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"What is the one key to getting over the fear of jumping hurdles? "

Each time I stutter-step when approaching the hurdle. I am running track for the first time and the hurdles, 100m and 300m, are my individual events. How can I overcome that fear?
Hi Sharronica,

You need to get comfortable with the hurdles. Go over mini hurdles, then low ones and then keep moving them higher. Do lots and lots of walking step over drills, and look over the top of the hurdle to the next one, not directly at it. You're mostly having an issue with the inexperience. Stand next to your hurdles, 30 and 33 inches isn't as high as you think. It will come, and develop proper form

Stutter stepping is another issue. You need to get your step patterns down and execute the same thing between each hurdle, whether it is 3 step or 7. Most mistakes for novice hurdlers though is that they are actually too close to the hurdle at take off. Your maximum height should actually be behind the hurdle so that you are already coming down as you cross it.

Coach Phil

Phil Orr

Track & Field | Riverside, CA

July 02, 2017
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Hi Sharronica, someone needs to put you thru the progressions necessary so that you develop the confidence needed. You need to start with low hurdles and practice "cycling" over them (don't turn the trail leg at first), and gradually increase the height in small increments. Practice the trail leg movement against a wall with a hurdle by your side. As the hurdles get higher you will have to start turning your trail leg sideways, but the timing from the "cycling" drill should remain the same. To stop stuttering, decrease the internal between the hurdles, and gradually increase it. Obviously there are all kinds of details that have to be observed and corrected as you go so there is no substitute for a good coach to make the adjustments needed.

Jose' R.

Track & Field | Monroeville, PA

November 26, 2017
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