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Felicia M.

Speed & Agility


Fundamentals Coach. Speed and Agility. Focus on increase multi-directional speed. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  • Point Park University (PA)

  • 12 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Vertical Jump, Shuttle Run, Cone Drills, Broad Jump, 40 Yard Dash

  • Vertical, Lateral Quickness, Footwork, Explosion, Acceleration


  • Point Park University (PA)

  • 12 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Vertical Jump, Shuttle Run, Cone Drills, Broad Jump, 40 Yard Dash

  • Vertical, Lateral Quickness, Footwork, Explosion, Acceleration

More About Coach Felicia

Certified Speed and Agility Coach: Any sport that needs you to run. Book me for Power, coordination, mechanics, strengthening

Football: specialty defensive backs, Able to work with all ages and genders. Coach level resume: HighSchool, Middle School, District level, Pro Camps, Various fundamental camps, USA Football fundamental tour, Nike Sparq

TRACK: Hurdles and Sprints. Coach level Resume: PIAA/ WPIAL High school head coach and assistant coach, USATF

I am an athlete turned Coach. I was a standout athlete in high school and went to college. Love sports and focus on track and football. former starting cornerback women's full tackle football team, Evolved into a fundamental coach.

The goal is to make the fast, faster and focus on multi-directional speed. Prepare muscle and then activate them Helping the athletes get muscles remembering quick changes, flexibility is key. A day with me includes warm-up, strengthening, acceleration and change of direction drills.

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Client Reviews

We had our first session with Felicia last Friday for my 12 year old daughter. I was very impressed and I am so glad I can do a review because I believe I got way more than I paid for. My daughter is athletic but I thought she could use some core strengthening activities and I am concerned about flexibility and we want to build speed. We learned targeted exercises and drills for that, but she also got a lesson in self confidence, self awareness, and self assurance. They talked about social media and is it feel good make you inspired or feel bad and makes you jealous or feel bad or feel bad about your self. They talked about self talk and believing in what you tell yourself you can and can not do. Coach Felicia is a strong confident woman and I could tell immediately that she hooked my daughter. I am very excited to see where this goes. Physically, I know she worked hard that session and I can’t wait to see the mental improvements in her self confidence over the next few weeks.

I knew in the first 5 minutes Coach Felicia was going to be a great fit for our family and here’s why:

-She bonded with my 7 year old son Jaxson almost instantly. Anyone who is a parent knows how important it is for your child to like and respect someone if they are going to listen to them, especially in a one on one coaching session.
-She had my son relaxed and ready to work in about 2 minutes. This is so important so I am going to stress it... she had my son “wanting to work” and do what she ask him to do. There is a big difference between the kid doing something because they are told to and not really wanting to do it and the kid wanting to do it. The effort just is not there if the kid doesn’t want to do it. Good leaders get people to do things because the people want to do them not just because the leader said so.
-Felicia also bonded with my other son Jaxsons older brother and made him part of the session by having him help out and run some drills. This is so helpful because any parent that has had to drag one sibling to another siblings practice or whatever knows that it can be a huge distraction and add stress for the child being coached as well as the parent trying to observe the coaching session.
-Felicia also created excitement throughout the session, this created buzz and more excitement about the next session. This lead my son into looking forward to the next session. Anyone who has had to drag a kid to something they don’t want to do knows what a pain it is. This is not the case with Felicia. My son wants to go and train with her.
-She is motivating and brings the smiles. I honestly think if you or your kid were having a bad day that going to a session with Felicia would boost you up. She just has that kind of energy and it is contagious. With that being said there is plenty of discipline and structure to each session but again plenty of smiles, high fives and a few “That’s what I am talking about!” phrases throughout the session.
-She is flexible in her scheduling. On our first session with her I changed the location the day before the session and she had no problem adjusting and meeting us at the new location which was closer to us. I also work shift work so all hours of the day and night. She has worked with me so that we plan out the week on Sunday evening according to my availabile days and times for the week. Huge help and anyone juggling their schedule knows how nice this is.
-She makes herself available during the session as well, you as the parent can be right there. So if you have questions or concerns about you kid as far as weaknesses or things you saw during a team practice or game that you want to work on you can voice those things and she can make necessary adjustments to the session.
-Lastly she is a wealth of information and real world experience having coached and played herself. This is great because wether you are wondering what the coaches perspective is (why isn’t my kid starting?) or the players perspective she is able to give it to you. This also allows her to sympathize with your kid (the player) and give them advice on how to handle different situations. She invites you to pick her brain and ask questions which empowers you to take any at home practices you may be doing with your kid to the next level as well.

Book 1 session with Coach Felicia, print out my review and put a check next to all the things I have listed here.
You won’t be disappointed. You kid is going to improve and get better period!
After your first session you will want to book the 10 session like I did to see how much you kid really can improve and learn!
A big thank you to Coach Felicia, we are looking forward to many more coaching sessions and seeing my sons improve on and off the football field!!!

Coach Felicia is amazing. She not only knows to train my daughter to be stronger, she is also very aware of an athlete’s psychology and emotion! Highly recommend!

I'd like to give a big, special THANK YOU to Coach Felicia Mycyk for training my kids in track and football. Her enthusiasm for each sport is contagious, inspiring, and motivating! In just one lesson, she has already transformed both of them on their running posture and performance! Can't wait 'til they can join and play on a team again to put all these new skills to use!! We couldn't be more pleased and thrilled to be working with a coach of this level of expertise, ability, and willingness to instruct in such an effective manner!

Coach Felicia , is a great trainer , and motivator . I highly recommend using her .

My daughter did a 90 degree change towards being who she truly is inside in two sessions - why? Coach Felicia showed her that, yes, she is strong, and yes, it is more than ok for her to be strong. In fact, if she does not embrace her strength, who she is inside, she will fail to thrive. Wholeheartedly I recommend Coach Felicia to anyone who wants to keep it real and thrive in a real, thriving world. 🌎

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(no details provided)

Coach Felicia is amazing! I hired her for agility and football for my 9 year old son. He lacks confidence and hasn't had much experience with sports. Coach Felicia took time to get to know my son and explain what they were doing, whether it was a warm up exercise or a football drill. She was able to meet him where he was at and knows how and when to push him. She is VERY knowledgable and knows how to talk to kids. My son has blossomed and progressed in such a short time working with Coach Felicia. I highly recommend her!!! She is responsive and has been a great communicator with me and my son.

She's awesome, great with young adults, recommended coach Felicia to everyone

( attended all-girls football camp) It's awesome to see you [Coach Mycyk] in action! I loved seeing the mix of intensity, concentration, curiosity, and accomplishment on the girls faces. Priceless!
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