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1996 Atlanta Olympian. 24th year Head T&F Coach. 35 years of experience in HS, collegiate, and professional levels. Wash Post All-Met Winter Girl's T&F 16-17 Coach of Year View all coaching experience

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1 session package with Coach Clifford. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$85 1 session + applicable fees

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 session package with Coach Clifford. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$235 3 sessions ($78/ea) + applicable fees

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5 session package with Coach Clifford. 60 minute session length

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10 session package with Coach Clifford. 60 minute session length

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8 sessions in 4 weeks. You will be pair with other athletes currently working with me or you can form your own group.

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Review race or practice videos, consult on workouts, provide track and field feedback.

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  • Mount St. Mary's University (MD)

  • 24 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Sprints, Middle Distance

  • Sprinting, Running the Curve, Passing, Form, Baton Handoffs


  • Mount St. Mary's University (MD)

  • 24 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Sprints, Middle Distance

  • Sprinting, Running the Curve, Passing, Form, Baton Handoffs

More About Coach Clifford

*1996 Atlanta Olympian for Guyana.
*24th year as the head coach of the George C. Marshall Boy's and Girl's track team
*2020/2021 VHSL Northern Regional Merit Award Coach of the Year
*2016/2017 Washington Post Winter All-Met Girl's Coach of the Year
*8-time National Conference/District Coach of the Year
*USATF Level 1 Certified Coach
*USATF Safesport Validation Certified.
*Member of the Fairfax County Public School Coaches Advisory Committee
*Founder/Coach of the Training Group/Club - Corentyne Coasters

*Over the last seven years, the Marshall track and field team has collected 7 National District/Conference championships, 5 National District/Conference Runner-Up finishes, 1 Northern Regional Championship, 1 Northern Regional runner-up, and 1 Virginia State 3rd place finish.

8-year period (2015 to 2023)
• 5 individual State champions were crowned
• 3 State relay team champions were crowned
• 14 Individual Regional champions were crowned
• 6 Regional relay team champions were crowned
• 90 individual District/Conference champions were crowned
• 35 District/Conference relay teams were crowned
• 40 school records were set and still stand on the books
• 70 All-State Honors achieved
• 90 State Qualifiers
• 325 Regional Qualifiers

*Head Coach & Founder of Training/Club Group Corentyne Coasters.
*1996 Atlanta Olympian representing my native country of Guyana.
*35 years at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels.
*Full Scholarship Student-athlete at Mount Saint Mary's College - 12-Times Conference Champion including four (4) Team Conference titles.
*9-time Maryland State Champion including 2 Team State Championship at Forestville High School.
*Currently, 24th year as the Head Boy's and Girl's Track and Field Coach at a local high school in Falls Church, VA.
*The team has over 150 athletes per season winter and spring (over 300 over both seasons).
*Former Director of Operations for US Elite Track and Field International Club and a former personal trainer for Bally's Total Fitness.
*Founder and co-chairman of a non-profit organization established in 2001 that focuses on assisting Guyanese athletes with organizing overseas-based athletes to compete for the Guyana National Team.
*1999 graduate of Mount Saint Mary's University (formerly Mount Saint Mary's College) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.

Most sessions will start with a warm-up which usually at least 30 mins includes stretching, drills, and core work.
A workout will depend on the client's goals and what point of the season the training is gear toward.

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Client Reviews

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My son started working with Coach Clifford this spring and within just a few sessions he has learned so much and has made great improvements in his sprinting technique. My son is new this past year to sprinting, and not only has Coach Clifford helped him improve and make progress toward his goals, but one thing that stands out to me is that he is trying to stress to my son persistence and patience which is so important in reaching long term goals. He has a presence that teens can connect with. We look forward to continuing to bring our son to train with Coach Clifford! I have to add that he is also very flexible and responsive to email/texts, which I am so thankful for with our multiple kids/multiple sports schedule.

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Coach Clifford has been very patient with my 7 y/o son. Displays a ton of expertise in sprinting. I highly recommend and we will continue working with Coach Wong.

Coach Wong is a hands on Coach who goes the extra mile to teach, communicate, follow through, and show support. My daughter showed marked improvement immediately. I’m glad to have him in our corner!

Coach Wong is an exceptional coach. After just one session, my son has already begun to acquire the necessary skills for significant improvement as a track athlete. I wholeheartedly recommend Coach Wong to anyone looking to enhance their skills and succeed in their endeavors.

Coach Clofforf is a dream come true, inspiring, dedicated, a skilled professional in track and field. He exceeded our expectations and we look forward to so much more.

Coach Wong is an amazing coach who helped me hit PRs in both the 100M and 200M. I offer him my strongest recommendation.

Coach Clifford know his facts and wants the best for his runners!.

Coach Wong is an exceptional coach. My son, a junior in HS, plays football and runs track. Speed is critical to his success on the football field.

My 16 year old said: “Coach Wong is exceptional because he knows where I need to improve and gives me exercises to improve in that area. He pushes me farther than I think I can go.”

He is extraordinarily talented, patient and terrific with kids. I cannot recommend him enough!

We like Coach Wong - he's great! Provides tough workouts - making me faster! Strength training is great too.

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(no details provided)

Coach Wong has been an awesome coach! After 5 weeks under his tutelage, I've found myself making great improvements on the court (I'm a basketball player). The techniques he's taught me for improving my running form have led to an improvement big enough for even my coaches to recognize. I would highly recommend Coach Wong to any and everyone.

I can confidently say after my first session with Coach Wong certainly won’t be my last. He is very knowledgeable and explains the purpose behind every exercise. He is very patient and knows how to explain his methods in a way anyone can understand. Overall I highly recommend Coach Wong to anyone searching for a highly experienced sprint coach, because he is truly a one of a kind coach.

I can't give enough praise to Coach Wong, he is very responsive, professional and personable. I contacted Coach Wong to help my daughter continue to improve on her times and sprinting technique, as well as to educate her on proper strategy for running her different races. The 30 minute assessment, was the most valuable coaching my daughter has received in 6 years of running track. He was able to explain to her the purpose of the warm-up drills and how they help her running form, he explained how she should run the curves on the track, he identified the small running form adjustments that make a dramatic difference. My daughter is a bit shy but left the assessment very comfortable and excited to work with Coach Wong. She talked the entire ride home about her training and how much she likes and wants to train with Coach Wong. I highly recommend Coach Wong to any athlete interested in track and field. He is the real deal!

My son had his first workout with Coach Clifford yesterday and we couldn't be happier. First, Coach Clifford stood in the pouring rain to work with my son for an hour, it showed me his clear commitment and dedication to coaching. My son told me that Coach Clifford is patient and gave him useful, easy to understand, tips and advice. As a parent, Coach Clifford responds quickly to every question or concern I had and was helpful in getting me the information I need to ensure my son has what he needs and is in the right place at the right time. Coach Clifford is clearly an accomplished athlete and an outstanding Coach. If you need a track coach, I couldn't make a higher recommendation than Coach Clifford.

(no details provided)

Coach Clifford is amazing! We've been struggling to find my 15yr son a private coach or track club and I am so excited we found Coach Clifford. He was attentive and enthusiastic in the first session and my son loves him! Coach Clifford was also very quick in his responses and communication, including follow up discussion of how the session went. We highly recommend him!

Coach Clifford is a gem. He immediately connected with my shy Grand Dude as they discussed his reason for running track and his goals. Coach Clifford provided him with some practical tips that he can benefit from for an upcoming track meet.

Our entire family is super pleased and looking forward to future sessions.

It was a great first session with Coach Cliff. He definitely knows his stuff. He gave my son so much advice that I'm sure will go along way this track season. I highly recommend him!

Coach Clifford knows how to train athletes. No matter your sport it all starts with strength and conditioning and Coach can help you improve both.

Coach Clifford knows how to work with young athletes. He kept my 7-yr old engaged throughout the 1hr session. He wa very easygoing and shared a lot of tips on how to practice at home. At the end of the session, I have already observed improvement on my son's running posture. I would definitely recommend Coash Clifford to anyone.

(no details provided)

My daughter really enjoyed her session with Coach Clifford! He was very knowledgeable. My daughter connected well with his coaching style and personality. I think over time he will definitely show her exactly what’s necessary to excel in her track journey.

Coach Wong is very professional and knowledgeable. He was able to immediately spot the technical issues within my daughters running form and started making corrections during the very first session. I highly recommend him and look forward to having my daughter continue training with coach Wong in the very near future.

Coach Wong has provided outstanding training and guidance. I have already seen improvements in my son’s performance on the track. His knowledge and experience go a long way in providing real results! Thanks!

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(no details provided)

My son enjoyed working with Coach Clifford. He says the coach quickly identified his strengths and weaknesses and offered assistance with technique. Thanks, Coach Cliff!


Coach Wong has been great so far. He has been more than willing to work with our schedules and my son really enjoys his coaching style. He is straightforward into the point when it kind and caring coaching style. Can’t wait to get started on the next sessions.

1st time using a coach for my daughter. She had a fantastic experience and we will be signing up for more sessions. Coach Clifford is easy to talk to and put all of our concerns to rest immediately. My daughter looks forward to working with Coach Clifford in the future.

Coach Wong was great! He met my son on 2 hrs notice to help him prepare for a big showcase event. Already booked 2nd session and looking forward to other future workouts as well. Made things simple to understand and we’re already seeing positive results. Highly recommend him to anyone looking to increase their speed.

Working with Coach Wong over this past spring/summer has been a wonderful experience. My son was able to see improvement with his running techniques, stamina, and self-confidence which has helped him with football. What we loved most about Coach Wong is his expertise, professionalism, flexible schedule, encouragement and his overall enthusiasm when working with children. If you have a child that is looking to improve their running skills, I would highly recommend Coach Wong.

Coach Clifford was a great coach. He is was extremely flexible to accommodate my schedule. Coach Clifford made me feel comfortable very quickly, and made an effort to understand my goals and expectations. I am excited about the program and to continue working with him.

Coach Clifford is a very patient and knowledgeable coach. He took the time to work with my daughter and see what her strengths and weakness were and is working with her to ensure she learns the fundamentals and mechanics of running. This will enable her to build from a solid base as she progresses in the sport.

Impressed by Coach Wong. He immediately picked up on my same concerns regarding my daughters. I had already addressed these with their high school coach and there had been no improvements. We are really looking forward to working with him and seeing improvements!

My son recently had his initial assessment with Coach Wong. It went great! My son really enjoyed the session and wants to continue with Coach Wong. He liked the way he explained things and is excited to see how he can improve in the future.

On top of everything Coach Wong is extremely quick with his response and communication. That showed his professionalism and another reason we will look to continue with his training.

Great experience with Coach Clifford! He really coached my twins and I saw a difference immediately in my child while running. Both of my children enjoyed the session and said they liked him as a coach. And my kids are super picky! Overall great experience. He really worked with each one on their level and showed them techniques to help them. Definitely recommend!

(no details provided)

Coach Clifford was very outgoing. This was my daughter’s first session and she really enjoyed it. He asked her what were some of her goals and what areas she need improvement in. I’m looking forward to Coach Clifford helping my daughter develop into a better sprinter and over all athlete. I will definitely recommend him.

Coach Wong provided very helpful and effective feedback on my running mechanics. I learned new running drills to ensure a proper warm up before starting a sprint workout. In my new journey to pursue competing in the 400m hurdles again, he took the time to learn about my current and long term goals. I also appreciate his high level of enthusiasm and professionalism! I highly recommend Coach Wong!

Coach Clifford Wong is terrific! He has helped me coordinate a small group clinic for my 10 year old son and a few friends who are new to track and field. Coach Wong made the coordinating easy and was a pleasure to work with from the first moment I made contact. He’s responsive, prompt, upbeat and inspiring. The boys immediately established a connection with him and the parents did too. Coach Wong came prepared with fun games, a great outlook, a good athletic agenda to introduce the boys to track and field, and to top it off he brought music. They had a super time and can’t wait for class #2. With all the restrictions and challenges children have been facing with COVID-19 and school closures, finding Coach Wong was a real blessing. I highly recommend Coach Wong.

Amazing coach! Coach Wong quickly gained rapport with my somewhat timid and inexperienced daughter. He is very perceptive and is teaching her an athletic mindset. Within a couple sessions, he corrected her running form and enabled her to gain tremendous confidence. He teaches my daughter exercises and running drills as well as encouraging her to create her own training between sessions. Definitely knowledgeable. She is looking forward to continue with him.

Coach Wong conducted an extremely productive session! As a former athlete, it reminded me of the days that I was in top form. The experience gave me hope that I can reach my goal!

(no details provided)

Great session with Coach Clifford!

In my first session, Coach Clifford already broke down many parts of my form that needed improvement and helped me work on them with various drills. Very great coach!

Coach Wong has so much experience and such a great manner dealing with athletes. He’s kind, persistent, and focused on track.

My son really enjoyed working with Coach Clifford! He evaluated his sprinting and gave him things to work on, and advice on how to take it to the next level! We also found him very personable and encouraging. We highly recommend him!

We enjoyed working with Coach Wong.

(no details provided)

Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Had tips for form and speed. Took time and was patient with my daughter who was very inexperienced. I would definitely recommend.

Coach Clifford was a great coach for my son and is patient and understanding. Coach Clifford also responded to our request really fast. My son looks forward to working with Coach Clifford long term.

(no details provided)

Coach Wong is exactly what you want in a coach....motivational, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and talented. His sessions are structured, fun, and result in growth. He does diagnostics, provides clear instruction and gives specific feedback. Signing up for more sessions to benefit from his development program and expertise.

I have had few sessions with coach Clifford. So far he seems very good, though it is hard to rate someone with few sessions. He however, has been willing to accommodate my specific needs, as I do not have a regular lung capacity as other people. He is a really good person, as I have noticed that he tries to help me however he cans. He pushes me to do my training and believes in my capacity to do better. I started coaching with him relatively late for an event I want to compete for track and field, but he has put a lot of emphasis in the lifting and cycling of my legs, and also in my warm ups. I really believe the longer you work with him, the better you can get.

Excellent Coach. My daughter had a great time working out with him and she can't wait for her next session. Very knowledgeable and good with kids, very responsive as well. Can't ask for more.

(no details provided)

Coach Wong was excellent with communicating with me about my goals and was extremely responsive when messaging back and forth. He is great to work with during training. 5 stars all around.

Coach Clifford was able to fix my son’s running bad habits quickly, and gave him good tips for running efficiently.

Immediately spotted what my son needed to focus on to improve his control and speed

Good Coach. He uses great training techniques to help improve performance. I immediately noticed better results in my running after the first week.

Great session for Catherine. Thank you

My daughter has been running sprints for several years and in just one session Coach Wong gave her great input on ways to improve her technique and lower her times. He clearly enjoys coaching and working with people. He communicates well, listens carefully, and ably demonstrates the techniques he is teaching. He put a lot of emphasis on warming up and training the right way to minimize the risk of injury. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the session. We both highly recommend Coach Wong.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Clifford was an excellent coach. He was patient and really helped my son understand the fundamental needed to improve as an athlete.

Coach Clifford is fantastic; very positive and patient with my 9-year old son. He keeps it fun so my son is motivated to keep working hard and is really enjoying his sessions.

(no details provided)

Very knowledgeable and passes it on effectively. You don't stop until you get it right. Very thorough in teaching technique. My 8 year old says he's tough but she can't wait to engage in his next session.

My daughter is new to track and Coach Clifford is extremely patient and fun yet tough enough to help her learn. It is obvious that he knows how to teach a runner proper form and how to take care of their bodies. I highly recommend him for any level!!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Clifford did a good job in teaching the fundamentals on the first session.

My 12 year old is eager to continue to train with Coach Clifford! After only one session he feels like a brand new athlete. The coach is very knowledgeable and the session was very productive.

When I signed up my son, he was not too thrilled about it. I had to drag him for the session. Just after one session, he is really thrilled and motivated. He is already looking forward for his next session. Coach Clifford is very good in getting kids do their best. Thank you coach.

(no details provided)

Coach Clifford has really helped our son with his training. He has a great attitude and cares about his clients.

Coach Clifford took time to instruct my 14-yr-old daughter on her mechanics and form. He provided great feedback and was very easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend him as a coach to anyone looking to improve their skills.

Coach Clifford is a super great coach. He supports you with the proper technique and the proper exercises to improve yourself and to meet your goals. I highly recommend him. You will not be disappointed.

Coach Wong has coached my kids in track for the last four years. He pushes them to excel while teaching them proper technique. He challenges them to do their best on and off the field. He always encourages them and provides great feedback so they can improve after each event. He is an example to them in his own actions and in what teaches. He expects hard work and dedication but also gives it back in return. I feel very fortunate that my kids have been able to benefit from Coach Wong's experience, knowledge, and expertise.
You are a special and terrific coach and Marshall, but especially the kids, are really lucky to have you! I know you really make a difference in their lives and teach them much more than running!
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