Football Speed Clinic - ONE DAY

Speed & Agility

Essex Avenue, Harmony Township, PA

Past sessions

$45 /athlete
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Event Description:

ONE DAY SKILLS CAMP: Speed, Agility, and Jumps. Let's focus on your speed and your vertical. No Contact - Individual Skills. Focus on Multi-directional speed and explosive jumps

Coach Mycyk is uniquely qualified to help athletes get faster and more explosive. She is able to breakdown speed development into a systematized format. I work specifically with speed and power athletes, athletes who need to get more explosive and faster, and athletes that need to develop specific components of speed that they need to excel at their sport. 

Athletes who attend this clinic should want to improve and be willing to apply instruction immediately.

Following CDC Social distancing guidelines to Reduce the Spread of CoVID-19.

  • Touchless Handsantizer
  • 6 feet apart
  • Coaches will have face covering
  • Entire camp outside
  • Temperature check