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Light Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 session package with Coach Stan. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$50 1 session + applicable fees

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Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 session package with Coach Stan. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$144 3 sessions ($48/ea) + applicable fees

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Pro Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

5 session package with Coach Stan. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$225 5 sessions ($45/ea) + applicable fees

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Elite Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

10 session package with Coach Stan. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$430 10 sessions ($43/ea) + applicable fees

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  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers


  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

More About Coach Stan

My name is Stanford Robinson ( Coach Stan), I have been training basketball athletes for 10+ years. I have had the privilege to coach and train at every level including the professional level. My knowledge of the game comes from some of the most well respected individuals in the basketball world. I have been mentored by some great names such as Dan Hurley( Uconn Huskies 2023 national champions), Tom Crean( Coach of Dwayne Wade and Victor Oladipo), Glenn Farello( Nationally Rank - Basketball Powerhouse Paul Vi High School), Keith Stevens (Founder of Eybl Team Takeover), and much more.

As a basketball athlete I have been blessed to; be a Espn top100 kid all through high school, been able to make history as one of the few teams to go undefeated in the toughest high school league in the country (WCAC), 1st team all WCAC as a junior in highschool, 1000 point scorer, Committed to the number #4 college(Indiana University) in the country as a junior in high school, Transferred to University of Rhode Island and Won two back to back conference tournaments, 3 out of 4 Ncaa appearances, Played in the NBA affiliate G league.

Training with We WorkedOnThat, LLC partnered with Coach up; Athletes will be trained physically and mentally.

3 services offered to athletes: skills training , Speed/Agility(for all athletes) , Film study, mental performance workshop training(virtual/ in person)

First session of skills training is an assessment training so that we can build rapport with parents and athletes to make sure we are a good fit.

Minimum recommendation: (1) speed/agility training (1) skills training [per week]

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Client Reviews

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We highly recommend Coach Stan. He's positive, consistent, and patient in his instruction; we have seen a lot of improvement in our son in a short time. He also tries to keep things fun, which is great for the younger kids. From the perspective of a parent, he does a great job of providing feedback and communicates well regarding scheduling, training, etc. An added bonus: in addition to being a great coach, he's just a really nice person!

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Works to build confidence and provide a unique coaching experience based on the player

Our son just started his second series of workouts with Coach Stan and we are happy with his progress. The workouts are challenging, geared towards the player’s current skill level, and have a strong emphasis on foundational skills which we appreciate. Coach Stan goes beyond just running drills, but really teaches about all aspects of the game (physical, mental, emotional, etc.). Our son is only 11, but has recently really taken an interest in basketball, and we think his sessions with Coach Stan will set him up with good habits and the right mindset to pursue his future basketball goals.

Every session so far has been very constructive. My nephew seems to listen to his feedback and is able to take it in and learn from it. We just started working with Coach Stan and we are excited to keep coming back and seeing all the improvements. Most importantly my nephew enjoys working with him, he's always asking when his next training session is. Definitely a Plus

Stan is an amazing coach! He was able to quickly identify weaknesses in my son’s game and came up with great drills to develop those skills. His game improved dramatically in a matter of weeks, and most importantly, my son is loving his lessons.

Coach Stan was a pleasure to meet. My 12 year old enjoyed working with him and is looking forward to future sessions. He was friendly, encouraging, and fun!

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Coach Stan is energetic, patient, and overall an expert coach. Our 7 year old son loved working with him.

My son (7 yo) immediately took to Coach Stan. Coach Stan had him working hard, but smiling the whole time. My son really needs help with confidence playing sports after a long break for medical needs and I can tell my son is going to really benefit from working with him!

My son’s first training session with Coach Stan went great. Coach Stan taught my son so much during their one hour session covering shooting and dribbling. Coach Stan was able to show him shot techniques and dribbling moves and also verbally gave him tips that was easy for my son to understand. Coach Stan was able to observe my son and provide great feedback. We look forward to scheduling more training sessions with Coach Stan so my son can continue to learn and become a better basketball player and enjoy the game even more. Thanks Coach Stan!

Coach Stan is awesome, he works great with and communicates great with my 7th grader; my son loves working with him. He explains to the parents why he does the drills he does. We highly recommend him

My son had a great first session with coach Stan Robinson and is very excited to go for more sessions.

First session with Coach Stan was outstanding. He brought his passion for the game, attention to detail, and patient persistence, and had my 13-yr old son focused and putting in the work the entire session. They went through more reps in one hour than he’d normally get during an entire week. What’s better - my son is already asking me about the next session, and what work he can do before then …!

Coach Stan is exactly what my kid needs to fulfill his potential. My kid is lazy, and Stan is able to motivate him to work harder than I ever could push him.

He was very welcoming and a great teacher. He knows his stuff.

Stan is a great coach with a great mindset. Our first session went great and excited to continue to learn more from him!

Excellent first session with Coach Robinson! My son was making shots he hasn’t ever made within the first few minutes because of Coach Robinson teaching him the correct technique. He’s very encouraging while firm on what it takes to reach your goals.

Coach Stan did a great job! He corrected my son's shooting posture and demonstrated all the details so that my son can follow. He also taught good drippling techniques. We'd like to take more of his classes.

Plus the basketball court is in an indoor gym. That's really perfect!

Stan is an excellent coach...my 8th grade son really enjoys working with him! His credentials are outstanding and you can tell he really knows what he's talking about. He's extremely detail oriented and he pushes his players. I can't recommend Coach Stan enough!

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