2 Day - 2020 High School Diving Camp


169 S St John Ave, Pasadena, CA

Past sessions

$200 /athlete
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Event Description:

For new and experienced divers! Make a strong start to the coming high school competition season. Brand new divers will learn the basics of the sport as well as gain an understanding of all high school diving requirements. More experienced divers will be challenged to correct poor habits and to examine their current competition dive lists in order to increase difficulty and scoring potential. Divers will be challenged physically, mentally and emotionally as they are pushed to improve as much as possible in a very short period. Athletes will also be counseled as appropriate on college considerations and possibilities related to diving.


Training will include: conditioning, stretching, gymnastics, visualization, modeling, spotting, elementary physics, side of the pool work, board work, 1 meter and 3 meter diving.


Camp schedule for Saturday and Sunday:

9am-10:30 DRYLAND 

10:30am-12pm DIVE

12-1:30 LUNCH/REST 

1:30-4:00pm REVIEW & DIVE