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A Certified Strength Coach that develops 12 week online personalized programs to help all who want to gain the strength they desire for whatever life brings. View all coaching experience

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  • Northwestern College (IA)

  • 20 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Olympic Weightlifting, HIIT, Powerlifting, Nutrition, Weight Loss

  • Trx, Speed/ Agility, Explosiveness, Deadlift, Back Squat, Balance, Bench Press, Flexibility, Front Squat, Lower body strength, Power Clean, Snatch, Upper Body Strength, Core Conditioning, Clean and Jerk, Medicine Ball Workouts


  • Northwestern College (IA)

  • 20 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Olympic Weightlifting, HIIT, Powerlifting, Nutrition, Weight Loss

  • Trx, Speed/ Agility, Explosiveness, Deadlift, Back Squat, Balance, Bench Press, Flexibility, Front Squat, Lower body strength, Power Clean, Snatch, Upper Body Strength, Core Conditioning, Clean and Jerk, Medicine Ball Workouts

More About Coach Brian

Coaching strength and conditioning to athletes and non-athletes alike for over 20 years from High School to those who just want to change their lives, has really developed my passion to helping people of all ages reach their strength and conditioning goals. Fitness is strength and conditioning, whereby we are lifting weights of all sorts to develop our overall body strength and conditioning our cardiovascular system to hence our endurance level to participate in sports or be able to keep up the with kids as we grow older.

As a certified Bigger Faster Stronger strength coach as well as a certified USA Weightlifting Sport Performance coach, you will have the opportunity to learn multi-functional programs to help your body reach your goals faster and more proficient without the risk of injury. My programs are always done with full range of motion in order to develop your flexibility and overall strength as we go through the program.

I would love the opportunity to enhance your overall strength and enhance your conditioning level to better your quality of life. Here are the 5 key benefits that a strength and conditioning program enhances: 1) blood flow throughout the body, 2) strengthens muscles, tendons, and bones, 3) Reduces risk of injury and chronic disease, 4) regulates weight and 5) improves posture. Start today, you have nothing to lose, except weight, some chronic diseases, sleepless nights, and attitude, other than that, lets get going!

As a high school and college football and track athlete, I have had the opportunity to learn exercise, flexibility programs and strength programs to enhance all levels of athletes to greatness. From powerlifting to Olympic lifting, I have had the opportunity to learn it all. Let me help you become that athlete that you have always dreamed about.

Session Objective:
- Empowering you to increase your strength and enhance your cardiovascular to live a life of activity.

Session Overview:
1) Warm-up
2) Core lifts
3) Auxiliary Lifts
4) Cardiovascular training
5) Flexibility

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Client Reviews

Great coaching! Max enjoyed the session with coach Brian.

(no details provided)

Great session!

Brian was very amazing at teaching and overall just understanding what I needed to be successful for session.

Great coach! Great technique training!

(no details provided)

My daughter was immediately throwing better on her first session. Coach Brian knows his stuff, and most importantly, knows how to get the points across to the athlete.

Hello my son, Jackson did many sessions with Coach Brian. Jackson’s football skills improved tremendously. Thanks again Brian!

I wanted to take a moment to share with everyone the amazing experience my son had during Coach Brian's linebacker training session. It was truly impressive and exceeded our expectations.

Coach Brian is a skilled and experienced coach who knows how to bring out the best in his players. He was able to break down the techniques and strategies in a way that was easy to understand and apply for my son. He pushed my son to challenge himself and helped him to improve his skills significantly.

I was particularly impressed with Coach Brian's ability to connect with my son on a personal level. My son felt comfortable asking questions and seeking feedback, which is a testament to the positive and encouraging environment that Coach Brian cultivates.

Overall, I highly recommend Coach Brian's linebacker training session to anyone looking to improve their skills on the field. His expertise and passion for coaching are truly remarkable, and I am grateful for the opportunity my son had to learn from him.

Coach Brian did an excellent job with my boys. He threw a lot at them and they responded well. Would definitely recommend him to anyone.

(no details provided)

Brian is a great coach and extremely patient with my daughter. He finds new ways to teach her and adjusts as needed to ensure she stays engaged and understands the technique she is trying to learn. Would recommend to anyone looking for throwing lessons and to further their skills.

Great job working with our son and makes him work for quick results.

(no details provided)

Coach Brian is AWESOME!! He listens to what you are trying to achieve and was able to make an impact right off the bat. My son was very comfortable with him, which made it very easy for him to receive constructive feedback. Don't hesitate to book Coach Brian, you won't regret it!

Brian was professional in his assessment of my son’s abilities. He was able to identify his weaknesses and develop a plan of action after the first session.

Great coach

Great 1st session. Coach identified where the athlete needs the most work and created a plan tailored for him.

Great strength coach! Both of the my boys gained strength…and it showed on the field!

Brian was great with my 12 year old ! He showed my son things he was doing wrong and taught him the right way ! He loved it and said he learned a lot in just two practices! I would highly recommend Brian !

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Brian was great with my son. Very patient and knowledgeable. You can tell he loves working with kids and helping them improve what they live to do.

(no details provided)

Solid coaching

Brian was great! I have full confidence that he will help whip our son into shape before the football season starts.

Coach Brian is such a good coach. he is punctual, passionate, knowledgeable, positive. his training plan is well-designed, he is good at providing precise instruction towards my technical skills. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to be better in sports.

Coach Brian was awesome. He is so positive and encouraging. My daughter had a great time and learned alot.

Coach Brian is fantastic. Great approach with kids, and after just a month of working with him, my son has regained his proper running form and is now working on strength. I highly recommend him for athletes regardless of age.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Brian was amazing. We think that working with him is going to really help my son with all aspects of football.

Coach Brian did an excellent job of helping our kicker/tight end. He really listened to what we were looking for in a private coach. I would highly recommend Coach Brian for all positions in private coaching.

On time, personable, obviously knowledgeable and experienced. Had a nice rapport going with my son.

As a parent it's great to see a positive role model for my son.
Great leaning techniques for his everyday play.

(no details provided)

Coach Brian is an excellent coach, I would recommend him to anyone!

My son is learning a lot from coach Brian and defining his football skills! He looks forward to his sessions and likes that coach Brian gives him things to work on at home!

My son was beginning discus in high school for the first time. Coach Brian developed a very solid starter plan, not only teaching basics, but seriously preparing him for the next level, and building confidence in a strategic and effective way. Coach Brian is thoughtful and encouraging, instilling strong foundations in technique as well as critical workout plans for overall success. I highly recommend Coach Brian for beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Great session

(no details provided)

My son has played football for most of his grade school career and not once have the coaches taught him drills or speed training. ( well, maybe a few footwork drills but that’s it) Now that he is going to play in college he needed to up his level of speed and agility. Coach Brian has been excellent in teaching my son some of the very necessary drills to do just that. Coach Brian is also professional, on time and always quick to respond to a message. Our experience has been nothing but positive!

(no details provided)

Coach Brain was awesome. Took me back to the roots of working out “Body weight and running”.

(no details provided)

Our son had his second session with coach Brian. We saw immediate improvement and he really enjoys working with coach. He is able to match the training to the individual and very quickly assesses what the athlete needs and how they learn. Absolutely thrilled to have found him.

(no details provided)

Coach Brian is awesome! After just a few hours together he had corrected old technique errors and increased kaitlyns distance by a few feet. I can't wait to see what will happen after even more time together. Thank you!

(no details provided)

Coach Brian's coaching was very helpful to get my son back on track with his training. In only one session, my son had more confidence in his abilities and also received an excellent workout. With no complaints afterwards, my son asked when he could train again with Coach Brian. It's great to see positive, forward progress in such a short period. Thank you!

Coach Brian is fantastic! I am a 32 year old female who used to be very athletic and am now trying to get back into shape. I have a number of old and recent minor injuries that have kept me from meeting my goals on my own. Coach Brian has tailored every one of our workouts to 1) prevent further injury and 2) help train the injuries away through strengthening exercises. I highly recommend investing in yourself with Brian's help!

Coach Brian is a amazing coach, he helped me improve in a lot of different categories. I feel like a better athlete then ever before.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

I had a great first session with Coach Brian, and I'll definitely be going back for more. I'm certainly a nontraditional member here, 38, and not participating in any competitive sports, but I appreciate his knowledge of effective form and technique for strength and lifting and looking forward to working together for a long time to build up my strength and health. Thanks Coach Brian!

Coach Brian went above and beyond to help me. I contacted him for a crash course in football and through his expert, knowledgeable, and patient coaching I was able to learn a ton in a short amount of time. His background informs a wide range of skills from football to power-lifting, Coach Brian has the know-how for any sport you might want to improve in. Can't say enough about him, just an awesome coach!

(no details provided)

Coach Brian was on time, great at communicating and my daughter threw a PB during her first coaching session. We will definitely be signing up for more sessions!

Coach Brian gave a great introduction of throwing to my daughter. He explained things well and gave her a good understanding of proper techniques. She really enjoyed the session and wants to continue to learn with Coach Brian.

My Daughter and I went in for a training and after the training session we felt extremely good. He gave us a few techniques and we felt them the next day. Just what we were looking for. We are looking forward to what he has in store for us next.

Today my son had is first session with Coach Brian. With all the reviews of people that had a lot of experience I wondered how Coach would handle a true beginner. It went GREAT! My son really enjoyed the session and will keep coming. He learned a whole lot today and is now interested in becoming a track and field thrower. Thanks Coach

Coach Brian met with us and went through a intense evaluation session. Brian studied some video of my son and pointed out what my son needs to work on and how to achieve desired results before the next session.
After meeting Brian we are sure he will be able to help my son reach his goal to become a much better athlete.
Thanks Coach Brian.

I decided to tryout for the USA Women's Skeleton team. My initial tryout was terrible. I then look for help. In 6 weeks, Coach Brian helped improve my 15 meter by .27! Now 9 weeks later I am down another .05! If your serious he can help you. I would recommend sprint technique with weightlifting sessions to maximize results.

After many years of trying to find the right strength coach, I finally found the right one with Coach Brian! He not only makes the workouts fun but makes them challenging as well. His training and techniques are like no one else’s. In just six weeks of training twice a week, I’ve increased my strength and running stamina twofold. And as an endurance athlete, my strength is a huge contributing factor to running faster. I would highly recommend Coach Brian to anyone!

Coach Brian is great to work with! My son really enjoys working with him and after only two sessions my son is learning new techniques, strategies, power programming and is able to quickly implement Coach Brian's recommendations and best practices! Getting ready for his Junior year in high school, it is important for my son to be strategic in getting to the next level and we are seeing very positive results! Coach Brian develops great rapport and manages the training and coaching clock well! I can't wait to see where my son is just 1 month from now! Coach Brian really "gets it!" Thx tons Coach Brian!
Scott N.

Coach Brian is a great person to work with. He has helped my daughter improve her speed very much in only one session. He is now starting to coach her in discus and she had already picked up some of the technique.

We've only had one session with Coach Brian and I can already see the numerous ways this is going to benefit my son. From conditioning drills to techniques and tips, I'm really looking forward to seeing how this will help my son step up his game and become a better football player.

Great customer service - fast response, accommodating w/ schedule and location, wants to help train athletes to achieve their peak performance

My son and I from Ukraine. My son dreams all the times about playing the football. So, we all were very excited about his new coach - Brian. We like him very much. He knows everything about football. He understands my son's needs and desires. Nice job, coach Brian.

This was the first practice session, but per my son he got a lot out of the session, worked hard, and is looking forward to continued coaching sessions with Coach Brian.

Coach Brian has been absolutely fantastic coaching my son. He uses positive techniques to motivate him and each session has helped his skills drastically. My son has gone from bench warmer to starting right tackle. I would highly recommend Brian's training sessions. His knowledge of football and many other sports is truly impressive! Brian definitely has what it takes to get you to the next level.

In a very short time, Coach Brian helped our daughter improve her throwing skills tremendously. She increased her shot put throw by over 3 feet and her discus by over 20 feet in just 5 sessions. He has helped ensure a spot for her as a top state competitor in the sport. He set clear goals, adjusted her technique, and helped her to build confidence! He has a great attitude, is dependable and enthusiastic about taking athletes to the next level. He is extremely knowledgeable not only about throwing technique, but also strength and conditioning. Brian has a great way of explaining what he wants the athlete to do and why it's important. We received detailed, written feedback from him after every practice. Our daughter is looking forward to working with him throughout her high school career. We would highly recommend Brian!!

Brian was a great match for my son. He was able to analyze his current skill set and focus on the areas that needed improvement. My son was able to develope quick rapport with Brian and gained immediate respect for him because of his professional input. My son has been able to gain feedback from his school coaches relating to his improvement. Brian's experience as a Track/Field coach was also helpful for my son's first year as a thrower. I highly recommend Brian for anyone wanting to improve their football skills and more knowledge of the strategy of the game.

Coach Brian has worked with my daughter several times. He has done an amazing job! I would recommend him very highly. He is very knowledgeable and personable. He is a great fit for my daughter. My daughter has more confidence and happiness in her sport now. It is a pleasure to see her loving the sport and her hard work. This is 100% due to Coach Brian. His knowledge is not limited to jut the throwing techniques. He has also incorporated streangth training which she does not receive at school at this level. Also, he addresses the mental game as well. For a young athlete, this is vital. I know my daughter will be the best she is able to be because of the skills, dedication, caring and support from Coach Brian. Thank you does not even begin to explain my appreciation.

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