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I have been coaching football for the last ten years and am currently looking for WR's and DB's who want to take their game to the next level. View all coaching experience

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Tackling 101
In-Person Training for a single athlete

Tackling Fundamentals: My first football coach taught basketball was a contact sport, football was a collision sport. Truth is Football is full of collisions, which is why proper tackling is so important. Proper techniques... See More

Session Length: 50 minutes

$40 1 session + one-time fee

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WR: 100 touches week 1 (Available online September 10, 2020)
Online Training for a single athlete

WR: 100 touches week 1: is an online training designed for athletes of all levels. The training is broken up into two distinct sessions. Session one is 20 minutes of non-stop exercises that will help you become stronger, f... See More

Session Length: 40 minutes

$10 1 session + one-time fee

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WR: 100 Touches
In-Person Training for a single athlete

The ugly truth about practice is there is never enough reps to go around. WR: 100 touches is designed to get you meaningful reps, and meaningful touches. Truth is touches are are gold to WR's. This package is designed for ... See More

Session Length: 50 minutes

$40 1 session + one-time fee

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Initial Assessment
In-Person Training for a single athlete

The initial assessment is designed to provide a starting point and discuss an athlete’s short term and long term goals. During the assessment we will record a number of exercises and run times that will be used as a baseli... See More

Session Length: 30 minutes

$10 1 session + one-time fee

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  • Utah Valley University (UT)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Wide Receiver, Defensive Back

  • Tackling, Route Running, Pass Defense, Jamming, Hand Placement, Footwork, Cutting, Catching


  • Utah Valley University (UT)

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Wide Receiver, Defensive Back

  • Tackling, Route Running, Pass Defense, Jamming, Hand Placement, Footwork, Cutting, Catching

More About Coach Derrek

my name is Derrek Child and I have ten years of experience coaching Jr. High and High School football. Do you want to run faster, jump higher, be more explosive and be above the competition? If you answered yes I can help. Currently I am looking for WR's and DB's that are looking to take their game to the next level.

*Jr. Payson Lions. OL/DL Coach. Defensive Coordinator. League Champions 2012 and 2013
*Provo Jr. Bulldogs. OL/DL Coach. Offensive Coordinator. League Champions 2015 and undefeated Regular Season Champions 2016
*Provo Bulldogs off season training specialist.
*North Wake Saints. WR/DB Coach. Special teams coach. 2nd place in North Carolinas HSL.

NFHS Certificates
* Heads Up Football Certification
* Blocking and Defeating Blocks, Shoulder Tackling, and Equipment Fitting Certificate.
* Concussion in Sports Certificate.
*Heat Illness Prevention
*Sudden Cardiac Arrest

My athletic journey is atypical. My parents didn’t play sports, and I was the youngest and smallest in my grade. The first time I stepped onto a football field I was scrawny twelve-year who wanted to be the QB. First practice everyone who wanted to be the QB lined up and threw the ball as far as they could. My ball didn’t go far enough. That was okay I could still be a WR. Everyone who wanted to be a WR/DB lined up to run sprints. I wasn’t fast enough. The kids that had a mix of speed and size were made RBs and LBs, I wasn’t big enough to play on the line but that is where I ended up. When I say I ended up on the line I mean I was punching bag for the real the linemen. I didn't start or see much game time during my first two seasons, but I didn’t quit. In season number three, after spending the first two as human punching bag for kids twice my size, I started getting some playing time. The following season I was named a starting OLB for the Provo Bulldogs. Over the next two years I was named defensive player of the game multiple times, and started on both sides of the ball, OLB and TE. I was recognized at summer camps as a top linebacker and top TE. After high school I had an opportunity to play for Snow College in Utah under Coach Larsen, but I enlisted in the Marine Corps that summer instead. My perspective is different, because my journey was different. Most kids who were in a similar situation to mine quit before they really had a chance. Honestly that breaks my heart. I stayed dedicated to my Goal and achieved it, I became a starter, a leader, and was presented with an opportunity to continue my football career after high school. I coach to make sure everyone enjoys the game and is given a chance to succeed. I do that in two ways, first I teach them the fundementals of the game. Second I teach them to compete with themselves by focusing on getting better every day. These two things will help athletes exceed what their own expectations.

Each sixty-minute session is broken up into two distinct parts. The first half focuses on strength, mobility, speed and agility. The second half focuses on developing position specific fundamentals. Mix in a warm up and a cool down for a complete non-stop sixty-minute workout. Below is a standard class schedule.
• 00-05: Dynamic warm up.
o Five dynamic exercises 30 seconds each then repeat.
• 05-10 Ladder Drills
o Quick feet
o Proper running form
• 10-25: Three five-minute blocks. Each block consists of the following:
o Three minutes of strength and mobility exercise
o Two minutes of cardio
• 25-55: Three ten-minute blocks focusing on a position specific fundamental.
• 55-60: Cool down and stretch.

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Client Reviews

I recruited Coach Child to help coach my sons high school team. He knows football, knows how to teach football, and knows how to win. He respects every player on the team, and knows how to help each of them reach their full potential.
Coach Child is an amazing coach and played a big part in us winning the championship. He was able to bring the best out of each player, and his ability to coach up players and make adjustments in real time each gamein was incredible. We couldn't have won it without him.
Coach Child was a very knowledgeable and passionate line coach for our son. It was our sons first year playing and Coach Child’s passion has stayed with our son for the last 5 years. He is now preparing for his senior year and coach still checks in to see how he is doing. On the field he brought the intensity needed to teach his linemen to be disciplined and to complete their assignments with perfection. He taught all of them to compete at a high level and helped them exceed expectations with a victory in the league championship game. We love Coach Child, great coach and friend!
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