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Brian B.

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Experienced Coach with 20+ years of experience looking to work with goal-oriented athletes in the weight room to prevent injury and maximize athletic potential. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Aerobic, Conditioning, Cross Training, HIIT, Nutrition, Tabata Training, Weight Loss

  • Balance, Flexibility, Lower body strength, Upper Body Strength, Medicine Ball Workouts


  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Aerobic, Conditioning, Cross Training, HIIT, Nutrition, Tabata Training, Weight Loss

  • Balance, Flexibility, Lower body strength, Upper Body Strength, Medicine Ball Workouts

More About Coach Brian

Coach with 20+ years of experience working with athletes of different abilities & backgrounds. Numerous Coach of the Year Awards in Cross Country, Swimming & Track and loves working with goal-oriented athletes of all sports.

All-Conference & State qualifying athlete in high school. Team Captain of three sports and awarded MVP & Most Improved athlete by the coaching staff.

Sessions are sport-specific and geared to improve on an athletes weak areas. This Summer I will be focusing on Middle School & High School age athletes in Central Ohio preparing for the upcoming Fall/Winter Sports seasons (Field Hockey, Golf, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming & Basketball). An assessment is done with each athlete the first session to determine what areas to focus on during our weekly training.

Facility costs are included and I frequently sue video analysis to make sure the athlete is using proper form and to greatly reduce the chance of injury. I incorporate Olympic Lifts, free weights, resistance bands, kettle bells, med balls and numerous other funs pieces of equipment to get the most out of each athlete(s).

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Client Reviews

Great coach

Great instructor. Very patient with the athlete. His knowledge base is impeccable. I highly recommend him.

Coach Brian was outstanding! My daughter is swimming so much better now. He Used Technics I have never seen before. He's able to relate to the athlete in a way that the athlete produced results.

Coach Brian was excellent. He helped me focus on the areas I most need to improve to achieve my goals.

Coach Brian was very personable and easy to get along with, but was equally thorough in his approach to my training. He quickly got a sense of where I was at with my swimming, and was able to clearly articulate my strengths and weaknesses. He used video and experiential exercises in the pool to make sure I understood what he was getting at. His instructions for improvement were focused and practical; he gave me plenty of drills that I'm looking forward to implementing in my next workout. Excellent coach!

Brian is a great coach. His demonstrations are clear and I really like his way of coaching. He also video taped my swimming and sent me the videos so that I could see myself which part I should work on. He gave me lots of advice on how I should practice by my own too. This is really helpful. I highly recommend him!

Coach Brian was great! Julia has been on a few different teams since she's started swimming and she took more away from an hour working with Brian than she has when any other coach. Instead of just swimming lap after lap, he actually showed her ways to improve her stroke and how to be more efficient. He was patient and Julia really likes working with him. Thanks!

Smart and professional!

Absolutely wonderful session! Brian is very knowledgable with swimming & compassionate when teaching. He videoed my son so he could see what was going on & how to improve. Thank you so much & already more sessions planned!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Brian was able to immediately assess the areas my daughter needed to work on for competitive swim. After just one lessons she felt like she had already improved in her areas of weakness. He used many great techniques including video analysis, and she really enjoyed his coaching style.

Coach Brian was patient, encouraging and a really good teacher. I learned a lot and have so much to work on. If you're a new swimmer, like me you will be very comfortable with Brian. Give him a try!

Coach Brian had my daughter showing huge improvement 10 minutes after working with her. I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone. He recorded her and used the info in real time to help improve her starts, which grabbed her interest right away. Thank you again.

(no details provided)

Coach Brian was very helpful in my child's first session. He spent time identifying issues in my son's mechanics and was able to give him exercises and drills to help improve.

(no details provided)

As a fitness professional and age group triathlete I can appreciate what it means to be a great teacher- coach Brian is that coach! He has a great way of breaking things down so that they are easy to understand. His program design is helping me breakthrough my plateaus. Thank you for all of your help.

Great coach! Enthusiastic, patient, and very helpful!

Coach Brian is excellent. My son absolutely enjoyed every single session. He found Coach Brian to be very helpful, motivating, encouraging, knowledgeable and practical. Besides teaching my 13 year old Javelin techniques, Coach taught him how to exercise safely. My son had a back injury and Coach is very aware and sensitive to that. I am very happy with Coach Brian and recommends him highly.

The session with Coach Brian was well spent. He was able to quickly assess my stroke from head to toe. Feedback was given, along with the tools necessary to improve. I can't wait to meet with Coach again, to continue my improvement. I would highly recommend him.

Coach B is Fantastic. Supportive, caring and inspiring, he has helped my daughter passionate and positive about cross country, and assisted in staying fit through injuries and gaps in training.
All around good guy.

Coach Brian has a gift. His knowledge, professionalism, and ability to speak and by heard by kids is second to none. I believe an exceptional coach is life changing even if the athlete doesn't know it at the time. Coach Brian sets the bar high for himself and it shows in how he runs his training. Athletes appreciate a coach who they can respect. After working with my daughter three times she gets into the car and said, "He is a great coach." She does not give praise easily and has been on many teams. This is the first time I have heard her praise a coach. Coach Brian is worth the investment.

At the very 1st session Coach Brian was able to identify several issues with my swimming techinque that were making me less efficient. He broke down proper swimmimg technique into easily understandable phases and has worked with me to address specific issues, taking one issue at a time. His positive, easy going personality, coupled with a real teaching talent, enables him to address deficiencies with an attitude of encouragement while passing on information that develops your understanding of not only how and what to do, but also why. After only 2 sessions my technique and my understanding of proper swimming techique has improved.

(no details provided)

I have been working with Brian for several years, and I cannot recommend him highly enough! He is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, supportive, and motivating. He has renewed my love for the sport of triathlon time and time again by encouraging me and keeping my workouts fun and challenging. He is very accommodating with my busy schedule, and always has time to talk about training and address any concerns that come up. With Brian's coaching expertise, I've gotten stronger, faster, and more motivated than ever before, and I feel amazing. I would recommend Brian to anyone, beginner to elite, looking to better themselves as a triathlete!

(no details provided)

Coach Brian was great at evaluating my strengths and identifying opportunities for improvement in a way that was encouraging and appropriate for my skill level. I would definitely recommend Brian for anyone looking to improve their swimming, whether they are a novice like me or an advanced swimmer. With just one session Brian was able to improve my swim time and has given me the confidence to do my first triathlon. Thanks Brian!

Coach Brian truly has a gift of working with kids. My 9 year old Son said it was the best coaching he has had on both the Shot Put and Mini Javelin. He says Coach Brian was able to explain and demonstrate the drills and training so that he could finally understand them. His training and techniques were top notch. I would recommend Coach Brian to athletes of all ages wanting to improve there footwork and technique in throwing sports.

I live two hours away from Coach B and he is worth the drive! For 3 years now I've continued to see improvement under his direction in all areas of a triathlon included pre-race psychology.. I'm a physically & mentally stronger athlete thanks to Coach B. He is the perfect coach for anybody that has goals to achieve no matter how big or small they may be. He's personable, knowledgable, and experienced. I highly recommend Brian!

Great coach and really looking forward to more sessions!

Coach Brian is excellent. He is working with my sons for sprinting and long jump. He takes the time to identify what needs to be worked on, breaks it down into understandable coaching points, and always let's them know exactly what to work on on their own. In just two sessions I am already seeing improvement in performance. More importantly, I see a drastic increase in their understanding of the technique. He also takes the time to make sure I understand what is going on. He is genuinely invested in their success. I would not hesitate recommending him.

Outstanding coach. Extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. The first session was a tremendous help. Looking forward to scheduling more sessions as soon as possible.

Coach Brian has already shown me flaws in my LJ and TJ and we are working on a development plan to reverse-engineer my jumps starting from the run up. Each practice is a piece of the puzzle being put into place to improve my form and stamina!

Brian took the swimming stoke and broke it down into 8 Basic steps, he provided me a video of my swim stroke, along with the data that I needed to help me gauge my improvement. He was very personable and extremely knowledgable of the swim stoke.

Coach Brian is great! Like the other reviewer said, he uses technology to help the swimmers understand and improve their strokes. He has helped my son greatly even within just one session. Strongly recommend!

We have had one session with Coach Brian so far and my daughter already feels very confident about her swimming. He uses a good mix of technology and gadgets to teach a swimmer how to tweak and work on their flaws. We absolutely look forward to working with him more in the future.

Coach B was extremely helpful. I drove from far away to meet with him and the trip was well worth it. In an hour, he went through each stage of the stroke, showing me drills to help and things to look out for. He even took video and sent them to me later. If I was closer, I'd meet with him more frequently for sure.

Brian is very knowledgable and intuitive. It was truly a pleasure to work with him.

I've been working with coach B for more than 6 years now, and in all the sports ive ever done i've never had a coach more determined to see me succeed than Brian. He is patient, puts up with my many questions, takes time to explain why we are doing something a certain way, and will rearrange his schedule to meet with his athletes. His extensive knowledge and past coaching experiences at a collegiate level have contributed to getting me on the podium at multiple triathlons. Coach B is the ideal coach for anyone of any age, any background, any level. If you're looking to do your first triathlon or marathon, or if you want to qualify for nationals or complete an ironman, THIS IS YOUR GUY!
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