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An instructor with over 7 years of experience coaching and training young athletes who is incredibly passionate and motivated!  View all coaching experience

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I Like Basketball Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Brandon. Unless you specify a focus area, the session will include practice on various skills decided by a brief assessment.

Session Length: 1 hour

$60 1 session + applicable fees

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I Love Basketball Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 session package with Coach Brandon. Unless you specify a focus area, the session will include practice on various skills decided by a brief assessment.

Session Length: 1 hour

$165 3 sessions ($55/ea) + applicable fees

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Introduction Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package where you are going to meet Coach Robinson. To receive an informational assessment of their skill set, the player is welcome to take part in a few simple drills.

Session Length: 30 minutes

$35 1 session + applicable fees

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  • Arizona State University

  • 7 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Rebounding, Post Moves, Attacking the Rim, Moving Without the Ball, Passing, Footwork, Shooting, Defense, Ball Handling


  • Arizona State University

  • 7 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Rebounding, Post Moves, Attacking the Rim, Moving Without the Ball, Passing, Footwork, Shooting, Defense, Ball Handling

More About Coach Brandon

I've been coaching and doing individual and group training for more than seven years. I have had the opportunity to train athletes at several levels over this time, including toddlers, middle school, and high school. I am currently the Mesa Unified School District's head JV basketball coach and assistant varsity basketball coach. I've finished the NFHS Coach Certification Program's level one requirements and am an Accredited Interscholastic Coach. I have had positions with Jump Bunch, Jump Athletics, and Skyhawks. I continue to volunteer to coach with i9 Sports when my schedule permits. Usually, I train students who are in grades K-12.

Californian who played Varsity basketball at Valley View High School . Took part in a variety of summer leagues and camps during middle and high school.

You can anticipate a fast-paced, high-energy setting designed to condition your athlete while they improve their skills when booking a session with me. The goal will be to help the athlete strengthen their fundamentals so they can have a more versatile skill set. I enjoy devoting a fair amount of time to shooting, footwork, ball handling, and defense. I have an evaluation exercise called "Beat the Pro" that will assist in identifying some of the skills you might need to work on honing if you're unsure of they are. I would usually start our sessions with some ball handling exercises to get warmed up. The first drill would focus on the ability that we believe the athlete needs to improve on the most, if no assessment was required. We would keep moving into drills to focus on our areas for development. There will be water breaks every ten to fifteen minutes during each drill. A breakdown of a one-hour session would resemble this: Warm-ups (10 min), Offense (15 min), Break, Footwork (15 min), Break, and Shooting (15 min).

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He was great for my son

Coach Robison is a great coach. He provides positive feedback and tells me what to work on and improve. Training with him has definitely improved my skills.

Coach Brandon was very focused on helping my sons and provided them with valuable support. We plan to keep working with him in order to reach our goals and achieve optimal results.

We love coach Robinson and how passionate he is about his students and his love for coaching! We are so thankful for the opportunity to work with him one on one!

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Best basketball coach in az

Coach Brandon was a great teacher, we could not have been more pleased with our experience. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He really helped my son focus on fundamentals and develop core skillsets that he was lacking in a really short period of time. Coach Brandon has a great teaching style, lots of positive reinforcement and encouragement while keeping it real, it was obvious that Coach Brandon loves what he does and is invested in making sure the kids he mentors improve from week to week.

Coach Brandon has been amazing with my son. He does such a good job making adjustments and giving back feedback while motivating at the same time. My son's confidence in his game is definitely showing since he can see almost immediate improvement with the tips and help that Coach has given him. We are so happy to have found him and look forward to continuing to work with him.

Coach Brandon has really helped my daughter to thrive and have the confidence to play to her skill set! I highly recommend!

Coach Brandon worked with my teenage son and made him feel very comfortable, was patient, is excellent for beginners, or intermediate players!

Coach Brandon is fantastic

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My son has learned a lot of techniques to help his dribbling and shooting skills going into each session. We love how Coach Brandon pays attention to detail on his form for every drill and gives him great feedback to help better his skills. Coach Brandon’s sessions are catered well to what our sons needs to work on, it is an hour well spent practicing for sure. He is very encouraging and you can tell he is very passionate about what he does.

Great session, good focus on fundamentals. Will use again.

Coach Robinson was the best thing to happen for my son. He learned so much in a few sessions. Coach Robinson thank you for being awesome. We look forward to continuing training and highly recommend Coach Robinson to everyone.

Great session.

Great coach!

Brandon did a great job. My son enjoyed the session and felt like he was pushed to do better and given several useful tips.

Coach Brandon is a fantastic coach and teacher. My eleven year old is starting from zero in basketball skills but every session I am seeing leaps in improvement. He is encouraging, fun, and perfect for skills of all levels.

My son enjoys the sessions and coach is firm fair and consistent.

My 8 year old daughter have been going for sessions with Coach Brandon. It is nice to see her learn basics which she did not learn in spite of attending various leagues. She also enjoys the session.

Coach Brandon is great! He gives positive constructive criticism which works best with my son. He uses repetition and detailed feedback, which will result in good habits. I can’t wait to see my son’s skills improve!

Coach Brandon is patient and knowledgeable. He clearly adjusts his lessons to the skill set and personality of the player. He is also a great guy to be around. My son has really enjoyed weekly lessons with Coach Brandon these past few weeks!

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Coach Brandon was great and we will absolutely continue to hire him to help our son improve his basketball game !

Brandon works really well with my grandson. He stresses the basics and make my grandson work hard.

Coach Brandon was a great coach for my kid. He had several sessions with him and he improved a lot, including his confidence.

Coach Brandon is an amazing coach. He spent time to show my son the basics and how he can apply it throughout the week so he is able to practice by himself. I recommend for anyone who is willing to try him out.

Coach Brandon did a great job finding out what areas that my daughter needed to work on and customized the training accordingly. Brandon has a great instinct for the game and had specific drills to focus on to address the areas we were wanting to improve. I highly recommend Brandon to all youth players.

Coach Brandon takes time explaining the drills
we have seen so much improvement in Robert since he's been working with coach
Robert looks forward to his training with Coach Brandon
I highly recommend him

Coach Brandon is a wonderful coach. He knew exactly what drills to work on with my 14 year old son. He is very personable and encouraging. I highly recommend him.

My son absolutely loved his session with Coach Brandon. We have booked more! Coach Brandon was fun, knowledgeable, and helped my son feel confident. We 100% recommend him to anyone looking for one on one coaching!

Things are going great with Coach Brandon. I can see improvements in the things he worked on with my son in just one lesson.

Coach Brandon is an excellent coach. He knows how to connect with the person he is coaching, motivates the person to do well and teaches the person to push himself. My son had a great first session. From the moment my son started training with coach Brandon his confidence appeared. Thank you so much.

(no details provided)

Great coach! My 12 year old son learned a lot from just one session so far.

Coach Brandon was super helpful and awesome at spotting and correcting mistakes on form. Overall, I would recommend Coach Brandon for training.

Wow! First meeting with Coach tonight and it was fantastic! He is so kind, friendly and absolutely knowledgeable!! I know our son is going to learn so much and grow in his skills from our sessions with Coach B!! Cannot wait for more and will definitely be telling our teammates about him!

Couch Brandon is punctual. Detailed and organized. He is knowledgeable and able to teach in a way that my son could pick up the skill fairly quickly. Very happy with couch Brandon and look forward to my son’s growth in basketball.

Coach Brandon is an excellent coach. His training and techniques are amazing. Recommend to anyone looking for a coach to help with becoming better.

We just started some sessions with Coach Brandon. He was able to quickly assess my son’s existing skills and went through some really useful drills with him. My son has been really excited since the first session and already claims to be improving due to the at home practice techniques suggested by Coach Brandon. He is looking forward to working with the coach to further his skills.

My daughter had a session with Coach Brandon. He is really good! Very helpful and worked on several needed skills in a repetitive format that helped her work on the areas she was challenged with. He was able to break it down in a simple to do format and by the end she executing correctly! Thanks Coach!! Highly recommended.

Coach Brandon is awesome! My kids love him. He’s so knowledgeable and has really changed our sons game and more importantly has helped his confidence. He made my son feel comfortable the first day. WE LOVE COACH BRANDON!

Patient and skilled coach. Coach Robinson covered basic skills and was able to assess my son’s abilities and get right to the heart of the matter. My son liked him and felt empowered by his mentorship. We will continue to work with this outstanding coach!

Today was my son's first session with Coach Robinson and Wow!
I am very impressed by how much he taught my son in just one hour.
I am looking forward to many more sessions.
Highly recommend him!
Thank you Coach Robinson.

Brandon is great at what he does! He gave tips in the first session that my son applied immediately to improve upon the things he was struggling with. We are definitely going to book more sessions. Highly recommend Coach Brandon!

Brandon was great! We did our first training and my son loved it... so we're signing up for more now!

My son is 8 years old and just started playing basketball in a league. Coach Robinson did a great job working with him, explaining all the drills to both of us so we know what to work on. My son really enjoyed the session and we will be booking more with him.

(no details provided)

Coach was awesome and my son had a great session with him. He felt very inspired by the training he received with various skills it has been practicing every day since with more vigor and focus! We really appreciated his professionalism and dedication to the athlete in the sport.

Great session with Coach Robinson. So easy to work with. Great communication setting up our first session and we will be scheduling more. My son really enjoyed working with him. Great energy and very positive. My son left with exercises and drills to work on for the next week and he can’t wait for his next session with Coach Robinson. My son talked about it the whole ride home.

Coach Brandon was easy to schedule with and my son enjoyed his coaching style. They focused on the basics and footwork. Coach Brandon even followed up with a reminder of what to practice the rest of the week 👍

Coach Brandon really helped my son start with the basics. My son just started to get into basketball and I wanted to get him some great basic skills and build from there. Coach gave my son many great tips to practice with in between sessions.

I signed up my 10 year old son Wesley for lessons with Brandon a couple of weeks ago. We’ve had two sessions so far and they have been great. Wesley had virtually no basketball skills, so we are starting with the basics. Brandon is a great instructor and he connected really well with Wesley, who has had quite a lack of confidence. Brandon is able to encourage him while also pushing him to improve. We are looking forward to more sessions to get my son the skills and confidence he needs to be successful in the upcoming basketball season. Thanks Coach Brandon!

Coach Robinson was excellent with my son during their first session! Coach Robinson pushed my son to learn the proper way to practice key skills to become a better ball player. Thanks Coach Robinson!

Great practice, coach was very patient and had lots of positive reinforcements on every drill. My kid learned a lot!

What can I say...in just 60 minutes Coach Brandon connected with my son, who is newer to basketball. The skills they worked on were immediately put to use in his game today. He had a little more confidence in his ability and used what he learned.
Looking forward to ongoing training with Coach Brandon to continue to improve his game!

very happy with the experience in my son's first session, thank you for your effort and patience coach to teach him.

We just had our first session with Coach Robinson and my son loved it! The Coach was able to quickly go through some drills to understand my son’s current skill level and then tailor the remaining time to drills and feedback specifically for him. This was our first time doing private coaching so we didn’t know what to expect but both my son and I were very impressed with Coach Robinson (very knowledgeable and great with kids)! Looking forward to our future sessions!

Coach Brandon was awesome. My son really liked working with him and took direction from him well. About halfway through my sessions I realized that he was posting practice updates for us with detailed notes on how to improve both at home and at the next practice. I loved the motivational remarks and pictures he provided. Will definitely book with him again soon!

After my 12 year old's first session, he was really excited to train more. He said he already learned a lot & can't wait to practice & learn more! I'm so very grateful for Coach Brandon

My Son had a session with Coach Brandon. My son enjoyed the session. Coach Brandon was great. Provided lots of positive feedback and encouragement which is great when working kids. He kept my son's attention and enthusiasm up through the 1hr session and there was never a dull moment. I would highly recommend coach Brandon.

A really good coach, always encourages you, can’t wait to train with him again.

My family and I recently moved from Chicago and was looking for an elite trainer for my son. After connecting with Brandon I knew right away that he was the coach for us. Brandon is very patient, has amazing communication skills and his methods are tried and tested. After just one session I could already see improvement in my sons shot form and overall confidence. Brandon definitely has all the tools you need to get to the next level. I look forward to our continued sessions, although what he’s done so far is more than enough to catapult my son to new levels.

Coach Brandon is a great coach! I would recommend him to anyone trying to improve their game.

Very patience and pays attention to detail. Knows what and how to teach for improvement

Really enjoyed my first session, will be scheduling future sessions for sure. I can already notice a big improvement and this was the first time I've done formal basketball training. He explains everything well and his tips gave me a noticeable improvement in ball handling and shooting. 5/5 highly recommend Brandon!

Coach Brandon did an amazing job working with my son. He was very knowledgeable, professional, & communicated effectively. I plan on booking more sessions with Coach Brandon. Thanks Coach

(no details provided)

Excellent coach

Coach Brandon has helped my son so much. He knows a lot about basketball and is really good at coming up with drills that are helpful and simple enough for my son to be able to practice in between sessions. He makes it really fun and my son looks forward to his basketball sessions with coach Brandon.

Awesome work by Brandon. He was quickly able to find the areas that my son needed to work on and focused on them. Look forward to having more sessions with Brandon.

Coach Brandon is awesome. My 12 year old has been playing for a few years in leagues while we lived in CA but took a year off due to Covid. He’s is now getting back into the game after our move to the Valley but has been struggling a little on his current team. Coach Brandon is helping him sharpen his skills and giving him great advice. My son really enjoyed Brandon and his professionalism. You can tell he’s attentive and enjoys the game, his positive attitude is really great. We look forward to more sessions with him!

Coach B is a great fit for my son. My son feels he made a friend as well as a coach/mentor. The skills he learns will help him lifelong! I believe that Coaching requires a lot of patience as well as being supportive.
Coach B has those skills an more!
We value you Coach B.

Coach Brandon has been working with our son for a couple of months now and we have no plans of stopping anytime soon. Coach Brandon is quick to identify areas which need improvement. He covers everything dribbling, foot work, passing, rebounding, offense and defense. He also breaks things down with body mechanics so our son can take charge on the court. Highly recommend Coach Brandon!

Coach Brandon was a great coach. He was nice and patient with my 11 year old son and at the same time his training got my son more excited about playing basketball. I would highly recommend him

My 13 year old son learned a lot in the first one hour session. He worked on foot work and passing. Excellent experience looking forward to next week. Coach Brandon took the time to explain the drills and gave him some ideas for practicing at home.
Traci from Scottsdale Arizona.

We were in town from out of state and wanted our 8th daughter to get some specific training during 4 sessions in 4 days. Brandon was very accommodating to help arrange for that. Brandon was able to help our daughter with her specific needs. He is skilled at what he does along with being very patient and positive with players. My daughter looked forward each day to her training session. If we are in town for a few days in the near future, we plan on contacting Brandon again.

Coach Brandon is a great coach! He is exactly what we were looking for and what Jaxon (my 14 yr old son) was needing. After one session Jaxon felt like he had improved and he knew exactly what he should work on to become a better basketball player. We have scheduled more sessions with Coach Brandon. He is top notch. We would recommend him to anyone.

(no details provided)

Great energy, enthusiasm and coaching style. Looking forward to continuing to work with him.

Coach Brandon is awesome! He knows how to get the best out of my son during each lesson but still keep it fun. He’s patient with newcomers to the sport like my son and explains things so he understands. I love that he gives my son things to work on between lessons. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great coach for all levels of athlete!

Coach Brandon has terrific positive energy. He gave my 10-year-old son a lot of technical advice to improve his form. Now my son is counting down the days till his next practice!

The first session with Coach Robinson went great. He is very knowledgeable. Brandon had good drills even for a newcomer to the sport. He was effective at communicating and very encouraging. I really appreciated the time he took to give my son feedback; he gave him compliments but was also able to give constructive criticism. He boosted my sons confidence. The session ended and he gave my son things to practice until we met again. Overall, a great coach and we look forward to continuing training.

Coach Brandon is excellent. He really connects with his players, even my 6th grader loved his time with Brandon and has been home practicing his skills everyday so he can show him how much he is learning.

Great coach! Very passionate and willing to teach player, pushing them to their limits! Highly recommended!

Brandon was great with my son. Helped him understand the fundamentals and kept him engaged. My son is just starting to learn the game and thoroughly enjoyed Brandon helping him.

Great coach! Patient and knowledgeable!

Awesome coach! Very patient and connects with the player to focus on specific skills to improve my son’s game!

Very knowledgeable about the game!! Great drills and pushed to work harder. My son got better after this session with coach Robinson

Coach Brandon has been amazing with our son Jamie! He’s patient and very motivating. Jamie absolutely loves Coach Brandon. Our son plans to try out for the school basketball team and Coach has been working with him on important skills and ensuring Jamie masters them along with being very encouraging! Highly recommend Coach Brandon!

Coach Brandon is an awesome coach! Coach Brandon is great when it comes to working with kids, he ensures that he is teaching all the important fundamentals while having fun! You can really tell he loves what he does, Playing basketball and coaching our kids. My son can be difficult to work with but Coach Brandon has really been great for Jordan to learn from!

Thank you for working with my daughter. She really enjoys her time spent with you. You’re a great coach!

(no details provided)

Very patient, caring and knows what he is talking about/doing. Brandon is a high school JV coach, so I wouldn't expect any less. My daughter was stubborn trying to learn from me, but picked up right away from Brandon. I think it was great we choice we made when we booked to go with Brandon. My daughter looks forward to your next session.

Great session! Extremely dedicated coach that helps me grow as a player.

Thank you so much for everything you do coach! You are truly one heck of a coach and you've made this season a worthwhile experience and I couldn't be more grateful. You've helped me in so many ways and how to be stronger. You pushed me to become the player I am today and I couldn't thank you enough for that!
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