Do you want raise your level this winter? Try our tasok methodology.


1018 Sherman Avenue, Hamden, CT

Past sessions

$65 /athlete
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Event Description:
We are trying to put together winter training sessions for athletes aged 12-14,15-18 who play High school Varsity or Premier team soccer. The sessions will be 70 minutes long, and they will be $65 per athletes if we get a group of 6 or 7. The sessions will be very intense, and the coach will set the standard. We ask that athletes who are interested in this program book a trial session with us for examination if you have never worked with us before. Athletes should expect the following from this program:
A) Improved fitness & strength
B) Improved first & directional touch
C) Improve decision making
D) Exposure to complex drills to sharpen instinct

Please share this with your friends. We are flexible to run multiple programs at multiple locations based on relative demand.