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Division 1 Coaching & Athlete experience. Director of Sports Performance at RedLine Athletics Buford & Roswell. NASM Personal Training Certified. Sports Performance Specialist. View all coaching experience

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

event / position session package with Coach Allen. 60 minute session length.

Session Length: 1 hour

$40 1 session + applicable fees

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Pro Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

5 session package with Coach Allen. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$175 5 sessions ($35/ea) + applicable fees

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3 session package with Coach Allen. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 minute

$110 3 sessions ($37/ea) + applicable fees

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Online Training for a single athlete

event / position session package with Coach Allen.

Session Length: 2 weeks

$75 1 session + applicable fees

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Session Length: 1 hour

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10 session package with Coach Allen. 60 minute session length

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  • East Carolina University (NC)

  • 5 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Long Distance, Throws, Sprints, Middle Distance, Jumps, Hurdles

  • Triple Jump, Sprinting, Shot Put, Running the Curve, Passing, Pacing, Long Jump, Javelin, High Jump, Form, Decathlon, Baton Handoffs


  • East Carolina University (NC)

  • 5 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Long Distance, Throws, Sprints, Middle Distance, Jumps, Hurdles

  • Triple Jump, Sprinting, Shot Put, Running the Curve, Passing, Pacing, Long Jump, Javelin, High Jump, Form, Decathlon, Baton Handoffs

More About Coach Allen

Redline Athletics - Director Sports Performance

Instructing, motivating, and assisting athletes in a safe, legal, moral, ethical manner to achieve their goals. Conducting on-site assessments of athletes health utilizing our proprietary evaluation protocols. Updating training plans and/or re-evaluating athletes as needed to ensure optimal outcomes. Maintaining constant communication with athletes to ensure goals are being met. Partnering with the employer to conduct various client engagement and educational activities and events, such as lunch & learns, information fairs, campus activities, etc. Reporting various metrics to operations, such as attendance, engagement, outreach efforts, and activity level. Participating in program planning and development, as well as design and/or carry out related research.

Kennesaw State University - Volunteer Assistant Track & Field Heptathlon/Decathlete/Jumps Coach (Current)
-Assist the head coach with various aspects of program administration and work specifically with the Field Events (throws, jumps and vault) and Multi’s. Assist in all facets of the development, training and recruitment of Field Event and Multi-Event athletes for both the men’s and women’s programs

FAST Training / Athlete Development - Sports Performance Coach (Current)
- Responsible for designing, implementing, conducting, and monitoring sports performance programs. I put athletes through resistance training, plyometric programs, weightlifting, balance training, speed work, event/position training, and other performance based training regimens.

East Carolina University - Assistant Track & Field Jumps Coach
- Worked with the jumpers and sprinters/hurdle/relays on men’s and women’s team; assisted with practice planning; set up and implemented practice under the direction of coaching staff; assisted with team travel needs and ensuring all gear and equipment was organized from travel; and assisted with coordination and organization of on-campus recruiting.

East Carolina University Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach - Intern
- Created practice plans for track and field preseason that focused on conditioning for student athletes; led student athletes in strength and conditioning exercises which include circuits, weight lifting, and cardio exercises; and assisted student athletes in rehabilitation planning

BLAST Fitness - Assistant Fitness Coach
- Deliver an overall excellent customer service experience. Assist in maintenance of studio facility and equipment before, during, and after class. Communicate and interact positively with Coaches, staff, and managers. Create relationships with clients to further personalize their experience. Observe and correct form throughout the room during class. Proactively attend to clients in need of assistance or motivation. Promote and educate clients on company products and culture. Create a fun, safe and motivating environment in every class

Head Track and Field Coach: Farmville Middle School, Farmville NC
- Worked with almost 40 athletes on both the boys’ and girls’ team; oversaw and practice planned for
all events; led the implementation of practice; and had 3 assistant coaches that worked under me.

Conditioning and Rehabilitation Coach: Junius H. Rose High School, Greenville NC
- Created and implemented conditioning program for soccer athletes; monitored weightlifting of athletes; and assisted in rehab programs for athletes

Strength and Conditioning Summer Intern: First Colonial High School, Virginia Beach VA
-Created and implemented conditioning program for football and track and field athletes; monitored weightlifting of athletes; and assisted in rehab programs for athletes

Volunteer Football Coach: First Colonial High School, Virginia Beach VA
- Supported head coach and coordinators in running operations; enforced rules and regulations of tackle football; and coached proper fundamentals and game theory.

East Carolina University Men’s Track and Field Team Member: Triple Jump and Long Jump - January 2013- June 2016
- Most Improved Athlete (2016);
-Team Captain (2014-2016);
- 3x Division 1 NCAA Championship Qualifier;
- 4x All “American Athletic Conference” Track & Field; and 4x All “Conference USA” Track and Field.
- Student Athlete Advisory Committee Track & Field Team Representative

Old Dominion University Football Team Member - Defensive Back- 2011-2012

High School
- 2011 Indoor Virginia 6A Triple Jump State Champion
- 2011 Track & Field High School All-American
- 6x All-State Track & Field

- An individually designed program can include any combination of strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, running form, speed training, event/position training, stretching, and weight management to achieve your desired fitness or athletic goals. My goal is to help my clients achieve every goal that they have.

- I have yearly strength and conditioning programs for many different sports and fitness styles already planned out that can be modified to any type of client based on their needs. My goal is to develop a set training plan that includes technique, speed, power, and strength and conditioning for each client so we can have progressions each session an have something to work towards every time. I am all about a simple but yet fun and motivating session with the intensity to impact any type of client.

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Client Reviews

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Best in the state!

Coach Allen is an amazing coach. My son has benefited from his training making both Junior Varsity and Varsity football. His high school football coach was impressed by his form and speed. We have to Thank Coach Allen for this because he trained all summmer! My son appreciates it and expressed his gratitude. He would like to train more when he returns back to Georgia! We highly recommend Coach Allen! Thank you again!

My daughter is going to Coach Allen for conditioning in preparing for the upcoming track season. Let me start by saying, he is a respectful young man. He is easy to talk to and he understands what is required to prepare the body for a brutal track season.
As I observed him training his athletes, he is aware of the different needs they all have, and he worked with them to help them improve on their running technique, speed and agility techniques. These things will definitely help my daughter achieve her goals on the track. There is a connection he's able to make with the kids and they are able to relate to him, but yet respect him.
Coach Allen encourages his athletes even when they don't have the confidence to believe in their abilities to be great.
I am excited to see how he helps my daughter improve on the mechanics of running and I look forward to a lot of 'PR' times in the upcoming track season.
Thanks Coach Allen. Keep up the great work!

Coach Allen was great! He focused on exactly what we were there for and he is very knowledgeable in helping others work on specific skills. My son says he can't wait until his next session!

(no details provided)

My son had an amazing workout with Coach Allen. He’s a great coach and mentor

Coach Allen is awesome. He helped my 12-year old son with speed, strength, and football-specific training. He was always energetic and upbeat, and that helped my son push through effective, but tough, training sessions. My son walks around with his head a little higher, and I can see that both his physical structure and his confidence were boosted after working with Coach Allen. We'll be signing up for additional sessions through the summer and up to the start of the season.

(no details provided)

This was our very first time working with a trainer and let me say my 11 year old has not stopped talking about it. He encouraged her to push pass her level of comfort and the confidence is still radiating! Her track coach asked us where the boost of confidence came from at practice. We just smiled, this was after only one season with Coach Allen. We are so excited about continuing to work with him and improving our athlete’s ability. If you are on the fence about booking him, JUMP! He’s the one you are looking for!

What makes me appreciate Coach Allen is that he listens, provides his feedback and comes up with a solid and simple plan for kids to follow. He also relates very well with my kid which makes it easier to push him harder due to their “trust” level. Really looking forward to seeing my kid transition his work ethic and growth under Coach Allen’s guidance!

Definitely the best 🔥🔥

Coach Allen was great! A perfect mix of tough and encouraging. Can't wait to see the improvement on the track!
Looking forward to another session!

My grandson’s confidence has improved since he began to train with Coach Allen. We are grateful for his willingness to improve the overall athlete.

Great servise

Awesome job! My 9 year old started some strength and agility training and loves it! Excited to see how he develops..

(no details provided)

Coach Allen was great! After just one session, my son said that he learned really helpful tips. My son really enjoyed working with Coach Allen and is looking forward to another session!

1 session down and we are excited. Coach allen is very thorough and knowledgable about speed and agility.

Coach Allen, did a dynamic job with my son for his first session. He's got a natural relatable approach to his coaching style. It usually takes my son a minute before he warms up to his coach, but Coach Allen made him feel like they've been together for years. I will definitely continue to work with Coach Allen to help maximize my sons potential.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Great coach

Coach Allen does a great job working with my son. He's able to really relate to the kids he works with and has a ton of knowledge in many different events

Coach Allen was awesome on my first session.... He made me feel like I knew what I was doing (even though I don't 😅). Can't wait to continue to learn and get better.

Great coach!! Knowledgeable and fun. Definitely recommend.

Coach Allen is awesome with the kid’s and he’s excellent in what he does. Coach Allen is an awesome person overall.

My son loves working with mr.Allen thanks we appreciate it

Coach Allen was fun, energetic and showed a genuine interest in helping my daughter. I felt like he really tried to make a connection and to inspire her to be better.

Coach Allen listened and understood exactly what we were looking to accomplish.

Great workouts, easy to understand instructions, likeable guy.

Coach Allen is a superb coach. He is extremely knowledgeable and has a tremendous amount of experience in track. That’s why we decided to go with him. He is very passionate about what he does, and his commitment and dedication shows in every single session. Our son has been running track for the past 4 years and is definitely feeling like he has been equipped with techniques and skills that he has never been trained on before. We are very happy we found Coach Allen. We know he will help develop and prepare our son for an amazing 11th grade track season and beyond!

Coach Allen is definitely the type of Coach every kid/teen needs in life. Very attentive & detailed. He is A1 at what he does & passionate.

Coach Allen is a miracle trainer. My daughter is a highschool lacrosse player hoping to play at the collegiate level upon graduation. Coach Allen has helped improve her speed/agility and body tone quickly. But most importantly, he's helped to boost her confidence on the lacrosse field. Thanks Coach Allen!

I am very pleased with Coach Allen. This is my grandsons first athletic training. He has never played any sports. Coach Allen has helped him to develop in such a short time and I’m looking forward to where it leads.

Coach Allen is awesome and was very enthusiastic about training my son and making him a better athlete. He knows exactly how to develop his needs.

Excellent coach and well organized who has great attitude towards individual and help conversations with them. My daughter really liked the whole training and coaching and she is looking forward to the next training sessions.

Coach Allen has already been amazing for my son and we have only had 2 sessions. He had a game the day after the 1st session and he had so much more confidence and was able to explode off the line for 2 sacks for losses. We are looking forward to our next sessions and highly recommend Coach Allen!

Coach Allen was great in helping my son in many aspects of football. The facility is very nice and the training session exceeded my expectations. We will continue to use Coach Allen in improving our sons football and overall athletic skills.

He is great at what he does, and will mentor you the whole way!

Coach Allen was great! Very informative, great energy, and communication skills. My son enjoyed his session with Coach Allen!

Coach was great after 1 session my son Jaylen killed it in practice I’m happy Coach Allen took this on I know my son will be the best wide receiver Gwinnett County has ever seen in recreation sports thanks Coach we really appreciate you

My daughter is very comfortable with his coaching technique and this is exactly what we were looking for... He pushing her but he doesn't make her feel bad or talk harsh to her at all... He pushes her in a positive way that makes her do her best willingly and we love that... so glad we choose Coach Allen and we will be sticking with this

David really enjoyed his first session with Coach Allen. He encouraged David throughout his workout.

(no details provided)

Enjoyed our first session with Coach Allen. He’s knowledgable and has good rapport with the kids.

amazing, great trainer, great personality

Excellent lesson and workout opportunity. Enjoyed the session–he was very detailed!

Coach Allen is AMAZING!!

Very professional!!!

Great fitness session today

Excellent workout! Coach Bordley is very knowledgeable, and he quickly established rapport with my student athlete... We are excited about the journey!

Coach Allen has great communication, was on-time and professional. Our daughter had immediate results from his hurdle instruction and we're looking forward to our next session. Recommend!

Coach Allen B is absolutely the best trainer I have ever come in contact with! You will not go wrong with this young man!!!

Coach Allen was attentive and knew what areas to focus on with our son. He was supportive yet knew how to push to get the best results.

(no details provided)

Coach Allen was great. Very positive and immediately got results with my daughter. Looking forward to working with him

Coach Allen's approach was great for my 14 year old son. He kept him going according to his age and addressed all my son's needs to better perform in tennis.

He’s an excellent coach. He pushes you to be your best and to get better than you were before!

My 17 yr old son is really benefiting from not only the throwing instruction but the strength and conditioning training as well.

Great session , define booking again.

My daughter started with Coach Allen a several weeks ago, but already loves going to see him. He pushes her for an entire hour with exactly what she needs. If anything changes, he adjusts the session for her. Very glad we found him! Coach Allen ROCKS!!!

Coach Allen makes the lesson fun for my son. He enjoys working with him every week.

One of the most professional experiences I’ve ever had. He is exactly what my son needs. My son enjoyed every minute and is already showing progression. This is going to be an amazing experience as my son continues to grow with Coach Allen

I signed my 14-year old daughter up for sessions with Coach Allen based on his positive reviews. The reviews are accurate. He is the perfect combination of supportive and motivational. He pushes my child to be her best, and not in a way that turns her off.
I will definitely book additional sessions, and I will report on her progress.

Coach Allen gave my son confidence in a single session. He gave very event-specific advice and supervised a series of exercises that were new and eye-opening to my son.

The quotes:

“It was hard. But it was really fun.”

“I think it’s going to help me a lot.”

We will continue on this path. Thanks much Coach Allen.

(no details provided)

Coach Allen is a great coach. His ability is put my daughter at ease at her first coaching session is phenomenal. My daughter is looking forward to her next session and is looking forward to working with Coach Allen.

Thank you and I appreciate your effort Coach!

Allen was great! Very knowledgeable and great attitude. Also, the facility was superb. I have never trained at a better place than where Allen was at. Highly recommend him.

Coach Allen is a fantastic and inspirational trainer. His experience gave my son a very direct understanding of his current situation and future goals. Coach Allen maintained a very positive attitude, very passionate about what he does and energized my son consistently. Overall the sessions were excellent, the best we’ve had so far. Most importantly, Coach Allen's ability to demonstrate the correct techniques were the best way of learning for my son.

Did a great job teaching some new things I’ve never learned will definitely train with you again!

Coach Allen has done a great job working with my daughter on the technical aspects of sprinting and throwing.
Very knowledgeable.

Coach Allen has such a great positive attitude and is very encouraging. After two sessions my son has learned better technique and a better approach to the triple jump and to sprinting.

(no details provided)

Just the first session but so far, so good. Coach Allen bonded with my son and was clearly knowledgeable and skilled. Most importantly, my son is looking forward to their next outing.

Coach Allen is excellent. My son had a session with him today and is already looking forward to training and getting his next coaching session!

Awesome session with the girls

Awesome coach. Patient, encouraging and a great personality fit with my son. Looking forward to this more!!

My son enjoys his sessions with Coach Allen. Coach Allen is very positive and is helping my son improve his strength, speed, and form. We're looking forward to the next session!

(no details provided)

Coach Allen is awesome! Motivating and encouraging. He knows how to encourage young athletes to work hard and still have fun. After just the first session my son is talking about making it all the way to the Jr Olympics!

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