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Saturday 9am Long Distance Runner Group
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Must be 7th Grade and Up

Session Length: 1 hour

$30 1 session + applicable fees

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Private Long Distance Session
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Must be 7th Grade and Up

Session Length: 1 hour

$55 1 session + applicable fees

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10 am Sprinter Group
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Must be 7th Grade and Up

Session Length: 1 hour

$30 1 session + applicable fees

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Private Sprinter Session
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Must be 7th Grade and Up

Session Length: 1 hour

$55 1 session + applicable fees

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  • University of Southern Mississippi (MS)

  • 6 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Teenagers

  • Sprints

  • Running the Curve, Sprinting, Form


  • University of Southern Mississippi (MS)

  • 6 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Teenagers

  • Sprints

  • Running the Curve, Sprinting, Form

More About Coach Dustin

Certified Speed and Agility Coach (CSAC)
Coaching experience
Dean Middle School, Defensive Coordinator
Arkansas Baptist College
● Defensive Back Coach 2010
Homer High School
● Defensive Back / Quarterback Coach / Wide Receiver Coach/ Asst Defensive Coordinator 2014
● Defensive Back / Wide Receiver Coach / Asst Defensive Coordinator 2015

Track and Field Coach
● 4 x 2 Relay Coach
● 4 x 1 Relay Coach
● 100 meter & 200 meter sprint coach

Director of Sports Performance RedLine Athletics
● My job is to design training programs for athletes ages 8 - 18 on running mechanics and speed improvements.

High School
All-Area 1st Team Defensive Back 2 years
All-District 1st Team Defensive Back 3 years
All-District 1st Team Quarterback 1 year
5 Division 1 Scholarship Offers

3x All State 200 Meter Dash
2x All State 100 Meter Dash
3x All State Anchor Leg 4 x 200 Meter Relay

I signed with the University of Southern Mississippi in 2004 to play Defensive Back.

Athletes will go through a host of speed training methods:
● Explosive Training
● Plyometric Exercises
● Acceleration
● Resisted Running
● Dashes
● Running Mechanics

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Client Reviews

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(no details provided)

My son just completed his first training session with coach D and had a great work out! He is super excited to continue the training program!

Amazing coach! Was able to guide our daughter in the right direction for track. We will be definitely be going back to coach Dustin in the near future.

Great first work out and understanding for my daughter.

Dustin is great! My son enjoyed his session and looks forward to going back!

Coach Dustin is awesome!!! My daughter left her first session feeling so hopeful and positive. She can't wait to go back and improve on her skills. Absolutely loved it!

Great great coaching. My son loves the program. He’s definitely coming back for more.

Coach Dustin was great! My son felt amazing after one session. Just seeing the techniques and how each drill was definitely top notch.

Coach Dustin is amazing! You can tell that Coach Dustin truly cares about the athletes that he's training, not only to improve their skills but to help them with life lessons as well. He's extremely thorough and doesn't rush the athletes into new training exercises without first warming them up in stages first to avoid injury. My son absolutely loved his session and was amped to be back ASAP to receive more training from, Dustin. He's well worth the money and the trip to Tomball. I highly recommend him.

Coach Dustin was great! My son enjoyed his session, felt the workout and knows this is what it’ll take to get him where he needs to be. Coach Dustin heard his goals and willing to help him get there. Highly recommend.

(no details provided)

Coach Dustin is outstanding! He is very knowledgeable about all aspects of training from assessment to forming a plan of action to evaluation. He worked week with Matthew and the session was worth every penny! He is approachable, a good listener and is very clear with the information he gives/explains. Wish we could have found him sooner.

Thank you, Coach D! My grandson’s speed and agility training sessions was the jumpstart he needed. Coach D, was very thorough in teaching each drill, and explaining/ communicating the importance of each drill.
This is an amazing coach! His Knowledge and Experience in this field will surely propel my grandson to the next level. Highly recommended!!!

Coach Dustin is very knowledgeable and willing to work with the athletic. While he is training, he also teaches and shows the athletic what to do and what he is doing wrong. I was very impressed. I would recommend him to anyone who has an athletic in sports.

Dustin was prompt, professional, and personable. Our son enjoyed working with him.

Coach Dustin is a great coach and we're really excited to continue my son's development as a DB with him. Thank you!!

Awesome coach! Coach Dustin really cares about helping my boys improve on their speed and help them to be the best they can be. Really glad we met Coach Dustin.

Had our first session with Coach Dustin yesterday and he was amazing! He doesn't sit on the sidelines and watch, he actively works with our daughter with every single exercise tactic. We are looking forward to future sessions with Coach Dustin and already feel confident that he's going to take our daughter to the next level!!

Exactly what we’ve been looking for. Very knowledgable and engaged. Recommend for any sport where power, acceleration, speed and change of direction are required.

(no details provided)

Coach Dustin is legit. He broke down all my son bad habits the first day. Coach is very knowledgeable and we will continue to work with Coach Dustin.

Excellent and knowledgeable about his craft

My son had his first session with Coach Dustin today, and every drop of sweat proves he is legit! Excellent personality and immediately made my son feel comfortable. Highly recommend!

Great trainer ! Dudes legit ! Glad to see him in Shreveport

Coach Dustin worked very well with my 9year old son. He was patient and very informative. He gave us great insight on how to better our athlete. I will definitely schedule more sessions.

My son absolutely loved working out with Coach Dustin! We will be back for sure.

My son had a great time training with coach Dustin and is very excited to continue!

Great energy and advice for a young receiver. Coach Dustin is a pro

I feel like coach Dustin has the knowledge, and the patients to help me meet my goals. He don’t just coach, he teaches you through your drills. I’m 100% positive after leaving there tonight I will see positive results down the road. Can’t wait to see my progression working with coach Dustin. Thanks coach.

Coach Dustin is great. He is helping me improve with speed, agility and is a great coach. He is kind and gives great constructive feedback. Would definitely recommend him.

My daughter’s goal is to get faster. I knew we had to get her to Dustin. In their first session he identified weaknesses, set goals and spent the whole 45 minutes working. Looking forward to seeing the improvement over the next couple months.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Dustin a great coach. He is very knowledgeable, patient, and a passionate motivator. He has helped my son gain a greater understanding of the game and realize he has the potential to grow and reach new heights. Not only has he gotten better, but his confidence in himself and his skills can be seen in b the way he plays. I would recommend Coach Dustin e anyone looking to advance their skills while having fun.

Dustin really focused on what will make a great track athlete: mechanics and strength. He is very knowledgeable about how to improve speed and explosiveness. We are super excited to work with him. He is fun, motivational and really personable.

Coach Dustin was great!!! He is extremely knowledgeable and did a great job with my two kids. After 1 session I know that we will he be able to take them to the next level. Definitely will be continuing the sessions.

Coach Dustin is a very knowledgeable coach! My first session was awesome. I expressed my goals, he evaluated my skills and showed me how to make adjustments to become more explosive when running.

Dustin is a great coach!! My kids loved his class and learned so much! It was such a great workout for them and great skill work too.

Coach Dustin and his team are amazing! We drive from Katy, 30 minutes away just to work with him and his crew. My 10 year old son loves the workouts and look forward to each session. His first day walking in a training session every trainer had small conversations with him, which is amazing to know that the training team builds a relationship with each child. They push each child to do their best. This is exactly why the drive is worth it! We are looking forward to working with this amazing team.

Highly impressed with Dustin’s knowledge and skill set. Facility is great but more important the workouts for my son was great for his improvement

Coach Dustin is extremely knowledgeable as a Mentor and Motivator. My nephew is preparing for his Jr. Year of High School Football in Mississippi. I brought him to Houston to specifically work with Coach Dustin for an immediate improvement to my nephews skills both physically and mentally.

Was informative and helpful on my first day on the different exercises we practiced.

Great Trainers, my 11year old daughter said “ I know I will be stronger and get my abs back working with them.”

(no details provided)

My son had a great first session with Coach Danzie. He is looking forward to working with him this summer.

Coach Dustin was a great coach he took his time to teach me every routine that we were starting. He explained to me what was needed to complete my goal and get where I need to be. I will recommend him in the future to my colleagues

Coach Dustin engaged with my son (Carson) from the beginning and set the tone for a great session. Carson was impressed and energized with the approach took. He is looking forward to continuing to work and become a better athlete.

He pushes the kids to excel emotionally and physically!

(no details provided)

Coach Dustin was great. My son left talking non-stop about it and even more excited to continue and learn more. Coach D showed patience and took the time to make sure my son learned the right fundamentals as well as teaching him why they were important and how they integrated into other aspects of football. I highly recommend Coach D.

Coach Dustin worked my son out good, he is definitely a top notch coach.

Coach D was amazing at showing my son a gray core workout on our first session. He had not seen or felt that with his football coaches. We will be buying some more training sessions with Coach D. Thank you so much!

Coach Dustin really knows his stuff, not only from a runners point of view, but was incorporating lessons that play towards my son’s sport, soccer. He worked with my son, who is a long strider, on making that first step explosive. Looking forward to how things progress as they continue to train.

EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL!! Has a personality and energy that meshes with pretty much anyone. Motivational and attentive... ALL AROUND GREAT

Coach Dustin was awesome! For the first time in my son’s athletic career, a coach explained how an exercise would apply to on-field play. My son is excited for more workouts!

Coach Dustin was awesome, he explained everything thoroughly but in a way where my 14 year old understood what she was doing right and why, what she was doing wrong and why, and what she need to work on and why. He truly helped her understand the importance of form and mechanics and gave her feedback including constructive criticism that motivated her to work hard in order to get better. After one session she is a believer as well as us, her parents. Amazing first session and looking forward to our future ones as well as the progress which we can see now will follow.

Awesome Job Coach Dustin! Our Son Loved working with Coach Dustin for the first time...very knowledgeable and open!!!!! He Loves the Kids!!!!!!

Coach D is absolutely amazing! We are so excited and happy to work with him! Thank you so much!

Coach Dustin is awesome! He takes time to really figure out what your athlete needs and customize the workouts to develop them.

Great lesson! Very good coach!

My son just had his first session with Coach Dustin and he was very impressed. He said he really knows what he's talking about and he is ready to sign up for more sessions.

Very knowledgeable and woke up muscles that my son didn’t even know he had. Looking forward to more sessions.

I like the way he took the time to learn the kid and see where he had to start to build. Great at communication and keep the kid interested.

Just 1 session gives you a sense of what Coach Dustin can instill in your athlete and the improvements that can be made. Looking forward to seeing the improvements in my son's abilities over the weeks/months to come. Highly recommend.

Coach Dustin was wonderful with my son. He was very encouraging and my son felt like he was a great mentor. We did a trial session and we are going to purchase a package for my son to continue working with him. I would highly recommend Coach Dustin.

(no details provided)

Coach Dustin was very professional. He really paid attention to what my sons needs are. We look forward to working with coach Dustin.

(no details provided)

Coach Dustin gave my son a great workout - and worked on building his confidence as an athlete. We are looking forward to more sessions with Coach Dustin - highly recommend him.

It was an absolute pleasure meeting coach Dustin. He is full of life and is an awesome coach. He is very knowledgeable and has the ability transfer that knowledge to the kids very well. We look forward to training with coach Dustin and know that he will make the difference for my son. If anyone wants to learn football coach Dustin is that guy.

Definitely will continue.

My daughter showed improvement in the first training session. She learning proper running fundamentals to excel in track and field. We look forward to more training with Coach Dustin.

(no details provided)

Coach Dustin was great. After just one session he brought things out of son I've never seen. My son loves him and we will book again.

(no details provided)

Great coach and knows what he’s doing.

My son is 16 years old he has been playing football since 7 years old & running track since 13 years old. We have meet a lot of coaches. Coach D is very knowledgeable my son told me mom as altlhlete Coach D gets it, he’s not one of those coaches who just wants you to just work and push you when you are not ready. He wants to make sure you understand and able to give 100 percent on the work out. I was impress to hear my son tell me that.
If you are looking to get your child to next level. Coach D is the coach to do that!

(no details provided)

Coach Dustin is exactly what we were looking for. We are so excited for him to get my daughter to the next level!

(no details provided)

Coach Dustin was phenomenal! It was our first experience and he was very professional and my son loved working with him. He quickly assessed my sons abilities and asked questions to discern what our needs/wants were and then quickly got work!! We will definitely be booking future sessions with Coach Dustin and look forward to the impact it has on my sons performance!

(no details provided)

Coach Dustin is exactly what we were looking for to help our young athlete to develop his running technique. My son's remarks were, "that was a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be" and "I can't wait to train again next Sunday". Thanks, Coach D! Enjoyed meeting you and thanks for your help. Look forward to working with you into the future!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

My son enjoyed the training. He’s looking forward to the next session.

(no details provided)

From the time we walked in the door Coach Dustin made us feel like we'd known each other for years. He is extremely personable and really makes his students the center of his attention while they're there. We had shared video of my son's track meets before our first session and he took the time to watch them, make notes, and create a training session that targeted specific areas of sprinting mechanics rather than just a general get-to-know-you workout. What is really key is his commentary during the session. He is a wealth of knowledge and experience and he does not hesitate in the slightest to share it, and he does so in a way that enables kids to understand and retain it. My son was very impressed by this saying that hearing why certain things were necessary was very helpful. He really feels that Coach D's goal is to make him faster and smarter, and the way he corrects form is very supportive. It's easy to see that he loves what he does and has a deep passion for helping kids realize and achieve their true potential. We're really looking forward to many more training sessions as we work toward the Spring track season. Thanks Coach D!

Great coach! Highly recommended. Very positive and highly motivated. Will definately book again!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Dustin was great! Very professional and patient with my son. He explained everything and encouraged him throughout the session.

Coach Dustin was AMAZING!

We feel so blessed to have found a coach with professionalism, integrity and a desire to help our child succeed. Coach Dustin was able to identify right off our son’s strengths and abilities while communicating hope and optimism providing guidance and constructive feedback. A TRUE role model for our son. Our son LOVED, LOVED working with him and has not stopped talking about him to-date. Words can't express how thankful we were for the opportunity to have our son train with Coach Dustin; he’s an incredible trainer and he CARES ABOUT THE KIDS teaching them not only in sports but also in life. Our son has been so excited since his first session asking how soon he can resume with his training. He's even working on changing his diet to eat healthier per the advice of Coach Dustin (LOL). Of course, as a parent I’m thrilled to hear that! We will MOST DEFINITELY resume training with Coach Dustin in the near future. Good coaches are hard to find and we found an EXCELLENT one and are so blessed and thankful to have found Coach Dustin! HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommended.

Coach Dustin is legit!! High energy, knowledgeable, but most important these young athletes leave the session with sharpened skills and confidence.

Very professional and educational

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Dustin was very hands on and knowledgeable regarding many aspects of football. After our first lesson, he was able to make my son comfortable with the planned workout. He communicates through the entire session and is more than willing to answer any questions. My son felt his passion and left fulfilled. He is a five star coach on here for reason!

(no details provided)

Very professional, highly recommended!

Dustin worked great with my Two boys. Can’t wait until our next session.

Very impressed with Coach Dustin, exceeded our expectations on our son’s first training. Loved what we saw. We will continue to use him.

Coach Dustin was awesome. Today was out the first lesson with him and he worked with both my daughter and son.

Even though it was his first time with them, and my kids have very different personalities, Coach Dustin was able to figure out how to motivate both of them quickly. They both really loved his energy and personality. They had a great time and worked hard. They were both already asking when the next lesson would be on the car ride home.

Great guy that I would highly recommend.

Coach Dustin arrives and gets right to work. He did a great job of pushing my 14 year old, while also encouraging him along the way. Workouts are tailored to meet your specific needs. My son is already asking me to schedule his next session.

First time with coach Dustin and it was everything I could hope for. Great Job!!!

Coach Dustin worked 2 sessions with Rudy our grandson so very impressed with his presentation. &drills for someone someone who hasn’t played on any team a glow of confidence in is face is awesome when Rudy gets back from holidays we want Coach Dustin to continue working with him Rudy’s Granparents

(no details provided)

We booked Coach Dustin for an hour today @ Meyer Park on Cypresswood. Very easy to find him, he communicates very well - and as far as the training - he put my 9 year old son through the ringer today. From the time we began - to the time we were done in an hour - he worked my boy harder, and pushed him - and I like the way he does it. He's got a great personality and you can tell from being around him for not more than 10 minutes that he's exceptionally good at what he does. I very much like the encouraging and motivational talk that he does while he's doing the workouts.

The other thing that he did which I thought was top-notch, was that he talks with me as a parent to let me know what we can do on our own at home in-between the sessions. He also explains to my son and me why he's having him do certain exercises or drills. How that incorporates into his leg drive, or how it relates to improving his speed, etc... So he's not just doing something because a coach told him, he explains it. Best yet - is that he does it in a way that my 9 year old totally understood.

After I leave this review we're going to book some more sessions with him. Thanks Dustin - we'll hopefully see you this next weekend!!!

Coach Dustin set up and was ready. Evan would like to work with him everyday if he could. Great Coach! Would recommend him to everyone. Knew he was good when we shook hands. He went out of his way to say hello to Mom and my daughter. Look forward to him working with Evan going forward. If anyone has a chance to work with this man, please do.

Coach Dustin help me a lot with my weaknesses and things to help build muscle. He helps me a lot with what i need to work on and how to make myself stronger and a better athlete

This is exactly what my son needed and my son was especially pleased with Coach Dustin' s temperament and coaching style. Many more to come.

(no details provided)

Coach Dustin was awesome. We initially wanted QB training for our son but after a couple of warm up drills he noticed our son needed improvement on proper running techniques. He quickly altered the training to focus on our sons weakness. He was extremely knowledgeable in his training and explained the science behind the drills. I have not doubt that within a couple of more sessions we will see improvement in our sons performance. The best part was his attitude and character, it wasn't just shouting, whistles and running. He motivated our son and made the training fun for him. Although our son was extremely sore the following day, he was already asking when his next training session would be. We are definitely scheduling more session with him.

(no details provided)

Coach Dustin was really professional and arrived on time.He knew what were my weakness and made sure to fix them.

Coach Dustin made my son feel confident and encouraged to get on the field. My son is hard to get close to but Dustin made him feel relaxed and willing to learn. He is a great person as well as coach.

My son took no time warming up to Coach Dustin, which is a surprise for this kid. He addressed my concerns that we had with other coaching styles. His techniques kept my son motivated and did not cause him to shutdown, like he's done in the past. Will defiantly return for more training.

Dustin is very good with my son! His 1st session was today & we will continue. My son had a smile on his face when Dustin encouraged him or when my son would miss the ball or slipped on a drill. Dustin made sure my son was learning and understanding what he was teaching but that he was confident in himself but having fun @ the same time. Very highly recommended!

Coach Dustin was great. I booked my son (who is 9) with Coach Dustin's try out package. He was professional, organized and communicated very well with my son. He worked with my son on the basic techniques and fundamentals which every player needs. My son have a great time and we will defiantly be back.

Coach Dustin was AWESOME!! After a few minutes of watching my son he determined his weakness and attacked it immediately. He is very detailed in explaining to my son what he wanted done. I think the best part is when he's teaching them the technique, and then he explains to them the importance/ significance of the technique. Extremely professional, and the guy flat out knows his stuff. U CAN'T GO WRONG WITH HIM!!!!

We hired Dustin to get my son ready for preseason. In two short weeks my son made substantial gains and was more prepared than we expected. Kudos. Great communication... Great work ethic... Great coach. Highly recommended.

(no details provided)

Coach Dustin is amazing with my son. He's patient and has taught my 7 year old some great technique and drills. He was very personable and encouraging and we look forward to working with him again and again.

My seven-year-old and I both loved working with Coach Dustin! He makes training fun, educational, and challenging. I'm extremely impressed with how well he connected with both my son and I. He definitely understands the science & psychology behind training and also has the people skills to wrap it up into a perfect package. He was very attentive to our needs and let us know up front what to expect from him as both a coach and mentor. When speaking with him you can truly tell that this is his passion and we are very excited about working with him in the near future!

Coach Dustin is absolutely the best coach! He is very attentive to the athletes needs and what they need to work on to become successful. We have been working with him for a little less than a month now and I see results and she feels really good about the training and her progress. If you're looking for a good coach you have found him.

My son Nick has had 2 sessions with Coach Dustin and will definitely be coming back for more. I can tell Coach truly cares about his clients and wants them to excel and get to that next level. He pushes Nick hard but still makes it fun. He's eagerly looking forward to future sessions... highly recommended !!

(no details provided)

Great first session today. JT really enjoyed it and learned a lot about the mechanics and form of running.

Great first session. Coach Dustin worked my son hard but made it fun and kept him motivated. He was prompt, prepared, and had a great attitude. Highly recommended!

Dustin was on time and ready to go. He was professional, encouraging and had patience with my son. Throughout the session Dustin was motivating my son to not give up and to continue to push. This session exceeded my expectations.

Dustin is great with Nate. I appreciate how he talks and interacts with him.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

He is amazing as a Coach and as a Mentor! Coach Dustin not only gave Konnyr valuable skill set but valuable life lessons as well! Thank you and we are very happy and thankful for Coach Dustin!

Coach Dustin: is the real deal. My son has trained with several coaches but never with one like coach d. An extreme mentor and definitely knows what to teach for athletes to reach there full potential and the next level.

Coach Dustin loves to work all the speed muscles (Core, Hamstring, Glutes, Quads, Calves, Hip Flexibility) and he takes pride in his athletes perfecting their running mechanics.
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