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I offer fun, effective martial arts lessons for students of all ages and skill levels. I emphasize training for fine-tuned body mechanics, defensive structure, health and fitness. View all coaching experience

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1 session package with Coach Willie. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$60 1 session + one-time fee

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 session package with Coach Willie. 60 minute session length

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$171 3 sessions ($57/ea) + one-time fee

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5 session package with Coach Willie. 60 minute session length

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  • 8 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Muay Thai, MMA, Jeet Kune Do, Capoeira, Arnis

  • Sweep, Strikes, Mental tranquility, Kick, Jabs, Blocks, Balance


  • 8 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Muay Thai, MMA, Jeet Kune Do, Capoeira, Arnis

  • Sweep, Strikes, Mental tranquility, Kick, Jabs, Blocks, Balance

More About Coach Willie

My name is Willie Sims. I have been training in martial arts for ten years and teaching for eight years. I absolutely love training in martial arts and sharing what I have learned with others. Fortunately, this dedication to the arts helped me quickly excel, and shortly after beginning training, my senior instructors offered me the opportunity to teach on a regular basis.

Since then I have been teaching a variety of classes through my own business at various locations around the twin cities. A large portion of my teaching experience also includes private lessons for students of varying ages and skill levels. I help the seasoned martial artists hone their striking skills and have given aspiring martial artists the tools they need to develop a strong foundation for fitness, self defense and more.

My students have told me they appreciate my welcoming and fun attitude toward training -- an attitude that allows each student to develop at an individualized pace. I want my students to always feel comfortable trying new things, asking questions and truly taking joy in their training time.

I have a Level One Instructorship under Sifu Rick Faye, head of the Minnesota kali Group. I have an Apprentice Level three Instructorship under Guro Dan Inosanto, the owner and head instructor of the Inosanto Academy in Los Angeles, California. My martial arts training is not tournament or competition focused, therefore my qualifications represent a personal development, health and fitness focus.

Every training session is tailored to each student's specific skill level and personal goals, but there are some fundamental attributes that are typically emphasized across each lesson:

Footwork And Mobility: Coordination, balance, agility and power all begin with footwork. I ensure my students focus on this vital area of study in each lesson.

Striking, Power And Body Mechanics: Focus mitts, thai pads and weaponry (stick and dagger) drills built from Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do and Kali/Panantukan are the foundation of my students' lessons. I ensure techniques can be applied safely while allowing students to establish proper range, timing, physical force, endurance and fitness. Ultimately, I want my students to be able to throw a punch and have the stamina to do so. Too often, many martial arts practitioners undervalue this crucial aspect of training.

Reactions And Visual Stimulus: I emphasize choice reactions in my training progressions. This concept is derived from Jeet Kune Do concepts which dictate that a student cannot "think" their way into a response. I help my students instill educated responses to incoming attacks (at a manageable pace and intensity). We do this through sensitivity drills, visual focus, repetition and economy of motion so that a response naturally occurs without forcing a technique.

Training For Success: While sparring is a valuable training tool, students need time to build fundamental defensive skills before "testing" them in a sparring environment. I ensure my students train at a pace that allows them to do a technique properly so they do not develop bad habits from going too hard, too fast.

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Client Reviews

Coach Willie is a great match! He's easy to talk to, makes training fun and is completely honest in how to improve.

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Willie is one of the the most encouraging and engaging instructors I have ever worked with. He helps students develop well-rounded attributes and skills that apply to martial arts and many other physical activities/sports. His lessons are relaxed and fun, even though he takes his students goals seriously. He keeps you on task, but does so without the typical "formal" atmosphere of many martial arts gyms. As a martial arts instructor, he is not necessarily all about fighting (although he can help you refine your skills there as well). He helps students become good training partners, develop a passion for learning and gain confidence in their physical potential. On top of it, his knowledge is founded in his training with some of the most esteemed martial arts instructors worldwide. I am so happy to found martial arts as an adult and chosen to train with someone who makes every lesson a joy.
With Willie, I immediately felt at ease. He is quick to point out everything that you are doing right, and is really encouraging when it comes to ways in which you can improve your technique and impact. Taking classes with him is energizing because he is really skilled and inspiring to watch, he knows how to explain things in terms that are accessible (even as a beginner), and he loves to laugh and have fun. He loves what he does and that appreciation is infectious.
Willie is a phenomenal instructor! He always knows when to slow me down or push me to work harder. He is knowledgeable and creative; lessons are always fun and a great workout.
Willie is a rare breed of instructor for a number of reasons: 1. His infectious personality quickly puts you at ease as he teaches. The pressure and nervousness of learning a new activity from a stranger quickly melts into a more relaxed session with a trusted expert. 2. He is able to assess what you currently have, and quickly begin to improve your skill set. Personal instruction from Willie isn't a lecture, it is a discussion on improvement. I have experienced and witnessed Willie improve the ten-year veteran practitioner to welcoming and effectively instructing the first-time student. 3. Lessons are focused, but not pressured. Lessons vary in content, making boredom impossible. Willie is able to communicate effectively to all levels of student, and it won't be long until you 'get it'. A great person that possesses the skill to perform and the patience to teach. What more could a student ask for?
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