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Tony Pullins is known around the world from owners, managers, scouts, players, coaches etc...Founder of Under the Radar Hoops program. Chris Paul CP3 Rising Stars Coach View all coaching experience

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  • Norfolk State University (VA)

  • 19 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward

  • Shooting, Reading the Floor, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility


  • Norfolk State University (VA)

  • 19 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward

  • Shooting, Reading the Floor, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball, Footwork, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility

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More About Coach Tony

I have trained 2 florida player of the years. Dallas “ Deebo” Coleman and Isaiah Adams. I have trained top players for ACD (Arlington Country Day), Providence High, The Potters House and other local schools. Some of the players include: Antonio Lawrence, TJ Bannister, Grayson Allen, Brandon Francis, Udoka Azibuke, DJ Russell, Jared Jones, Mike McDougal, Louis Dorsey, Ben Bobbitt, Ladarien Griffin, Kyle Marion, Aubrey Washington, Jacob Orender, etc... I also train the top middle school players in the city. I have some elementary players as well.

Mr. Pullins Co-Owned and took on the role of Director of Player Personnel with the Jacksonville Blue Waves WBA (World Basketball Association). In 2010 - 2012 the JBW transitioned to the ABA and became the Jacksonville Giants. Tony became the head advanced scout and recruited 10 of 12 of the teams top players. The Giants went on to win the Southeast Championship in 2011 and the ABA Championship in 2012.

Florida Community College of Jacksonville. He currently holds the record for most three point baskets made in a career. Tony transferred to Virginia after receiving an athletic scholarship to Norfolk State University. After careful consideration he felt his talents would be better utilized in his home town. Tony joined the EWC (Edwards Waters College) Tigers in 1998 and helped lead them to their first conference championship. It was at EWC that Mr. Pullins earned many awards such as the Mens Best Offensive Player, Most Outstanding Male Athlete, 1st Team All Conference, 1st Team All Tournament

When training, one should expect intense ball handling and shooting drills, full court and half court. I strictly focus on ball handling and shooting. Players need to be stretched and ready to go. My conditioning will be done with full court ball handling. 30 min ball handling conditioning. Then we will finish with half court fundamental training for 30 min and free throws.

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Client Reviews

Coach Tony was great! He is very knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to basketball. We are very appreciative that he knows how to work with and motivate a younger student. We are also very grateful that we are able to work with such a skilled coach that knows how to work with young talent. And we also thank him for his commitment as he drove through a very bad rain storm to make it to the practice session. We can't thank you enough coach Tony!!!!!!

Great at what he does and really knows how to help improve game.

Great start already feel like I improved off of the first lesson!

Coach Tony is doing a phenomenal job with my son. I see a lot of improvement. My son enjoys coming to practice, he’s motivated and dedicated. Thank you Tony for this push and encouragement

Great communication and easy to work with and listens to the parents and players

Coach Tony did a great a job with my son! He had an immediate impact with his unique style and knowledge of coaching. I will definitely be bringing my son back in the future. Highly recommend him!

Coach Tony is an amazing coach! We are fairly new to the area and we feel blessed to have found him to train our son. He pays attention to detail and in just a few sessions our son has seen improvement on his skills. We would highly recommend if you are looking for a basketball trainer to contact Coach Tony.

Coach Tony is a great mentor and I have learned a great deal about the game in just 5 lessons. He's greatly improved and sharpened my basketball skills, specifically dribbling and footwork. This has improved my confidence when it comes to playing tougher competition. Good man and even better coach.

Coach Tony did a great job working with my twins! He was patient and understanding of an injury and the heat! He worked them hard and had some great feedback to improve. We will definitely work with Tony again!

Tony is the real deal. His coaching style is exceptional and will certainly take your game to the next level. My son has learned so much with shooting fundamentals etc.

Tony is amazing with kids. Would Reccommend

My son is improving so much after only 1 session! He loves it!!!

Coach Tony was great! His training skills are phenomenal.

Great session, coach Tony knowledge and dedication to teach my son was beyond expectations.Great drills and tips share during this workout. Definitely we will book another session,my son was so happy that he arrived home and started practicing what coach Tony taught him. I'm grateful to find coach Tony.

The session was amazing, he can you work towards your basketball goals and he’s a professional and knows what he is doing.That was probably one of the best workouts of my life!

This was my first experience using the app CoachUp and it exceeded my expectations. Coach Tony was personable and extremely knowledgeable. He is a master of his craft and provided excellent drills and immediate feedback for my son. We’re only in town for a few days, but we will definitely be repeat customers.

My experience with Tony was excellent. I took my son and nephew to him to help improve their game and the patience and guidance he took with them was phenomenal. Tony has the right equipment and experience needed to help them develop into better players. The drills he did with them pushed them mentally and physically. I highly recommend Tony to anyone looking for next level basketball training.

Coach Tony was very professional and very knowledged of basketball. Most importantly, he showed tremendous patiences with my son. My son is new to the game of basketball and he enjoyed every second of this training sessions. I look forward with working with coach Tony for a long time.

Thanks again coach Tony!

Coach Tony was excellent. He is kind, professional and great at his job. He put my son through a set of drills clearly developed to improve his ball handling and in-game shooting skills. He was involved, focused and extremely encouraging. I highly recommend him and look forward to more sessions with him.

Tony has done an awesome job coaching our son. He’s introduced him so many drills and techniques to help him develop his skills. It’s been a great experience!

My son has his first workout with Coach Tony and it was a workout like none other. The skills, drills and techniques practice are sure to help my son with coordination, endurance, stamina, shooting and dribbling. We look forward to continuing to work with Coach Tony in prep for my son's freshman year of high school and beyond. Thanks for everything. My son is hyped for the next session.

Coach Tony was excellent in working with my 16 year old grandson who was in town this week. Stressed fundamentals in ball handling and shooting. Could see improvement as the training progressed. Would recommend him highly.

(no details provided)

Coach Tony was great. I learned a ton in one class. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Coach Tony's training session was great! My son learned so much in just one session and is looking forward to more.

Coach Tony does an amazing job training my son. My son really enjoys training with him. I have found my son taking his practice at home more serious than ever - immediately after his first session with TP. His confidence has grown so much in so little time. I also enjoy the positive energy felt during the training. After only two sessions, my son told me that TP helps him more than any coach he has ever worked with. We are definitely looking forward to the growth & future sessions with Coach TP!

OUTSTANDING Session!!!! Coach Tony went beyond my expectations……and I set the bar pretty high. I purchased ten sessions for each of my girls who has played basketball since ages 5 and 7. My middle (7th grade) and high school (9th grade) basketball players worked hard during the first session and left with great appreciation for Coach Tony P. He is one of the BEST trainers that you are going to find. I have definitely found what I was looking for in out-of-season training. ---Bball Mom

Coach Tony did an awesome job showed me where I was weakest and how I can improve. He really helped my jump shot and my ball handling he is great!!

If you want better ball control or better shooting, Coach Tony is the coach for you. His drills are different than others I have seen, they are very constructive and teaches the student ways to improve those skills.

(no details provided)

Coach Tony was really good. I was really impressed with the different techniques he used with my son. My son was very excited as well, my son is looking forward to his next session.

Coach Tony is a GREAT trainer...my son finally knows what he needs to work on to become GREAT. He had my son doing drills that he's never ever done before. Coach Tony provided him with tools to work on until their next work out. I can't wait to see my son build on his craft with the tools Coach Tony provides him.

Coach Tony is definitely a legit trainer. You can tell he knows what he's doing. He knows how to push players to get the most out of the workout. There was no down time so the players get a full workout and it shows. My brother enjoyed the workout and is looking forward to the next session

My son Kenyon has never looked better after only one session. Coach TP is great at what he does and Kenyon really enjoys working with him. His shooting, dribbling and endurance has really improved. Thanks again coach.

Booking Coach Tony was definitely a good decision. He pushed our son to his limit, yet knew when it was time to let him catch his breath. The workout was held at a good fast pace, which got the most out of the alloted time, and he ran drills that will pay immediate dividends. You can tell that kids respond well to this coach.

I am extremely gratified with Coach Tony's techniques. I witnessed first hand how patient and passionate he is about developing the children's skill set, enabling them to excel to the next level. My 8 year old grandson is very psyched and cannot seem to stop bragging about how "sensational" and beneficial this experience has been for him. "He taught me a lot of experience and how to use my left hand more and showed me how to dribble between my legs." Unexpectedly, Tayveon started practicing his drills as soon as we returned home which lasted for over 4 hours, I had to bribe him to come in for dinner. I am overly confident that TJ will be inundated with all of the necessary training needed for him to succeed in his Basketball craft. This is truly a blessing and we are thankful that our little guy is able to take advantage of such a rare opportunity.

Thanks again Coach Tony for choosing a career that you truly enjoy because it shows through the joy and accomplishments of your little ones!

We really enjoyed the session with Coach Tony. He incorporated techniques and skill that our son had never been introduced to. He was able to explain and demonstrate in a way that was understandable and non intimidating. Isaac left his session feeling confident and good. Thanks again Coach Tony.

Coach Tony runs an excellent workout. His drills are intense and on point as to the skills my son needs to develop his game. He has positive reenforcement while pushing my son to get better. I highly recommend Coach Tony

We were looking for a coach who could teach the fundamentals of ball handling, shooting and more. We wanted an hour of in depth training that could raise our students game to a higher level. And we got it with Coach Tony! He began early and ran through the paces with no letting up. The drills were intense, challenging and fun. It was obvious if you want to be good at this game you have to put in the time and train and he made that clear. This was an hour well spent and we're looking forward to more private and group sessions.

After just one session, my little brother can't stop talking about getting in more sessions with Coach TP. Can't wait to see improvement!! Definitely will continue working with him!

Coach TP exemplified a disciplined and skillful approach as a basketball training professional in our first session. As a result, a good connection was made between father, coach, and son, and my son (Nic) look forward to future high caliber training sessions with coach TP as well.

My son loved his first session...I can already see the improvement in his skills and confidence...looking forward to may more productive sessions with Tony

Coach Tony is a great coach. His increased knowledge, drills and workout sessions are better than any basketball camp that I have ever attended.

Coach TP has truly helped and continues to develop my game during the season and off season. He has helped me realize that there are thousands of kids in other nations and states going after the same goal and told me what to do to work harder. He has helped to better my handling, footwork and shooting. Without Coach TP's help, I wouldn't have been named the best combo guard in the city and I wouldn't have lead the city in 3 point shooting. TP has really been a blessing to me and I thank him for it!
Coach TP hasn't only help me with my skill base, but also my mindset and my decision making on and off the court. how you should act when you come out of the game and keep playing hard even if you make turnovers or make a mistake. He's like a father figure to me and he have taught me a lot of things about life and the way a man should act when someone or no one is watching you.
Coach TP truly helped develop my game from middle school, high school to college. He corrected my fundamentals, worked on my shot, and showed me what i needed to do in order to be successful in basketball.
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