Steve Robinson, Montclair, NJ Basketball Coach

Steve Robinson

The Shot Guru



I guarantee you will experience DRAMATIC RESULTS using my proprietary technique, "The Accurate Controlled & Efficient Shooting Method®" (ACES). See video proof at TheShotGuru.com. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. Montclair, NJ
  2. Maplewood, NJ
  3. South Orange, NJ

Coach is willing to travel up to 25 miles

  • Shaw University (NC)

  • 21 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Shooting, Post Moves, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility


  • Shaw University (NC)

  • 21 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Shooting, Post Moves, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility

More About Coach Steve

The Shot Guru®
Pioneering Advancement in Technique and Performance

The ACE Shooting Method®
A Revolutionary Basketball Shooting Technique
Guaranteed to Dramatically Improve Your Consistency & Confidence

The Most Comprehensive Instructional Shooting Method
Complete Shot Control & Efficient Shooting Motion

The Accurate Controlled Efficient Shooting Method:
• Creates a Compact and Effortless Shooting Stroke
• Employs Mechanics that Produce a Quick Release
• Exclusively Utilizes The 7 Essential Keys for Controlling the Shot©
• Utilizes Accelerated Learning Techniques that Expedite “The Command of Control”
• Features The 25 Basic Principles for Mastering the Jump Shot©—the Most Thorough of its Kind
• Empowers Players with a Confident Mindset that “Expects to Make Every Shot”
• Builds a Foundation that Ensures Your Shot Continues to Improve through Sustained Use


Meanwhile, shooting remains the least taught and most difficult skill to master–UNTIL NOW. Inconsistent shooting abounds in the game of basketball. The ACE Shooting Method® fixes what we call "Streaky Shooters Syndrome". Your natural talent to shoot (hand-eye coordination) will be greatly improved through this a "one of a kind” approach. ACCURACY is radically improved when the shot is completely CONTROLLED and executed with EFFICIENT SHOOTING Motion. I guarantee that my technique will DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE your jump shot.

Many players fall short in their training of how to shoot efficiently, including learning how to eliminate unnecessary motion, improve body synchronization and utilize power effectively.

As players experience dramatic improvement in their shot, they also experience a increase in confidence and self-esteem. Positive and successful experiences has a tendency to motivate and inspire, especially when it's genuine. My greatest satisfaction is seeing joy on the face of my players as they experience the difference for themselves.

In today's amateur basketball world (college, AAU, etc.), playing games dominates the landscape and allows very little time for skills development. In addition, 21th Century shooting principles have not kept pace with the growth of athleticism and popularity in basketball. I have been perfecting The ACE Shooting Method® for over 20 years to give my players a highly effective and practical solution to shooting that truly works. My detailed, technical, yet common sense approach to basketball shooting instruction eradicates the complexity and confusion of shooting, making it easy to understand and execute.

Having worked with hundreds of players, the immediate impact of ACES has been astonishing! Given the proper training, anyone can improve their skill to shoot. Investing in shooting pays huge dividends whether it's competing for scholarships, increasing your value as a ball player or advancing your professional basketball career. No other shooting instruction on the market comes close to The Accurate Controlled & Efficient Shooting Method®. If you want to become an Adept, Consistent, Exceptional Shooter–ACES is the Answer!. You will come away saying, "This really works!".

Wise up! Rise up! Everyone values good shooters!

Thank you for your interest,
Coach Rob
The Shot Guru®

***Please note: In accordance with the protection of intellectual properties involving The ACE Shooting Method®, no video or audio recording of instructional methods during sessions are permitted. To that effect, we may also request your consent in signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to the first session.


The Shot Guru: Architect of The Accurate Controlled & Efficient Shooting Method® (2000 – Present)
Shooting Clinics - PRO EXPOSURE TRYOUTS: Atlanta, GA (2017 & 2019)
Shooting Coach/Consultant: New Jersey City University Men's Basketball Team (2016 – 2017)
Head Coach: County League/Boys Basketball Team (Gr. 6-8) S. Orange, NJ (2012 – 2016)
Asst. Coach: County League/Boys Basketball Team (Gr. 7) Maplewood, NJ (2011 – 2012)
Head Coach: Playmakers Shooting and Skills Clinic (Gr. 6 – College) – S.O., NJ (2000 – 2015)
Head Coach: Playmakers of NJ (AAU Boys 15u) – Montclair, NJ (2000 – 2003)
Asst. Coach: County League/Boys Basketball Team (Gr. 8) Maplewood, NJ (1998 – 1999)
Head Coach: Boys Basketball Team – Ligon Junior High School, Raleigh, NC (1977-81)

Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. Clinic.
NFHS NCAA Eligibility Center Coaching Education Course

1. I began playing basketball in 8th grade.
2. In 9th grade, I made my high school's junior varsity team. As a sophomore, I was team co-captain and scored a team season high of 28 points.
3. Moving to varsity, after playing basketball for only three years, I became the starting point guard at Chicago Parker High School. While playing with two high school All-Americans, I averaged 14 points, 8 assists, 6 rebounds and 2 steals a game.

Shooting Instruction:
Your introduction to my shooting method (ACES) involves your total participation–you learn by DOING!

1. We begin with an assessment of your original shot as you will shoot 10 shots from 2 spots on the floor (20 shots total). We will record this benchmark and its results to measure your progress before and after ACES.
2. As training begins, I step you through the fundamentals of "The ACE Shooting Method"; these proprietary intellectual properties that include:
- The 25 Basic Principles for Mastering the Jump Shot
- The 7 Essential Keys for Controlling the Jump Shot
- The Dynamics of the Shot Pocket
3. We start from the bottom and work our way up. Starting with the base, I guide you through various positions and techniques used in "The ACES Method" that impact the feet, legs, hips, back, shoulders, arms, hands, shot pocket, shooting motion, release, body synchronization, follow through, etc.
4. Next, we begin to apply these new mechanics with repetitions of shooting from designated positions on the court. Modifications and corrections usually take place at this time, but repetitions are crucial when learning something new. How quickly one adopts and locks in the ACES Stroke depends entirely upon the individual.
5. If necessary, we might need to utilize a proprietary device I invented which is an extremely effective tool that overrides the "muscle memory" a players old shot while accelerating the "burning in" of the ACES Stroke.
6. At some point in the first lesson you should be able to demonstrate how to make shots with your eyes closed using ACES. This is an indication that you are reaching a comfort level with your new shooting stroke.
7. We also might include some light weight training in our training regimen to strengthen the muscles groups needed to support the mechanics of ACES.
8. Other unique offensive drills designed by The Shot Guru are incorporated that include: mastering the dribble with both hands; the "Iron Bar Drill" which teaches mastery of the handle; mastering moves off the dribble; how to "explode and go" to the hole and other ball handling techniques and training. This lays a foundation for some of the more advanced shooting skills such as creating your own shot.
9. Defensive training is also featured in my player development program. Playing pressure man-to man defense requires skill (knowledge and proper technique), conditioning (preparation), and determination. Players are trained in maintaining a good defensive base, how to move their feet, how to improve lateral movement, just to name a few. Defense enables a player to command a comprehensive skill set that increases their ability to excel as confident and complete player.
10. We generally close most sessions with free throw shooting to simulate game conditions. When players are tired, the ability to focus on the mechanics of ACES really comes into play.
11. Once you can demonstrate a command of your new ACES Stroke, we use the benchmark from your original shot that we recorded in your first session to assess your improvement before and after ACES. You will again shoot 10 shots from the same 4 spots on the floor, using your new ACES Stroke. When this comparison metric takes place depends entirely on the progress of the individual player.

Time permitting, players can expect a very extensive workout. The first session is subject to take a little longer than 1 hour so a thorough evaluation and introduction to ACES can be completed.

Coach Rob
The Shot Guru

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Client Reviews

My son had his first session with coach Steve and my husband and I are beyond happy with what he has learned. Coach Steve is patient and encouraging. He explains his lesson in a way for child to understand. I highly recommend him. You won’t be disappointed!

(no details provided)

Very solid coaching experience, looking forward to the next training.

Coach Rob is amazing! As a player who lacks confidence at times, Coach Rob not only showed me how to shoot with a controlled and effortless motion but provided just as much information on how to overcome mental obstacles. Any initial skepticism i had was quickly put to rest. If you stick with coach Rob, YOU WILL BECOME A MUCH BETTER SHOOTER. This isn't my opinion, its a fact!

Awesome coach who is excellent with shooting technique. After one session my son's form was looking much better.

My 12yo son had his first lesson with Coach Steve Robinson and we were both very impressed. Steve has a great way with kids and was clear and precise with his training. Will definitely be going back to him.

Phenomenal coach

Coach Steve is great, knows his stuff...I was very impressed with my son first session...looking forward for the next session... highly recommended

(no details provided)

Coach Steve has done a great job with my 14 year old son. He's provided specific shooting techniques and instruction that has already paid dividends - my son has a quicker, more compact release and his shooting efficiency is improving. Coach Steve also teaches effective dribbling and defensive drills while bringing a great deal of positive energy and enthusiasm to each session. I would highly recommend Coach Steve!

My son had his first training session with Coach Steve and to say that he and I were impressed is an understatement. Coach Steve has a very unique, engaging and very positive and productive approach to basketball training. After his first session, I asked my son what he thought and he responded "I loved it. I can't wait until my next session." Coach Steve is extremely knowledgeable and passionate and has demonstrated a genuine caring for my son and his development as a player. Definitely an Elite Basketball Trainer!

(no details provided)

I was extremely pleased I booked Coach Steve. I initially confident I made the right choice for my son. His experience surely shined as he guided my son through his steps of achieving better shooting skills and ball handling and that was in just one sessional. More importantly, my son was very comfortable working with Coach Steve and can't wait until their next session. My only regret is not meeting Coach Steve 3 years ago.

Coach Steve was awesome! He really gave Jack confidence by focusing on the fundamentals. Jack really improved in a short amount of time. His coaching style and positive attitude made Jack (9 years old) really love his coaching sessions and playing with his team this year! Thank you!

Coach Steve was AMAZING!!! He worked with my son and his friend and they drastically improved their shooting skills, passing and catching abilities and just general court confidence. On top of that he made it amazingly fun and was something the boys would look forward to during the week. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend Coach Steve! He is patient, kind, and simply magical with what he can teach in a very short amount of time.

Coach Steve was absolutely amazing. My daughter had been off the court for over a year and very insecure of her abilities. In one hour, she was playing with confidence and enthusiasm.

We both cannot wait for the next session and all the sessions that follow. I would highly recommend Coach Steve. He works magic!

Coach Steve was a excellent trainer he displays a very different technique mentally and physical in conquering the game of basketball. He was very informative and delivered one on one hands on training. Would I recommend him YES am I going to use him again YES.

Coach Steve Robinson ("Coach Rob") has been amazing. After only 3 lessons, I'm seeing a complete transformation in my son Ben's fundamental skills. He has been playing basketball for several years now at a very high level but needed a few refinements, especially in his shooting, in order to keep up with the growing competition as he gets older. Coach Rob's shooting method was extremely simple to understand and has changed Ben's shot pocket permanently in a very short period of time. He's also made significant adjustments in Ben's dribbling skills, basic ball control and defensive techniques. On top of that, Coach Rob is very patient and Ben loves every minute of every session. Looking forward to what he has in store for our future sessions! Thanks Coach!

Coach Rob does incredible work teaching the mechanics of shooting. His methods helped me to improve my technique, increase my range to beyond where I even need to shoot from in games, quicken my release and have more control and consistency shooting off of the dribble. From my personal experience and what I have observed when working in groups, I can say with confidence that anybody willing to buy into what Coach Rob teaches and commit to focusing on the fundamentals can become a phenomenal shooter. I was able to have a successful high school and then college career as a shooter and scorer, and a great deal of my success can be credited to the work I put in with Coach Rob.
As a young man who has played 4 years of NCAA basketball, I know a great coach/mentor when I see one. When pertaining to the game of basketball, Steve Robinson’s understanding of the fundamental aspects of the sport comes second to none. After working with him for a few years, I saw considerable improvement in my shooting stroke, ball handling, defensive posture, as well as my overall in-game confidence. Coach Robinson incorporated creative and fun drills to help me improve upon my game while also encouraging me to be the best I could be on and off the court. His positive impact extends beyond the game and he only wants the best for the youth he assists. The lessons Coach Robinson instilled in me helped me on my way to having a successful collegiate career and I wouldn’t be where I am today without his guidance. I recommend Coach Robinson with high regards and know he will be an asset to anyone who wishes to use his services. He is The Shot Guru!
Steve Robinson’s approach to helping aspiring players develop their basketball skills is both effective and proven. He clearly and patiently explains how to use his time tested drills and basketball philosophy. And what results are practice habits that produce fundamentally sound and improved basketball play. “Coach Rob’s” tutelage helped my son move from being a player described by most as “average” as a high school freshman, to an All-Conference, All-County, and All-State player by his senior year. Steve Robinson is not just a student of the game of basketball, he is scholar of the game. Players at all levels can benefit greatly from purposefully applying Coach Rob’s basketball skills methodology.
I would like to say thanks for allowing me to have a moment to elaborate on one of our community’s pillars. I have had the honor to understand this statement to be true first hand. I recall seeing this coach/teacher showing a group of boys the art of knowing fundamentals of basketball. It was an early Saturday morning at The Baird in South Orange. One of the things that stood out was his ability to capture their attention with a normal tone during this entire practice. I stood amazed as he naturally made each child feel comfortable and eager to move to the next exercise. He has begun to master the art of communication. He shows us how to instruct others constructively so that one’s self esteem is intact. This not only captured my attention but it made me want to have my son train under him. As a parent I have seen my son’s growth not only in basketball but becoming a great teammate. As we know him, Coach Rob continues to do what he loves from the heart. He has been a strong advocate for every kid to have a chance. However his love for others I believe is what keeps him going. He has developed South Orange Middle basketball's class of 2015 into one of the finest group of young men headed to high school with hopes of continuing to play basketball. He is not only a scholar of the game, but he has developed ways to make one’s shot better. Coach Rob is a particular coach that expects greatness from his players. He demonstrates that a coach’s role extends far beyond the court. Coach Rob still continues to reach out to his boys with much appreciated guidance. It is not unusual to look up and realize Coach Rob standing nearby supporting your child at another function away from basketball. We thank this man for his blueprint to utilize.
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