, strengthening and core. I coach all positions, teaching necessary skills and techniques to help them become a better player. I can also help the young athlete have a better understanding of the game by position, coaching key reads across different schemes and football philosophies i.e. spread, triple option, inside/outside zone, various defense of coverage and fronts, and help Special Teams key position such as Snappers, Holders and Kickers/Punters.

Depending on the player needs (after assessment) I can help build a successful program to help him/her improve on those areas of focus. Before engaging into the program, the athlete is presented with a detail recommended schedule, encompassing a series of drills and exercises to help achieve his/her goals.

The program is focused to achieve quick wins and tangible results. Combining plyometrics, mechanics and strength training. The program is "goal orientated" offering a progression-milestone driven road-map to ensure track progress.

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Client Reviews

Coach Franco is AWESOME! He is knowledgeable, cares and works on the total athlete - mind, body and mechanics! We are thrilled to be working with him and hope the relationship lasts for a very long time! This experience has been well WORTH the investment in my son’s athletic career! The BEST!

Great working wit him

Coach Franco is a great coach. Coach Franco helped me improve my agility, my route running ability, my catching ability and my football IQ. Coach Franco has many types of drills that help you become a better football player and a better athlete.

Coach Franco is very professional and passionate about the game. You can tell he has a lot of experience. He’s coaching my twin sons at QB and WR. Improving their technique exceptionally during each session. He has many interesting drills and even equipment to help with fine tuning their skills. Looking forward to continue working with him.

Great first session just honing the fundamentals. I put the things he taught me right into practice this weekend playing flag football. Great coaching style as well. Excited for the next couple sessions I have left

Terrific energy, great communication, organized and focused training plan, and some unique drills. Excellent coach!

Coach Franco is truly amazing! He is working with my 9-year old son and he is so positive and enthusiastic, but he also really knows how to teach the fundamentals in order to build the skill and confidence my son needs. We couldn’t be happier and will likely be working with Franco for a long time. I wish I could give him 10 stars!!!

(no details provided)

Coach Franco is very experienced , responsive, and personable.
My son is a 19yr old experienced receiver looking to improve for an opportunity in college.
and Coach really pushed him and introduced new drills and workout regimen.
I highly recommend him for athletes of all ages.

Amazing and he will teach you and go at you pace.

(no details provided)

He's just great. I always look forward to working with him because it's a new challenge every session. He gives 100% commitment and it motivates me to give much more effort. Can't say enough about him.

(no details provided)

Coach Franco is fantastic. It's only been a few sessions with him, but my catching is already improving with the techniques he shows me and the precise drills he sets out to train and sharpen my weakest assets. Definitely recommend 100%. Very friendly, and cannot go wrong with this choice.

Coach Franco is a great coach. I've only had one session with him and I cannot tell you all of the things I learned in just one session. He was exactly on time, prepared for our lesson, and a very positive person to work with. I would recommend him to anyone.

As a French young man, Football was relatively unknown to me…I played Rugby during 10 years and didn’t feel much attraction for Football that I considered not as sophisticated as Rugby but rather brutal. However, out of curiosity I decided to test myself in this sport. Meeting Coach Franco made me change my mind…180°…the trainings and discussions with Coach Franco helped me discover the subtlety of this sport and the elegance of the game. I basically had a crush for this sport and started training not only to be the best of my team but rather to be the best version of me and try to become a pro-player. Coach Franco really made love this game till the point that I now usually spend hours on YouTube watching any kind of tutorials like "How to stick" "How to be faster" "How to win duels" or the 100 tops of the actions. Coach Franco helped me understand this game and changed my approach towards training...while watching Live NFL trainings, I realized that the trainings Coach Franco gave us were quite similar to those of this pro teams…I can only thank Coach Franco for this opportunity given. Coach Franco helped me improved my Football IQ and feeling for the game to drive me to excellence. Early summer, when I joined Coach Franco at the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars Camps in London, he was always demanding more … Unlike a lot of Coach I've known. This has been the icing on the cake! Thanks to the coach everything seem now easy because trainings are the key to success.
Les speeds training sont accessible à tout le monde. Ces speeds trainings permettent de travailler le cardio ainsi que tout nos muscles. Coach franco nous encourage et nous accompagne malgré nos difficultés et permet surtout de donner le meilleur de nous même.
Coach Franco is a complete coach. For my first football season it made me progress a lot by taking me under his wing. He knows how to find the best in each player thanks to his football approach with players. Thank you coach!
Coach FRANCO has been hired by the Centurions Nîmes Football Team (French D2 division) for the 2017 season. Coach FRANCO is the more professional coach I've ever worked with. He has an incredible knowledge and background of football. He can coach Offense, Defense and Special Teams, but he's also a great leader and he was a wonderful head coach for the team last season. Coach FRANCO is an 110% invest guaranteed. Coach FRANCO is a hard, hard worker (the hardest I've ever met), who made a tremendous work with video teaching, white board session and every coaching aspect. I will recommend coach FRANCO for every team which is looking for a professional coach. A team who want to become better and better, and a team which is ready to grow up under coach FRANCO's knowledge.
Coach franco is a very complete coach on all positions. On the field and at the gym he is always ready to help a player. He is very knowledgable.
I first remember being coached as a young quarterback when I was 16 years of age at the london warriors youth practice by coach Franco. The coaching style I have taken for granted within the UK at the time as a young player and looking back I can say the quarteback mechanics and footwork drills made me the player I am today. Not only coaching, but player integration and inter-positional competition helped me develop quicker and better quarterback and overall leader. The building and shaping for leadership, execution and determination are the traits I have gained since being coached by Coach Franco. Dayle Greenfield QB Southhampton Solent Thrashers
Coach Franco has had a big impact on me as a football player and in life. I would say his coaching style starts with the importance of fundamentals and technique, both in the throwing motion and footwork. This is something he drilled into me. He also developed my knowledge of the game and as a leader. I put a lot of my life skills that I now use in my career (Personal Trainer) down to Coach Franco and the time he spent coaching me. I now coach Football to younger age groups and find I am using the knowledge Coach Franco installed in me and his drills to develop them. The biggest testimony I can say is that if I can be half the coach that Coach Franco is then I would be happy. Nick Jacquet QB London Warriors
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