Clark Coe, Carteret, NJ Football Coach

Clark Coe



Professional Football Player currently in Free Agency waiting for an opportunity. Former Monmouth University Standout, who has had in experience in every level of Pro Football. View all coaching experience

This coach is unavailable to take clients at this time.

Training Locations
  • Monmouth University (NJ)

  • 4 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Offensive Line, Defensive Line, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Running Back, Linebacker, Defensive Back

  • Throwing, Tackling, Special Teams, Route Running, Pass Defense, Jamming, Hand Placement, Footwork, Cutting, Catching, Blocking


  • Monmouth University (NJ)

  • 4 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Offensive Line, Defensive Line, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Running Back, Linebacker, Defensive Back

  • Throwing, Tackling, Special Teams, Route Running, Pass Defense, Jamming, Hand Placement, Footwork, Cutting, Catching, Blocking

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More About Coach Clark

• Created my own Sports Performance Group called "Next Level Culture". Partners & investors include Carteret's Mayor, Test Football Academy Dicks sporting Goods, Health & Fitness Professional Therapy, and many more in-town businesses.

•Looking to expand nationally!

•Apart of the Pro Coaches Panel for Test Football Academy's Clinic In Summer of 2016 and 2017. Bernadsville Football High school went to the State Championship this past season for the first time in over 20 + years!

•Monmouth University Football All Sports Camp Coach: Coached All sports Camp 3 years during college career

•Sports Coached: Soccer, Baseball, Football, Basketball, Lacrosse, and Track from ages from 6-15

Former Carteret High School Standout who played in the Snapple Bowl All-Star Game following his all-conference senior season. Went to Mount Ida for his freshman year where he was one of the 3 true freshmen that saw significant time that season. Went onto Monmouth University Football where he had an amazing career there. He finished as an All-Conference player who obtained the "Unsung Hero" award for invaluable contributions to the team’s success his Senior Season. He went on to train for his NFL Pro Day but unfortunately had an Achilles injury that was very hard to bounce back from. He bounced back and had the opportunity to play professional football for the Arena League for Cedar Rapid Titans & Green Bay Blizzards recently. His goals are to advance to the Canadian Football League ( CFL) and gain an opportunity to play in the NFL in the near future. Hard work and dedication provide the fuel that he needs to keep grinding and pursuing his dreams. He has overcome two Achilles injuries and is currently a Free Agent still working hard! In the meantime, he has completed his Personal Trainer Certification Course Level 2 at Body Design University and is working on completing his NASM CPT & Sports Performance Enhancement certifications that will allow him to help lead & elevate Next Level Culture to new heights!

A typical session would start off with stretching first and foremost. I stress the importance of stretching to all my clients because it not only prevents future injuries, but it also separates the good from the great. Being flexible can enhance your game performance over 50%. After we stretch, we go straight into the footwork and agility drills. Having great footwork and agility is important especially when the athlete has to be able to have full body control when doing different movements on the field. After that we will go through explosive speed drills, and every drill will be explained in-depth. I'm not here to just put guys into drills and think "Yeah this will work because you're tired and sweating", I want each client to know why each drill serves a purpose and how it will improve their abilities as well. Then after, we do conditioning where I will give my clients a conditioning test that has been used in the pros and Division 1 level as well. My clients will not only be physically in shape, but they will also be mentally prepared for the future whether they're going to pursue their career in college or even in the pro level. 95% of this sport is mental and the rest is physical. By booking me, my client will be fully prepared for the present and future!

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Client Reviews

Clark is a great speed coach.

He has the patience and mentality I wish was instilled in me during highschool. The background he gives on the exercises put me into the mindset that I would be in on the field.

Goes at your pace, but pushes you to better yourself at the same time. Really nice guy, who is willing to help you reach your goals. This was my first experience with this app and with Coach Clark and it did not disappoint!

(no details provided)

Coach was great cant wait 2 see where he has my son at skill wise by next year

(no details provided)

The most valuable thing that I have ever done for my sons. Coach Clark is a motivator, professional, and enthusiastic. The kids were excited and like his style. I can see the difference from the first lesson. It was an assessment session, but definitely, we will continue with him. I strongly recommend him to anyone.

Great encourager, enthusiastic and relatable ! A coach who works well with his players

My 14 year old son who plays linebacker just started training with Coach Clark and he was fantastic. He is professional, friendly and polite My son felt great after his assessment and he can't wait to come back and train again.

After just one session of what I will be many more, I must say I am very impressed with Coach Clark's professionalism and knowledge. He made my daughter feel confident in her ability and I have never seen her smile so much after a practice, she is looking forward to her next session as am I.

Coach Clark was a great coach! He helped me gain a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and gave me tools to improve my game. Highly recommend!

(no details provided)

Great heart, great session. Highly recommended. Coach Clark finds the weakness and supplies the cure. Great insights into the business too.

Great session and guidance.

Awesome training session with coach Clark, I'm confident I've chosen the right coach for my son's development. Look forward to my son continuing training with coach Clark

Just with my first session with Coach Clark, I can already tell that he will push me to my limit and get me to where I need to be. He is very amazing and I can’t wait for my next session!!

Enthusiastic and on point!

Absolutely incredible experience. As soon as my nephew met Coach Clark he made him feel comfortable and got him excited to train. He woke up sore the next day and the first thing he asked was when is my next training session. Thank you Coach Clark can't wait to see how Jay grows as a player and person with your training.

Coach Clark is great at identifying strengths and weaknesses and then implementing drills to help you grow as an all around player. An innovative coach with high energy and a passion for the game. I have plans to walk onto a NCAA team after not playing football for six seasons and Coach Clark is getting me right. Already seeing a difference in my technique after only a little over a month. Phenomenal Coach.

Fantastic coach! He is very encouraging and very personable. He played at a D1 college so he knows a lot about football and the mechanics/techniques. He is a great teacher and will help you through things you don't understand and will encourage/train you to where you want to go. I have enjoyed my training with him so far and will be continuing!

Help improved my speed and footwork!

Coach Clark was fantastic. Would thoroughly reccomend. Thank you Clark!

I had a great training session with him, gave me great drills and I feel like I could take my game to a whole new level if I continue training with him:

Coach Clark is a great coach and mentor to my son, who has learned a great deal from him. He has great knowledge and understanding of the game. He focuses on fundamentals and training. He is motivating and fun to be around. I would highly recommend Coach Clark.

My 16 year old texted me, "Beat Coach Ever!" When we talked he said he Coach was very motivational and positively pushed him to his limit. Automatically picked up on the weaknesses and began to work on improving them - My son could not have been more impressed with Coaches knowledge and work ethic. Thrilled that we chose Coach Coe and have many more sessions booked!

Awesome coach! Great attention to detail with an ability to break and slow things down in order for me to better understand how to do the drill correctly, as well as understanding the purpose of the drill and how it translates to the game. Motivating, kind and professional and boy did he make me WORK!

Thank you Coach Clark for taking time out to work with Tyree. He was very excited about today's session and looking forward to more. He is do excited about learning the sport and he is confident that he will improve tremendously.

All I can say i was definetly satisfied and great full to the work Coach Clark gave my son Zackary. Im into small things that make any athlete better ex: technique, and detail cause you need to know why are you doing this and that. Observing Coach from afar he was doing that, every drill he presented my son was something you know he can use in a live game. Zackary enjoyed him also and trust me if he did not it woud be a hard sell
to get him to give effort. Definetly will
continue to work with Coach to prep Zack for the up coming season.

The session was really good , the training was a good workout and you Clark was always in tune and focus on my son

From Day 1, he was the same consistent, loyal, hard working athlete that I've known. And he has done nothing to waiver from that commitment to remain consistent in his goal to play professional football. And I think there are people that say they want to do that... and there are people that show up and speak with their actions... And I will tell you from personal experience, that man speaks SOO LOUD and doesn't say a WORD. - (you tube - Clark Coe's Operation Comeback)
Clark is a special person... He takes advantage of the situation, and he gets everything that he can out of the situation... And you can do nothing but respect when a athlete comes in, and does that for you and your program. - (you tube - Clark Coe's Operation Comeback)
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