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Lineman, nothing fancy about what we do, nothing glamorous about how we play, but with a solid foundation and consistency in our game... they STILL won't know we exist. View all coaching experience

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3 session package with Coach Ed. 75 minute session length

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  • University of Utah (UT)

  • 4 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Offensive Line, Defensive Line

  • Tackling, Hand Placement, Footwork, Blocking


  • University of Utah (UT)

  • 4 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Offensive Line, Defensive Line

  • Tackling, Hand Placement, Footwork, Blocking

More About Coach Ed

As an Intern with the University of Hawaii program, I've worked with both college and aspiring professional players on the Offensive Line. Assisted in the weight room and in the meeting rooms. Recently, I've coached 2 ALL League Linemen in both season at a local San Diego high school. Helped in the weight room as well and assisted with conditioning programs during the off season.

My biggest athletic accomplishment came when the Minnesota Vikings picked me in the 2002 NFL Draft. Injury shortened my NFL career, but the dream to play football surpassed any of my imagination when I played on 2 Arena Championship teams (2006 AF2, 2010 AFL). Named to 1st Team ALL Arena in both Championship seasons.

Sessions will always begin with a warm up... dependent on where you last played and/or currently play, your warm up will consist of what YOUR team does so we can improve on it and you grow accustomed to your team's daily routine. The warm up will also include speed & quickness drills to get the feet working before 'the work'. This may consist of but not be limited to ladders, the pro agility drill, various feet jumps over the line and other drills.
Following the warm up, are position specific drills that will eventually lead to improving the specific position each player plays on his team. Drills begin from a basic technique which in turn should progress to more advance type. In other words, we'll crawl before we sprint for the finish line.
- - - An example would be, out of our stance we will work quickness and speed into our Pass Protection set. No moving back, forward or sideways...JUST popping up into your set position for Pass Protection. The next drill would then be to move our feet according to the DLineman's alignment as you pop up into your PassPro set. Drill then may vary on the day and player, which could include punching a shield, bouncing a ball while in your PassPro set, catching and tossing a ball while in your PassPro set.
As Lineman, we'll always work the RUN progression into our PASS progression, which is usually a typical practice schedule at most programs.
To end a session, is to finish with a bang. I would prefer having the players run to have something to monitor their improvement in the stamina and cardio column. However, interval training that has the player doing core work mixed with variations of the push up and squat will have to do till we can meet somewhere with a track.
Not all sessions have to be working out/on the field. My time playing the sport and coaching has allowed me to learn what to look for when watching film. Most programs will provide video for your players practice and games, a session could be looking over film and assessing his performance which in turn gives him a chance to correct mistakes and work on them.

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Client Reviews

More than what we expected, very knowledgeable and explains every drill clearly and the functionality. My son couldn't wait until the next session.

Coach Ed is prepared, supportive, and very knowledgeable of what is needed to become a solid lineman. He was very patient with Jonah and observant of what he needs to continue to work on. Most importantly, after just one session, Jonah feels like he's learned some things he didn't know to work on before and that's been my goal for him; to learn the sport, and understand the part he plays on the team. We look forward to more training sessions with Coach Ed and would recommend him as well. Thank you for your time and help!

That is an amazing experience to practice with Coach Ed.

Coach Ed is very knowledgeable. He was tough when needed but also really patient when needed. It really shows that he wants every athlete to be successful. Thank you Coach Ed!

Coach Ed is fantastic. His program is spectacular, Coach is encouraging and knowledgeable.

Coach Ed has been an amazing addition to taking our son to the next level in football! He always gives him a great workout, with detailed instruction tailored just for him and we couldn't be more happy with the growth our son has shown. We would highly recommend Coach Ed if your looking for a great coaching experience.

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I saw huge improvements in my son’s blocking after just 1 session with Coach Ed. He was getting compliments on his blocking at practice from a coach who doesn’t give compliments. He also got significantly more playing time the next game. Looking forward to working with Coach Ed again.

Finally was able to find a qualified Defensive Coach in my area. My son loves working with Coach Ed and is learning more. It pays to have a 1on1 Coach....He's pretty excited to dominate in the DE position... thank you Coach Ed, see you next week.

Coach Ed did a great job during the training session and I can only recommend him to anyone who is looking for a professional football coach for themselves or their kid.

My son has had 2 practices. He really enjoys his coaching skills and how he coaches one on one. Looks forward to our next session.

coach ed really is an expert line coach and he is very talented in dealing with young men. he teaches technique that 99%
of the team coaches don't even know. we reallly got lucky finding coach ed he gets 5 stars.
tim murphy

Coach Ed really is an expert Line coach. He is very talented. We reallly got lucky finding Coach Ed.
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