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I have been coaching baseball in southern California for 20 years, since I was pitching in high school for the #1 ranked team in the nation. View all coaching experience

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Intro 4 Session Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

4 session package with Coach Steve. 30 minutes in length. CoachUp charges a 25% fee for the first 4 sessions so this package reflects the markup. After booking this package all other packages will be available.

Session Length: 30 minutes

$200 4 sessions ($50/ea) + one-time fee

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Return Customer Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Steve. 30 minute session length.

Session Length: 30 minutes

$40 1 session + one-time fee

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Light Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 session package with Coach Steve. 30 minute session length

Session Length: 30 minutes

$117 3 sessions ($39/ea) + one-time fee

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Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

5 session package with Coach Steve. 30 minute session length

Session Length: 30 minutes

$195 5 sessions ($39/ea) + one-time fee

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Elite Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

10 session package with Coach Steve. 30 minute session length

Session Length: 30 minutes

$385 10 sessions ($39/ea) + one-time fee

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Group Single Session
In-Person Training for up to 8 athletes

1 session group package with Coach Steve. 90 minutes session length.

Session Length: 90 minutes

$120 1 session + one-time fee

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Group 3 Session Package
In-Person Training for up to 8 athletes

3 session group package with Coach Steve. 90 minutes session length.

Session Length: 90 minutes

$340 3 sessions ($113/ea) + one-time fee

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Team 5 Session Package
In-Person Training for up to 8 athletes

5 session group package with Coach Steve. 90 minutes session length.

Session Length: 90 minutes

$550 5 sessions ($110/ea) + one-time fee

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  • California State University--Long Beach (CA)

  • 20 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Pitcher

  • Pitching, Fielding, Hitting, Baserunning


  • California State University--Long Beach (CA)

  • 20 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Pitcher

  • Pitching, Fielding, Hitting, Baserunning

More About Coach Steve

I have been coaching baseball in southern California for 20 years, since I was pitching in high school for the #1 ranked team in the nation. I went on to pitch professionally in Mexico. I have coached at all different levels, including Little League Baseball, travel ball, and high school ball.

Although I am currently also coaching girls softball and can definitely coach hitting and fielding, I specialize in baseball pitching lessons, being a pitcher myself. I work on velocity, control, movement, and most importantly, the mental side of pitching.

"Pitching is the art of instilling fear by making a man flinch." - Sandy Koufax

As a player I have been pitching for 25 years, including professionally in Mexico. As a coach, I have been coaching for 18 years, starting when I was 16 and pitching for the #1 ranked high school team in the nation. I have coached Little League players, including multiple All-Star Teams, travel ball players, and high school players.

A session with me would start with proper stretching and warmups to increase flexibility and avoid injuries. Next we would work a bullpen session to fix mechanics, increase velocity, add movement, and improve command. Most importantly, we would work on the mental side of pitching.

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Client Reviews

Coach Steve is a great teacher!

Coach Steve is fantastic!! He provided immediate feedback which led to real time improvement. Even a seemingly minor change in grip resulted in my son throwing the best cutter he ever has. In just one session, my son's confidence increased and we are anxious to see what he will learn and what further improvements are in store for him at his next session. Thank you!!

My son learned quite a great deal from our first lesson. We look forward working with him again.

Steve is a very knowledge coach that has a vast repertoire of baseball experience to share.

Coach Steve was very accommodating with the location of practice. He was very friendly and my son felt very comfortable. Definitely recommended


Coach Steve was great! My son is 14 and headed to high school. He was able to provide some immediate tips to help him with his pitch location, movement, and how the mental side plays into his game. Would definitely recommend and we are looking forward to more sessions!

Coach Steve is very personable and knowledgeable. In my grandson's first lesson, he immediately picked-up minor pitching and hitting flaws that had been unnoticed by other coaches.
I look forward to continuing his lessons with Coach Steve.

We had a great 1st session, he was nice on explaining pitcher's mind case by case.Thank you.

(no details provided)

We had a great 1st session, thank you!

Thank you coach Steve. After our son's first lesson, we already see improvement excited to go back for more lessons!

My boys had a blast practicing baseball with Coach Steve. First time my boys learned few tips to bat and throw better. He is very professional and great with the kids. We will definitely continue to meet for more training.

I highly recommend Coach Steve. He has been helping our 8 year old son with pitching mechanics and we have already seen an improvement after 3 coaching sessions. He is able to explain (and show) our son exactly what he needs to work on to improve his wind-up, control, and velocity. Coach Steve is also very encouraging which has helped our sons confidence. We will definitely keep working with Coach Steve through the upcoming baseball season and into the future.

Coach Steve is a great coach! He is very knowledgeable and has taught my son various techniques and mechanics to improve his pitching. We have seen big improvement and great progress since we contacted Coach Steve. I definitely recommend him.

Steve had really great rapport with my 9 year old son. Despite his tendency to be shy, Steve had a great way of making him feel comfortable and confident. Steve was able to pick up a couple of mechanical issues with my son’s pitching as well as help him with the mental side of pitching. His velocity and control picked up after only one session. We will definitely be booking more sessions with Coach Steve to get my son feeling confident and capable heading into Spring Ball.

Coach Steve was great with my son. He showed him 3 steps on how to improve his hitting and sure enough we went straight to the cages and he was ripping balls. Thanks Coach Steve!

My kid (13) had a great 1st session with Coach Steve. He was disarmingly funny + filled the entire time with tons of value. From beginning to end (and even in his followup feedback) it was evident he was totally present & focused on my kid's elevation.
He has a great attitude & it brought out a lot of effort in my kid. Now that I know my kid respects & is comfortable with Coach Steve, I know his knowledge on the mental side of baseball will really sink in.
He's a success at what my kid wants to do - so we'll be back to model that success!

Coach Steve gave my 7yr old great guidance and tips for his first session. He really observes the details and corrects accordingly. I'll definitely be booking more sessions with Coach Steve! - Kenny

Coach Steve is very knowledgeable. He showed my son the fundamentals of pitching and saw immediate improvements from his coaching.

Coach Steve was patient with my 8 yr old son and was able to give him great tips to get started pitching

Steve is a good coach. He has much experience in pitching and hitting. During the sessions, he corrects my son patiently on details. My son learned a lot from the sessions.

Coach Steve was great with my son. He was knowledgeable and patient as he assessed my son’s pitching and batting. Coach Steve was very informative and recommended different drills to strengthen my son’s arm and improve accuracy. I was impressed with how coach Steve was able to identify my son’s strengths and weaknesses and explained thoroughly what he can do to improve. I would definitely recommend coach Steve. Thank you coach Steve!

Coach Steve has given solid advise and was able to address the things we have needed for sometime. So far so good! My son has really responded well.

Steve is coaching my 10 yr old son. He takes a personal approach with his coaching which is refreshing because every player is different. He also takes extra time if needed to ensure the current lesson is understood. Highly recommend.

From my son: During our lesson I felt like he was a great overall coach, because he would pay alot of attention to the minor and general details! And he's a friendly and patient person,asking questions to get to know your perspectives.So if you need a coach he's a good option!

My Son Hudson and I are from Jackson Hole. We were in town for my daughters soccer and wanted something for son to do. Coach Steve made it easy and helped us find locations as we had no clue as to where we were at.. we did three sessions ( it says 30 minutes, more like 45 as he worries about kids arms). at his very low rate. My son is very hard headed and wasn’t paying attention in the first session. With in 3 minutes, coach had my son engaged and learning. Where we are from, there is not much, if any coaching. There are just games with some coaching during the game. My son and I learned more about the mechanics of pitching in the 1st session then we did the first 2 seasons in little league. Coach Steve is very knowledgeable, Fun natured and in my opinion cares about your kid and wants him or her get better. Just wish we had more time with Steve. Contemplating driving 20 hours back in 5 weeks for more coaching !! Definitely A+ here !!

Great first sessions, looking forward to having my son work with Coach Steve and improving his game!

Coach Steve is an amazing coach. My son is 7 years old and does little league and coach did amazing with his attention to detail. He explained to my son what he needs to work on and techniques to perfect his pitching skills. My son had fun during the entire practice session. Coach Steve was patient and very kind. My son is usually shy around new people but he was fine around coach Steve. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great pitching coach.

We had a group with 3 boys. The session was great! He was positive and kept the boys engaged. We stretched, which duh our actually team coach never does with the boys. He used some helpful tips with the boys that worked on better coordination for them and overall the boys did well. It was a very positive experience.

Coach Steve worked so well with my first-time pitching son. He has a great technique and look forward to the progress our son will make on the mound.

Coach Steve was a great coach. After just the first session I already see a lift in my sons confidence. The changes Steve has made to my son's Pitching Mechanics are already paying dividends for him. Looking forward to working more with Steve.

Coaching is a special thing. He found a way to reach my sons attention and explain to him the ways of the field, ball, and game. I will be using him again in the future.

Coach Steve is patient and explains the sequence to effective pitching very well. Thank you for the positive experience.

Coach Steve did a great job with my son. He pitched a couple of days later and his strike percentage was up, he felt like he was throwing harder and although he has more work to do, he felt he was getting more movement than normal...all things we were looking to improve in our session. Thanks coach!

Steve is a great coach. Our son is almost six and pretty good for his age. Steve communicates well and our son has learned a lot already! Will be buying more sessions for sure. Highly recommend Coach Steve!

(no details provided)

Coach Steve really connects and communicates well with my son. He has helped him gain confidence in his pitching ability. He is very knowledgeable during his pitching lessons.

Good at evaluating the player and genuinely tries to help you improve.

Very knowledgeable and gives great advice.

Coach Steve was great with my 7 year old son. My son is just learning to pitch and coach Steve showed him the proper way to pitch and some really good drills for us to practice at home. We have seen improvement after the first lesson and my son truly enjoyed it. We highly recommend Coach Steve and can't wait for our next lesson!

My 9yo son had his first pitching lesson with Coach Steve today. He assessed his strengths and weaknesses, and suggested minor adjustments. He emphasized balance and body alignment, which resulted in my son throwing faster and more accurately in a matter of minutes. We took home some great tips to keep practicing. See you soon for another session!

Coach Steve was Amazing. My child was able to learn and improve on baseball techniques. Coach steve was able to pint point what my child need it to work on which greatly helps to keep improving, and he also made him feel at ease. Just one lesson has giving my child so much confidence. Can’t wait for our next session. I would recommend him to anyone trying to improve and or learn the game.

Coach Steve did a great job with my son. He has a great eye for picking up on the small details that make all the difference. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve technique.

My boys enjoyed the session with Coach Steve. They expressed that he was very patient and encouraging.It was amazing to see them pitching with much strength and control after only one session. We look forward to the next sessions. Thank you for instilling confidence in my boys, Coach Steve!

First time with Coach Steve and it was a productive session. After a stretch and warmup, a bullpen with Steve catching and giving constant feedback. Steve was very positive and gave my 9 year old some additional tools to be more effective on the mound. He was able to relate on his level and communicate in a way my son could easily understand. We will be back for more! A good foundation to build upon.

I signed up for a pitching lesson for my 10 years old son. He was very thorough with my son and after just one session, my son started to throw with more power and control. Highly highly recommend!

Coach Steve I agree with your assessment of Logan! He really enjoyed the lessons and said he really liked you as his coach.

Coach Steve helped my 9 year old improve his throwing and pitching right away. My son is looking forward to his next session.

Coach Steve really helped my 7 year old with his fundamentals and his fear of the ball. By the end of 1 session his catching and throwing were already improved and I knew exactly how to help him build on that at home.

Coach Steve was great with my 7 year old son. He was patient and kind and taught him the fundamentals we needed him to learn.

(no details provided)

Coach Steve is great coach. My son is 7 with a very short attention span and he was very patient with him and explained things to his level of understanding. After only one session we were made aware of 2 mechanical problems that we need to work on to improve my son's pitching skills. We will definitely be back for more sessions.

(no details provided)

Steve has been a positive influence on my son in showing him how to improve his throwing mechanics. Additionally, he is relatable and offers great perspective on the how and why of his teaching views. We will continue to see Steve for future one-to-one coaching as my son continues to progress. For reference, my son is 9 and in Pony baseball. He has had 3 lessons with Steve thus far.

Had the pleasure of meeting coach Steve. Of course as any parent meeting a coach for the first time to instruct your kid I was a bit skeptical at first. The skepticism immediately was removed when I saw how knowledgeable coach Steve was of the game. He’s very approachable and eager to answer any questions you may have. Given my son is a sophomore in high school I wasn’t sure what more could he have taught him that no other coach has already done in the past. Needless to say I was wrong. Coach Steve showed my son technics and drills to improve his pitching mechanics to fine tune his game. Not only was I pleased with the session more importantly so was my son.

Our son really enjoyed his first lesson. Coach Steve was very knowledgable and patient with our 6 year old. We are looking forward to our next lesson.

Coach Steve was awesome. Would definately recommend him.

Coach Steve C. Was extremely patient and observant with my son's on going struggles and forward progress. Coach Steve identified area's needing improment as well as identifing strengths with my son's mechanics. Definitely a moral boost my son needed with his current struggles with his pitching abilities and strengths. Thank you Coach Steve

Patient, very attentive

Patient and to the point. Great with young kids on working with mechanics, and I'd recommend Coach Steve to anyone wanting to improve their game.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Steve is very patient and takes his time to observe. As he observes, he takes note and points out a few things wrong. He explains to my 10 year old son so he can correct his mistakes. He is detail and explains to Dominic in a way for him to understand which is great (10+++). Coach Steve connected very well with Dominic and gives confidence to him. Something that Dom needs to work on and his consistency. We have done 2 sessions already and we can see a difference in him when he is on the mound (more comfortable and focus.)

Steve was very professional and good with coaching, i would definitely recommend him.

My son enjoyed his first session with coach Steve. Steve pointed out a few things wrong he was doing. Can't wait to see my son pitch again. Thanks coach

Coach Steve is a very detailed and informative. Knows what he is talking about. Very patient with his students. Was very helpful to my son.

Coach Steve is very considerate and patient with my 9 yr old son. Coach works well with my son at a pace that my son can understand. Within 3 lessons my sons has better mechincs, better velocity, and more throws more strikes.

Coach Steve is an awesome coach! My 8 year old son has had 3 sessions with hm and is now a completely different pitcher! My son is pitching faster and more accurate than ever. I love that Coach Steve explains each step in pitching... he is patient with Noah and has a way to make Noah feel really comfortable.
I will definitely continue with Coach Steve!

My son has seen Coach Steve once and will be seeing him again next week. In just one session, I cannot believe the improvement my son has had. He’s gone from walking five kids with automatic five runs ending an inning to striking kids out with no runs. He’s helped my son with pitching mechanics and had him enjoy learning as well. Thanks Coach Steve!

Our 7 year old son has been working with Coach Steve for a few sessions for pitching. He has learned a lot from Coach Steve. We really like that he targets the problems that our son has and works on correcting them. He gives my son goals for each week after each session that he can focus on. We are seeing quite a bit of improvement just after a few sessions. Our son looks forward to the sessions and we actually have purchased more sessions so he can continue to learn from Coach Steve.

Coach Steve instilled confidence in my son and taught some valuable pointers in the first hour. Steve provided my son with both physical and mental insight on pitching. He simplifies everything and provides encouragement. My son had a game immediately following the first lesson and was able to apply his new knowledge with great results. Coach Steve's love for the game of baseball is shown with his stories throughout the lesson.

An amazing first session. Coach Steve was calm, easy to understand and made my boys excited for their next session. He was easy to set up a session with even though we booked on very short notice. I highly recommend him. We could see improvement by the end of the session and have some easy to do practice drills to keep the improvement happening until our next session.

(no details provided)

Coach Steve did an amazing job with our 10 year old that has never played baseball before. Coach Steve was very patient with him and able to help out our son with some basics. We feel our son has gained a lot from just his first session and we're definitely going to continue training with Coach Steve.

Thank you Coach Steve for the first lesson with my son. We will continue to work with you.

(no details provided)

Great with pitching warm up drills and pitching mechanics. Thanks Steve!

Coach Steve met with my 5 year old son and everything was excellent. Immediately after our session, my son wanted to continue playing and practicing the steps that Coach Steve introduced. His session included stretching, throwing, catching and hitting. The session ran longer than scheduled and he did not watch the time. We will continue working with Coach Steve and have already recommended him to others.

Great guy, great coach. Very patient with my youngest son who can be a handful at times.

Coach Steve was great to work with on our first session. We booked a multisession package on the spot. I'm impressed with his patience and how he can connect with my son. He reinforces what I tell my son and as a dad/coach that is very helpful because our kids don't always want to hear it from us. I'm positive that if my son continues working on the fundamentals and practices what coach Steve is telling him he's going to improve greatly which will improve his confidence on the mound and at bat.

Coach Steve is an excellent coach! My son learned a lot starting from the first session and had great fun doing it! The way Coach Steve teaches and explains things makes it easy to learn and understand. I definitely recommend him and will be booking more sessions for the long term! Thank you Coach Steve!

My 11 year old son worked on pitching with Coach Steve. For my son's first time with a private coach, he felt really comfortable. He taught him a number of things about the mental part of pitching, as well as the fundamentals. He made sure that I was in on the conversation, so that I would know what to look for when he plays. By the end of the session, he was able to diagnose one to two things that he could work on immediately. My son is already looking forward to working with him on his next session.

Booked one session with Coach Steve C. and was very impressed. He worked with my son on his pitching mechanics and is very knowledgeable with different pitches, grips and arm slots. He was able to get my son excited about learning & working on new pitches that he was hesitant to try before. We will definitely be setting up another session! Thanks Coach Steve.

(no details provided)

Coach Steve connected well with my son. I was looking for a very good coach to help my son improve his velocity, ball movement and placement. He addressed both of these concerns and thought my son some mechanics as well as the mental aspect of pitching which is very important.

Thanks Coach Steve! Nathan enjoyed his lessons with you.

Coach Steve was super helpful and quick to diagnose technique that needed improvement . My son really liked him as well. Excited to watch my son improve as we will definitely do more lessons.

My son (8 years old) had his first pitching session with Coach Steve. He really enjoyed it and thought it was helpful as did I. Coach did a good job of explaining things and even provided written feedback on the session which we will follow until we book our next session with him.

Coach Steve is amazing. Explained every step throughly and in detail. Build my sons confidence. Made me and my son feel very comfortable. Looking forward to continue with him. Highly recommend him.

Coach Steve did a great job with my son. He learned so much from him and made it fun. Looking forward to seeing him again.

Coach Steve makes throwing simple in the way that makes it easy to learn and you still have a good throwing arm and good ways to practice when he is not there. And he is fun to be with. ~Anderson; Age 10.

Coach Steve diagnosed the several issues that was preventing a quality throw for my son. We have had a couple of years of baseball and water polo (same throwing motion), and though all coaches recognized his throw had poor form, they could not get his throw proper. Coach Steve: Lesson One; diagnosed issues and taught techniques and tricks for remembering. Lesson Two; continue with techniques. Lesson Three; Advance technique while reminding lessons from the last 2 sessions. Steve works well with kids. I'm excited to see the the next five lessons will produce. I strongly recommend coach Steve.

Coach Steve is great with my son Kyle. He is very clear on his instructions and has helped him gain confidence in his pitching. Thanks for the wonderful coaching!

My son needed a coach that would help him get out of his slump. He wasn't hitting and needed someone to teach him the proper way and motivate him. Coach Steve has been amazing and has taught him so much in just a few classes. We will continue to use him though his baseball years. We are completely thrilled and happy. You won't regret hiring him!!!

Coach Steve was awesome with my 9 year old just learning to pitch. Steve was friendly and patient with my son. He explained things and showed him how to correct his mechanics. My son cannot wait for his next lesson.

First session, after 20 minutes, my husband and I looked at each other and said, "you can already see a difference!"
You can tell Coach Steve loves coaching.

Coach Steve is extremely professional and very knowledgeable. He communicates great with my son. My son has improve more and more after each lesson. We appreciate the feedback summary after each session. That gives us an idea on what to continue working on with him before his next session. My son is looking forward to many more sessions. I will definitely recommend him.

Steve has been really great with my 11 year old son. He is patient with him and is providing some great techniques that is really helping him. Improvements just after a couple of sessions. Would highly recommended.

Very comfortable experience with the coach. Since I only had a short period of time to take 1 hour session from the coach, I did not expect to learn anything from this short period of time. The result made me very surprised. My curveball has been "upgraded" to anther level, and got the idea of slider and 2 seams. Did not expect these results before the class. He always keeps his smile and we also very comfortable during the conversation, although I am not good at speaking English.

Strongly recommend this coach. He knows how to improve a player's ability in a short period of time, and able to upgrade a player to another level!

It was amazing what Coach Steve was able to do with my 8 year old son in such a short period of time. My son plays in Pony League and Steve identified his opportunity areas and was able to correct a lot of it quickly. Highly recommended.

Coach Steve seems to be very knowledgeable. Worked great with the 6 kids he trained for the afternoon. The feedback he left will be put to good use and we will definitely be booking him for continued sessions throughout the season. Finding someone who can preach mechanics to 7/8 year olds is tough to come by but coach Steve does a great job!

Excellent first meeting. My 2 boys, ages 7 and 9 have really enjoyed working with coach Steve. He is professional, knowledgeable and completely engaging with both my boys, a very positive appearance. After just one lesson they were so excited by him and are looking forward to more practices.

Steve is a very good pitching coach and relates well with younger pitchers. I have an 11 year old and 14 year old that plays high school baseball. Both have played travel ball for years. Their previous pitching coach helped them, but it seemed like they hit a wall. They continued to pitch well, but needed to take that next step. After having my boys work with Steve, I saw an immediate change in their pitching. Steve relates well with the boys. The boys have more confidence and are asking me to book more sessions with him. Changes to their grip improved their off-speed pitches and his help on the mental side of pitching (when to throw a certain pitch, location, etc) has helped immensely. In addition, I receive an overview of the pitching session (sometimes within 15 minutes of leaving the field!) from Steve. Highly recommended!

(no details provided)

Coach Steve was great to work with. He walked through the basics with my son and focused on keys steps in a way he could remember them. I would recommend coach Steve and expect to work with him again.

I had a great first session with Coach Steve. Feel like I learned a lot.

(no details provided)

Coach Steve has been an excellent coach for my son. Steve has instilled a whole new confidence level in my son's pitching ability. I am very impressed with his professionalism and experience. We just booked more lessons! I would highly recommend Coach Steve!

Coach Steve was great. We'll definitely book more sessions in the future when our schedules clear up a bit.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Just finished our first lesson with coach Steve. Very knowledgeable and very positive. Highly recommend him to any parent that wants to take their child to the next level.

Coach Steve was great with my son. My son felt comfortable and learned a lot.

Steve is an excellent coaches ! 2 sessions so far and my Son is sowing improvement and more importantly is having fun learning. Steve is positive , energetic and professional thanks Coach!

My son had a great practice with coach Steve, never really having a pitching coach my son learned a lot in the first session. We will definitely be scheduling more with coach Steve.

Steve is a great coach and has helped my son take control of his pitches and mechanics. He has a nice and friendly attitude and always has helpful tips. Very well recommend him if you need extra help on your pitches or any other tips/advice that would be useful.

(no details provided)

Great Coach!,He Knows What hes talking about and what he's teaching me ..This was my first session and I learned a couple of things that I didnt know that really helped me pitch and hit the strike zone, I Highly Recommend him as a coach!!💯💪⚾

Coach Steve has demonstrated an excellent command of the fundamentals and made accurate diagnosis of key issues with instruction on how to address them for our 10yo son in hitting and pitching. He is straight to the point, but able to communicate constructive criticisms on a level a kid can accept. Great insights and knowledge!

Great Coach! My son has improved a lot in just a few lessons. Steve keeps it simple and I notice the difference and the confidence my son is gaining in his pitches

(no details provided)

Coach Steve has demonstrated on my son's first pitching lesson to be very knowledgeable on his instructions and advice. And I've already seen improvements and confidence in my son's game, not to mention the improvements. We look forward to the next pitching lesson.

After our session with Coach Steve, my son is fired up and so excited to learn and grow as a pitcher. He was very knowledgable and taught my son skills to improve his pitching. But more than anything, my son had a great time. We are looking forward to watching his confidence and technique grow.

Coach Steve is so great. My son is 10years old. After taking 1st lesson, my husband and I felt that his pitching is pretty good and improved.Next day, He had the baseball game. After game, every parents and friends told him "really great job". Other people knew that he improved. My son is waiting next lesson. I really recomend him.!!!

Coach Steve work with my boy pitching lessons and it changed the way he pitched right away. After the first few lessons I can see the difference in the way he pitched. His speed and accuracy was a huge improvement with just few lessons but pointers he worked on at home.

Steve is great, I will be booking more sessions. I would advise anyone out there to give him a try. You can really tell when someone you are working with has played at a high level for a long time because he was able to catch me (while I was pitching) but yet still suggest mechanical corrections on the fly. Ask him about how he grips different pitches, building arm strength, etc. he is a wealth of information. He is very positive about teaching, enthusiastic and can definitely help your game…or your child’s game, but if you book you better come ready to work! He will help you get what you want out of a session but it’s up to you to show up and work hard, that’s the only way to get better!

Steve did a great job with my 8 year old son and was very knowledgable. We will definitely book him again!

Coach Steve was great for my 7 year old. it is his first year pitching and the fundamentals he taught my son today were great!!! Not only was he more than understanding when it came to scheduling due to rain and other mishaps but he was so friendly to my son, husband and I. We will definitely be booking multiple sessions with him in the future.

Coach Steve was excellent with my 11 yr old son Andrew. He spoke and coached in a manner that my son understood and was willing to listen and adjust to the coaches recommendations. Andy said he was comfortable and liked his lesson. We will be using coach Steve again.

Coach Steve really helped me with my pitching. He worked with my pitching style and gave me some good pointers on how to improve it. I'm looking forward to meeting with him again.

Wyatt (age 14)

Coach Steve was great and will book again soon. Thanks for taking the time to work with my son

Even though my son was reluctant to be coached, Coach Steve made it easy for him, going over positives and offering constructive criticism in a way that was easy to receive. He spent quality time with him and offered great tips. We look forward to our next session.

(no details provided)

Coach Steve is skilled, and knows how to communicate and pass his knowledge on to my son. My son enjoys and looks forward to his pitching lessons.

Steve is great with kids. Very friendly and easy going. More importantly, he knows baseball. He was able to point out the mechanical flaws in my son's pitching delivery. We were able to apply his tidbits and get back on the right track.

Will definitely use again in the near future as needed.

Coach Steve is knowledgeable about pitching mechanics, types of pitches, exercises, mental toughness, and patience when it comes to pitching and baseball in general. He's one of the best we've ever seen. He's also encouraging and approachable, just an overall excellent coach!

Nice guy. But our 30min lesson included
5min walking to and from the field,
15min warmup and stretching,
5min talking and
ONLY 5min of actual pitching (total 4 pitches were thrown) that's about $10 per pitch.
So we are not likely to go back to him anytime soon.

Coach Steve is awesome! My son is 9yrs old and just completed his first season as a pitcher. My limited knowledge of that position got him going and through the season, but he needs to grow beyond what I can teach him. At our first session he responded immediately to his instruction and couldn't stop talking about the difference he felt in his wind up. Coach Steve made it a fun learning experience and we are looking forward to more sessions with him.

We made a pretty exhaustive search for a pitching coach for my 7 year old son and Coach Steve was a great find! He's personable, fun, flexible and knows his stuff. My son was able to learn new mechanics successfully from the first day and looks forward to each practice. Highly recommended.

He relates to my son and helps to break things down to my son's level. He is encouraging yet firm on what my son needs to practice. He is really helping my son to build up his technique in pitching and batting along with stretching.

Coach Steve has patience, is knowledgeable, and works very well with my eight year old son. I would highly recommend him.

Coach Steve, in just a few sessions, has already taught my 14 year old son proper pitching mechanics, the importance of stretching, and workout routines to strengthen his arm. My son was skeptical at first, but has grown to like and trust Coach Steve. Especially after Coach taught him the slider! Coach Steve was a pitcher himself, so his insight into the game of baseball are invaluable. We definitely plan on using Coach Steve during his highschool years to hopefully take it to the next level!

10 more Sessions booked :). Aydan threw exceptional well today in practice. His velocity went up another notch. Using the same method to estimate pitching speed, Aydan is now throwing 46feet in .7 secs flat. That is another improvement of 2-3mph from the last recordings I made about 1.5 months ago. His mechanics look really good and he's getting to the right Balance point consistently. Awesome job Steve, we both enjoy your Coaching sessions and talking about the game we all love.
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