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Experienced player with PDL,NPSL and Collegiate exposure. Technical coach at West Ham International. Coaching Intern with PSV Eindoven FC in 2011. Indoor facility available now! View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  • Drexel University (PA)

  • 5 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Forward, Midfield, Defense

  • Crossing, First Touch, Free Kicks, Heading, Penalty Kicks, One-Touch, Shooting, Dribbling, Passing, Agility


  • Drexel University (PA)

  • 5 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Forward, Midfield, Defense

  • Crossing, First Touch, Free Kicks, Heading, Penalty Kicks, One-Touch, Shooting, Dribbling, Passing, Agility

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More About Coach Wabi

Wabi- minored in sports management on top of my double concentration in finance and economics while at Drexel University. I am originally from Congo, Africa. I have gone to Europe for 3 weeks as a player/coach to play and intern as a coach with PSV Eindoven Reserve. My real experience coaching came when I was hired as the head technical coach for Germantown friends high school. Under my guidance, the team improved technically and developed tactical fluidity that so lacked within the team. I also strengthen their mindset implanting mental confidence. and form to play soccer at a higher level. I have also hired to work as the technical coach at Bay Oaks United and West Ham International for their U10-U12 where I designed drills to better player's technical abilities. Apart from being the technical coach, I worked as an assistant to Glenn Van Strattum in California who was the head of the Bay Oaks United program.

Ekokobe- Junior technical assistant for the Red Bull II. Ekokobe is a Right To Dream graduate with plenty of professional soccer playing experience and coaching experience. He developed his coaching ability while interning as coaching assistant while playing at the highest level as well. He assisted me while I worked as the technical coach for the German's Friends school shortly after he came to the USA for a training attachment with the Philadelphia Union first team.

We hope to achieve the following when we coach:
1. To elevate our players to higher technical ability relative to their potential. We also hope to improve their fitness condition by working on their agility and strength. We follow a french methodology that puts an emphasis on the micro development of player's overall abilities. We believe that in order to graduate for us, and most importantly receive a recommendation from us, players need to have passed our passed our "micro standard test." We ask can you hit that accurate long ball the correct way?" 2. We strongly encourage individual development, but we do also place equal importance passing, passing, passing, shooting, shooting and thinking quickly. To summarize my philosophy it's PASS & THINK& THINK. We are have a working relationship with the technical director of PSG academy in NY which assist us delivering our french methodology.

I have played four years Varsity High School Soccer and won best defensive players for 2 years in a row.
I played for South Central Premier Academy in high school.
I played 1 year of college Men's Soccer.
I played for Junior Lone Stars in Philadelphia for NPSL.
I played 3 weeks with PSV Eindhoven Academy in Holland.
I also participated in the Penn Relays for 800 meters for track and field

Ekokobe is a product and a graduate one of the best soccer academy in the world known as Right To Dream. RTD is sponsored by Manchester City. On the one hand, it allowed him to travel for training attachments with Man City’s reserves and academy. While in Manchester, he participated in the prestigious Gothia Cup as well as playing friendlies against some of the high caliber teams in the UK such as Everton FC, Newcastle United, Celtic FC, Sunderland, Limerick FC and Ghana U20. After graduating from RTD, he went on trials and trained with a couple of professional soccer teams. He trained with the Philadelphia Union, Ajax Capetown FC, Levadia FC, NY Red Bulls

This is based on a 1 hour session!
First , when you start with me: I dedicate 10 minutes to juggling, soccer tennis or a drill that assesses for progress.
Second, I dedicate 20 minutes for warm up drills. These could be latter work, passing, dribbling & shooting drills.
Third, I dedicate 30 minutes to footwork, Body form & specific drills that I had set for the session. Also, I designed my work based on the player's urgent need. I will focus on what I believe the player needs, but I am open to other suggestions as the player might have. As an example, if I find that passing is where we need to focus based on my assessment, then I will diversify drills to make sure we are targeting all around technical skills, but they will all be centered with an emphasis to pass.

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Client Reviews

Our very first experience with Coach Wabi was quite impressive. We could tell that prior to our arrival, Coach Wabi was already preparing and setting up for an in depth training; this alone was a telltale reflection of his dedication to the sport of soccer. He used his professional experiences to assess my son and identify areas of strength and areas of improvement. Every minute of the entire session was focused on my son’s progression of skills. Coach Wabi is a highly recommended professional and knowledgeable personal coach that will guarantee major improvements in individual development. We have been completely satisfied with each and every session!!

Coach Wabi did a thorough assessment of my skills and gave very helpful instruction for how to improve in my first session. I’m definitely planning to continue training with him.

Coach Kobe was great. We did several drills for him to test out my level of play while developing my technique and skill. Looking forward to my next session!

Coach Kobe is a very good coach because he works me hard and I am able to improve on basic skills. For example, I worked on changing direction and staying with the ball at all times.

My daughter just completed her first session with Coach Kobe and it she loved it! His drills were unique and fast-paced which provided for an excellent workout. His abundance of knowledge and highly technical skills in the game of soccer will be a valuable tool to help her achieve her goals. She did and learned so much in just 70 minutes that she can't wait for the next session with him.

Coach Wabi is a great coach! My son is very happy with him. We would recommend him anytime.

Coach Kobe was excellent with my son.
It was a concern because he is 7 years old, I needed a coach who can work with younger players. He was able to quickly assess his skill level and provide drills to help his development. Coach Kobe was patient and thorough, my son felt comfortable with him. He also determined exactly where he needed to begin with his training sessions to fix his weakness.
Communication was constant until we met. The turf pitch at Albertus Magnus college is very nice.
We are looking forward to working with coach Kobe in the near future.
Mrs G.

He has great drills that really test you and show you where you need to improve. His experience as a player makes him especially knowledgeable in the best way to progress as a player yourself.

I highly recommend coach Kobe to players of all ages/ levels, especially D1 athletes. I am a D1 athlete myself and had the pleasure of seeing Kobe for sessions throughout the summer. He trains at a high intensity, bringing your game to the next level. He is extremely personable, and can focus the session on anything you want to work on. He worked with me directly on my weaknesses that he saw and created his own drills for them. As an older player I’ve had many coaches and I can say he is the best.

Coach Kobe was very intense and interactive with his coaching... just what we were looking for to help keep our son's skills sharp during the off-season.

Coach Wabi was the best! He was tough and kind and super knowledgeable. We highly recommend him!!!

Top Notch Training. My son was looking to get some supplemental training with striker and Coach Kobe was the perfect fit. Never let him slack and always keeping the session very dynamic. My son told me after the first session that it was the best training he has ever had. 5 Star. Looking forward to further sessions. Thanks Coach.

Excellent coaching. My daughter is learning a lot and having fun at the same time. The coach explains every technique and the importance of it. Top notch training.

I booked the time with Coach Kobe, who I think is coach Wabi’s brother. Coach Kobe was very friendly, came prepared with balls and training aids, had many different drills to test my son’s technical soccer abilities as well as his soccer endurance. His explained the drills, would perform them and would explain to my son has to improve what he was doing after each drill. He was very focused on improving my son’s basic technical soccer abilities during very challenging drills. Coach Kobe included ball control, passing dribbling and shooting drills, always explaining and offering improvement advice. I am impressed so far.

Coach Wabi and Coach Kobe are a great team when it comes to bettering yourself for your team or for an individual. I am a college age player coming back after injury and it's like two friends getting a hard session in. They really know when to push and how hard corresponding to their player specific needs. The Coaches know how to adapt to all ages and skill levels which make them Elite Trainers.

Another great session with Coach Kobe. It was obvious that he tailored the session to my daughter's needs and positions she plays. Coach Kobe continuously encourages, corrects and demonstrates. She was challenged yet able to be successful to motivate her. Although I don't play soccer, I can duplicate some drills and we can practice together at home. Looking forward to the next session!

Coach Wabi and Kobe are a class act. Very professional and intense in their approach to training. My son (15) came away with skills to work on and very challenged. He connected right away with Coach Kobe and felt very comfortable working with him one on one. We are going to be working with him for the next two months and we expect to see great improvement. I would recommend them to anyone who is ready to take their training and skills to the next level.

Coach Wabi and his brother trained with my two sons this weekend. This was the first of many sessions and both sons left excited to get back on the pitch for training asap. The session was well run, fast paced and tough yet not impossible. I recommend Wabi highly for anyone looking to improve their skills quickly.

****Update**** Wabi and his brother Kobe worked with my son for an additional two months this summer (20 sessions), and my son went from being a pretty good High School JV player to starting on his High School Varsity team, which is one of the leading New England programs. I can't recommend these guys highly enough. They are thorough, dedicated, talented and just super nice guys.

(no details provided)

Coach Wabi has been terrific!!! He and his brother, Ekokobe N, were willing to make a video for my nephew as a Christmas Gift. Then he patiently waited for the weather to get better so my nephew could have a coaching session outdoors. At the last minute, he couldn't make the session but he coordinated with us to have a session with his brother, Ekokobe N. He was fantastic and so nice. In the words of my nephew "Had a fun time. He made me work a lot and I learned new ways to control the ball, pass the ball, and shield the ball and he taught me different ways to get in shape and he told me what I should eat. Overall he was a really nice guy and taught me a lot." I highly recommend Coach Wabi and his brother, Ekokobe N! They are simply great!

Coach Wabi is outstanding! He helped our 14 year old daughter gain skill and confidence and she always looks forward to her next session. We really appreciate all Coach Wabi has done for our daughter!

(no details provided)

Good coach.

(no details provided)

Amazing how quickly he was able to pinpoint exactly what my son and I each needed to work on. He then drilled us in focused way on a few subtle technique changes that by the end of the session had a noticeable and significant impact on our game. We will definitely be working with him again.

Coach Wabi is very professional. I liked how he spent time explaining technique - the whys and the hows - rather than just putting her through drills. We were interested in training on finishing and the arc of his session clearly worked up to that. He gave an accurate analysis of my daughter's strengths and weaknesses along with advice and insight on how to improve in certain areas. Coach Wabi is a thinking (wo)man's coach - expect a lot of talk along with the physical work. It was quite refreshing! My daughter walked away with a little more polish in some areas and a lot of things she will work on. We will definitely be going back to Coach Wabi.

My 11 year old son has had one session with coach Wabi. We can only say good things. He very quickly determined my son's strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, Wabi immediately developed a rapport, established and reinforced his credibility as an effective coach and left my son looking forward to the next session.

Coach Wabi was outstanding! He worked with my 11 year old son and was patient, extremely knowledgable and a true professional. My son learned so much in one session, we can't wait for more! Thank you!

First session was good. Wabi seems to be very knowledgeable on what he does. Can't wait till next one...

It was a great first session! We worked on many aspects of my game and I can already feel myself improving.

I have two grandsons (10 and 8) who are very good players for their age working with Wabi for 6 sessions. We are a little over halfway through with 4 sessions. We got a slow start, probably because getting to us requires a pretty long drive for Wabi and timing is difficult. In addition, it's pretty expensive for two young boys. However, the last two sessions have been great as Wabi brought along his brother who is a very accomplished player that is training with the Red Bulls at present. Having the both of them there increased the focus on both boys significantly and thus the value received. I will report again after the last two sessions with an analysis of each boys improvement and perspective on Wabi as a coach. So far so good.

(no details provided)

If you're looking for a Coach to help your child learn real soccer build skills and confidence (and have fun doing so), then I highly recommend Coach Wabi. He clearly has a genuine love of the beautiful game of soccer, fantastic energy, great attitude while maintaining a strong focus on soccer fundamentals.

Great coaching session; hard work in the sun. Looking forward to the next one.

Coach Wabi is a great coach!. My 16 yr old daughter met with Coach Wabi as she is a midfielder in all aspects. She needed some constructive criticism and wants to raise her game. Coach Wabi in 1 session was able to pinpoint the areas my daughter needs improvement. Not only did he quickly notice her strengths and weaknesses but he was able to teach her better technique, movement and how to anticipate as a midfielder, the defense. She has already applied those techniques to her game only a few days after the session. Coach Wabi is very intuitive to the game of soccer and is someone who can easily teach a player how to execute a better game. Thanks Coach Wabi!

My son had his first session with Coach Wabi yesterday and it went really well. My son has participated in soccer camps and never liked them because he was not learning much - just a lot of running around. When my son was done, I asked him what he thought and he said he really liked it and wanted to do it again. He appreciated the fact that Coach Wabi was working with him on his technique and was excited that he actually learned something. Coach Wabi was very kind and supportive and we look forward to our next session with him.

Coach Wabi does a great job incorporating strength training with
Basic soccer drills. My daughter already shows improvement with
Receiving ball and putting herself in the best position to make a play
Great reassuring confident coach who loves the sport

My son had his first lesson with Coach Wabi and he had a great time and learned a lot and he was worked very hard.

Great 1st training session with Coach Wabi. My son really enjoyed working with him...he appreciated his honesty in letting him know his strengths and weaknesses, what key areas they will need to focus on and what they can do together to achieve them. My son left the field with the excitement and anticipation. In the initial selection process, after reading many coaches profiles and exchanging emails...my son felt that Coach Wabi would be the best choice for him and, after today's training, he can't wait to progress in the months ahead!

The best individual coach that you can possibly fall to. He connected to me like a partner and successfully brought confidence in me. He always tells the truth so when you are not in your "A" game he will let you know. Always coaches with passion and wants the best out of you. I went from my school club soccer to playing reserve PDL for Reading under his guidance for only 5 months. Also, I lost 18 pounds training with him. He truly takes time to see you develop and provides feedback.
Great friend and creative in nature. He is always supportive and will never grow tired of you providing you are doing your best. Also, he always provide honest, but mindful feedback! Qatar S.C
I have worked with Wabi, my brother for little over 2 months because I wanted to desperately get into Right To Dream, a Man City academy based in Ghana! Really, a great brother and person to work with. He always pushed me even when I was going through my down times!
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