Soccer Development (5-17)


1610 99th Lane Northeast, Minneapolis, MN

Past sessions

$96 /athlete
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Event Description:

This is a month to month training program for players that need extra training.

All are welcome from beginner to advanced we cater to each players needs.

Ages are broken down as follows:

5-8 years old

9-12 years old

13-17 years old

We take skill level and soccer competency into consideration!

The objective for this training is to:

Develop players who can

execute technical skills proficiently

under pressure and with tactical

understanding to make quick decisions

Provide soccer specific fitness

so that players can meet the

physical demands of any position

at the highest level of the game

Learn to cope effectively under

pressure during training and

in games

Promote a culture of growth

and high performance through

leadership, communication

and other skills

Each player will receive 4 sessions per month or 30 days @ $96

Missed sessions can be made up on a different day.

Multiple Children families receive a discount.