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Three-time Olympian in the 100m View all coaching experience

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  • Central State University (OH)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Central State University (OH)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


More About Coach Eric

I have been dedicated to the sport of Track and Field since I was a kid. I am a 4-time Olympian for the 100m and most recently attended the London Olympics as a member of the Ivory Coast coaches team in 2012.

Currently I am coaching Columbia College SC sprinters and hurdlers both indoor and outdoor. I am a dedicated coach. I work with each of my athletes to ensure that they are not only gaining speed but technique and strategy. Without a doubt, sprinting is my passion and I love to educate my athletes on all I've learned in my career. Not only do I help sprinters but I help anyone that needs to increase speed for their sport. Speed is essential in athletics and with my training and coaching you can achieve the maximum speed your body can produce. I look forward to hearing from you!

I have been dedicated to the sport of Track and Field since I was a kid. I would race my dog, cat and monkey and would beat the cat and dog but not the monkey because he swang from tree to tree! At the age of 13, I was selected to attend the Sport Academy for Ivory Coast. My love of track and field grew exponentially from that time on. I am a four time Olympian competing in the 100m sprint (100m, 2008 Beijing, China 100m, 2004 Athens, Greece 100m, 2000 Sydney, Australia 100m; 4x100m Relay Team, 1996 Atlanta, Georgia 4x100 Relay Team)

I just finished my last professional season as a sprinter. I have competed for the Ivory Coast since 1995. I have also competed in 6 World Track & Field Championships. ( 1995 Gothenburg, Sweden 4x100m Relay Team, 1997 Athens, Greece 4x100m Relay Team, 2001 Edmonton, Canada 100m; 200m; 4x100m Relay Team 2001 Cote D’Ivoire National Record 4x100m Relay Team, 2003 Paris, France 100m; 4x100m Relay Team, 2005 Helsinki, Finland 100m, 2007 Tokyo, Japan 100m)

I have competed as a professional sprinter in the international circuit since 1995. I have competed in African Championships where I earned a gold medal in 1998. I have competed in the Francophone Games where I earned 3 gold medals in the 100m sprint and relay. In 2001 I earned the Central State University in Ohio 100m and 200m school record. In 2001 I earned Texas relay 100m college meet record which is undefeated.

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Client Reviews

Coach Eric is great with my daughter he's patient and thorough with her and explains every exercise to her

(no details provided)

Coach Eric was very informative and very detail. My daughter had a great session with him. We will definitely book him for another session in the future.

Coach Eric is a great coach. I had one session with him and I learned a lot. I cannot wait until my next training session with him.

Avery T

Works great with youth! He was able to connect right away with my son, motivate him and boost his confidence! We’ll be seeing him again!

Coach Eric was great. Two of my daughters who run for high school teams have had sessions that were very positive. He has a great attitude and approach. We feel as though we learned several exercises that can continue to improve stride. Will definitely work with him again and recommend to others.

We had a great session with Coach Eric - He really knows his work and we feel confident that our goals will be achieved working with him.

(no details provided)

My daughter loved working with Coach Eric. He gave her great tips. We look forward to training with him again soon.

Outstanding first meeting! Prompt. Supportive and got right into exactly what needed to be addressed. Not overbearing but very focused on keeping the lesson progressing for a young lady who needs it.

Coach Eric is awesome. After just a couple of sessions my time has already improved in competitions. He pushes me to be the best me and to achieve my goals. Thank you!!

Eric's expertise in track coaching is evident from the moment you meet him. His impressive background as a former track athlete himself, coupled with his years of experience coaching athletes of all levels, sets him apart as a true authority in the field. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced runner, Erik has a keen eye for identifying your strengths and areas for improvement, tailoring his coaching techniques to suit your individual needs. 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Star!

Thanks Eric!

(no details provided)

Coach Eric was a great coach! He really knows how to make our son feel comfortabl and confident. He was very prompt and professional. We appreciate his feedback and our son was excited and wanted to have future sessions. We will definitely be booking future sessions with Coach Eric!!

My son throughly enjoyed his session. He actually asked me if he could workout more with his coach. Due to scheduling issues, he may not have that opportunity but in just 2 sessions I saw the difference in my son’s abilities
and his overall attitude. This coach made him feel that he could increase his time and start winning instead of always losing. Thank you Coach Eric. We hope we can have more sessions with you soon!

fantastic indoor workout on a rainy day

Coach Eric is a great coach. He and my daughter had a great hurdle session and she is looking forward to future sessions with him.

Coach Eric is a true professional. Shows up early, completely prepared, and focused. He has valuable knowledge and experience and creates a positive and engaging environment.

Coach Eric was awesome. After just the first session I noticed a huge improvement on the running form of my son. Will definitely continue to work with Coach Eric and highly recommend him.

Very professional and knowledgeable hope he helps my son long term!

Eric is a great coach and I can see the training starting to pay off already. He is really patient and takes his time to ensure you understand. I look forward to more training with him and would recommend him for anyone looking to improve their speed.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Under Eric's tutelage my son went on to take 1st place 4x's at city competition. A pleasure to work with. He is in high school now and still the fastest in his school. We look forward to working with Eric again

Definitely pleased!! Coach Eric is very talented with his coaching strategy

Coach Eric is knowledgeable and very easygoing. My daughter enjoyed his coaching style and his knowledge/ tips for her to include in her own personal workouts. Strongly recommend him.

(no details provided)

He was a very good coach. He was very patient with my son, my son enjoyed the session and wants to continue

Coach Eric was very patient and firm with my daughter. He immediately made us comfortable, asking her questions on what she does currently, where she wanted to be, then got right into the business of improvements. He did not waste a moment going through drills. She was not ready at all!
It was great to see her respond to his direction and encouragement. She will feel that workout tomorrow and she is excited to work with Coach Eric again. Thank you Coach, we look forward to seeing you soon!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Eric was awesome. Super nice, but technically speaking he was phenomenal and that's what we were looking for. Highly recommend to any one looking to improve in any track and field event.

Coach Eric met my son for the 1st time and already made a positive impact on his sprinting techniques. I look forward to noticing continued growth

Coach ERIC was excellent with my Son, me and my Son was very impressive with his work out effort and drills he done with my son. My Son talked about how much he really enjoyed his time working with coach eric..after his work our he explained everything to me about what will be best for my son. I am very happy.thank u 😀

(no details provided)

Amazing coach!

My son is really enjoying working with Coach Eric. He is very attentive and continues to take the time to get to know my son and figure out what needs to be worked on in each session. We really appreciate Coach Eric’s professionalism and personality!

My son met with Coach Eric and thoroughly enjoyed his session and the expertise he has to share. He looks forward to further training.

Prompt to appts, encouraging to student, demonstrates skills and praises job well done.

Coach Eric is an awesome track coach. I love how he adapted the training to my daughter's skillset. He is very knowledgeable about track and field. His expertise on sprinting is invaluable. I feel that he is the best coach for my child. If you want a great track coach I recommend you get him.

Coach Eric was very timely and professional. He showed a genuine interest in the overall well being of my daughter. He was very knowledgeable about track and field given his experience. My 10 year old felt comfortable during the training and it was exactly what she needed.

My Son had his first session with Coach Eric today. We did run a little late and Coach Eric was great about it. He really pushed my son to give his all when it came down to finishing the workout. Which is what he need since he has been working out most of the time on his own. Coach Eric will get you in top shape as a sprinter. Nothing but great things u can get from him coaching your child or children

After one session I left with so much more knowledge than I ever read online, he had answers for all my questions and we trained to run like never before. I realized I had been going about it all wrong, that evening I read his bio and it made so much sense. unfortunately work has caused me to travel and I do not expect to find another coach so qualified or dedicated

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

My daughter had a wonderful time training with Coach E for the first time this past weekend. He gave her lots of pointers and tips. He is very professional and I highly recommend him. We look forward to more training sessions with him.

(no details provided)

A coach and trainer is what we sought for our son. Little did we know we were getting so much more! From the first session, Coach E became more of a mentor guiding our son not only athletically but also morally. He emphasizes an athlete must be of sound mind and body. Education is the cornerstone and taking care of yourself are vital to any athlete. We are excited to continue this journey with Coach E. Any athlete and parent will be counted blessed by such an inspiring man.

My daughter had become discouraged due to the lack of availability of qualified coaches for personalized training in sprinting in our area. Coach Eric took her through an Olympic caliber workout, spending every minute with her, and after only one session with him, her enthusiasm for the sport has been renewed.

Coach Eric was OUTSTANDING!!! The first session was very professional and my daughter felt she gained more experience in an hour than she does at her normal practices. I recommend Coach E to anyone who wants their child to enhance their performance and gain expertise knowledge at their sport. I will definitely continue on with Coach. If you choose Coach E you have made the right choice!

Epic start

Great first impression and experience! Coach Eric was very professional and knowledgeable about my son's needs and started correction to his form and technique during our first session. Coach also provided feedback to me via email after the session. My first impression is that Coach Eric genuinely cares about my son's development and I will be ordering more sessions soon!

Coach Eric is highly impressive. My daughter arrived to a thoroughly prepared session and the results were immediate. I was highly impressed by the way he integrated the balance of using mind and body in sprinting. He also has a great sense of humor!

Coach Eric is a very knowledgeable coach. . I have seen a drastic improvement in my son's speed and endurance. Coach Eric has helped my son improve his running technique.

We were very impressed with his knowledge and easy rapport with our son. Loved that he even took time to ask about grades and stress the importance of education.

Ous son is a rising 9th grader whose events are the 200 and 400. He hadn't been well coached on technique and Coach Eric is proving to be the perfect answer. He is an energetic coach who immediately connected with our son. He combines strength training with teaching proper technique through various drills that our son enjoys.

Coach Eric is amazing! Our 9 year old son is thriving under his directions. His talents go beyond just physical ability and technique. He is passionate about what he does and has the special ability to motivate his students. Our son works hard each week and is excited to come back for more. He is committed to taking care of our kids. He goes above an beyond and thinks of the little things like offering to put on bug spray for outdoor sessions.

He's reliable, dependable, professional, and makes training fun. We are so thankful to have found a coach for life!

(no details provided)

Amazing!! And very professional. We recommend 100%.

Coach Eric is a highly skilled coach and a great motivator who personalized each workout session.

Coach Eric was very professional and systematic in his approach. He works on building a foundation through strength training and also worked on mechanics. He also has access to indoor and outdoor facilities, so the weather is never an issue. If you need speed training, you will not be disappointed.

Coach Eric worked on my son's sprinting technique like no one before definitely. Just one session showed that his coaching approach was exactly what my son needed to become a racer.

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